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  1. You were a freshman in 1869?
  2. Decent burst of snow off and on here for the past hour. It's all melting on contact.
  3. This is an 18" Slide Mountain Summit Spring Special.
  4. Getting a light rain /snow mix here
  5. From mid January through early March 2015 was a respectable attempt at a synthesis between 76-77 and 77-78 on the north shore. Less snow than BOS but the sound froze and we still had a 20" snowpack as late as March 8. That stretch of winter ranks pretty high on my list.
  6. Just had a nice snow squall near Jackson. My son noticed it first as the mountains across the valley started disappearing.
  7. Thanks. Great snow today but it's getting redistributed. Wind is howling right now with tons of blowing snow. I'm on a hilltop so hopefully it's calmer in the trees. Thinking of backcountry xc today.
  8. Wasn't planning to today, but maybe I'll reconsider. Skied there on Monday and it was excellent.
  9. Glen, NH 1200 feet, 10:45 pm, 8.7" light snow continuing. Temperature is up to 28. It was near 20 for most of the event.
  10. Beautiful night in Jackson. Was nice all day.
  11. It doesn't always do better. However, the north shore of Suffolk County is anywhere from 8 to 25 miles farther north than central park and a SE surface flow is coming over land for up to 25 miles. That and a lot less UHI, I'd expect average annual snowfall to be higher here. But there's always going to be the March 1914's and December 2005's (among others) to break our hearts. I haven't gotten over 1914 yet Orient Point isn't a good example because it is very much maritime, but as the farthest north part of LI, it is farther north than West Milford (NJ), New City (Rockland), Armonk (Westchester) and New Canaan (CT). In some setups, that matters more.
  12. 0Z NAM soundings over the north shore only get near/above freezing in the boundary. Still shows it ending as rain but no hint of sleet in those soundings.
  13. 13:1 ratio is pretty decent on the coast.
  14. Indeed. Specifically, that record is from BNL (Upton): Mine are roughly similar with year to year variations (distance between the 2 locations is about 17 miles):