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  1. S--t. Hard to express how sad this is. Sincerest condolences for his family and prayers for all, especially his mom.
  2. Snow mixed with the rain here at the moment. Mostly the white rain variety, but it's trying hard.
  3. What kind of snowshoes did you buy? Snowshoes and spikes have been the new toilet paper this winter. I go through more of them than most people because of my business and its been a PIA.
  4. Elevation dependent snow is definitely the most likely scenario, but having a cutoff and a highly anomalous cold pool aloft is the main way to get surprises in unexpected places at this time of year.
  5. .9" rain here earlier today. Temp made it up to 57 around 5pm. 54 now (6:53pm)
  6. 3k NAM has a lot less snow, but still a couple of inches near here. Almost every part of me wants to write this off, but then its a short-term forecast from the NAM. I'd take the 3k version in a heartbeat.
  7. 41.9" total for the winter here. We've been in a good place this winter relative to east, west and south. 18z NAM is back to light accumulating snowfall on LI overnight after having had it and dropped it over successive runs. We'll see.
  8. Had a 5 minute burst of snow accompanied by strong wind gusts about 2 hours ago. Temp was 48 when it started. Down to 38 now and still strong wind gusts. No wind damage so far this time; I'm out of cupolas.
  9. Its Windy. The thud I heard in my backyard a short time ago was the cupola that blew off my garage roof crashing to the ground. The whole house shook on that gust and then the thud. Oh yeah, its windy.
  10. 24.6 here shortly before 7am. Breeze off the sound never quit. Up to 36 as of noon but I have reservations about the effectiveness of the radiation shield on my setup..
  11. Why is that quote under my name? Someone else said that.
  12. Most of the snow is gone here but there's still plenty in less exposed spots. When you come across it on the trails it's pretty bullet proof, especially on north facing hills where spots are quite treacherous. I took a walk on the trail that goes through my neighborhood yesterday evening: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMEAP-YlkcD/?igshid=1e5gp2t8m7y0w
  13. Not I. 2015-16 was kinda average. Not bad, but not that special. 2014-2015 worked its way to a very solid A starting in January, but some folks to the west of here won't agree becasue they didn't get buried in the Jan 2015 blizzard. They seem to have forgotten everything that came after it. Some of us remember multiple moderate snowfalls and long lasting snow cover, some of us only remember the biggies. I won't forget the 2015 snowcover. From when the pattern shifted in January, we didn't completely melt out until the first couple of days of April. The 20" snowpack on this same date in March 2015 was kinda memorable too. March 6, 2015: March 8, 2015:
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