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  1. 15 days now. I was wondering if this was just my imagination. Except for Thursday, we can't buy a 60 degree day here. Pouring with lots of thunder at the moment. With the rain the temperature has risen from 47 to 50.
  2. NorthShoreWx

    4/19 - 4/20 Long-Duration Heavy Rain and Wind Event

    The wind has been howling here for what seems like days. It is literally roaring through the trees now. Not much rain to speak of. Got to 72 briefly this afternoon, but unless exercising still needed a sweatshirt otherwise too chilly with the wind.
  3. Light sleet with a few snowflakes mixed in here.
  4. NorthShoreWx

    March, 2019

    Why do you clean up downed branches in the woods? I've seen people from the city move out here and send landscaping crews into the woods with leaf-blowers which always leaves (sorry for the pun) me scratching my head.. Is there any practical reason for this or just ignorance of the difference between forest and lawn?
  5. NorthShoreWx

    March, 2019

    Just under 22" for the season in Smithtown. Plus two separate near 0 outbreaks and a few other points of interest. I can't in good conscience lump this winter anywhere near as bad as 2011-12, 2001-2, or 1997-98. It's not even close to being in the same league as those 3.
  6. NorthShoreWx

    March, 2019

    The section that says it moved inland across LI was probably written by someone without a clue. Wikipedia isn't perfect. The Setauket record isn't much help, although it leaves open the possibility that there was a big storm. For a coop that has been going for as long as it has, the record is so full of gaps from ancient to modern as to be nearly useless. This has been a consistent issue with that record since 1885. Gotta admit...that is a remarkable record of [in]consistency. FWIW (Setauket - Strongs Neck): Day Precipitation Snow Depth Snow Fall Min Temperature Max Temperature 1886-01-06 0 M M 19 M 1886-01-07 0 M M 15.1 26.1 1886-01-08 0 M M 12 30.9 1886-01-09 0.14 M 2.01 14 24.1 1886-01-10 0.01 M 0.2 10 18 1886-01-11 0 M M M 17.1 1886-01-12 0 M M 1.9 M 1886-01-13 0 M M 3.9 18 1886-01-14 0 M M 8.1 25 1886-01-15 0 M M 10.9 30.9
  7. NorthShoreWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Some of you who go back far enough may remember Paul Kocin throwing this photo up on a slide during a talk at one of the old EUSWx conferences. A bunch of the SNE and MA folks might remember it too. I was the startled guy in the audience who exclaimed "that's my mom". That's because it is my mom (and my older cousin, long gone). Turns out Paul and I were neighbors growing up. We lost mom last week. Seemed right to mention it here.
  8. NorthShoreWx

    OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019

    Diverse microclimates
  9. NorthShoreWx

    February 2019 General Discussion and Observation Thread

    Revising history to align with your view of the present is never a good thing.
  10. NorthShoreWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    I'm not that mean. Just wanted to passive aggressively vent. Way too many "snow makes my bones ache" banter posts in that thread.
  11. NorthShoreWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    That's probably because your income wasn't adversely affected by 2011-2012. Honestly, to experience a worse winter than 1997-98 you'd have to move to Key West.
  12. NorthShoreWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Can you ban people for being Eyeore on steroids? No one thinks this is a good winter but there's a few making the discussion thread unnecessarily painful and particularly useless.
  13. NorthShoreWx

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Just for S's and G's, here is a collection of memorable quotes from the January discussion thread. no attempt was made to preserve context: CMC also has the makings of a HECS @ 240. There is no SE ridge Its coming, finally. 00Z Para GFS actually looks great. Euro looks a little better. Why cant we see a storm go west to east at our latitude? A piece of the PV is in Canada. Gefs is pretty nice for the NYC area. Para gfs has about a foot for NYC with over 20 inches for inland areas Good sign considering the ensembles are usually too dry this far out. Weeklies are great moving forward Long Island has a new "snow fighting strategy" they said they expect to deploy when the big surprise snowstorms strike later this winter. The pattern flip started today the MJO, will bite you in the bum Do we need more probes I heard weird musical sounds The substantial snow for nyc doesn’t come until tomorrow night I like the potential moving forward. Let's not get caught up in track details The NAM is on its way to producing a big low offshore It’s getting very hard now yup, going to be big It may be premature Usually the positive depth change map deflates weenies. Still doubt anyone sees over 1 inch I might have to give myself a timeout. Maybe this Sunday the snow will accumulate I hope there’s a way for someone with your skills to get paid Remember a week ago when people were panicking and declaring January over? Hopefully, no one was hurt. A dusting to a coating on all surfaces. I'll take a huge snowstorm over these dusting events any day This is going to be the biggest hit this year Yes, there's lots of potential on the EPS. Too many people staring at RMM plots when we have big time potential in the not too distance future. Next weekend is the real story. could've been a KU with a differently timed northern stream it feels like mid-January outside. I am North and West... but not enough. I've been a heat distribution theory fan for a long time We don't need a met for this discussion Non stop cold and snow NAM and Euro just dropped 12-18" cold powder There is a difference between a pattern that supports a storm and a pattern that doesn't. the 12Z run showed this weekend's storm as a monster. I currently have some snow flurries falling here. Starting to tick NW on guidance, to bad its ticking back from Bermuda. Winter is coming Does it look like the cold pattern will last all the way through February and into March? Anyone have the snowfall amounts from today's event? Is this a trick question? Personally I liked the 1995-96 winter a lot better. I often neglect to keep records because I figure there's no way I'll still be living Too much living and dying by every model run in here. I hope you're recording now at least, its never too late to start recording weather obs. I shouldn't have put gas in that new snowblower. The winter that keeps fooling everyone The question is, do we count Nov 15th I'll take the over.
  14. NorthShoreWx

    February 2019 General Discussion and Observation Thread

    Actually, the snow hung on longer on the east end of the island. The ocean warmed the boundary more near the coast, but has little or nothing to do with the "mid levels" on a southwest flow around here.
  15. We had the same fine snow here as well right up until everything changed to rain around 6pm. I've seen it in just about every sleet event we've ever had. It probably happens during snowstorms too, but you wouldn't notice it then.