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  1. I was inside today painting a bathroom. It feels like I got cheated out of a warm day. Should have gone for a hike. The good news is it was comfortable with the window open. Better timing for painting than I imagined it would be
  2. Seems like more areas got a flurry than not this afternoon. But if you weren't paying attention, most were easy to miss.
  3. Had a couple of flurries this afternoon in Smithtown. Its rare for us to not get at least a trace in November. Maybe not as rare as a heavy November snowfall.
  4. 0.14" here last night. We've only had 1.84" total for November.
  5. So now Manhattan and central Suffolk are listed in the same hardiness zone. That seems unlikely.
  6. I think the recent snowfall totals are more similar to what they were long ago with a dip having occurred in between. I'm not confident that the recent snowfall averages are higher than in 1900. There aren't enough reliable records with comparable observation techniques outside of possibly a few urban areas, but snowfall seems to have been higher then too. Although snowfall 125 years ago was roughly similar to now, it was definitely colder then. Average snowfall over the past couple of decades has definitely been more than it was a half century ago. It's unclear if the lower snowfall years of particularly the 70s and 80s were random or part of a cycle that was separate from (or overlayed with) general climate change. The same could be argued about the recent spike in snowfall although the CC relationship seems more compelling now. So, are the feast or famine winters going to continue, or will there be more famine?
  7. I haven't heard any discussion about the construction of the dams that failed yet.
  8. Smithtown temps for Wednesday August 2. Low 60 High 79 Deep Blue Skies. Good stuff! Current/1am temp is 61 (Thursday 8/3)
  9. Thundering here. We're right on the south edge of a storm that popped up on the maritime boundary right ove Smithtown bay.
  10. 64/87 split here on Sunday. A light shower is in progress now.
  11. 66 here 1:28am
  12. Where has today been all summer? FYI, we only had a trace of rainfall on Friday.
  13. 0.45" out of that total fell in less than 20 minutes shortly after 9am yesterday (Friday morning). Meanwhile, sun is back out here at 3pm (still with some enhanced looking cumulus around) and temperature is up to 83, which is the high for the day so far. Wouldn't be so bad if the air wasn't so soupy.
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