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  1. Just back to Smithtown after guiding in the Adirondacks this week. Not a drop of rain up there. 4.20" rain in the bucket here. I left Tuesday morning having followed the NWS and some other forecasts and knowing full well that I was going to miss an epic/historic rain event. Anyone who says the NWS didn't warn about this is either evil or stupid, and in the case of certain politicians, probably both.
  2. 2.21" in north Smithtown. Much drier than the forecast, but the lawn isn't complaining. We had frequent wind gusts between 20 and 30 mph for a while this afternoon...kind of like a decent seabreeze on a summer afternoon.
  3. The last time Henri went over MTP, it was followed a few days later by Gloria:
  4. I'm a bit of a NAM hugger in the winter. Haven't looked at it yet for this storm. I think there will decent wind (relative to the storm intensity) on the west side of this one. The big question and wx tongue-twister, is how far west can the west side slide if the west side can slide west. More certain from my perspective is that someplace inland gets a lot of rain in a hurry. What isn't clear to me is if it's from the Catskills through western Mass and southern VT or if it shifts east from central Mass into New Hampshire. Could be an Irene-like event in some places, although not as widespread.
  5. Noteworthy that they brag about all the improvements they've implemented and in the same statement mention that they expect the same crappy results. They are incompetent.
  6. Too many week + long power outages here in recent years. I'm a little excited, but it's just not the same as it used to be. FYI, for those fortunate enough to live elsewhere, Long Island lags behind most third world countries when it comes to the power grid.
  7. Just had another heavy shower here. Over 2" rain since early Sunday. We haven't been over 73° since Saturday afternoon.
  8. 1.75" as of 6:05pm in North Smithtown.
  9. July rainfall in Smithtown was 7.65". 6.93" fell July 1 - 15 0.72" fell July 16 - 31
  10. 64 with heavy rain. Complete washout here today.
  11. S--t. Hard to express how sad this is. Sincerest condolences for his family and prayers for all, especially his mom.
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