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  1. At one point about 75 - 90 minutes ago we were surrounded in all 4 cardinal directions by these otherworldly black towers (except the one to the east which was well lit). it looked like the view from a hurricane hunter in the eye of a cat 5. Continuous thunder since that time but we are still waiting for a drop of rain. The dome is intact. This is actually fascinating. I regret being outside looking up without my camera.
  2. 0.02" total here since June 11 (split between 2 different days...basically sprinkles). None yesterday. Seeing some cirrus blowoff from various storms elsewhere all morning and some forming towers to the south, but nice deep blue skies overhead. The ground is pretty crunchy around here.
  3. That's about an inch more than we got. Same today. Watched storms spiraling down from CT and hitting a wall over the sound. Then when we decided it was safe to have dinner outside, it rained on us lightly (but enough to get us wet) for 10 minutes while we had blue sky overhead. If I had a tenth of an inch of rain for everytime I heard thunder the past couple of weeks we'd have drowned, but instead we've a trace to show for it. Sometimes you're a Louisville slugger, sometimes you're the ball.
  4. I'm beginning to think it will never rain again here. We heard thunder, there are reports of flooding in Smithtown (and a flood advisory), but I'm about 2 miles north of Main Street and we literally did not get a single drop of rain from that cell. At least the temperature went from 84 to 78, so that's something.
  5. April was wet enough here (5.03"), but May (2.40") and June (0.92" so far) have been dry. The last rainfall was June 12 (0.16"). The other 3/4 inch that fell this month was spread over a 4-day period from 6/4 - 6/7.
  6. How does Euro look for the Adirondacks on Saturday?
  7. On a clear day you can just make out the ocean looking south down the trail, especially in winter. I've read that in the past you could also see the sound, but the trees have obstructed that view since.
  8. 39 here at 3AM. Upton is down to 31. I had to look.
  9. Hail here just before 5PM. Second time this spring. It actually started to cover the ground.
  10. Watching that heavier squall well to the west and just noticed that there are stray flurries already flying here now. Temp is 45. Low this am was 33.8.
  11. It's been groundhog day since March. Basically, we're still in March.
  12. First snowflakes here at 12:47. Its still 41, but that's down 2 in the past 15 minutes.