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  1. 0.28" rainfall in N. Smithtown today. Min/max 76/83 through 7:20pm. Current temp 79° F July total rainfall through 7/25 is 2.50" A little dry, but not terrible.
  2. Last round was already fizzling around here. We got 0.22" so it wasn't a waste. Loud thunder too.
  3. Radar looks like a carbon copy of last Thursday. South shore can't buy a drop.
  4. 0.46" rainfall in N Smithtown. July total is 2.21"
  5. Mammatus over Smithtown. https://www.instagram.com/p/CgSIb-7plkj/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. I'll see what I can do to get the entire region clearcut and paved. Not sure how my power outage on a sunny day becomes part of a class war. Temp here now back up to 95, equal to the max for the day.
  7. Thanks. Power just came back as of 4:30. A little over an hour. Hardly even noticeable considering our usual third world power situation here. Temp back up to 94. That was a an interesting little dip that seemed to be wide spread across the island. A sea breeze feint.
  8. The shielded sensor in the backyard is down to 91. The sensor over the garage roof is at 100.3. The power is still out. I hear the hum of generators from impatient neighbors
  9. Maxed at 95 here. In more important matters, our power has been out for the past half hour.
  10. Lots of minor road flooding between N Smithtown and St James. Unless another pulses up, we should be in a break.
  11. I looked at the regional satellite yesterday while the thunderstorm was over the expressway just a few miles south of here. At that time, the exhaust/cirrus blowoff from that cell on the visible satellite was just about to Boston! Sorry I didn't save it
  12. Max here today was quite late; 87° at 5:49pm. An hour later its down to 83. Turning into a nice evening. It could be worse...Paris flirting with 100 for at least a couple of days (Paris, France, that is; it was only 95 in Paris, TX) .
  13. Brief heavy thundershower here cooled temp from 84 to 78. 84 is max for today so far.
  14. .15" here this morning. Smithtown, NY
  15. Our local horticultural and landscaping practices border on madness. I'll grant you that.
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