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  1. Spring 2018

    Not missing much. Temps didn’t get warm enough so just heavy rain with cloud lightning and thunder. .
  2. Spring 2018

    Weak sauce. .
  3. Spring 2018

    Was hoping for snow showers and 90F in same week, but that does not look hopeful. Frost and 90F in same week still on table. .
  4. Spring 2018

    Literally went summer to winter. It’s like a ghost town outside compared to yesterday. 40F, 25 mph ENE wind and drizzle will do that.
  5. Spring 2018

    Only takes a couple days of good sun. .
  6. Spring 2018

    What a beautiful day. Tomorrow, the complete opposite. April is the cruelest month. .
  7. Spring 2018

    I need to look at years past and see if this is more common than what we really feel. .
  8. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    It has started its shift north. Just like this current system. .
  9. Spring 2018

    On my way to work. South of Willow Street, poorer flake structure and wetter roads. White rain. .
  10. Spring 2018

    Little band setting up. Too bad it’s moving out quickly. .
  11. Spring 2018

    Funny hearing the birds chirping up a storm. .
  12. Spring 2018

    Moderate to heavy snow in Lancaster. 31F. .
  13. Spring 2018

    Think that was April 1996 .
  14. Spring 2018

    At HersheyPark with kids and it’s 57F in the warm sun. Can’t believe in 12 hours there will be 1” per hour rates. .
  15. Spring 2018

    After next weekends snow blitz, spring will be sprung!! .