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  1. Car thermometer hit 59F. About as cold as you can get with mid June daytime temps. .
  2. Yeah, good soaking rain here in Lancaster. Good storms earlier this week. .
  3. Gotta love the natural AC of the Atlantic Ocean. .
  4. Nice day for the shore. On my way to Brigantine. .
  5. Lancaster County is getting crushed. .
  6. Me 2. I was 13 years old at the time and I was giddy anytime I got a Greg Jeffries rookie card. .
  7. It is almost surreal this cold this late. Kinda cool. Especially since it’s almost June. .
  8. Lancaster County did quite well. Nice drought buster. .
  9. What was midnight temp at MDT? Seems like we break low max for day? .
  10. Always love this temperature gradient.... 39F in Buffalo 94F in Norfolk, VA .
  11. No A/C tonight. Open windows for next few days. .