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  1. Really like look of pattern coming up for a potential snowstorm. .
  2. Other than a 2 foot snowstorm, my perfect winter!! I just like to be cold enough. And I’m a big game (snow) hunter. 2016 was a perfect season. .
  3. Funny how almost every storm this winter has done that in the long range. .
  4. Which is PERFECT for me. I hate brutal cold. Could have used a two footer, but ain’t gonna complain. .
  5. It’s weird because we went over to sleet in Perryville, MD, now going back over to snow. .
  6. Real quick hitter. Could come in hot and heavy. Very interesting system. .
  7. I was surprised Millersville was over 34” for the year. .
  8. Kinda starting to get intrigued with this 2nd wave. Could be a surprise or 2. .
  9. Mid levels torched so unless we get some decent lift it will be sleet and freezing rain. .