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  1. Yeah, I’m walking with my 9 year old so I don’t want to get wet either. .
  2. Agreed. Think we get a few showers then a break for trick-o-treating, then heavy rains and downpours. .
  3. I have this spooky feeling we will be looking at another late October snowstorm on the east coast. .
  4. Always love seeing these temperature contrasts. Upper 40s northern NJ but still in low 90s in southern Virgina. .
  5. Gonna be a shock to system to go from a high of 90F to a high of 60F in just a couple days. .
  6. Nice day today. Going to go to dinner at outdoor patio deck. Should be nice!! .
  7. It’s warm out, but no where near humidity levels of Mid July or August. Breeze feels good, especially in the shade. .
  8. Now down to 7 mph forward motion. Still waiting for more of slow down, turn north and weakening. .