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  1. Getting lightning now here in Lancaster. Have not heard thunder though. .
  2. If you look at the 12z GFS, every system is cutting underneath. .
  3.’s entertainment purposes only. Cuomo has a better handle on things. I have been republican most of life, but I’m independent now. .
  4. We had snow this morning and now a rainbow. Might be a first for me. .
  5. I always remember that storm because they cancelled flights out of BWI and I was heading to Florida the day of storm. BWI had little to no snow accumulation. Ended up taking flight from Harrisburg despite the nearly 20” of snow. .
  6. I think a moderate snow in October is tougher to come by. In April I think the cold air is at least more readily available in Canada. .
  7. To be honest, has not been much to track because the overall pattern has been so crappy, anything that might look good 7 days out has only been a crap shoot. .
  8. Hit first set of tunnels in turnpike heading to Pittsburgh. Wet snow is flying. .
  9. Big airports cancel flights before the events. During that March 2017 storm, I had a flight from BWI to Tampa cancelled. They ended up with little, if any snow. MDT had close to 20” of snow and I ended up taking a flight from there to Florida. No flights cancelled. .