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  1. Everybody remembers winters to be worse when they were a kid. We tend to remember the big events. Those are memories we hold onto. The older I get, the more I hear my generation say, “when we were young, winters were so much worse”. I was a kid in the 80s and those were some of the leanest years for snow. .
  2. Based solely on models, this has been trending in the wrong direction for LSV folks. And I feel it’s not done moving further north and west. This is not our storm. .
  3. This storm still has my interest....even being in Lancaster County. I would be giddy if I was in State College. .
  4. I remember driving from Selinsgrove to Lancaster during the height of the storm. I loved every minute of that drive. My wife at that time was in complete horror. .
  5. For whatever reason this upcoming storm has a Christmas 2002 feel to it, but that may be me just dreaming. .
  6. It did sleet, but it was a mix of snow and sleet with intense thunder and lightning. Best storm in my book. .