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  1. That line of storms is on of the strangest you will see. Nice lightning show to the east. .
  2. Hail is easy this time of year. Nice line of storms rolling through. .
  3. Time to pump up the tires on the mountain bikes. .
  4. Snow cover and low clouds locked in. Will be tough to get to 60F. .
  5. All my buds are up snowmobiling, and I'm sitting here looking for digital snow....what the heck is wrong w/ me? For us, the chase is as good as the event. .
  6. Corrected, thank you. As we get into medium range of the 17th, those chances will be better defined. .
  7. Where was that +PNA all winter? NAO looks positive so it would be a thread the needle event. .
  8. I can’t see 66F if there is still snow cover left. .
  9. Superstorm

    The March Long Range Discussion Thread, Winter's Last Stand

    A neutral NAO and a hostile PAC doesn’t work well for us. .
  10. I’m gonna miss this snowpack. First real week it looked and felt like winter here for more than a couple hours. .
  11. I like extreme weather. So seeing it dip below zero is exciting. However, in general I like the cold only because it is needed for snow. I am a regional engineer responsible for plants between Virginia and Montreal and Buffalo to New Hampshire. And ALL of my plants do not use heat. Montreal in the heart of winter is absolutely brutal. If it didn’t snow, give me San Diego weather. .
  12. Despite all the analogs and teleconnections, I consistently saw two things that usually don’t bode well if you want a prolific winter season in the east: 1. LES continuing all season long off Lake Erie. That shuts off in late December or January in our good winter seasons....pressing cold. 2. Feet upon feet upon feet of snow in California. Too much PAC. .
  13. Almost every event since November has been bootlegged. .
  14. Yeah, lowest of elevations hit single digits. .