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  1. 1. WAR 2. Record strong La Niña 3. Raging PAC Talk about a lump of coal this holiday season. .
  2. Very nice. Even had some snow flurry activity down to Hagerstown this morning. .
  3. Nice little snow event in SNE. One of my plant locations in CT already at 4”. .
  4. Not sure about rain today. But it’s a midnight high day today. .
  5. I lived in Boulder area for a couple years. Summer to winter in a matter of hours was a common thing. .
  6. I like the gradual step down to cold. Don’t need October snows!! .
  7. Wow, I guess areas that got out of fog a d drizzle really shot up. .
  8. Far eastern areas (eastern Lancaster) maybe some beneficial rains, but ain’t seeing much for us. .
  9. Closing in on an inch, but don’t think we will see much more than that. .
  10. Has been getting drier and drier. True central PA won’t see much. .