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  1. Wow!! Combine that with the ridging in Alaska…..you think we should score something.
  2. 56F for high, so far. 0.04” of rain in the bucket. .
  3. This is great weather. Extend the grill season. .
  4. The WAR has been a consistent feature for years now. .
  5. Home station made it to 57.6F after a low of 25F. .
  6. I have seen tennis courts converted to pickle ball courts. .
  7. Cold air was always too far north for this one anyway.
  8. I always respected Channel 8 as it was the only VHF channel. Growing up as a kid in NYC and PHL area in the 80s, only the “off channels” were on UHF. Showing my age, lol! .
  9. If winds calm down, we might get into teens. Dewpoint as low as 6F. .
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