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  1. In Lancaster proper we are used to not having good radar coverage so I often bounce around between KDOX, KLWX, KDIX and KCCX. .
  2. Fall of 1995 had cold periods in September followed by a monster snowfall year. And a weak La Niña.
  3. That is why fall is my favo.... Well winter is if we are getting dumped on! .
  4. Gorgeous out. Only 62F but sun still strong in September. .
  5. Nice to see crisp blue skies again. That Smokey haze was getting old. .
  6. Got down into 30s here in Lancaster. No frost though. .
  7. Any thoughts on what smoke particles does to atmosphere? Is it similar to volcanic eruptions? .
  8. Agreed. Think we are only going to have til January to get our snowfall, then it could be lights out. .
  9. Gonna go with 11/23 for first region wide snow event. .