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  1. Taking kids to city in a couple weeks. How much is parking at Iselin? .
  2. 6" of white gold off centerville road in Lancaster. I'll take a nickel and dime again!! .
  3. Surprisingly yes. Most rides are closed. LaffTrak open. 30 min wait. .
  4. At Christmas Candy Lane in Hershey with kids. Snowing pretty good. .
  5. Under that band the snow growth is much better. .
  6. Festive flakes started about a 1/2 hour ago. .
  7. That's what I was waiting to see!! Finally showing up. .
  8. Any snow is good snow. .
  9. Eric Horst's call. Looks good based on guidance. .
  10. You can stay on Jersey side much cheaper and take train in. .
  11. Won't see thunder snow, but should NOT be dry either. .
  12. That's a good thing!! .