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  1. I’m seeing leaves starting to change even in Maryland. .
  2. Everybody complains about airport readings, but it goes both ways. THV radiates very well and is a “misrepresentation” of true York, PA readings. The only way to really solve it is take multiple readings from area then average it out. .
  3. Millersville 52F, but they have been running a couple degrees cooler than you for both highs and lows. .
  4. Looks like a good run at 90F a few days this week. .
  5. That thunderstorm line is falling apart. .
  6. Starting to move my focus to winter….what are we looking like? A weak La Niña pattern? .
  7. I want to be tracking the first major winter storm by then. .
  8. I’m hoping for at least a 4 part winter so I know we will be busy!! .
  9. I didn’t think we would see that type of tornado damage. .
  10. Yeah, Lee was incredible. That’s a once in 100 year rainfall. .
  11. Think these might be underestimated by radar: 6”….yellow 5”….purple 4”….blue .
  12. Those storms south of the border look like they are bringing the goods to northeast md. .
  13. If that happens and it’s training, real big problems. .
  14. Guess this line determines the haves and have nots. .
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