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  1. And getting rid of their best player and fan favorite. Wonder if the move to Nashville is coming next.
  2. Dry conditions. DCA area is close to above normal precipitation. .
  3. Radar shadow. We learn to deal with it in Lanco. .
  4. What happened to those 105F to 110F temps GFS was throwing up? .
  5. Beautiful day. Went to batting cages with kids in Lititz. Not too hot and a nice breeze. Told son about keeping hands up. Wasn’t until his friend told him to, he did not listen. Now he keeps his hands up all the time. .
  6. I’m going 0.0000000000001% chance of happening that way. .
  7. But I did notice a lot more brown in the grass when I was home over the weekend. We definitely need rain. .
  8. I have yet to get above 94F this year. .
  9. Up in the Poconos to watch NASCAR race tomorrow. It’s already 83F here. .
  10. It’s easy to maximize heating as you go further east. Downsloping is a major contributor. .
  11. And in the shade with the breeze, it did not feel too bad. .
  12. Thunderstorm complex taken from Southwest flight from Providence to Baltimore: .
  13. I don’t think we will hit 100F, but I think BWI, PHL, EWR (did it today) and BDL will make it. I’m going to the Poconos for the race this weekend. Even there it is going to be a scorcher. .
  14. My low was 67F but it has been a fast rise. Already 81F.
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