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  1. I see lots of potential. Active northern and southern branch with cold air. .
  2. GFS wants nothing to do with that weekend system. .
  3. It’s like every model. You have to know it’s strengths and weaknesses. I am assuming it underestimated the dense cold air ahead of storm. .
  4. That’s all she wrote. Almost 4” of powder. We are now 90% sleet with 10% snow. Let’s see how much remains in the morning. .
  5. Visibilities Have dropped a little and we’re back to mostly snow, but probably just a tease. .
  6. Still hanging on snow and sleet but the inevitable is near. .
  7. Storms keep rolling. Lots of tracking to do this coming week .
  8. It’s pouring snow here. I’m at 2”. Was only supposed to get 0.7” per models. Over-performer. .
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