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  1. Also in N Nassau. A slush 1/8" on the road and 1/4" on cold surfaces.
  2. WE are off topic. Please PM me to continue this discussion.
  3. Nobody is paying, 1K a month (out of pocket) for health.
  4. If anyone, is personally paying 1K a month for health care, they need to find a new job....Thats insane.
  5. I dont want to sound like an A *ole. Its not my intention. I just dont see the point. LI is going to end up with a dusting....
  6. Yes. Show me where you see anything making it to my neck of the woods.
  7. Cant blame it on moving when you haven't moved over 10 miles throughout your lifetime.
  8. Can not believe the lack of action here on the NS of LI. Absolutely nothing worth while.
  9. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.
  10. I Love snow, so much so that I make my own, but we need to be realistic. This isn't what we wanted it to be. You can pretend we are going to get hammered in the next few hours but youll just be disappointed.
  11. Radar is really filling in over the Sound North of Nassau County. Currently light snow in Northern Nassau.
  12. Well, they are back at it. One would assume the rain washed it all away.