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  1. With current depiction, I would expect significant (3" - 4"+) on ground after the storm has passed for most of the region.
  2. Little to no rain/mix from N/C NJ northward, unless you count 0.05 or so as signficant, that verbatim is a snowstorm
  3. Wow, basically a complete snowstorm for the entire region on the GFS with VERY COLD air in place. Not even sure much mix would enter the picture per that run.
  4. What is the total QPF (regardless of precip type) on the EURO for NYC?
  5. 18z GFS, wow! Someone in NJ going to be pleasantly surprised Tom night/Wed
  6. Looks like a decent light snow event for most in region this week
  7. New GFS starting on Dec 31, 2-3 snow chances and generally near normal for 1st week and well below after the 6th
  8. If you take out the impact of rapid 'heat island' and local urbanization effect, no trend is present.
  9. 2 separate snow showers/squalls, got about 0.75” between both
  10. What is it with the Kuchera ratio map showing? Essentially the NAM is saying little/no plain rain west of NYC and north of Middlesex/Somerset counties...
  11. Where would you say the EURO puts the southern edge of the 2" plus snow line roughly?