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  1. New NAM has 2-3" region wide with axis of 'heaviest' 95 or a touch west of that
  2. Looks like a nice 2-4" event on the NAM pretty much region wide (driest model) on the new 12z
  3. NAM much more juiced than prior 3-4 runs...figured this would happen
  4. Certainly less QPF than prior runs on the NAM, but much colder at surface and aloft and no taint. Could even be decent ratios 10-12:`1 with the 850s if surface is 32F or below. per NAM yes, 1-3 looks right, but would not be surprised for 2-4/3-5 when we get actually get there.
  5. Seems like a pretty cold 2-4" or so for most of the region, some of the snow falls with 850s near -6/-9F
  6. NAM now 2-4/3-5 pretty much region wide... This is precip that falls as snow, some of which is with 850s @ -6F or cooler
  7. GGEM, GFS, and NAM all have accumulating snow for most of the region Tuesday night into Wednesday with a post frontal wave...
  8. Bout 2.2” will do it, unless additional bands make their way in later
  9. West of the parkway this should be a warning event....
  10. New GFS still an outlier to some extent, but that being said it is moving to other models and still gets a lot of QPF all over NJ and the City, with it snowing until about 4/5am Tuesday