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  1. Nah, the rain is sporadic there. Could be a delay or two if something more pronounced develops but they can play through light rain.
  2. I wouldn't go that far, we had a nice storm in early April too.
  3. I don't necessarily want a cool and rainy Summer. I want nice days mixed in. What I don't want is an extended boring stretch.
  4. Okay don't take it verbatim, the important part is that all the models and ensembles have a major system in the 7-11 day period and it's supported by the teleconnections.
  5. Brought a tear to my eyes seeing this... -AO/-NAO support this solution.
  6. The long range GEFS continue to show a well above average rainfall pattern in the extended rage.
  7. Yup, possible MCS here with initiation over Ohio early Saturday.
  8. Obviously a long way off, but the GFS has another big upper level system with multiple surface lows towards the second half of next week.
  9. Good storm chance now for Saturday evening. The 12z GFS is quite unstable and stormy.
  10. More convection is starting to get going over the Sound which looks headed for Western CT.
  11. Monmouth County had close to 3".
  12. 0.10" since midnight, 1.14" total. The GFS was awful. So was the 12k NAM and HRRR.
  13. Just eclipsed 1" here, solid event in my book. And plenty more chances ahead.
  14. That blob off the NJ coast looks to take close to the same path, maybe slightly East.
  15. Up to 0.98" and pouring, aerial flood advisory out.