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  1. Weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire time I was in San Francisco. It even hit the lower 80's in parts of the city on Tuesday.
  2. The line out West is nasty. So far about 45+ reports or so of wind damage. Multiple tornado warnings as well. SPC seems to think that the main threat will remain just to our South and West given the track of the warm front, however the warm sector looks a bit farther North and East than perhaps predicted.
  3. Glad the mean trough axis is going to be in the East going into next week. Headed to California where the weather has been wet and wild in recent months, however a nice dry stretch appears to be on tap for the extent of my stay with temps mostly in the mid to upper 60’s.
  4. NJwx85

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    The convection really blossomed around midnight when the line was near State College, producing lots of lightning. I knew it was going to be an early morning wake up call. Sounded like a car bomb went off outside at 4:15.
  5. NJwx85

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    If you want to see just how naive and ignorant the public is about tornados, go on twitter and search #tornadowarning.
  6. NJwx85

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    Quite nasty, lots of lightning, torrential rain, very strong winds.
  7. NJwx85

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    Line looks wicked coming through State College. Looks like 3-4am arrival here.
  8. NJwx85

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    The bulk shear overhead currently is in the 65-70kt range.
  9. NJwx85

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    Tornado watch now up to the PA/NJ border. Squall line looks pretty healthy so far.
  10. NJwx85

    4/12/19 - 4/13/19 Dixie Alley Outbreak

    Final group goes off at 9:20. It’s going to be close with bad weather approaching by 1-2pm.
  11. NJwx85

    March, 2019

    Sorry I am late to the game, but the convection last week was very impressive locally. Three separate thunderstorms, all with intense lightning, heavy rain and some gusty winds. Didn't see any hail but I know they had quarter sized hail in Paramus, about 5-6 miles away.
  12. NJwx85

    March 21-22 2019 Coastal Storm Obs

    Light rain, 39.2 degrees. Ramsey, NJ.
  13. NJwx85

    March, 2019

    The most disappointing aspect of this Winter for me was a general lack of big threats to track. Can’t recall a single time where any model was showing the classic Miller A which has become somewhat of a mainstay over the last decade plus.
  14. Unofficial measurements of 9-10” here of very heavy and wet snow. Storm overperformed, at least out this way thanks to some pretty intense early morning banding as was alluded to yesterday by myself and some of the others. What also helped is that we had absolutely zero mixing here. Started as snow around 5:30 pm and things really picked up after 7:00.
  15. NJwx85

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    Not to beat a dead horse but I’m not sure how you wouldn’t include Monmouth when Sandy Hook is right across the harbor from Staten Island and Brooklyn. You can literally see the Verrazano bridge from there.