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  1. Hey now, don’t confuse me with Metfan.
  2. From what I’ve heard the West Milford area had a lot of ice damage.
  3. I had to set a few people straight on Facebook today. Just because the storm wasn’t significant for your backyard doesn’t mean it wasn’t a significant or even serious storm for others. Meteorology is a thankless profession where people only notice when you’re wrong. Forecasting snow has to be one of the toughest tasks that exists in the professional world.
  4. The trolling from the coasties was over the top this storm. We won’t forget the next time Long Island gets buried while us inlanders smoke cirrus.
  5. We warmed to 38 but not before a lot of ice last night. Looks like my snow forecast was too bullish in interior NNJ but not bad elsewhere. You win some, you lose some.
  6. Mahwah has had the lead issue for years. We only drink bottled water but we do use tap water for cooking.
  7. Light freezing rain here now. 31 degrees. Can see hanging off everywhere. Friend of mine in Hewitt lost power an hour ago.
  8. I’m right on the gradient. 31 here.
  9. Wondering if we’ll see any ice storm warnings go up.
  10. Spent the last several minutes watching the rain hit my railing and freeze on contact. 50/50 sleet and freezing rain now.
  11. R/S line sagging Southeast now, I’m in heavy sleet and some freezing rain. The ice is already glazing over my windows.
  12. Seems we have multiple lows, but there’s definitely going to be one in E PA soon.
  13. I’m at 31 and the temperature has fallen 2 degrees since 8:00.
  14. Forecast is going pretty much as expected. Primary low isn’t dead yet. Some cyclonic rotation is also present in E PA where the greatest pressure drops have been.