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  1. The precip on radar down this way has been showery all day despite the heavier rates verifying at the surface. It was a steady moderate rain here most of the morning with periods of heavier rain and even a few downpours.
  2. The radar has been under done all morning.
  3. Well over an inch of rain here, been pouring most of the morning.
  4. Yeah we saw the same thing with the globals last storm, which all ended up busting terribly. Convective potential along the warm front is often under modeled.
  5. The 12z RGEM which did great with last weeks storm trended wetter and has 2-3" of rain in many spots with a convective signal.
  6. 12z NAM backed off considerably
  7. At least the weekend still looks stilear with high temps in the upper 50's and lower 60's under full sunshine in most places.
  8. All of Western PA is full of precip, that has to swing through here. It's dark and overcast in my location and there should be periods of light rain or showers all day.
  9. Up to 9.91" as of 1:15PM. Going to exceed the forecasted crest.
  10. More thunder, strikes showing up all over Southern Rockland now.
  11. Heard thunder here from a strike about 10-15 miles to my Southeast near Pearl River.
  12. Big win for the RGEM. Flash flood warning in effect for the entire city and surrounding areas.
  13. Spring 2018 banter

    Most days have been well below average and have featured snow. It's not that big of a deal because I live in a house, but for many the heat shuts off on April 15th.
  14. Spring 2018 banter

    Yes but we haven't had any cutoff lows to speak of. My ideal Spring weather is 4-5" rainstorms followed by 70's and sunny for a few days, then wash, rinse and repeat.