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  1. Hopefully we can squeeze out some 60's over the next few weeks
  2. The 12z GFS trended a degree or two colder and also held onto the colder air at the surface longer than the prior run. Ice threat across the interior is increasing.
  3. I'm interested to see what the NAM shows over the next few runs. The GFS has consistently been the coldest at the surface. The 00z EURO limited icing to the far interior sections of Ulster and Sullivan Counties.
  4. You have to account for runoff and temperatures are just below freezing so it's not as bad as it would be if it was raining with temps in the 20's.
  5. Probably a glaze North of I-80 in NJ, 0.10-0.20" once you get North of the NYS Thruway in Rockland, perhaps as much as 0.25", maybe slightly more once you get close to I-84. The Port Jervis area up into Ulster County could see more than >0.25".
  6. Watch for a 6-12 hr period of significant ice threat N&W of I-287. Highest impact area for our sub forum is Orange county.
  7. I actually looked it up and historically speaking the coldest day of the year in NYC on average is January 29th. Surprised me quite a bit. Not surprisingly February is the snowiest month at Central Park.
  8. Only about 6 or 7 weeks left for prime snow season at the coast once you get passed the first third of January. Not that it cannot snow after Presidents Day but the odds start declining dramatically. After the first ten days of March it's pretty much over. Of course some of our recent March's have been excellent snow producers but that's an anomaly.
  9. No snow through 384hrs on the 12z GFS during peak winter. It's the equivalency of not breaking 90 degrees during the first two weeks of July.