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  1. Some pics I took at the football game last night during the severe warned storms. https://twitter.com/mobforever2/status/1159797183815868417?s=12
  2. Line swinging through NW NJ looking more and more impressive. Lots of CTG strikes showing up.
  3. Models were way too low for today and I wonder if the same will happen for the rest of the week once we get past tomorrow.
  4. Not bad, not a severe storm and no hail but lots of lightning, very heavy rain and gusty winds. Looks like more upstream. Should be an active night.
  5. Nothing like that here yet, cycled back down again. Seems to be too much storm convergence. Absolutely pouring though with some good strikes.
  6. Storm overhead appears to be cycling up, some 75dbz echos now showing up. Hoping for some decent hail to break streak.
  7. Anyone got a hail indicator on the NE NJ cell moving into Bergen? Some 70dbz echos showing up.
  8. Nasty cell headed towards me in extreme NW Bergen County. Really ominous looking sky to my Northwest with a greenish tint.
  9. Very heavy convection overhead and nearby. Just had my first close lightning strike of the day. The radar almost looks like a PRE with the conveyor belt of tropical moisture.
  10. Still a lot of CIN over the immediate coast but places 20 miles inland are now at 500-1000 J/KG with more as you head towards Philly. Potential exists over the next several hours for scattered to numerous pop up showers and thunderstorms. HRRR wants to keep the main focus mainly South of NYC but the HRDPS has more of a solid line moving through.
  11. The convection over West Central PA looks like it's weakening. Most of the lightning strikes have been confined to a few cells South of I-80 and activity looks to be decreasing. I think at most we will see some widely scattered thunderstorms after 4PM but it doesn't look like a big deal to me. Most of the SBCAPE is currently South of 195 with CIN over Northern areas. With that being said, the latest HRRR does have SBCAPE increasing to around 1300 J/KG by 00z so we shall see if coverage is greater.
  12. HDRGEM is quite active tomorrow.
  13. Today is more of your typical Northeast severe threat with 1000-1500 J/KG of SBCAPE to go along with ~30-40kts of bulk shear and somewhat decent lapse rates. Expect main storm mode to be linear with some multicellular development possible, especially South. One or two supercell structures are also possible. Main threats will be straight line wind damage and some hail. Cannot rule out an isolated brief tornado.
  14. Low level lapse rates are quite high. Expect lots of small hail with any storms.
  15. Completely cleared out here. Watch till 10pm. Looks like bombs away.