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  1. Flash flood watch expanded Eastward, now covers most of the area.
  2. Flash Flood watch in effect for most of the Mt Holly warning area.
  3. Going to be hot and dry here for the forseable future. Tis the season though. Its too bad there aren’t any tropical threats in the Gulf.
  4. Thunder so loud I screamed awake. Turns out there was a CTG strike almost right across the street.
  5. Sun came out here for 10 minutes
  6. No, have a 5pm train back to Newark. Been down here all weekend.
  7. Still so humid in DC you could cut it with a knife.
  8. Managed to dodge most of the rain here in DC all weekend.
  9. Second day of feeling like Central Florida in July here in DC. Managed to miss most of the rains, however had quite the light show around this time yesterday. Both days have started out clear and then self destructed.
  10. How does DC look?
  11. Only problem is shear is relatively weak, but CAPE looks good. I’ll be in DC all weekend so hoping for sun and minimal rain.
  12. GFS looks wet for tomorrow
  13. My local forecast has 50-70% chance of rain here all day. Haven’t looked at any models.
  14. Huh, tomorrow’s another washout.
  15. Been pouring here for several hours