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  1. I wonder if they will consider sending in recon considering Ophelia is an immediate threat to the Azores and possibly portions of Europe late in the forecast period.
  2. Loved the late August feel today, although the leaves starting to change and the earlier Sunsets do put a damper on the otherwise Summery appeal. After a brief cool down the next few days, we should be back near 80 by the weekend followed by another brief cool down and then wash, rinse, repeat. No meaningful rain for the foreseeable future either. Some areas might see a little rain tomorrow night but the otherwise stormy pattern advertised about a week ago has all but vanished. We cannot even deliver a meaningful rainstorm with tropical remnants riding a potent frontal boundary.
  3. Cold Winters are overrated and no guarantee for a Snowy season. How many times in recent history have we been stuck under the cold and dry PV while areas to the South and East got pounded with storm after storm? Plus who doesn't like breaking out the shorts for a few days in Mid-February? I love snow just as much as the next person, but I have no use for cold and dry.
  4. Autumn sucks. I hope we stay in the 70's and 80's through at least the next few weeks.
  5. Eh, It's pretty slam dunk setup. I supposed the rain could end up training more over Western sections, but the majority of the area looks primed for a solid soaking.
  6. 84 here and very sticky. AC back on.
  7. We're in a good spot to receive the remnants of Nate late Sunday into early next week as the circulation merges with a frontal boundary moving through the lakes. PWAT's approach 2.50" as abundant tropical moisture surges Northeastward. I like a widespread 2-3" with locally higher amounts, especially over the higher terrain.
  8. Big rain producer on the Euro. Good timing with the front moving through the Lakes, allowing the moisture to ride Northeastward.
  9. While the GFS has a stormier pattern developing towards the beginning of next week, the Euro held serve today with a mostly transient cool down between significant warm ups and continued dry conditions.
  10. My Wife and I rented UTV's in Aruba, they were awesome. Saw the Flamingos too.
  11. Congrats bro!
  12. The strong ridging in place since late August has kept most of the tropical moisture to our South and East.
  13. Unless I am reading this wrong, I don't see any drought over Northern NJ. Again, most of the Summer was wet out this way. The dry spell has only lasted a few weeks so far.
  14. Yeah I've got Zoysia here. It's not the prettiest or the softest but it's more rugged.
  15. With all due respect, we live 50 miles apart, and this Summer was definitely wetter West of the Hudson River.