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  1. I can see the tower from the Orange County storm. It’s massive but I couldn’t get a good picture. Hoping that makes it here.
  2. I can see a tower nicely to me Northeast from Rt 17 in Mahwah. I assume based on radar it’s from the storm all the way up by I-84.
  3. I’m right on the SW flank. Really awesome structure for this area.
  4. SVR warned here for quarter sized hail. Storm looks nasty. Great structure to my North.
  5. Remember the good old days when cutoff lows on the East coast didn’t trend hundreds of miles West and it would actually rain for 2 or 3 days straight as modeled three days out?
  6. Out in Smithtown getting clipped by severe warned cell. Decent rain, thunder and lightning. No wind or hail.
  7. Had a few sprinkles today and that was it. Heaviest rain fell overnight last night into this morning. That was it. Sun was actually out here most of the afternoon. Only lightning I saw this week was from the decaying squall line Thursday.
  8. Looks like just some elevated convection. Good amount of lightning though.
  9. Good shot at thunderstorms around midnight tonight.
  10. Decent storm here. Very little lightning. Impressive wind and rain.
  11. The activity near Elmira has a chance of making it here in a few hours.
  12. Not bad for about 500-1000 J/KG of SBCAPE. Goes to show you what strong shear and good mid-level lapse rates can do. If we can destabilize some behind this line we have a shot at some severe later with plenty of old outflow boundaries hanging around and potential cold pool.