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  1. Miller A’s are exceedingly difficult to track this far out. Still think is our best chance YTD for a big time KU.
  2. I like the threat for next weekend. Haven’t been watching that closely but the ingredients are there for a big one.
  3. I’m going with 2-4” for my neck of the woods which is basically the 287 corridor. 1-3” for 95 looks reasonable with a trace for the city and areas further East. Once you get up by I-84 and into the Binghamton and Albany CWA’s I think you’re in the 6-10” range.
  4. Thank you! We have a Son. His name is Michael and he was two weeks old yesterday. I can’t believe how much he’s changed already.
  5. Hate to say it but this looks like more sleet than snow in places that stay cold at the surface. I expect the coast to quickly changeover after 1-3 hours of snow to start.
  6. Sorry guys haven’t been around much. My Wife and I welcomed our first child on New Years Eve.
  7. Only one I really remember is 2002 and I'm not even sure if NYC proper saw that much snow. Started off as heavy rain, then we had a thunderstorm with lots of lightning and it started hailing and then slowly changed over to snow. And for the record it was definitely hail and not sleet because sleet doesn't fall the size of marbles.
  8. While I believe that climate change is occurring, I also believe that climate change is a constant which has been going on since the beginning of time. The planet has been warming ever since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Earth goes through natural warming and cooling cycles and no definitive evidence currently exists to prove the theory that humans are escalating the process. While I think it's great that most civilized nations are doing what they can to limit emissions, we cannot "Cut off our noses to spite our faces."
  9. Still light freezing rain here. Current temp of 32 degrees.
  10. They were never going to close JFK, especially at that hour with all of the flights arriving from Europe.
  11. Had over 30" of snow here March of 2018. Last March was snowy as well but not on the same level.
  12. Still freezing drizzle. Car bounced back between 29 and 30 while I was driving at lunch time. Roads and other treated surfaces are fine but my car still hasn't melted and most other surfaces are still encased in ice. Judging by radar, looks like we have at least another few hours of this to contend with.
  13. Not that it's going to make a large difference one way or another but winds have flipped to out of the Northeast and temperatures have begun to cool again. Temperature sitting at 30 degrees with light freezing rain continuing. You can see the slight sag in the isobars to our N & NE indicative of some CAD on mesoanalysis. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=16#
  14. You can blame the Northern stream for eroding heights over the Western Atlantic. Get a grip. It's December 17th. Consider yourself lucky that you've already seen flakes this year.
  15. 56 days until pitchers and catchers report. 62 days until Presidents Day which I mark as the unofficial end to the heart of Winter/Snow season. With that being said, the last two Winters have been very back loaded.