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  1. The Wanaque reservoir is still over 100% capacity. Any heavy rain will cause immediate rises on already high rivers. That reservoir feeds the Passaic River system.
  2. One of the main problems is that people don't listen to warnings but the biggest problem is that a majority of the public doesn't even understand what they mean or the difference between a watch and a warning. A large percentage doesn't understand the difference between straight line wind damage and a tornado either.
  3. I still cannot get over the tornado in Gloucester County, NJ. Yes, we know that we can get tornadoes in NJ and NY but they are never this violent, this long tracked or as wide.
  4. The Ramapo and Pequannock meet in Pompton Lakes which then flows into Wanaque reservoir. When the dam opens it sends water downstream into Pompton Lakes. The Ramapo then flows into the Pompton River which floods Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Wayne and Lincoln Park. The Pompton ends at the Passaic River at two bridges road. It takes quite awhile for the Passaic to get all of the water. Two bridges is less than a mile from Williwbrook mall. If the Passaic gets high enough it will actually backflow into the Pompton.
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