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  1. Models have been hinting at the possibility of another big storm towards the end of next week with some blocking possible and another juiced southern wave.
  2. Again, that excuse might work for places like NYC. It doesn't work out here.
  3. Sorry but there was no excuse for not having plows and sanders ready in places that were forecasted to get several inches of snow before any changeover. If anything things actually turned out a bit better by staying snow longer because the freezing rain would have made things even worse than they already were.
  4. That's more of what I was getting at. If you live out on Long Island where it looked to be mostly rain and got caught with your pants down that is more excusable than what happened yesterday over Central and Northern NJ and the Lower Hudson Valley.
  5. Actually we don't share the blame because none of us (red taggers aside) are responsible for providing forecasts to the general public. You could tell just by looking at the radar yesterday morning what was going to happen.
  6. Seems that Long Island was better prepared than Jersey. The forecast out here was never for mostly rain and yet they still blew it big time.
  7. Took my brother in law 6 1/2 hours yesterday to make it from Newark to Wanaque. Normally a trip that takes about 35-40 minutes. Nearly 4 hours of that time was spent just trying to make it out of Newark.
  8. The whole thing was just so messed up. I really wonder what guidance they were looking at that still pointed towards a quick flip to rain. Even if you didn't want to believe the colder models anyone could have looked at the dew points and come to the same conclusion.
  9. Cannot speak for Long Island but out here there were no sanders and hardly any plows. I get not being able to keep up with the 2" per hour rates but normally during big storms you see the army of plows on the highways. By the time they were mobilized yesterday it was too late. NO EXCUSE.
  10. I don't know why they didn't issue an advisory but I'm not going to sit here and bash the NWS. Most of the general public doesn't use them as a source for getting a forecast anyway, they turn on the local channels or listen to the radio.
  11. It's not his fault but at the same time they should have been better prepared. Normally you see a parade of snowplows and sanders lined up for an inch of snow. Yesterday I hardly saw any. It reminded me of driving through that blizzard back in late March in SW VA.
  12. I blame TV and Radio meteorologists because they kept insisting that it was going to all changeover to plain rain even as the guidance kept coming in colder and colder. Even if you thought it was going to change to rain, it's been evident for days that it was going to come in hot and heavy for at least a few hours and during the evening rush to further complicate things. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, some recent major busts have made a lot of tv and radio mets gun shy.
  13. Flipped over to heavy snow. Huge flakes too.
  14. Kids are still stuck on school buses in Yonkers.