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  1. When I spoke of not hitting 7" I was mainly speaking about areas North of the city. About 3-4" here near the I-287/Palisades Parkway interchange.
  2. The 18z GFS has a solid burst of snow tomorrow afternoon while the 18z 3k NAM has spotty snow at best. The 12z RGEM split the difference and looks similar to the latest long range HRRR. Hopefully models are underestimating the snow coverage and intensity tonight, otherwise nobody is getting close to the 7" that was predicted for most.
  3. No, the high end is 7" so more than likely warning criteria will not be met.
  4. The criteria is 7" for a warning up in that area but confidence of reaching that usually has to be at least 60%. As I have always said, doesn't matter if you have a watch/warning/advisory ect. What matters is what actually falls.
  5. It's still pretty much over by Friday morning except for light snow. Same deal as what happened with the last big storm. Accumulating snows should be over with by sunrise except for far Eastern areas.
  6. Subtle changes on the 18z NAM vs the 12z NAM. The warm air comes in a bit faster but it's also very close with 700mb temps maxing out at perhaps +1C. That could probably be overcome by heavier precipiptation.
  7. Soundings still show places like EWR going above freezing around 700mb by 20z.
  8. 24-36" here and not a single flake. So yeah, ten times worse.
  9. 96 was all about that high. The actual surface storm was nothing special. You had a very nice 522DM ULL close off over the TN Valley and spawn a surface low that crawled up the coast. I don't believe it deepened anymore than the low 990's. Many, many hours of overrunning followed by the crawling coastal and that's how you get 30" plus over thousands of square miles.
  10. Yes, another recent example was January 2015.
  11. After a Winter like this, who cares?
  12. Miller A's are feast or famon. It's great if you end up under the death band and horrible if you're 10 miles East.
  13. 4-6" Thursday morning into early evening, then a bit of a lull and then another 2-4" overnight Thursday into early Friday. Should be most people to the 6-10" range. Certainly nothing to complain about. And then we finally break out of this horrendous pattern (Yes I am sick of this crap already) and we look forward to 50's next weekend as we close out the month. Spring is a month away.