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  1. Coming up on the 10th anniversary of my favorite March storm of all time.
  2. Beautiful day out there today. Went for a walk on my lunch hour. Thermometer said 55 but felt warmer in the sun.
  3. My guess is that my IP address at work got banned for some reason.
  4. @Rjay @BxEngine Can someone please help me figure out why it says I’ve been banned on one of my devices?
  5. Probably going to approach 70 degrees at least once next week.
  6. Snowing here, bordering on moderate for the last five minutes.
  7. Wind a bit gusty here but nothing above 25-30mph. The sun is in and out here now under broken clouds. Looks like I might see some snow here soon based on radar.
  8. No wind here, just some light rain.
  9. Still only 43 degrees here in Ramsey but the sun is trying to come through the fog.
  10. Two Tornado warnings currently NW of Baltimore.
  11. We need something to breakup the pattern. With a few exceptions this year it's been mostly cutter central with no blocking.
  12. The trough is actually quite amplified but the flow is too progressive. Really could have used some ridging over Greenland. The lack of blocking is a major issue.
  13. Miller A’s are exceedingly difficult to track this far out. Still think is our best chance YTD for a big time KU.
  14. I like the threat for next weekend. Haven’t been watching that closely but the ingredients are there for a big one.