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  1. Another real heavy batch of rain is about to move into NE NJ and the LHV.
  2. The rain should start to become more convective in nature over the next several hours as the warm front pushes North. You can already see that happening on radar as the solid stratiform rain breaks up some and shifts North. Not exactly great news for the ongoing flash flooding as convection will only bring heavier rates, just a bit less widespread.
  3. Relentless pouring rain with lots more to come. Just keeps back building and training.
  4. Are you new to this area? Weather has been pretty typical so far this year.
  5. Heavy rain here since 4AM. Got soaked just running to my car without an umbrella.
  6. The models have been showing the heaviest totals over interior NE PA, NNJ and SE NY all week. I doubt the 18z NAM is correct.
  7. "Shaking felt thousands of miles away, devastation from Boston to DC as 8.0 magnitude Earthquake strikes along the Ramapo fault in NJ"
  8. We do the best in early morning warm frontal passages. Decent localized instability combined with a local enhancement of shear. We did have a nice afternoon squall line earlier this year when we also had an EML to work with.
  9. Another big soaker incoming for tonight and tomorrow, especially N&W.
  10. Is @HurricaneJosh still over in that region? If so, might as well hope over to Taiwan for the next one.
  11. NJwx85

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    The GFS is back to playing games with the remnants.
  12. Blue sky has emerged to the Northwest.
  13. Nope, the tropics blew its load all in one shot and looks to be quiet through at least the end of September. Whatever is left of the circulation from Florence dissipates on the Euro somewhere near Bermuda in about 7 days. On the GFS, it hangs around as a weak low for about the next 300hrs until finally dissipating near Florida. I think the ship has sailed in terms of regeneration, but I supposed stranger things have happened.
  14. RGEM did well here and I didn't even get under the heaviest convection. Absolutely poured from roughly 12 until about 20 minutes ago.