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  1. 78 breezy lowering humidity. Probably only going to climb a few more degrees today
  2. Dewpoints in the 50s tomorrow will feel nice
  3. Let's hope but seems unlikely
  4. South jersey getting rocked of course and ct for like the 5th day in a row
  5. Well at least we got the heavy rain yesterday
  6. 95 is when ewr briefly had a heat index of 127 or 129 I forget which
  7. Tornado watch coming for northern New England
  8. 88 is a break. We won't be seeing any days in the 70s for the foreseeable future
  9. Didn't drop below 80 for a week
  10. Mid 90s already with full sun in south jersey. Ewr 91. 7 day heatwave
  11. Ewr did jump to 87 so we'll see. My guess is 98 or 99
  12. Models not too enthused about storms tonight
  13. Hrrr doesn't have any of the current activity
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