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  1. This reminds me of five or six years ago when everything would slam into Philly and Monmouth and Ocean County right after they had the 2009-10 winter
  2. The heaviest is south of Allentown and heading ese. The batch in central PA seems to be aimed at the I80 corridor
  3. Central Park 90 EWR 88 (down from a high of 90) LGA/JFK both 87
  4. Yeah this seems more likely than anything severe. At the same time the heaviest rain may be isolated. The RGEM takes the focus south of most of the metro area but hits us hard tomorrow night
  5. Gotta go south for severe
  6. NAM is mostly dry Sunday. Has big rains tomorrow night and again on Monday
  7. Keep in mind we weren't originally supposed to get much as of yesterday morning. 30% chance of precip and only marginal risk when the day began
  8. Getting some decent wind gusts now Got clipped by the heavier part of the line, alot more rain than I was expecting
  9. Get in your basement!! NJZ004-006-105>108-NYZ074-075-210030- Hudson-Eastern Union-Eastern Essex-Western Union-Western Essex-Eastern Passaic-Richmond (Staten Is.)-Kings (Brooklyn)- 744 PM EDT THU JUL 20 2017 ...A LINE OF STRONG THUNDERSTORMS WILL AFFECT HUDSON...EASTERN PASSAIC...UNION...ESSEX...RICHMOND AND KINGS COUNTIES... At 743 PM EDT, radar indicated strong thunderstorms were located along a line extending from Fairfield to near White House Station. Movement was southeast at 45 mph. Winds in excess of 30 mph are possible with these storms.
  10. I keep looking for 7/18/97 but can't find the radar. Pretty sure forky posted it before
  11. Warlock is going to be the only one to see anything good
  12. Yeah widespread 65-70 mph gusts here with that storm. This line seems to be weakening but we'll see if it can pulse back up
  13. I'm sure it'll find a way to crush Philly and south jersey again
  14. Whatever helps us get storms