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  1. Down to 66 already. Last cool comfortable night until September?
  2. Wasn't expecting overcast and 60s for the 2nd straight day
  3. Looks like ewr getting crushed again
  4. The line crawling along 95 looks nasty. Heavy rain with elevated thunder here
  5. I was going off the zone forecast NJZ106-072015- Eastern Essex- 1013 AM EDT Mon Jun 7 2021 .TODAY...Sunny late this morning, then becoming partly sunny. Scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Some thunderstorms may produce gusty winds this afternoon. Highs in the upper 80s
  6. We need to secede to Mt holly Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  7. Ewr forecast high upper 80s. 11am temp 92
  8. Central Park is 89 at noon which means ewr must be 102
  9. Please no but we'll probably get there by July 31st
  10. And ewr should break their record of 92 tomorrow one week after a record low maximum
  11. decent storm blowing through
  12. Yep just started hearing thunder. Looks like it will stay to my east though
  13. Discuss the first month of meteorological summer here
  14. That wind means business