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  1. I don't get why it's so hard to just admit you busted rather than keep it going and look like an idiot
  2. Yeah its noticeably cooler than an hour ago
  3. Mid 50s was my forecast and it's 61 currently
  4. Another pleasant day out under full sunshine at the moment
  5. We have tied or broken some record highs so far for March 3. Central Park: 65F - Ties previous record of 65 in 1991 Newark, NJ: 66F - Ties previous record of 66 in 1991 JFK: 64F - Breaks previous record of 63 in 1991 Bridgeport, CT: 60F - Breaks previous record of 58 in 2004
  6. Just a hazardous weather outlook for central nj
  7. Yeah the drier models busted hard
  8. Sunday afternoon looks decent
  9. Nam keeps giving us an inch+ for Saturday. Gfs and other models much drier/south and east
  10. Jan 08 we didnt have cold air in place and we were relying on precip on the back side. Many of the models didn't have snow. I think the gfs and nam were on their own
  11. I believe the secondary low formed too close to the coast and winds switched to the east southeast and before you know it we went from 28 and snow to 40 and rain I know @SnowGoose69 has a better explanation
  12. Secondary line forming
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