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  1. It's very light, barely reaching the ground
  2. Rain ending by early afternoon. Generally less than half an inch
  3. Mix of sun and clouds, 75 here
  4. Yesterday wasn't below. Today was -1
  5. Tomorrow should be fine, it's tomorrow night and Monday morning that look wet
  6. So you don't like the takeoff experience? I find it helps if you look out the window the whole time believe it or not
  7. I'm not exactly sure when I get over my fear. But I used to panic when I got on a plane to the point of where I wanted to turn around. Even Xanax didn't do much. I only fly a couple times a year but when I do it's fairly routine I just treat it like getting on a train or a bus. There's also a book written by an ex pilot who explains just how hard it is to bring down an aircraft. It's a good read. Its called cockpit confidential Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  8. Used to hate flying but now I'm fine. Depends on what is causing your anxiety. For me it was a combo of heights, claustrophobia and of course crashing. But air travel is so safe now you really have nothing to worry about. Now I just remind myself that every noise you hear is normal and just a routine part of flying. And yes xanax and booze can help too
  9. NAM is now very wet overnight Sunday into Monday morning but we salvage the day
  10. Gfs is largely dry now for tomorrow as well
  11. Its still very early in the season. We don't really get into the good storms/severe stuff until July. We've actually done well this year relative to the past few years I think
  12. Every time it sounds like it's going to lighten up it starts pouring again
  13. About to get crushed No thunder but very heavy rain
  14. Pouring thunder and lightning
  15. Thundering now, no rain yet