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  1. Paul McCartney spotted enjoying the nice weather in metuchen today Far way from Abbey Road, Sir Paul McCartney spent his Sunday afternoon strolling down Main Street Metuchen, snapping photos of the small Middlesex town.
  2. Another +5 month incoming Trace of snow on the 29th At least 2 days above 75 Dry month <2"
  3. If only we got those late Feb early march storms in 2014 that were suppressed
  4. I hate when the forecast just says Rain. Like is it heavy light showery periods? Now it says 40% chance of light rain
  5. We never had 4 or 5 in row like this year. Managed at least 15-20" most winters in the 80s. We came close to back to back under 10" winters from 96-98
  6. Earthlight tweeted about this yesterday
  7. I definitely remember that storm. I was at my summer job at GM and it got dark as night. It was an unusual midday event
  8. Today's still above normal with the midnight high but we should be in the low 20s by tonight to get to a -2 or 3
  9. This winter that sounds about right. I'll head to my parents in myrtle beach
  10. Seems like it's been a good rainfall but ewr is stuck at .35"