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  1. That heavy activity over Monmouth will get me to an inch if it holds together
  2. .68 and raining pretty moderately
  3. I would think at that hour you might be ok but probably delayed
  4. From under a half inch to 4" in one run
  5. .2" with steady rain. Radar looks to be transitioning to that showery look with embedded downpours
  6. If it's this windy already an advisory might be warranted for tomorrow
  7. Either way it's 3 to 5 days of raw damp cool miserable weather. Quite breezy already too
  8. At least it's not snow. The public won't even notice
  9. Looks that way but we've seen the models waffle like this before so wouldn't surprise me to still get the 2 to 3" amounts (or end up with .5" for the whole event) Any convective band could drop an inch quickly
  10. Sunday is just a few scattered showers
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