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  1. Right now we might get sun 1 of the next 7 days. Sunday looks nice
  2. And the following December things weren't much better despite the record cold
  3. I don't think I've seen frost advisories issued before with predicted lows at or above 40
  4. Now we throw in the gfs 2"+ and the rgem mostly around .5"
  5. Looks like a nice weekend on tap. Nam gets the rain out of here well before midnight now
  6. Euro barely an inch. Looks more impressive for the end of the week
  7. Yeah it looks scattered Monday afternoon and evening. Pretty typical that it ends up a 12 hour event rather than the 3 days models had been showing
  8. November 89 had the tornado outbreak in like half the country
  9. Gfs has consistently been showing the rain for Monday but euro's not biting