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  1. Yeah but this was 3 hours ago. Nothing had formed yet
  2. The stretch from Friday through the middle of next week looks amazing
  3. Ugh united canceling flights already due to anticipated storms
  4. No way central park. Maybe lga and ewr for sure
  5. Ewr picked up 1.69"
  6. I guess it can't really be less active
  7. Last 6 runs of the nam. We were really only in the bullseye once
  8. The nam went super dry
  9. Not likely but I hope the heaviest rain can hold off until after 10 tomorrow night
  10. Don't remember the last time I could sleep with the windows open
  11. I was just up that way too. Looks like it might scrape me at home in Plainfield Or not
  12. Stormlover74

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019