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  1. this could be the third day in a row that the forecast busts one day in advance...Saturday we had showers when it was forecast partly sunny, Sunday was sunny and glorious when it forecast to be variably cloudy and now many may escape rain when it was billed as a heavy rain washout widespread
  2. Heatwave #1 Wednesday. 92 Thursday 94 Friday. 92
  3. 89 here..push baby push
  4. Looking for that official heatwave designation later today. For all the hemming and hawing about no warmth in May seems like the month will end up about average give or take
  5. Enjoy the heat weens...92 here a Warlock Chamber of Commerce Day
  6. The average is only around 70..low 70s..ive been in the mid 60s this week...its not that abnormal. ..not supposed to be 80 in April and May
  7. Looks like the OP was exaggerating 10 days of doom and gloom
  8. Its a problem? Why the f@#$ would you want frost in May
  9. Up to 80 here
  10. Doom and gloomers make me laugh in the spring....go outside and enjoy life
  11. Mother of god thunderstorm right now. Most vivid lightning and thunder in my parts in years with torrential rains
  12. Welcome to spring on the eastern seaboard...we go through this every year. Last year IT was 48 on May 1 and IT was a cool cloudy month
  13. Monday thru WeDnesday will be gorgeous...temps 80 75 and 70 with plenty of sun....people were saying no warmth and we will have 3 of 4 days hitting 80 and above. May will be just fine 86 my high today
  14. 79 here...push push