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  1. 95 hottest day of year thus far Now seeing forecasts temps bumped for tomorrow..could eek out a 90 imby
  2. 94 imby..ties 5/31 for my hottest day of the year Summer
  3. 94 imby..ties 5/31 for my hottest day of the year Summer
  4. .26 imby. Going to end the last 3 weeks of June pretty dry
  5. Heard my first cicada 6/25 at 8:33 am. A tad early and likely made a nice lunch for a bird. They will bust out more this weekend
  6. Summer weather despite lots of proclamations about wet and no heat. Seeing 95 now for Friday Question..whats the deal with rain on Monday..is this scattered stuff in the morning?
  7. Getting some drops now but its not even enough to qualify as a shower or even spritz...call it sporadic drips Puts me in a conundrum of whether to stop work or not
  8. Im just north of Princeton and still nothing
  9. I thought most of the rain was coming Thursday?
  10. Only 1.07 inches of precip for me in past 17 days..drying patches showing up. Last weeks .46 really did little to stop this process
  11. People have been saying wet pattern for a month now but in central jersey we have had below normal rainfall and the lawns are beginning to dry out
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