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  1. 92 for me today....17th plus 90 of the season....4th day of the current heatwave and look likely to add a 5th tomorrow.
  2. about 5-7 minutes of pretty heavy downpour then just meh rain for another 10 minutes that has winded down...had about one or two minutes of wind gust...picked up .32 though in that short time
  3. nope....very dark, some big wind gusts....getting a downpour but this puppy looks like its decaying like a rotten tooth
  4. 95 for the high IMBY...2nd hottest day of year. Marks the third official heatwave for me of the season and the 16th 90 plus day of the season...not too shabby
  5. enjoy the heat fellas, this will be the hottest day for many of us so far....ah summer...bring back those hazy lazy crazy days of summer......
  6. 94 IMBY today. My 15th 90 plus and what will end up being day 2 of the heatwave that will be declared tomorrow
  7. annexed my 14th 90 plus of the year. Looks like this will probably be day 1 of 3 or 4 day heatwave for me
  8. 93 with filteredsun
  9. 92 at 10:30am in belle mead but clouds ruined it for getting any higher just yet
  10. I have under .10 and looks like this will bust big time for me
  11. hit 90 or above 3 times last week to push my yearly 90 plus total to 11.
  12. 92 for me today.....9th 90 plus of the season...doing well despite all the weenie proclaiming June and summer was going to be below normal
  13. Lmao
  14. 2.17 here wow!...models said .4
  15. What is the timing? Will this be out of the city by 2pm?