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  1. Another busted forecast. ..cloudy and dank
  2. People have short memories. ..we had 3 days of mid 80s last year later than this and had mid to upper around Halloween
  3. Love thia weather...hoping for extended 80's well inti October
  4. Torrential rains here in Belle Mead with wind
  5. Deluge here...another busted forecast...how bad are the models 3-4 days out too...atrocious
  6. Not in my part of central jersey
  7. fail by you and the models.....a whopping .03 while all you rain lovers got drenched
  8. I have no idea why you are complaining about missing heavy rain events when most are well abovenormal and it has rained 9 straight weekends. Its bizarre your reality
  9. I will bet money there is another heatwave at least IMBY this year..are people forgetting the last few August/Sept
  10. for people writing the summer and 90s off, didnt the 90s come back with a vengence the last few years as we got into late August/early September....
  11. picked up 1.08 in Belle Mead NJ
  12. .16 total...lmao at how bad the models were in the mid range.....forecasters need to go back to forecasting and not just regurgitating model outputs anyhoo looks like a sneaky low level heatwave could happen for some in the upcoming week
  13. Wrong..IM above..and enjoying another above average month
  14. You deserve a monsoon
  15. this year IMBY we have 4.64 inches of rain which is above normal but nothing crazy....10 days of measurable rain....last July I had 7.91 inches and 17 days of rain highlighted by a 7/25-7/31/2016 stretch where I got 4.49 inches. So yes people have short memories on how much rain we have had other years. Last July was a wet month...hot too we had an extended heatwave of more than a week which ended with the above wet period.