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  1. 4.6 total Back to cutting tomorrow Ive had enough rain for the month
  2. Well the mets busted on this one. Was supposed to turn dry for central jersey on north
  3. Where the hell is the warm air. How could it go away this fast
  4. That was absolutely pathetic .09 Geez
  5. Nice guzzle in my area the past 3 days will keep me in the lawn business til leaf season begins Namaste
  6. About quarter inch here Is monday a rain day..why is there flip flopping?
  7. As I thought, today will be dry for many. Maybe some spot drizzle
  8. Around an inch in my parts and looks like its over for awhile at least Not the heaviest of totals but a nice drink that will keep me in business for 7-10 days
  9. Thats my question too..for work purposes dont want to deal with a drizzly day..can anyone clarify Have about .90 here and looks like its almost over
  10. Only .25 in my area so far but heavy slug looks to be moving in for an hour or so
  11. Its labor weekend and they advertised cloudy sunday and then cloudy with showers on monday
  12. It was forecasted cloudy for both days. Sunday was a gorgeous beach day with plenty of sun..an epic bust.
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