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  1. Its still pretty weak for most of nj away from the coast ..2-3 inches
  2. for plowing I will take the 4-6 and run i dont need more than that
  3. what about the mets on tv who said 1-3, how about mt holly that put out maps for 2-3 for central jersey
  4. this was a bust....the GFS horrible...why are the models so bad 24 hours out, and in my lifetime, I have never seen these systems crossing like this work out rarely maybe
  5. amazing how this thread has so little posts while everyone chases some fantasy foot plus storm why wouldnt we be happy with a nice 2-3 that will stay around
  6. Me too..thinking 9f going to Asbury What are everyones thoughts on timing for Jersey shore. Will we get pretty good sun til 3?
  7. Looking at the simulated radar it has it clearing my area by 6-7 pm..am i missing something? Why does the fire sst have it lingering overnight
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