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  1. Always enjoyed your discussions (BOX or Mt Holly)...the best. And enjoyed meeting you at Mt. Holly open house several years ago. Also, a huge thank you for writing me back on how to interpret FOUS output many, many, years ago (I think I still have that letter somewhere!). -Greg in NJ
  2. Yaz

    Hurricane Florence Catch all Thread

    What if Florence hits Florence (SC OR NC)?
  3. Brother reports 8” in Toms River; about 7” here in Fords
  4. Agreed. incredible difference in qpf field between NAM and RGEM.
  5. 500 level similar to last night's run of the EURO, surface pressure 3mb weaker.....and as mentioned surface location slightly west of last nights H72
  6. H48 surface LP slightly west versus H72 from last night's 0z run. Looks real good to me.
  7. Yaz

    Jan 4th 2018 Fish Bomb

    Just fiddling and didling
  8. Yaz

    December Model Discussion

    Very well stated.
  9. ...and pressure change maps
  10. Yaz

    Wave 1, 1/5-6/17 Discussion/OBS

    Mod snow ; 1/2 inch in past hour, Fords NJ (Middlesex Cty)
  11. about 2" here in Fords NJ Middlesex Cty