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  1. Anyone know how much snow might be on the ground NW of Fort Collins around Greyrock Summit (Poudre Park)? Looking at hiking that Monday, but want to be sure trail conditions are decent enough and not like 2 feet of snow
  2. Any Berks reports? Looks like that band meant business and affected much of eastern Berks as well. Might just have to wait for the folks to wake up and hear how much they got
  3. Dad said we got about 9" in Fleetwood, biggest storm in quite some time. 2021 was the last double digit snow I even remember
  4. Berks and Lehigh counties look to be in the best spot for this as of now. Probably start as some brief rain, unlike those in Carbon/Monroe counties. But the strongest banding and snowfall rates will slide through south of the Poconos for the longest duration. 6-10" thump in that area
  5. Latest 12z GFS with yet another shift south. Sounding provided is for SE PA valid at 12z tomorrow morning. Fully saturated through the DGZ with maximum omega as well. It's going to thump around the morning commute, easily 1-2"+ rates for a time. Even though it's a quick moving storm, some places will see over 6" with rates that heavy for a time
  6. Euro is quite a paint job for the Lehigh Valley
  7. Dad said we got about 3.2" in Fleetwood. Happy for y'all further south towards Philly, its been a long time coming! Made me smile seeing Philly come in with 5"
  8. NWS WWA for 2-4" seems right. Most will probably see 1.5-2.5". Max around 4 or perhaps 5+
  9. We got down to -30° at the Laramie airport last night, the coldest temperature since January 2017 here when it got to -40. Driving around outside town in the Laramie Valley the car thermometer read -40°
  10. Meanwhile out here in Siberia, I mean Laramie WY, the airport got down to -30° last night and driving around outside town my car read -40°. That's not wind chill, but actual air temperature! Certainly have never felt such cold air before in my life living in Pennsylvania
  11. NWS upgraded the NW burbs WWA to 3-5" on the latest forecast package. If the NAM is to be believed, there could be an iso 6"+ in there across Berks or the Lehigh Valley. Depends if we get some good banding to set up across that area, otherwise i don't think rates or snow growth will be spectacular. Snow comes in around 7-9pm, gone by 10-11am on the NAM. That's a solid 14-16 hours of snow. But, we won't be seeing consistent 1" hour rates or something.
  12. 0z ICON (yeah Icon i know) is really solid for NW burbs. 4-6" for all of Berks and the Lehigh Valley
  13. GFS brings 1-3" back to the general Mount Holly CWA, those NW of 95. It's been clear looking at upper levels that were trending back towards a light advisory event. The 250mb jet continues to improve in orientation
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