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  1. Currently vacationing in Hilton Head, SC and took this picture before a storm rolled in last night
  2. SE PA now upgraded to Slight Risk from the SPC with the clouds clearing and sun beginning to come out. Maybe another good storm today to end the week of storminess.
  3. Saw there was a 20% chance of rain today so I blew it off........ Then I was driving home and it began raining so hard everyone on the entire highway had to pullover, then as I turned into my driveway, a limb of a tree, big enough to cause extensive damage, broke off right in front of my car. Easily 45+ winds in the heart of the storm.
  4. You've been answered lol
  5. Some individual cells look to be popping up ahead of the main line. Hopefully we get some nice storms haven't had any in a while
  6. At least for me, the humidity didn't play as much of a factor today as I thought it would. Was outside most of the day, got a nice tan, and it was mostly just hot, not humid. Temp now down to 92F.
  7. I certainly love 80s and 90s weather. What I hate is 65+ dewpoints.
  8. Had a HUGE microburst come through as I was golfing today and it brought down trees, uprooted some, and every hole became littered with branches.
  9. And another 20%-chance-of-rain day has verified.... At least it doesn't look like temperatures will reach 90 anytime soon.
  10. So what's the deal with Saturday afternoon? I want to pull the trigger and make a tee time to golf, but now there seems to be a chance of rain. What day looks to be the best this Memorial Day weekend?
  11. Not looking forward to 80s and potentially 90s again. I'd rather take these cool, wet days than hot and humid. I guess we're going to have to get there eventually. Currently 47F and picked up 0.75" so far.
  12. I'm with you. Yesterday and Today are my ideal weather days. Mid 60s, but most importantly, low humidity.
  13. It seems to me that the SPC has been way too premature with their outlooks this year. Many high risks not verified and enhanced risks not living up to expectations as well. Although that is a byproduct of severe storm forecasting. Temperature is skyrocketing here now up into the lower 70s.
  14. Wow, that was a descent thunderstorm last night! Currently 64F and looking at a hot day ahead for me mulching.
  15. Here's the Weatherbell summer forecast if anyone cares https://www.weatherbell.com/summer-2017-outlook