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  1. I'm sure most people know and use this website, but for any newbies or lurkers www.spaghettimodels.com is a great website with so much up to date information on the storm!
  2. 926mb/155mph/Morehead City, NC
  3. Trend from 6z to 12z at 132. More north.
  4. You are right. Premature by me as I was looking at 162 out and right after ridge begins to build over top.
  5. 18z looks to be going OTS with no ridge to throw it back west. Still an eternity away
  6. Waiting for this to continue trending south, eventually heading over Hispaniola and Cuba, shredding it to pieces, and sending all weenies up and down the East Coast into rehab.
  7. What is the strongest East Coast landfall in terms of pressure by a tropical system? Just wondering cause most models have it sub 950 or 940 when nearing the coast....
  8. Definitely will be hurricane before landfall....
  9. That storm was incredible here in Fleetwood. The lightning was insane and knocked out my power until midnight! Not much wind, no hail, but the lightning was something else.
  10. Nothing satisfies me more than a heavy rain event, but unfortunately this doesn't look to be too good for us northerners. Hopefully some convection and training can change that. Radar looks juiced!
  11. Storms incoming! Some rotation showing up heading towards Allentown!
  12. Currently vacationing in Hilton Head, SC and took this picture before a storm rolled in last night