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  1. Clearly need to see some other models coming on board. FV3 is still warm and north, as is the RGEM. That is, if you're looking for the insane amounts
  2. The cutoff kinda reminds me of Jan 2015 on the Nam runs. Sharp gradient from Philly to Trenton to NYC
  3. It would be pretty hilarious though if the Euro storm did happen verbatim and we ended up above average on snowfall for the season
  4. It was clear as day that would be the base state we'd be working with all winter, I wish I had been wrong!
  5. Precip has picked back up and it's mostly all sleet, 42F
  6. The 0z NAMs got alot worse though, HRRR and some of the other mesos better
  7. 18z GFS stops the bleeding for now, has a front end thump for the late week storm
  8. Latest HRRR... Mount Holly has issued a WWA for Lehigh County on north with only 1-3"
  9. Yeah the Euro is solid for areas tomorrow night
  10. The GEFS is going to be slightly improved from the 6z run. There's at least some reflection of a HP up north now. It's not much, but something
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