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  1. I agree, the parameters are solid for some severe weather but the overall extent of convection and precip looks meager. Maybe a stray severe storm here or there tomorrow.
  2. 3k NAM sounding for my area tomorrow. Bring on severe weather already!
  3. It just looks awful in the long range. I knew the trough/cold would want to center around the mid country and great lakes, but I figured maybe some high latitude blocking could bleed the cold east. Nope. Cold, dry. Warm, wet. Rinse repeat. Maybe March lol?
  4. I would agree here. 1.75" of snow and 0.5" of sleet so a 2.25" storm total. A little over 7" on this abomination of a winter so far.
  5. Mostly sleet here with some large flakes mixed in, 1.75" of snow.
  6. That pink band that passed through Berks is tasty. It's straight dumping here right now. Roads and everything covered.
  7. Wind blown light-moderate snow. 20 degrees.
  8. Took until the 30 dbz echoes but yeah finally getting some wind blown light snow right now.
  9. That backside band did wonders here. Finished with 2.5", season tally up to 4.8".
  10. This back end band is ripping. Roads finally caving.
  11. Light snow still, tapering off a little with lighter echos and drying beginning to become more evident. 1 inch of snow on the board.
  12. Well at the least got a decent coating already on grassy surfaces. Light snow, bordering moderate at times. Temp down to 35.
  13. Light snow has begun here in Fleetwood. After a high of 43, temp has dropped to 38
  14. GFS improved a lot for Berks and Chester county's