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  1. Through Saturday dews shouldn't get above 50F with highs staying in the upper 60s and lower 70s. Lows should be in the mid-upper 40s for the burbs, low 50s for the city. Finally some incredible weather!
  2. Oh I'm aware, I watch just as much Philly sports as I'm sure you do. Although, I was admittedly a Ben apologist. Thought more of him than I should have.
  3. There's some interesting features with that cell/line in Chester. Almost like a really small MCV trying to form. You can get a brief spin up with these QLCS type events, especially today with the high SRH, moderate Bulk Shear, and low LCLs
  4. Yes indeed, personally I am in favor of this change. I need some cooler weather soon
  5. 30s and wet snow in September anyone?
  6. Amazing pic! My sister in Shillington sent a similar pic to me too. I had an evening class so couldn't see the shelf cloud in person, but similar views down here in Lanco from what I heard.
  7. Regarding #2, remember that our EF scale is dependent on damage assessment. Is there any chance infrastructure has improved enough to cause this "decrease" in strong tornadoes? Or is there something else going on? Just a thought that came to mind. I chased the Mullica Hill NJ tornado two weeks ago, saw the damage up close and in-person, and was almost certain the NWS would've classified it as an EF4 but alas they didn't (only EF3). Is there any literature or data you can send me that supports your 2nd statement?
  8. Okay so I'm a student at Millersville University down in PA. We have a "chase crew" I'm apart of that, over the next year or so, will be chasing and collecting data from tornadic cells in the Northeast from PA all the way north into ME and using it for a research project. I need some insight from locals.... is southern NH and southern ME a bad spot to chase? I'd imagine it is. Also, it appears to be more of a straight line wind threat rather than tornados, would any meteorologists care to chime in? We talked to the met profs here and got mixed feelings
  9. https://sundogpublishingstore.myshopify.com/products/python-programming-and-visualization-for-scientists-2nd-ed I've been using this book to self-learn Python. It's written by one of my profs here at Millersville Dr. Alex DeCaria. He knows his stuff, and the book is fantastic
  10. Some 4-5"+ radar indicated amounts from overnight across northern Berks and into the Lehigh Valley
  11. Quite a few damage reports from Berks county. Trees and power lines down across much of west central Berks
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