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  1. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    At this point in the winter, I'm throwing all my chips in for an all out HECS/KU event. Pattern upcoming will at the least allow for that type of reasoning. Also, snow cover hanging strong for now but I think the 70 on Tuesday and 75 on Wednesday will have something to say about that.
  2. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    I'm surprised at your amount. Not calling you out but I only got 6.5 inches which i measured last night and this morning I'm already down to below 5.5 inches due to compaction/melting. Although I do think you were in the heavier band for a bit longer than I was. Either way, it'll all be melted in a day or two. Season total so far at about 29.5 inches. Hoping to make it to average (33 inches) by the end of winter.
  3. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Just flurries now. Measured about 6.3 inches. Started snowing here at 4:30 and stopped accumulating heavily probably around 8:30-9:00. Incredible, quick storm!
  4. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    4.25" on the measuring board here in Fleetwood. I think I could get to 6 if it keeps up like this. Wow.
  5. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Snowing at a good clip now. 30F
  6. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    This is depressing. Under 30dbz and yellows on radar and its barely flurrying. Edit: Nevermind, now its light snowing
  7. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    Still nothing here. Looks like NAMs and HRRR are lowering QPF. Oh well, still going to get snow.
  8. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    We're threading the needle in the middle of a torch period. I'll be glad to get any snow I can. Currently 36F, forecasted high is 37.
  9. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    12k NAM 10:1 Snowfall map. Where the rain-snow line sets up will likely be below 10:1 but up here in Berks/Lehigh we might be able to see 12:1 ratios.
  10. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    My temp dropped down to 22 last night. Hopefully allowed for some freezing of the ground so snow can accumulate right away this evening. The NAM shows the rain line creeping towards Berks by 10ish but precip is almost done by then and precip rates are lighter, hence why rain may mix in. The NWS doesn't have rain here so I'll stick with them.
  11. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    If I were to make a forecast, this would be my map. Completely agree with them.
  12. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    IMO, I wouldn't be surprised to see this jump slightly further north and more amped like much of our SWFE storms this year. I like the NWS forecast right now for widespread 2-4" but 5 or 6 isn't completely out of the equation in localized areas.
  13. February 17-18 Threat Discussion

    I'm not worried at all about how long the snow pack lasts. It'll be in the mid-upper 60s tuesday so I'm hoping to hit some golf balls in my yard without them turning to mudballs.