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  1. Day 10 Euro looks.... Interesting lol. Coastal storm tries to scrape us and another ULL is primed to eject out of the SW with Canada and the higher latitudes all blocked up. First week of December will be a week to watch for *maybe* our first legit storm threat. Fingers crossed the look holds.
  2. Heard a rumble of thunder at 3:30 last night, woke me up. Checked the radar and sure enough a hefty storm was rolling through
  3. I'm going with 910mb, 175 mph winds. Eye is completely cleared out again on satellite.
  4. Stunning IR imagery of ETA this evening.
  5. Nice to meet a fellow MU alum! Yeah I have DeCaria for Meteorology this semester and Cloud Physics next semester. It'll be interesting to take Radiative Transfer with Clark next semester as well Sikora is definitely my favorite prof in the department! Cool guy to talk to. But overall, it's been a blast and so much fun at Millersville. If any interested Met majors read this, go to Millersville! It's a smaller school atmosphere with big name professors that can get you places.
  6. Flurries. First flakes of season 11/2/20.
  7. Welp currently a sophomore Met major at Millersville and this thread just made me wonder why I'm doing this. I've always had the passion to go into meteorology, I couldn't imagine doing anything else. But right now I'm minoring in Heliophysics/Space Weather. I hope to God I can find a job out there when that time comes. In the meantime, I'm just gonna work my butt off and try to market myself.
  8. He said on Twitter the Philippines are closed to international travel
  9. Monday will give us a quick taste of winter. Some areas could see snow showers/graupel with the strong NW wind over the lakes.
  10. It's already out of here in Lanco and looks to be clearing up in Berks. Much earlier than I expected but this thing is hauling no doubt.
  11. I'm currently a sophomore met student at Millersville and it's a lot of math and physics I gotta say (especially if you are interested in Space Weather/Heliophysics like me haha). However, I'm almost 20 years old. I'm taking the "normal" route per say as a typical high school student going to college. I do know though that Millersville does have some older students walking around. I wouldn't fear stepping out and following your dreams man. Ask yourself some questions though: 1.) Am I financially in a feasible and stable state to go to college (It's alot of money without scholarships or funding) 2.) Do I want to dedicate the next few years to this 3.) Will I enjoy all of the school work involved including rigorous math and physics courses (right now I'm in ODE, it's not fun haha). Meteorology has been my dream since I was a kid. I've always wanted to do it. If that's the same for you, go for it. Start out at a local community college, grab some general education credits at a cheaper price. Then transfer in with those credits and you've already got a head start and can fully focus on the courses that matter. Perhaps you might be seen a bit "differently" in the classroom for being older. But what does it matter?
  12. Haven't seen an eye this pretty since Dorian last year
  13. Yes it will! This weekend is going to be fantastic
  14. Chilly start to October? The trough in the east doesn't look too transient to be honest, it looks to stay around for a bit...