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  1. NAM is bad bad for much of the NW crew now
  2. NAM is impressive for Berks and the Lehigh Valley for Thursday morning
  3. Some decent flooding occurring in Millersville with the snow melt, slush, and heavy rain
  4. Thump -> Sleet -> Brief period of rain -> Dry slot. This won't be a high end MECS or HECS like it could've been. But I think many of us would take a 6-10" thump
  5. Verbatim, a look like that wouldn't be too much rain over central PA, rather it would be a thump of snow (2-4"+) and then dry slot with the low sitting right over top. And then as it departs east, maybe some remnants of the CCB push through and drop a backside 1-2"
  6. GEFS mean snowfall is very solid for central PA. Best run yet, although we are converging on a coastal hugger idea (So western PA will likely do better).
  7. The Jan 15-25 period is going to be where we get our big dog (if we do) this winter. PNA spike and east based blocking around the 16th sets up a chance for a storm After this time period though, I think if we can get another brief PNA spike around the 18th-20th... you can see a pattern mature into a blockbuster one. Blocking to slow down the flow and lots of northern stream energy to dive into the central part of the country and cut off (if a +PNA forms). The vortex that comes down around the 15th-17th will likely shift east into the 50/50 region and clear out the east coast for a clean setup. Very dependent on the west coast though. Verbatim, the 12z GFS does have a storm around the 21st. But it can be much much bigger.
  8. The 18z Canadian suite (RGEM and CMC) bullish for snow Friday
  9. I'll relay the message to Kyle! We appreciate the support at MU
  10. Radar got sheared apart like all the mesos predicted just before it got here. Not even a flurry here while HBG, Lanco, and much of the central PA region saw accumulating snow
  11. DeCaria is great, so is Dr. Sikora. But Dr. Clark especially is amazing, great funny guy and really challenges the students to do well. I took Meteorological Instrumentation with him this past semester, so much fun in that class building and installing some instruments around campus
  12. From November 1st to today, December 20th, the Philadelphia area has only seen 0.82" of precip, Wilmington DE 1.19", and Trenton area 1.28"... all of which are record low amounts in this ~50 day stretch. New Brunswick NJ, Allentown, and Reading are close to record low amounts as well. It has been a really dry stretch to close out astronomical Autumn
  13. I agree with the sentiments above that chances will increase as we head into the latter half of December and into the New Year. However, I would caution that our biggest risk in a -EPO, -PNA, west based -NAO pattern is cold and dry. Shortwaves will want to eject out of the SW and squeeze underneath the block. That typically lends credence towards weakening and shredding of the shortwaves. Or, if the block is too strong/west the systems will dive underneath us and whiff. Central PA is typically better off in these cases anyway compared to EPA or NYC/NJ... but it's still something to watch.
  14. -EPO, west based -NAO means the risk is cold and dry not warm and wet as we head into the latter half of December and into January. -PNA means we eject systems and they squeeze underneath the block. If they aren't potent enough they'll get shredded apart.
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