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  1. I think last year the snow was a couple days later, on 11/15 - 11/16/18 (and I actually got 4.5" of a combo of frozen then).
  2. I was a senior in college at UMASS/Amherst then. For some reason I don't remember much about it because usually the eastern side of the state got the bulk of the nor'easter snows and this particular one happened about a week after Karen Carpenter had died, so that seemed to stick with me more than the weather at the time. I used to work at the radio station on campus and did the Friday drive-time news, so remembered reporting that (also remember watching the M*A*S*H finale a couple weeks later too ). They usually cleared the snow out pretty quickly on campus, although the snowball fights would be epic before that happened. I think there was more hullaboo about that blizzard down here than up there.
  3. Looks like that is all done and temp is down to 34 and mostly cloudy.
  4. Have gone from flurries to SN. LOL It's trying to stick and is slowly dropping the temp (still 35 but instead of 35.2, it's 34.9).
  5. I was over at my sister's house yesterday and got ladybugged to death yesterday as I was wrapping her fig. It had hit a high of 63 in this area yesterday so it was a good day to do it. But that is all a memory as I got flakes flying here with the temp down to 35 after a high earlier this morning of 54. Looks like a heavier band is incoming.
  6. I saw that a few RERs were issued this morning - ILG (tied record low of 24), MPO (record low of 11, previous 13), & TTN (smashed record low with a 19, previous 24). It did manage to make it up to 40 here today and is currently 35 & partly cloudy.
  7. Bottomed out at 22 (21.7) here this morning. Currently 35, partly sunny (with quite a bit of cirrus) and dps in the teens, so it's pretty chilly for this time of year... although with little or no wind, it's not too bad.
  8. Ended up with 0.15" rain yesterday with a high of 59 & low of 38. And this morning I bottomed out at 32 (31.8) and haven't moved much since as it's currently 38 and partly cloudy with a bunch of puffy cumulus.
  9. Some more from the Washington Post Capital Gang -
  10. Wow. Tom Lamaine is a blast from the past. I remember being glued to TWC during it (that was probably their "peak" period of existence). Earlier in the week, the storm was being pooh-poohed as maybe a couple inches. Then as we got closer to the weekend it became 2-4", then 3-5", then like Saturday morning, it was up to 6-10", then 10-12", and on and on as it hit that Sunday and just kept up all day Monday. It was wild watching TWC having to keep adding new colors to their precip map to designate snow depths. LOL - just found this. Lee's recording of footage of some of TWC's Blizzard Warning and local forecast from back then - Some other clips here (from "TWC Classics") -
  11. Had a high of 52 yesterday and bottomed out at 32 (31.5) this morning. The frost was heavy on the cars to boot. Currently recovering pretty quickly though, up to 39 (apparently a return flow starting as others around the area are in that range), and mostly sunny.
  12. Bottomed out at 33 here this morning and yup, with a dp low of 28 and calm conditions between 4 am & 7 am, there was frost on the cars. Currently 40 and clear.
  13. Here are the LSRs for Delaware County and for Bucks County -
  14. I was thinking that was near where you are (or at least north of you). I am really shocked that it was an EF2, which is rare around this area during the severe season, let alone when we are well into fall.
  15. Rebekah was post-tropical as of the 5 am update -