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  1. Not all necessarily "rock" but mixed genres - And a recent one that I stumbled on that was popular a few years ago - And from the famous historical musical (where Alexander Hamilton did experience a devastating hurricane in his native West Indies island of Nevis/St. Kitts in 1772 as a teen and wrote about it) -
  2. I know there's a slide of me when I was about 3 or 4 standing in front of the car (I think it was in the fall) with his "slide camera" case on a strap around my neck. In full living color. We had started converting some of those slides about 20 years ago and since the film itself was considered a "positive", they had to create negatives from those (at $1 a piece at the time) and then use the negatives to make prints. Now they have consumer units geared towards slides to illuminate/scan them and save the images digitally to the computer or a USB stick... One of my "projects" for one day.... one day.
  3. I grew up in 2 different Ford station wagons (Country Squire and LTD Country Squire) and my mom used to dub the snow tires "the truck tires". We kept them in a basement closet. And yup, we were swapping them out all the way to the late '70s (right around the time of the blizzard of '78).
  4. And to think that 1996 produced almost 3 times as much. I remember everyone had chains and snow tires (of course that was before the "all season" type tires too). Always had that twice-yearly ritual of putting on and then taking off the snow tires. The irony of 1966 was that summer, the east coast experienced a heatwave where many all-time high records were shattered and here in Philly, the temps tied the all-time high for the date (at the time) of 104 when that happened July 3 - I remember that some friends of my parents had a cottage in N. Cape May and we spent a couple weeks there for vacation during that hot summer (I think in August).
  5. I had a picture somewhere of me and one of my sisters (the other wasn't born yet) after the "blizzard of '66", standing in front of our garage door with the snowsuits and shovels and Yogi Bear boots. Actually it was a slide pic because that was my dad's hobby and shooting on slide film allowed him to have color "photos" back in the '50s & '60s when regular consumer pics were generally only B&W (he had boxes and boxes of slides and we had been slowly converting them). Mt. Holly described it here (the hot links don't work so have to scroll down) - Article about that nor'easter - The snows before that year back to when I was born in the early '60s, were mostly the usual nickel & dimes.
  6. A trained spotter in your area reported 1.0" ZR.
  7. Now at 32 degrees and the melting has commenced (tipping the bucket in my gauge) along with the light rain.
  8. Now getting all ZR again. Temp is up to 29.
  9. And you got your snow pile started. Will have to see if there was enough of a mound to have it saturate but maintain its shape and then freeze into a glacier to encourage more to pile on top.
  10. Have transitioned from ZR to sleet. Temp is up to 28 here. The atmospheric battle is underway.
  11. ACK! ZR. Never got the pingers here. And it's not like DZ either. A light rain and the temp is 26. Dp is up to 21.
  12. Just came in from measuring and all the snow has stopped here (and there's no precip at the moment so overcast). Got 1.2" total so far. Temp is 25 with dp up to 19. Not sure what is coming next but something is!
  13. Intensity has picked up a bit and am at SN (with some fog). Temp is down to 25 and dp is 17.
  14. Getting some SN- now. Temp is 26. Looks like some heavier returns moving in from the SW.