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  1. As I understand it, Iceland was the more temperate area and Greenland (of "Greenland Block" fame) is actually the ice kingdom, with the glaciers and permafrost! I had a former co-worker who had been in the Navy during the '60s and he (and his wife) had been stationed at a base in Iceland (now closed) for a few years. He said the weather was pretty moderate (more like a typical Northern U.S. climate). As an obs - my low of 60 this morning was refreshing, and after a brief spike to 77 earlier, I'm currently at 74 (dp 54) and mostly cloudy, once lots of cumulus arrived and blocked the sun. Was able to turn the air off yesterday and today so far.
  2. LOL I noticed that they sometimes start the "back to school" (focus on college/"dorm stuff") barely after those May college graduations happen (sometimes even this month after Father's Day, but more generally right after the July 4th sales to cover the time before the Labor Day sales). Amazon even moved "Prime Day" to next Monday/Tuesday (vs like it originally was mimicking - a "Christmas in July").
  3. That secondary band nailed me just after midnight giving me 0.62". I lost my internet service so am investigating while running through my hot spot. So totals were 1.82" for the event. Currently 63 and misty. ETA - restarted stuff. Also saw I got nailed a couple times between midnight and 3 am.
  4. Frankford Creek went out of its banks according to a report. Rose 5.5ft in 24 minutes. Currently 66 here with dp 64 and cloudy. Looks like another weaker line to the west but am not sure if that holds together or not.
  5. This will probably throw the tiny creek tributaries (like Cresheim Creek that feeds into the Wissahickon) right out of their banks in the lower lying areas. I *know* those streets are probably flooding right now. It seems to be a fast mover though. Spigot has cut off as that heavy band has moved past me now. Currently at 1.20". Getting a lot of lightning although not much thunder.
  6. Yikes! I'm up to 1.10" and almost 5.5"/hr. I can hear it over the sound of my AC, air purifiers, and my radio playing some music. Up to 1.15".
  7. Under a red. Getting almost 2.5"/hr rates. Up to 0.44" at post time. Temp down to 67. ETA - Holy crap! now almost 5"/hr gully washer! Got 0.95" in the bucket at edit time (8:48 pm).
  8. Fireworks going over me! Getting rain and am up to 0.05" at post time.
  9. Thunderstorm Warning up over my area. My high actually hit 85 today (low was 65). Currently 70 with dp 69.
  10. The trough here in the east will probably carry that away from the coast unless something happens and it gets cut off from the flow. We got a long season to go although I don't expect it to eclipse last year. CPC is forecasting ENSO neutral at least through the summer (where last year we were in La Niña) -
  11. Here comes SPC - Currently a muggy 81 with dp 69 and mostly cloudy. ETA - The TS Warning is intriguing. I haven't had chance to see what that is about.
  12. And probably one of these on the dash.
  13. The KDOX radar (in Dover) will generally look "similar" to KDIX but obviously is shifted ever so slightly because it is down at Dover AFB, almost in central DE, vs the due east DIX. But it is the full shebang vs that little guy at KPHL. ETA - I had grabbed some screenshots from KDOX yesterday and the below is one taken of the event at about 1:30 pm.
  14. It's offline (starting about 8:30 am yesterday) until next Wednesday. I hate TPHL because it has such a tiny range. I have been using KDOX. It's better than nothing although I guess KBGM isn't too bad and I've used KLWX and KCCX when desperate.