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  1. Sun out. Finished up with 0.76" with that round and temp is rebounding, up to 75 with dp 75.
  2. Down to light rain now. So far got 0.76 in the bucket from that round. Temp is down to 73 with dp 72. Still some leftover convection around.
  3. Was getting >3.5"/hr at one point. Have 0.62" in the bucket.
  4. Am under heavy returns now (finally). Almost 1"/hr. Temp down to 75 with dp 73 and lots of convection and thunder.
  5. Junk and stuff incoming and just got warned over Philly. Of course I pulled out the hose earlier this morning because 0.18" of rain in 2 weeks with 10 of those days at 90+, requires some kind if irrigation! It actually hit 97 here today for what will probably be the high, after a 75 low. It's currently overcast and threatening, with lots of convection around the area, some occasional thunder, and temp now down to 88 with dp 74.
  6. Ended up going no higher than 80 yesterday after a low of 72 so a nice break. However I only got 0.08" of rain for all of yesterday and nada overnight. Am at 0.18" for the month of July so far. After a 73 low this morning, currently 85 and partly sunny with dp 75
  7. Topped out at 95 yesterday after a 79 low and was surprised to have gotten anything at all from the overnight line where I picked up 0.10" sometime between 2 - 3 am this morning. That was my first rain for the month of July. Had a "cooler" low of 74 this morning and I did briefly touch 90 just after 1 pm today, making it day 8 of the heatwave and temps at or above 90. Currently 89 and mostly sunny, with a MUCH BETTER dp of 69 ("much better" meaning not dps of 79 and 80 like the past couple days even when 69 starts getting rough ).
  8. I hit my highest temp of the season so far with a 98 yesterday after a 74 low. Low this morning was 76 and have already hit 90 again today. Did a "90s+" count for the season so far and came up with 9 days at 90 or above in June and now 6 in July. Currently partly sunny and hazy with a disgusting dewpoint bopping between 79 & 80!
  9. Looks like I made it up to 97 as a high today with a dp that got as high as 81 at one point. Currently a hazy 94 with dp 74.
  10. Tapped 96 at 12:28 and it's definitely HHH which at least earlier this morning, kept the blazing sun off of stuff (although it's out now but with lots of cumulus). Currently 95 with dp 77.
  11. Now not long after noon and 95 with dp 76 so I guess it's "mixing out" (*sarcasm*).
  12. I briefly tapped 94 about 35 minutes ago and it's currently 93 with dp 78. And yup, the Beryl FIREHOSE is in play!!! (UL Water Vapor below)
  13. Just after 9 am, I spiked to 89 with a dp of 82. Some configuration of something is drawing GOM moisture up here. ETA - I see TS Beryl is showing up on the below map. Maybe that is churning some stuff up the front.
  14. After a 77 low yesterday, I got up to 95 for a high and with Thursday's 91/68, today will be day 3 of 90+ to start another heatwave IMBY. Same here on both July 4 & yesterday. Rain to the north and to the south and something that looked like it was headed this way yesterday fizzled before it got here. Didn't even get any surprise tiny pop-ups. Right now, at 8:30 am here (after a low of 79), the temp is 86 with dp 80. The "feels like" on the station says "99.7".
  15. Round 3 showers gave me an additional 0.06" for 0.71" for the day (0.78" 2-day). Skies want to clear but too much stuff up there. Currently overcast and 74 with dp 73.
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