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  1. I was watching that wild scene too and grabbed a snapshot earlier today. I ended up hitting 64 just after 12:30 pm and then the temps took a dive mid-afternoon as a band pivoted around and deposited another 0.08" in the bucket for a total of 1.28" for the day so far (2.05" 2-day event total). The sun attempted to peep out earlier this morning and provided a little drying, but then failed to break through much of the rest of the day here. Currently 54 and overcast, with dp 50 and what looks like a broken band now pushing precip out of the NW.
  2. Before the rain band pivoted away, I ended up with 1.20" for today and 1.97" for the 2-day event total (so far). Bottomed out at 57 just before 9:30 this morning and it's currently overcast and 61 with dp 59.
  3. Ended up with 0.77" of rain yesterday and currently have an additional 1.04" for today (for a 1.81" event total so far at post time). Currently 60 with dp 60 and breezy with light rain.
  4. Over 1"/hr rain from that band. It's moving pretty quickly. Temp 63 with dp 61 and 0.21" in the bucket at post time.
  5. Has been rocking and rolling here and just now starting to rain. Line coming up from the south.
  6. Depends on which way they face. I know the back of my house faces NE and I am guaranteed a good outside "window washing" from any nor'easter that comes my way.
  7. Some Warnings and SPSs for the arear (mostly south and west) - Plus one about to expire in around 5 minutes from post time -
  8. I was gonna say it seems to be an "annual" thing but the last attempt was 2 years ago. I think with a faux-Miller B setup thingy about to happen and what will be 2 potential nor'easters, it's about to get busy in here.
  9. Have now tapped 76 here with dp bopping between 60 and 61.
  10. They are bopping around but currently at 77 again -
  11. KPHL record breaker for temp today (was low-hanging fruit) - So far my high today has been 75 with more cumulus rolling in, and it's currently 75 with dp 64.
  12. SPC's SWDY1 broadened the risk area (I suppose to reflect the more zonal flow at this latitude), although we are still in the marginal risk carve out - WPC has its forecast for the PNW storm's path here -
  13. I finally "bottomed out" at 53 just before 4 am before the temps started heading off to the races. Took a bit for the overcast to break up with the lifting of the warm front, but it finally did. Currently partly cloudy and 70 with dp 64, having shot up almost 20 degrees from yesterday's dp that was in the low-mid 40s.
  14. May end up with a non-diurnal temp thing going on here. Temp has slowly crept up and hit a high of 59 just before 4 pm when the sun stayed out for a more extended period of time. But then with a warm front approaching, the temps are supposed to remain in the mid-upper 50s in the urban areas overnight. Currently partly sunny with lots of high clouds and 59 with dp 48. SPC SWDY2 has the CWA in the marginal risk. Will see if that changes depending on temps tomorrow, which include some possible RERs -
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