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  1. Thanksgiving temps were in the rare mild range as many years it has been bundle-up cold and even with flakes flying. But my high Thursday was 55. Ended up reaching 57 yesterday with 0.02" of rain, and since the sun came out in the afternoon, I was able to get some outdoor window wreaths up, albeit with some windy conditions to deal with. And after a 39 low this morning, it looks like 55 will be my high for today. It's currently 52 and clear at sunset (with a crescent moon also setting) and with dp 33.
  2. And the little puffs of breeze overnight finally died down after 6 am and I bottomed out at 32 about 15 minutes before sunrise. It's currently partly sunny and 33 with a thin deck of cirrus and a dp of 30.
  3. Weather recap as the temps continue to moderate - I eventually had a high of 41 on Monday, 52 on Tuesday, and 55 yesterday, with Tues/Wed. lows of 28 & 30. This morning's low may finally be above freezing. Currently clear and 38 with dp up from earlier in the week, at 32.
  4. Bottomed out at 22 this morning, the coldest since March 28 of this year. The winds went calm overnight which aided in that radiational cooling. It's currently sunny with blue skies and 37, but with a dp that is still vacillating between 9 and 10, so the cold dry arctic air is still making its presence felt.
  5. Beat me to it! I managed to just tap 34 IMBY today as a "high" just before 4:30 pm and that was it. That's like January weather. It's currently a clear and breezy 31 with dp 10.
  6. Made it up to 40 as a high yesterday and bottomed out this morning at a "warmer"-than- yesterday-morning 30 due to the wind gusts overnight, so not ideal for radiational cooling. It's currently sunny and 32 and don't expect to get much warmer as the dp is now getting close to or in the upper single digits at 10 (9.7). Humidifiers working overtime!
  7. Ended up with a high of 43 yesterday and got my first flakage of the season to boot. Was at the movies last night in Flourtown and when I left to go there, it was around 40 with some sprinkles. Then outside the theater with the active breeze, the flakes were noticeable (took a few minutes for me to point them out to my sister because the winds were blowing almost horizontally which made it harder to see but when it let up, they were definitely there). After the movie, it was already down to 35. This morning I registered my first "hard freeze" (temp = 28 and below) with a 26. It's recovering now and up to a partly cloudy 32, with dp an arctic 20 (had to start pulling out the humidifiers yesterday because it got down to 22% inside ).
  8. Ended up with a high of 49 Wednesday and another humdredth of an inch of rain for a 2-day even total of 1.65" After a low of 30 yesterday, only made it to 44 and was out in the gusty winds of it too. I will say since this is fall (vs spring) the ground warmth has still been holding so the temp mix didn't make it too annoying. Low so far this morning has been 30 and it's currently clear and 31. The brief intermittent light breezes overnight and early this morning, have kept the bottom from falling out. See you guys ended up jinxing me to watching one of his chasers with Hurricane Ian. I will say though, I won't forget Randy, forky and crew driving up to the Tug Hill Plateau to chase a big lake effect snow event and live-blogging it here (with pics) on what I think at the time, was still EasternWx before the site name change.
  9. Ended up with 1.35" of rain yesterday and so far 0.29" this morning as the storm wraps up (event total 1.64"). Low so far this morning has been 39 and it's currently misty and 41 with dp 41.
  10. Although down to some lighter rain, I did have a heavier period and currently have 0.73" recorded from the event so far. Currently at 38 with dp 37.
  11. Made it up to 44 before the precipitation started and so far I haven't observed any frozen but mainly light rain, which has picked up in intensity a bit now. The temps are marginal with current at 38, with dp 35, so will have to see which air mass wins out. Have 0.12" in the bucket so far.
  12. 12z NAM and 12z GFS for today's precip (NAM & GFS really west along the coast compared to the Euro).
  13. Looks like we went from summer to winter. LOL Saturday's final high was 69, Sunday's H/L was 59/38 and yesterday's H/L was 45/32. This morning's low was 31, which is the coldest here since the end of March. It's currently clouding over, and partly sunny, and 42 wit dp 30. 6z EC shows the expected warm/rain scenario for the southern part of the CONUS.
  14. Ended up with another 0.17' of rain this morning for a 2-day total (with yesterday's 0.61") of 0.78". Had a mild "low" this morning of 64 and the sun has finally busted out in the past hour or so where there is lots of cumulus so it is a partly sunny 66, with dp slowly dropping, and at 55.
  15. Managed to pick up 0.61" today (so far), the heaviest being between 3 pm - 4 pm. It's been hard to call a high with the warm temps but will go with the 70 that I hit around 5 pm. It's currently an overcast, soupy and misty 68 with dp 68. Big changes on the way!
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