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  1. Had a low of 50 this morning but as progged, the temp quickly recovered and it's currently a breezy 77, with lots of "fair weather cumulus", and a dp of 48 after the drier air finally advected in.
  2. It's 20 minutes after sunset, so it's dark, and the robins (and other songbirds) are having a concert. Down to 62 with dp 62.
  3. Ended up woth 0.29" total rain for the day. The high made it to 78. Currently recovered to 63 with dp 63.
  4. Done. My Upper Darby sis texted a pic of a (smaller) downy woodpecker. I guess they are all out. Did hear one around here a few weeks ago but not recently. Am used to seeing the pilated ones up in a tree!
  5. Still raining while sun is out and rainbow is rainbowing. Temp holding at 62 with dp 61.
  6. Sun out in the west, rain moving off to the east, and a nice rainbow has appeared as expected!
  7. Sky starting to brighten in the west as the back edge approaches. Have 0.28", at one point with as much as 0.75" - 1"/hr rates.
  8. Only getting a little random thunder here but apparently the cloud-to-cloud has been active. Temp has dropped down to 62 with dp 60. Have 0.22" total in the bucket (including the 0.01" from earlier this morning).
  9. Just north of me is getting nailed. Temp down to 63 with dp 60.
  10. On my doorstep and lightning detector is going nuts but am not hearing any thunder.
  11. The cold front air is oozing in and it's getting gusty. Not quite at "gust front" strength although it approached like that. Currently 74 with dp 61 and dropping now.
  12. Got a solid line going with the sun. It's clouding up here but the sun still wants to push through. Temp is 76 with dp 64.
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