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  1. It's also possible a couple big volcanic eruptions could offset some of the drop in vehicle emissions. One thing's for sure - if the rain every couple days pattern continues this spring, there will be a much-reduced chance of any massive triple-digit heatwaves this summer.
  2. Have been watching that as it blasted into South Philly, strung itself out, and then reformed on the other side of the river.
  3. Sun finally popped out here after being overcast and either foggy or misty all day - with the 2 rounds of showers to finish it off. Ended up with 0.14" from them (the line started breaking up as it was approaching here. Temp did make it up to 55 before the rain came in (low was 47 this morning). Currently 52 and mostly cloudy but with plenty of sun getting through the broken deck.
  4. Finished up with 1.06" of rain yesterday, sortof spread over about 15 hours during the day, with a brief heavier bout around 12:30 pmish. High was 58 with a low of 46. Currently overcast and 50 (low this morning was 47).
  5. The winds went calm here this morning and the temps just plummeted to 33. I have some lilac flower buds that have been emerging literally a month early too.
  6. Ended up with 0.87" of rain Monday with a high of 43. Big difference yesterday with sun much of the day and a high of 55 (after a low of 37). Today will probably be a repeat of Monday although the temps might be a bit warmer. Bottomed out this morning at 41 and am currently on the upswing at 42 and overcast.
  7. Made it up to 77 here yesterday after a low of 49. Expect that today's high here will be the 67 at midnight. Currently 48 and partly cloudy, with dps continuing to drop.
  8. Have been socked in much of the morning so far with vis. < 1/10th of a mile. It's now starting to diffuse a bit but still relatively dense. Current temp is creeping up a bit after a low of 49, and it's currently 50.
  9. Registered 0.94" of rain for today since midnight, at post time. Along with the 0.04" from last night, total is 0.98" for the 2-day event so far. Currently 43 and drizzle/mist.
  10. The city will be shutting down "non-essential" businesses and services at 5 pm today so it gets worse.
  11. I was gonna post something about this. The ultimate insult - the winter of azz leading to the unthinkable and unprecedented. I felt the pain that I know you guys are going through right now (especially right when the Flyers were on a hot streak). And now the immediate Philly 'burbs are about to lose their state stores by Tuesday (expect the rest of them across the state will go dark eventually too). Stay safe everyone but can maybe track some storms - might even be an early 'cane season too! CPC is predicting ENSO-neutral at the moment (and that tends to result in an enhanced number of storms based on past data during ENSO-neutral years) -
  12. Hit 70 just after 2 pm today after a low of 37 this morning (high yesterday was 58 with a low of 29). Currently 70 and clear with lots of blue sky. It's like an early May day.
  13. Still a cold rain here and have 0.12" so far. The temp has been creeping down and is at 40. High was 43 today.
  14. There was a gap over the southern part of the line. North of you the line seems to still be intact! There's also a cell just north of DIX.
  15. A spotter in Delaware County reported a 60 mph wind gust.