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  1. Ended up hitting a high of 82 on Monday after a 59 low, and then had a step down to 72 for a high on Tuesday after a low of 48. Today ended up being an even cooler 67 for a high after a similar low of 48 this morning. Round 1 of rain gave me 0.20" before exiting but I did get a few hours of sun and cirrus this morning before it clouded over and started to rain just before 1 pm today. Currently have an overcast sky and a temp of 60 with dp 56.
  2. Had jury duty today (got caught and am a juror) and when I went out the door to head on downtown, I saw RedSky...errr... a RED SKY. And I mean RED. I see there are storms galore to the south right now. It made it up to 82 IMBY (much higher downtown - my car thermometer kept reading like 86 on my way home today). Currently partly sunny and 79 with dp 55. Turned the ole house AC on for the first time this season. I know that Aprils sometimes have these hot spells around this time so not unexpected.
  3. That line "looked good on radar" but seemed to have fizzled by the time it got here after 9 pm. Deposited 0.06" in the bucket and some kind of pop-up happened after midnight for an additional 0.05" (total 0.11" for the 2 days). It did drop the temp almost 10 degrees when it came through. Had a low of 40 yesterday and made it up to 74 for a high. Looks like it'll get fairly warm today. Currently 60 with dp 55.
  4. Sun has mostly popped out and finished up this round at 0.62" in the bucket (0.68" 2-day total). Ended up bottoming out at 55 and it's currently 62 with dp 52.
  5. Under one of those segments and getting a gully washer here with >1"/hr rates and some good wind gusts. Had on and off rain overnight and currently have 0.51" in the bucket (with 0.06" yesterday have a 2-day total of 0.57:). High/low the past couple days were 74/53 & 74/52 and it's been humid those couple days. Currently at my low for the day of 59 with heavy rain and dp 58.
  6. After a 44 low, I actually made it up to 78 for a high! Had been watching a sea breeze front move inland until it hit the Delaware River and dissipated. It did bring in some more clouds as it approached though. Currently 69 with dp 49,
  7. I heard them on and off all weekend and finally heard something on KYW about a mix of helicopter activity that was scheduled over the weekend and today. Tried to jump up to catch them but they were gone by the time I would get outside. I know I used to see them when Willow Grove Naval Air Station (later renamed as a Joint Reserve Base) was active. Plus whenever there are celebratory flyovers down in South Philly over the stadiums, they zoom back and forth over this area. I was at my sister's house in her front yard during the event and a nice dark cloud literally sat over the sun right at 3:23 but I caught some pics at 3:22 pm and 3:.24 pm (plus an earlier one using an app taken at 2:59 pm). Also did a snapshot of the temps (circled) during that the eclipse time frame and you see the drop. I had bottomed out at 35 this morning but made it up to 68 about 30 minutes after the eclipse had started (at 2:35 pm). All in all, it was a nice day with a little breeze that kicked in. Currently 64 with dp 40.
  8. Didn't feel that one either. There was a 2.5 at 6:46 this morning but I thought I felt something at 6:52. Ended up hitting 51 for a high yesterday after a 39 morning low. Low this morning has also been 39 and it's currently partly sunny and 44 with dp 35.
  9. YES!! Started around 10:23 and ended around 10:24 !!! Maybe about 20 seconds.
  10. Now I'll have that song as an earworm the rest of the evening! Had a brief warm-up where I managed to hit 54 for a high just after 2 pm. I also got a brief shower to give me another 0.01" for 0.25" for the day (so far) and 3.08" over the 3 days. There's an incoming cluster of something so that might add to the total later tonight. Currently 44 with dp 41.
  11. Got an additional 0.22" last night to finish up with 1.75" for yesterday. And with another 0.24" earlier this morning, I so far have 3.07" for a 3-day event total. There is an odd yellow orb in the sky this morning, and after bottoming out at 38, it's currently partly sunny and 39 with dp 39. ETA - So far have 3.75" of rain for the month and the Wissahickon creek is pretty much lapping the banks and the Schuylkill @ PHL just barely missed flood stage (so far) but might still get there if the rain picks up again.
  12. They sure have for the past couple hours. Currently in a rain lull again after a long round 2. Picked up an additional 0.28" giving me 1.53" for the day (2.61" 2-day total). My high ended up being 44 at midnight. Currently a windy and misty 42 with dp 42, and low stratus.
  13. Looks like a Tornado Watch is up for the southern part of the CWA (Delaware) -
  14. Just had a rolling thunder. Definitely audible although not directly near but a bit distant. ETA - getting a thunderstorm now. Heavier rain and more persistent thunder.
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