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  1. 5 pm update, Ophelia still a tropical storm that continues to weaken (in other news, TS Philippe has formed in the SE Atlantic but is expected to follow track similar to Hurricane Nigel - recurving to the east well off the coast of Bermuda) -
  2. Not much mention but I did find NBC10 did a blip as they work with KYW for some stuff - https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/downed-power-lines-spark-explosion-and-fire-at-delco-senior-living-complex/3652760/ Last report was that the gas has been contained and shut off in the area, although there are obvious power outages and 2 houses took the brunt of it. I managed to pick up another 0.01" and am now sitting at 1.00" on the nose. My high for the day at post time, was a 62 at midnight, and it's currently an overcast and misty 59 with dp 58.
  3. As an Ophelia-related incident, I had just heard on KYW this afternoon that a tree blew over onto power lines in Yeadon (and there was apparently sparking so am guessing it may have impacted some transformers) and then the sparking lines apparently managed to melt the asphalt on the street and heated up a gas line, that in turn caused a large gas explosion.
  4. It's battling the lower-level dry air per the water vapor depiction (although there is some at the mid-levels but not near the core) -
  5. Got another quick hit from a band that added an additional 0.10" and currently have 0.99" in the bucket for the day so far at post time.
  6. Just discovered there's a spotter a couple miles NW from where I am (they are in Wyncote) and they reported large branches down by the apartment towers there in Cheltenham. I know there is a golf course adjacent to that complex too.
  7. 11 am surge map (not sure how intact the core will be by the time it gets up to S. Jersey but I would think it would push some water into the coastal towns) -
  8. 11 am update and weakening as progged (looks like the remnant might be heading for the 40/70 benchmark! ) -
  9. Finally notched above my low this morning and am at 58. Dewpoint has slowly crept up to 57 so the battle between moist and dry is underway. Winds have been pushing with from the SE. Currently in a dry slot between bands with 0.89" in the bucket.
  10. Am now up to 0.77" in the bucket at post time, with temp still at the low for today - 56 - and dp 56. The current rain band is pushing up from the SSE and looks like there might be a break in it on the western side.
  11. So far this morning, am getting a little steadier rain (currently around 1/4" - 1/3rd" per hr rates) and have 0.39" in the bucket at post time. Am currently at my low of 56 at the moment with dp 56 (so the drier conditions continue). Am guessing a "small" central core of that has the tropical conditions and the rest is (inland) nor'easter-like.
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