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  1. After a pea soup morning, with a 57 low, and then overcast through mid-day, I finally hit 74 for a high after the sun finally broke through in the early afternoon. It was definitely "sticky" with dews running in the 60s much of the day. Currently foggy/misty and 63.
  2. Had a near-30 degree rebound today maxing out at 65. After starting out with generally clear skies earlier this morning, the day became more and more unsettled as clouds started slowly rolling in. Currently 60 and mostly cloudy.
  3. Ended up with 1.33" rain for the 2-day 10/16 - 10/17 event and only made it up to 58 yesterday after a low of 41. This morning I bottomed out at 37 with a dp of 36, so the potential was there for frost, although I mainly saw condensation and not actual frost crystals (ground may still be too warm for it). Currently 42 and partly cloudy with dp 41, which means still some low-lying condensation around.
  4. After a nice couple of fall days (high 74, low 50 yesterday), it looks like I hit my "high" for this morning at 64 just before 5:30 am before the bottom started falling out and am now down 10 degrees to 54 at post time (about 4 hours later). Currently have light rain and am up to 0.17" so far this morning.
  5. So far received 1.48" of rain (through this morning) for the 3-day Delta remnants event, the bulk of it having fallen yesterday. Only made it to 58 yesterday after a low of 52. Currently 55 and overcast with mist.
  6. I finally made up some of the rain deficit that I had in September, picking up 2.02" between 9/27 - 9/30, giving me 2.84" for the month. Definitely feeling like fall out there now. After a low of 56 this morning and a high of 66, currently 65 and partly cloudy with dp a comfortable 45.
  7. Had a suppressed high of 75 yesterday due to the overcast after a low of 58, and the humidity is back so much that the fog has commenced in-earnest this morning. Am down to < 1/4 mile although the sun looks like it is trying to break through it somehow (it's pretty low ground fog though). I think I hit my low of 57 now (so far) and currently 58 (58.3) with a dp of you guessed it, 58 (57.9) and fog.
  8. Ended up with another 44 low yesterday morning, but it hit a high of 72, so not bad. This morning's low was much warmer at 50, and the dp has been slowly creeping up the past day or so. Currently 68 with dp 49.
  9. A degree "warmer" here for the low this morning having bottomed out at 45, compared to the past 2 mornings with lows of 44. Currently clear and sunny and 63, with dp 34, and an active breeze.
  10. Made it up to 63 here as a high but what is remarkable is that the dp keeps on going down. It's currently partly cloudy and 59 with a dp of 30. Dp of 30. In September.
  11. I ended up hitting my "low" for this morning between 6:30 - 7:15 am with another 44, so didn't go lower than yesterday. The active light breeze that had started after 1 am this morning precluded any further radiational cooling in this instance. The dews have been running in the mid - upper 30s. Currently partly cloudy and a breezy 56.
  12. I'm about 2 degrees cooler now than at the same time yesterday - (46 vs 48). The winds had dropped off after 8 pm last night but then picked up a bit after 1 am this morning. Still have a few more hours to go. I did notice that Mt. Holly added another tier of counties to the frost advisory but I think they may need to squeeze it in around Philly metro some more (although the discussion does mention "patchy" for places outside of their current advisories).
  13. I just checked my stations and I've had just over 18 1/2" total for July and August and just under 3/4" for September so far. I.e., the spigot definitely turned off here too. I know September often tends to be a dry month with us wishing for some nor'easter to break mini-droughts, so with this active hurricane season, that might yet happen. We are already a month ahead in named-storms compared to 2005 and we still have almost 10 weeks left in the "official" season to go. I rebounded up to 60 now with a still amazing low dp of 32.
  14. Thanks for the offer! You know that every gardener has some kind of frost protection. I have frost blankets, frost jackets, and pieces of frost cloth. And you just reminded me - I have a compact flatback vegtrug with my herbs in it that I have a frost cover for, so I should go on and pull that out and stick it on (I keep the insect cover on it normally). I have a bunch of different basils in there and I'm sure they won't like 40s... I usually have a staggered schedule of bringing the non-hardy potted plants in during the fall with the most tender usually coming in around the 2nd week of October (Columbus Day weekend) and the citrus & figs whenever the temps seem to demand it since they are more subtropical/warm temperate vs strict tropical and can often stay out there with more extended temps in the 40s. We rarely have this kind of chill this early and for an "extended" period (meaning a couple days) like is progged, so I'm keeping an eye on the forecast for the next couple weeks in case this is actually a true pattern change. Because of the spring/summer rain and then the sudden dry spell and cool temps, I bet the fall leaf color will be fantastic this year. This weekend's chill is gonna really trigger those leaves on the hardwoods. I've already seen honey locust leaf strands yellowing.
  15. I don't know if Mt. Holly expected that type of temp that far south of where the advisories are. If that big Canadian High drifts further overhead and things go calm, this weekend they may need to put up advisories down around this tier of counties below I-78. Hell, if I dropped down to 44 in the city (although I'm at a higher elevation) with a breeze that kept up overnight, this possibility is a bit concerning for me regarding my more sensitive tropical potted plants out on my patio. They are pretty much crowded/intertwined together, are generally established in their pots, and can probably tolerate a few chilly nights, but still. They don't like much below the mid-50s, and I know that 44 that I had this morning will probably start triggering yellow leaves on my plumeria... and we haven't even gotten the core of the cold yet before the temps rebound later next week.