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  1. Definite contrast of days - yesterday's low of 32 eventually transformed to a high of 62 but this morning my low was 58, and am currently at my high of 62 for the day so far. Didn't get any rain yesterday or overnight from the multiple but fizzled bands, but this morning, some finally reached the ground. At onset, something convective nearby even set off my lightning detector (around 7 - 7:30ish am). Currently have 0.37" in the bucket with some mist/light rain and dp that has soared to 62.
  2. After a low of 31 yesterday, I made it up to 48 as a high. Looks like the temps will be shooting up the next couple days but then the wind and rain will be incoming too, with some possible t-storms. Currently 35 with dp 29.
  3. I can proudly say that I run my non-Delaware River-derived Schuylkill (River) Punch through a Pur water filter! I did actually make it to 61 for a high yesterday and rebounded quickly from ideal radiational cooling with some puffs of a breeze, to go from a 38 low earlier this morning, to my current 45 with dp 27. Will be on the lookout for more incoming rain later today.
  4. Must have been this guy driving around - Sun was welcome today after a few days of rain/overcast and with some low stratus/fog wringing out another 0.01" of rain this morning plus 0.24" yesterday, I ended up with 0.94" total over the past 4 days. Low was 44 this morning and am currently at my high for the day so far of a sunny 60 with dp 32.
  5. My high for the day actually came about a half hour after midnight and hit a non-diurnal low of 44 before 10 am. Picked up 0.47" of rain yesterday and 0.22" today so far for a 0.69" 2-day total. Currently overcast and 48 with dp of 35.
  6. It's like a love note. 6z ditches the idea and blows it through faster (1st image is the same time as yours and the 2nd is 12 hours earlier with an almost disorganized rainstorm). As an obs, have had scattered showers this morning with a brief interlude of sun before it clouded up again. Had a low of 47 and am currently overcast and 50 with 0.09" of rain so far.
  7. After a low of 30 this morning, so far have hit a high of 61 today and definitely a pleasant day although there was still some chill in the air, probably because of the couple antecedent days of cold. It's currently 50 with dp 25 (and humidifiers going full blast).
  8. I actually bottomed out a degree lower this morning than yesterday morning with a low of 25. But in this case, it was due to radiational cooling when the winds went calm overnight vs yesterday when there was apparently all kinds of CAA going on with the winds whipping most of the night. It's currently mostly sunny and 36 with dp 19.
  9. My 41 high for today came at midnight, so definitely winter doing its last hurrah.. Currently 34 with dp 14.
  10. Well made it up to 54 yesterday after a low of 40 and 0.02" of rain but after the front came through overnight, it's a whole different story this morning. The bottom fell out and I am currently partly sunny and finally ticked up to 27 from a low of 26 with dp 7 (where it had gone as low as 5). One of my late-blooming lilacs ("Miss Kim") had sprouted some leaves all up and down the branches and am hoping that those leaves survive despite the temp being under the "hard freeze" temp of 28. That lilac is 25 years old so it has seen it all, but still.
  11. Well the overcast hung on all morning and the sun struggled mightily but has now finally come out, with the cloud deck clearing. Bottomed out at 34 and am currently at 51 with a dp that has finally trudged back into the 20s at 23, after going as low as 5 sometime just after midnight, and slowly recovering the rest of the morning.
  12. It's like what I always would hear midwesterners talk about - the endless "cloudy gray winters".
  13. I went to the Flower Show this past Saturday and never saw it here in Philly! Today is the first time it is fully out since last week!
  14. My high yesterday ended up being 39 after most of the precip ended after 2:30 pm (with nothing really measurable than maybe the 0.1" brief dusting). The low was 33 this morning and it's currently not much warmer at 35 with dp 22. The frontal passage definitely hit on the dps. The winds have been fierce as well. When I had to step out front yesterday to grab a delivery that had just been dropped off, I had to struggle with the door just to get out there.
  15. I have continued with the pixie dust and pity flakes the past hour or so and whatever managed to briefly "dust" the car is long gone. Meanwhile the sun keeps trying to shine through the cloud deck and the temp is up to 37 with dp 28.
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