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  1. I think you had some rain from a few pop-ups where you are. All the pop-ups either missed me completely or fizzled by the time they got here. The last I had any was barely enough to wet the walk and street one early morning last week, but that was basically a trace and didn't tip the bucket. Last measurable here was 6/27 and that was only 0.04". Maybe the possible coastal next week will throw something up here.
  2. Ended up hitting a high of 89 yesterday and 95 today (so far). More and more grass around the area is turning brown. Currently 94 and partly cloudy.
  3. It briefly tapped 95 here around 1:15 pm before the sky hazed over and threw some sort of high cloud deck overhead. Currently "down to" 93 with dews in the mid-60s. Haven't stepped out since earlier this morning but I know it's awful. Grass around the area is starting to turn brown too.
  4. Made it up to 92 here just after 4pm. Currently 91 under a hazy sky and looks like we will be jumping from the frying pan into the fire tomorrow.
  5. Got shafted again. I only got 2.01" of rain for the entire month of June, (in contrast to last year's 4.57"), so am already starting July with a deficit. I figured the only way we would have the progged above normal temps this summer was that the faucet had to turn off after a year of above normal precip, and apparently it did. Had to pull the hose out this morning. Currently at 86 and partly cloudy so far today, with a tiny bit lower humidity than yesterday.
  6. 79 here after making it up to 86. It felt a bit sticky today with hazy skies and lots of cumulus.
  7. Yup - I had been watching that. It's like waves from the "wake" of those cells as they move. Pretty cool.
  8. When I was posting in Hurricane threads the past couple years, I was generating animated gifs from their site. Haven't tried using their regional maps to see if the are granular enough to pick up those sea breeze fronts.
  9. Wish the program had a function to save an animation of it (too much work to try to string the snapshots together to manually generate one although do-able). The feature dropping down from the NE was moving pretty quickly (with an associated cell moving SE out of NY and into the open Atlantic) compared to the sea breeze front that was slowly drifting towards the NW and inland.
  10. Just missed 90 here today (got up to 80) and currently 83. Have been looking at some cool sea breeze movement on radar (pretty cool). There appears to be 2 fronts - one the more "traditional" moving due west across South Jersey but at the same time, there is another (maybe trough or backdoor) coming down from the NE from the North Jersey vicinity. They were definitely 2 distinct waves and sortof smashed into each other in Central Jersey. First shot from ~8:00 pm and 2nd from ~8:30 pm.
  11. I got nothing measurable out of that. Maybe a few wind gusts. I did make it up to 91 though. Dews are down since yesterday (n the upper 50 vs the mid-upper 60s yesterday) and current temp is 86.
  12. After a brief line of rain earlier this morning (0.04"), the temp has slowly been rising once the overcast cleared. Currently 88 (not sure if I'll hit 90 here today), but the dews are up too (currently @66 here).