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  1. Sleet started mixing in here consistently about 30 minutes ago. Since then ~25% pure sleet, 75% sleet/pancake snow combo. 7” grill top measurement at onset of sleet around 11:20.
  2. In Hamilton, NJ (3 miles E-NE of Trenton proper) also woke up to snow on the ground at 530 that i was expecting to just be starting. Was lucky to be under that first narrow heavy band. Fluffy 4” grill top measurement about 20 min ago.
  3. Screencapped this from an article on a week or so ago about the lack of snow this year, especially in central jersey. Its like Redsky’s luck was trying to reach back and snowhole PA too. What an azzhole...
  4. Like wearing my Dawkins jersey, or at minimum something green during Eagles games, I’ll wear certain clothes the day of or before to influence the Universe. For example, today at work I wore gray pants, white shirt, blue sweater, and blue tie with white dots. Overall cold color pallette and snow-looking shirt and tie. I’ve done all I can. Your turn, atmosphere.
  5. If we're thinking of the same thing I believe it was Oct. 30, 2011. My family just got back from Disney and came home to an inch or so at our house. And 2011-'12 was..well..let's not talk about it. I was (am) hoping November snows didn't count as an early season jinx. Although now that I said jinx I think I remember many future winters were offered up as sacrifices if the Birds won the Super Bowl...(worth it!)
  6. ^Between fertilizing on Sunday (mostly intent on finally getting the crabgrass killer down with all this March snow), all the rain this week, and the sunny weekend coming up, I may need 8-12" of snow to cover the grass. Nothing worse than seeing grass sticking up through the blanket of snow (I'd clean the snow pile too, Kamu. My God we're sick). I still need to do my mower maintenance, so I'll take another week of winter to get ready. Not like I've had 4 months to get ready or anything..
  7. Truly a book-ended winter. Late Nov., December and the first week or two of January were amazing, mid-January through February was brutally boring, and March has been about as non-stop as December was. IMBY it "feels" like a B, B+ with the lull occurring in the heart of winter, but is probably more realistically an A, A- when feelings are taken out of it.
  8. Don't want to put a final number out there because I never officially measured and would have an uncertainty of at least +/-2", so I'll just say it was plenty (>6"). Great storm, with 2 days of impacts and widespread 6-12+" totals. Wish the website could've handled all the traffic during go-time, but I guess thems the breaks when you get the MA, Southern and Northern Tri-state areas all involved in the same system. I don't know if anything can compare to Superstorm March '93 (was 9yo living in SW NJ at the time and is when my love/fascination with snow and the weather began) but this one comes close. Great day personally too with a bit of work, play, relaxing, and being out in it. Perfect snow for packing and/or sledding. Very scenic too with all the tree/fence stickage. Glad this system saved the winter or was at least a big ol' consolation prize for those who got the shaft all season. Also pleasantly surprised this Miller B did so well here. Usually for our geography the B stands for Bust/Boston. Be safe and enjoy, everyone!
  9. Drove to and from Metuchen this morning for work (630-930) roads were just wet going in and starting to accumulate coming home. Mains were fine but secondaries getting a coating. Was in a lull at home and hit flurries from North Brunswick on northward on arrival, and a solid coating on all surfaces (trees, grass, sidewalks) with light snow with the occasional moderate burst coming home. Been lightly snowing here ever since, ~1/8-1/4" per hour rates. Eyeballing about 1.5" on the ground. Currently in a snowhole but expecting the main show to crank up in the next hour.
  10. 355 am AFD from Mt. Holly mentioned the HP to our North filtering in the cold, drier air. Virga is a necessary evil. At least in late winter/spring storms the overall warmer air allows for more moisture in the atmosphere, so we shouldn't be dealing with 10% humidity to start like Dec/Jan. Agreed that today is a bonus and hopefully we at least get some white rain or sleet (or real snow!) to cool the ground to allow for immediate accumulation when the main show starts. After 1 hour of sitting in the sun yesterday afternoon the car thermometer read 65 degrees. As noted before, the sun means business now so we need all the table setting we can get to maximize accumulations tomorrow.
  11. Sorry if this belongs in the banter thread, and I realize I've been one of the lucky ones this year who got a good amount of snow so it's easy for me to say and probably hard or infuriating for others to hear. But I'm ok with whatever happens (good thing since we have no say in what happens) since we're getting into "late" March. The weenie in me never wishes snow away, so of course I'd take more and I'd love for you NW guys to get significant snow. It's my turn to rain while you rip snow. I grew up in South Jersey, 10 miles SE of Philly, during the 80s and 90s and seemingly ALWAYS heard, "more North and West of the city" on KYW or Action News. However, at this point I'm not sure my tulips and hyacinths can take a heavy snow. They're starting to send up flower heads, and some of the stupider hyacinths have started to bloom. Idiots! Looking to avoid frostbitten/black lilac buds too like I had last year after the sleet storm and subsequent cold snap. "Que sera sera" is my attitude with this one, other than rooting for it to snow "more N and W of the city".
  12. My thoughts as well especially given the dampening out of the NAO ridge and the 50/50 moving out. Agree with all of this, especially with the "seasonal trend" of model inconsistency (gfs, euro, ukie; globals vs meso's; individual model's run-to-run) up until 24 hours before the event. Also, save the last storm (despite Euro winning with the most east solution), there has been a last minute N, NW correction also in the final runs. Finally, we are in the period where models for whatever reason tend to 'lose' storms, only to bring them back in the next few days. Whether this one comes back or not is yet to be seen, but it seems likely we are getting *something* falling from the sky on Monday, we just simply don't know what or how much...yet.
  13. Ahhh, I never knew that. In any event whenever I see your screen name I immediately picture a whopper with cheese.....dont ask, lol. My mind went to BK too. 2 whoppers for $6 right now if the shoveling didn't give you a heartattack that will help. At least you didn't type NW instead of NE (too concerned with those guys missing out) and have to admit it to famartin /Ray/americanwx celebrity after he complimented/validated my measurements and asked my location. Irt this threat, my qualitative simplistic reasoning seems like there are too many moving parts that all have to time and phase just right that the likelihood of a major storm is minimal if not negligible. We always hear and talk about "potential" for a given timeframe, which is still there, but is not probable imho.
  14. Be careful. Snowmen have peepers..peepers to watch for your first moment of weakness and then BAM comes the knock to the head and you're down!
  15. I'm sorry (and embarrassed!) for the typo. Just NE of Trenton. Mercerville, on the edge of Hamilton near 5 points (Bills Tavern, OLS)