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  1. Yeah looking like the WAA thump on Tuesday is our best shot of anything frozen in the next 2 weeks. Figures that as soon as we get the Atlantic to cooperate with a -NAO and -AO, the pacific decides to go to garbage muting all of the atlantic's positives. Frustrating start. Have to hope that PAC air invasion is transient... Otherwise another winter of azz is on tap.
  2. Ended with a coating, .5". Nice to see flakes flying this morning. Hopefully the first of many.
  3. 18z NAM brings a little more snow than 12z especially N and W. However it's precipitation reflection at even hour 1 is currently way off compared to what's actually occurring. Like it's not even close.
  4. Keeping an eye on what I'm already dubbing The Iceman's Birthday Storm. Fun fact, in the 28(about to be 29) years I've been alive, it has never snowed on Dec. 17th > 1inch in my backyard. Can this year break the streak? 12z Euro gives us a really nice thump to ice to rain back to snow which would be a good hit for this time of the year. We really aren't going to get a good read on this storm until this weekend because this weekend's storm sets the table for this event. Expect a bunch of changes in the coming days. Definitely best looking threat we've had this year though.
  5. You know what is matching up well to the current radar? The RGEM
  6. c-2" seems reasonable for most of the area. Though I'd expect most accumulations to be in the coating variety.
  7. Just saw this haha but I'm really loving the team this year as well. We are dominating possession most games and are winning despite many of our vets being snakebitten scoring wise. I also think bringing up Frost and Farabee was a great move. They make their share of mistakes but I think they've been improving every game even if the scoring isn't quite there yet. I can see frost being a 30+ goal scorer eventually with his wicked wrist shot and Farabee reminds me of the winger version of Coots when he was that age with his smart 2 way play. Hart is finally playing consistent and has really made himself the clear #1 this past month. The defense is the best we've had in years, the Niskenan trade was an absolute steal. Him and Provorov are a legit first pair which is something we have lacked in years past. As long as Hagg stays away from the line up and we don't do something stupid like trade Ghost, the defense should continue to be solid and only improve as the year goes on as guys like Sanheim and Myers gain even more experience. I really like offensively that we are getting scoring all up and down the line up. No one is putting up big numbers(save for TK) but the depth scoring is there to balance it out. And all of this is in spite of playing in an entirely new system from years past. I still think they haven't adjusted fully to it but once they do, watch out. Overall this team really reminds me of the Blues last year with their depth and if Hart continues his strong play and gives us the ability to steal games with his goaltending, we could be serious contenders this spring.
  8. Yeah the models in general are only good for showing there is potential for a synoptic event in that time frame. Relying on details is futile since there are usually changes in events that are in the day 4-7 range that can make significant changes to the outcome of the next storm. Especially with how fast the flow is right now due to no blocking. I don't trust the models at all past day 4- 5 right now since small errors in timing can have big consequences for an event. Even in the day 4-5 range, we've already seen some drastic changes this season. Just look at this past Monday's storm,; the models were changing with every run right up to the storm beginning, and they were pretty significant changes.
  9. Going forward, while the pattern doesn't look hostile and all out torchy, it still looks like the favored storm track is going to be west. Good to see plenty of cold air around though, and the calls for an above normal December look to be in serious trouble. +NAO showing no signs of breaking(except maybe briefly in the day 10 range) but neither does the -EPO/+PNA. Could see some battleground events where N and W does well and the coastal plain changes over unless we get a really well timed event where everyone can do well. I'm pretty optimistic that we can get at least 1 measurable event this month with all of the cold air around even if it is a changeover event. I'll take this pattern over one that has zero chance to produce but hopefully going forward we get a pattern more conducive to all snow events.
  10. I got no accumulation this morning. Just a brief period of light snow/flurries. Piling up the Trace's so far this winter.
  11. After hours of nothing we now have light rain with some flakes mixed in. This downgrade to winter weather advisory isn't even going to verify.
  12. Nope. Winter storm warning for a trace of snow, not even a dusting. Not sure what they are waiting for to drop them. It's pretty clear this one is over.
  13. Will probably verify well in the northern half. From Trenton south though, yikes.