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  1. Doesn't look too impressive and by the time it reaches SE PA, instability will be past peak. Looks like a nothing burger today.
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a mod risk posted tomorrow if instability comes to fruition. Upper level support is there for bowing segments and tornadoes but it’s going to depend how unstable we can get.
  3. Dud of an event down here, .5” and that’s probably generous. Oh well we made out decent earlier in winter. Hopefully this is the last of the snow and cold. Ready for spring.
  4. we have already tapered to light snow/flurries here. Heavy dusting on the ground. Well it was a fun 15 mins of heavy snow I guess.
  5. Finally over to snow. With back edge rapidly approaching Im betting we don’t finish with anything more than a coating.
  6. Now back to mostly rain with some sleet thrown in despite the temp falling to 34F. Just may not be cold enough to flip over during the heaviest of precip.
  7. Heavy bag of wtf going on outside right now. Sleet, wet snow, maybe a little rain thrown in too? Coming down hard though. Layer of slush on cold surfaces. 35F.
  8. HRRR 10:1 maps vs model ratio Not much difference in the lehigh valley where temps are going to be colder but down by 95 and the burbs, ratio's are only like 5:1/6:1 despite the heavy precip. That could still be dense enough to cause some issues on trees/powerlines.
  9. for some reason, I don't believe there's going to be 5.6" in a hour in Burlington county tomorrow...
  10. Great map, pretty much how I feel as well except I would probably make the 1-2" zone a c - 2", I'm still not convinced accumulating snow makes it to 95 despite some of the clown maps.
  11. I have zero expectations along 95. Would be nice to squeeze out an inch or two but not expecting more than white rain. Lehigh valley looks solid though I still don't think those maps of 6-8" verify with it falling during the day. It will have to be snowing hard for that to happen despite the temps.
  12. Euro blew chunks with the system today and it's on its own right now. I'd be weary especially with such a delicate set up, like most rain -> snow events are. Model's have been terrible with pushing the cold air in too quickly this season. When the GFS is showing it further NW, which has typically overdone the cold the most this year, it's a hard sell imo. You guys likely see snow, but I wouldn't expect more than a inch or two at this time.
  13. Light rain and 41F at work in Trenton. Funny enough one of the roads I traveled to get to work had been salted... Municipalities must be itching to burn off their rock salt...Not expecting more than a few mangled flakes here.
  14. I believe it, those winds were fierce as the line moved through in Levittown. Easily 50 MPH at least. Luckily there's no foliage yet so damage was minimal other than trash cans strewn about.
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