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  1. Sixers have won 8 in a row albeit against pretty weak competition. Good to see them on a roll going into the playoffs though. Home court is important to this team even without fans.
  2. I've been lobbying my golf league for years to start the season the first week of May as opposed to first week of April. It's either cold or rainy for the 1st 6 weeks of the season every single year. I hate playing when it's under 60 degrees
  3. 2012 was really dry but 2011 was like the wettest year on record so I don't know if we ever officially got into drought territory. Have to go back to 2001 + 2002 where the region was under 40" of rain in back to back years leading to moderate drought condition. 1997 + 1998 is the last drought that was actually fairly severe with back to back years of 31" and 32" at PHL... average is 47" per year.
  4. +1. The way to win in the new nhl is bottom out for 3 seasons stockpiling elite young talent. It's shameful teams like the new york rangers have been to a cup and rebuilt in less time the flyers. Missing on picks like nolan Patrick is inexcusable and sink a franchise. I really don't have much hope for the future with the flyers. They have a bunch of good pieces but no great/elite pieces. It makes a big difference. I'd blow it up...
  5. Go Braves I feel for anyone going to the ballpark this afternoon. Going to be a raw one! I'd take the under for this game...
  6. Sorry that happened to your mom And her date and I'm glad both are ok. Sadly these types of crime are on the rise across the region. Who would of guessed that defunding the police would have these kind of consequences but I digress...
  7. 12z nam gets snow down to the 95 corridor tomorrow morning. Highly doubt we see accumulation but will still be cool to see on April 1st. Poconos may see 1-3".
  8. I think you've earned the Golden Weenie for your dedication this year
  9. And here we go, Howie Roseman trying to be the smartest clown in the room. This draft pick was SO EASY. Either draft the best wide receiver prospect since Julio Jones or draft the best tight end prospect possibly ever. Now we will probably settle for Waddle since he run fast!!! Just when you thought this organization couldn't get any worse. This move was only made so Howie can point and say "I have 3 first rounders next year" after they go 3-13 next year. Just so fed up with that organization, it's a joke at this point. Laughing stock of the nfc east.
  10. Winds are pretty strong already in Trenton. Beautiful day other wise. 74F.
  11. Shamefully I was kind of a front runner as a kid so I rooted for the lakers that year. I blame my parents
  12. This is the most invested I've ever been in a sixers team. Great stuff! Doc has really cut down on the boneheaded plays near the end of games like we saw during Brown. Awesome to see the team close things out routinely this year. Bodes well for the playoffs imo
  13. Theyve got to shut down hart for the season. Won't be surprised if he's ruined for good at this point though.
  14. Finished with 1.55" yesterday sheesh
  15. Seasons over and I'd honestly like to see half this team gone next year. It isn't the coach at all. The players have majorly dropped the ball. Mental errors left and right. It's a typical inconsistent Giroux led team. His time here is done imo