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  1. Finally back from my trip to the south, happy to see my yard still has decent snow coverage. Not 100% but still spots with a few inches.It was looking bleak on the drive back. Pack was wiped basically everywhere south of me besides the piles.
  2. Holding out hope I'll have some snow to return to March 4...
  3. Any accumulation last night in the sourlands?
  4. That HRRR is really encouraging. I ran into some sleet on 81 on my way down to SC. Wishing for the best for you guys tonight!
  5. I wish insurance covered that but nah it's all out of pocket. I guess I'm just so used to paying it that it doesn't seem that bad I don't even get a ton with that 100 which is sad... It's really 2 items I get a week.
  6. Another good reason to have the card... If you have a card, there are actual protections from being fired from your job. It's basically like having any other controlled substance script. I use the medical program every week and spend roughly 100 bucks. But I also only get vape carts/concentrate/edibles because I'm all about keeping it discrete since i'm a daily user. I used to be prescribed xanax/opioids though for a variety of things so I'd much much rather be a daily pot user than on that garbage...
  7. Favorite memory of this storm and I swear this is 100% a true story: I got a BJ out by the Millersville softball field bleachers during the WAA thump that first night. It was my freshman year, and I think it was a Friday so we went out drinking despite the storm. Anyway we are out drinking all night as the storm rolled in and finally decided to walk back to our dorm which was right across from the softball field. I was freaking out because it was heavy, heavy snow. My girlfriend at the time obviously knew I was a huge weenie/met major and thought it'd be a good idea... It wasn't as great as I thought it would be... Cold was an understatement... But still crossed one off the weenie bucket list that night though! Epic storm!
  8. What a joke... Lines are going to be obscene and prices are as well I bet. Best bet is definitely staying on the medical program just to save on the taxes.
  9. You don't even need the documented history though it doesn't hurt. I came prepared with all my medical documents in order and the doctor I saw literally just took my word for it, didn't ask to see anything on a 5 minute telemedicine call... It was a joke personally weed works great with my anxiety but it has to be an indica. I stay away from sativa's because it makes my anxiety worse.
  10. Responding to @Birds~69about pa/nj weed from the obs thread. PAs medical program is way better than Jerseys and since they added anxiety to conditions basically anyone can get it now, you just gotta pay you 100 to the state and 150 for a doctor appointment. It's basically legal weed just pay to play lol I made sure to get my card renewed before I moved so I can still use the pa dispensarys. Jerseys program is a joke, there's only like ten dispensarys in the entire state, closest one to me is like a hour away... I really don't have high hopes for jersey even if it's legal...
  11. Crazy thing is that it really hasn't been that cold! Like I don't remember hitting single digits this winter.
  12. Seeing mock drafts with the eagles drafting Fields at 6 or even worse trading up to 3 to draft him, would me sick. He's getting so overrated off that one playoff game, everyone's ignoring he looked like doo-doo for 75% of the season. He doesn't progress through reads, and is honestly just as raw as Hurts. He's got a little bit more talent but if I were the birds, I'd trade down to 8 or 10, and pick up another 2nd or 3rd. They'd be able to land either a marquee corner or receiver still in that range and it'll give them more players on rookie deals. I'd love for them to get Parsons but I don't see them drafting a linebacker that high even if he's the best defensive player in the draft..
  13. Agreed, the super dynamical March storms like the ones we got in 2018 were a blast. My focus shifts in March as well from "happy to get any snow" to "big game hunting". If it isn't at least winter storm warning worthy, it really does nothing for me in March. I don't think we are done either, but at the same time the next week or two looks pretty uneventful and after that, the clock really begins ticking... A big March storm would bring this winter from a B+ to an A though.
  14. With this last storm in the books it looks like we can finally take a break from tracking for a bit as the pattern turns somewhat hostile to snow for the remainder of met winter. Still no torches on the horizon though, mostly just looks seasonable maybe slightly above normal. What a run though this month. Barring something else popping up last minute, looks like we will finish with 31 inches of snow here since Jan 31st. Now let's root for a big slow moving bowling ball MECS sometime in March to cap off the season. If this was it though, it's been a great season for 95 N and W.
  15. 1.5" on Friday and 3.5" today brings our seasonal total up to 38" in Hopewell. Crossing my fingers that we can get 1 more event in March to bring us over 40" on the year.