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  1. Very pleasant evening... perfect for the fire pit. Currently 70F with a dew point of 48F.
  2. Thinking today will be the first 90 in many locations.
  3. 6z 3k NAM for later this evening... Round 3?
  4. Very surprised the derecho was uneventful for you. Lots of damage across lower bucks county.
  5. Can't wait to check my weather station when I get home to see what kind of wind gusts were recorded. 64 MPH reported about 5 miles to my south in Bristol.
  6. The HRRR brings a round 2 complex through SE PA in the 23z-00z time frame. Doesn't look nearly as potent as what just came through though. Other meso's are more potent this evening but none of them had this morning's complex as organized as it became. I'm a bit skeptical that the atmosphere can recover in time for another round of severe. However, another round of heavy showers with a rumble or 2 doesn't seem out of the question this evening.
  7. Peco reporting almost 250K outages already based out their outage map. Edit: Up to 320K+ on the last update.
  8. Here at work in Trenton, sky got pitch black and we got some pretty decent wind gust. I would estimate in the 50 MPH range, will be interesting to see what the airport reports. All in all not too bad of a boomer and we still have power at the office. 95% chance it's out at my house lol
  9. I've done the same thing; albeit it may of been from tailgating too hard before hand...
  10. I watch every Flyers and Eagles game even if I have to watch it on DVR. I watch about 25% of Sixers games mostly at the end of the season/playoffs(I'm bandwagon for them won't lie) and probably 50% of the Phillies games the majority coming after hockey/basketball are done. But as far as NBCSP goes, the Flyers are by far my most viewed team on that channel even though it probably evens out to the same amount of games as the phillies due to the length of the season. I just can't commit myself to watching all 162 without fail.
  11. I went through and counted the filtered tornado reports on the spc website and I believe there are only 51 tornado reports nation wide so far this month. Has to be on pace for some kind of record? Can anyone chime in?
  12. Looks like we possibly begin to warm up next week. Taking a run at 80 by Tuesday possibly and maybe taking a run at our first 90 by next Friday if long term guidance is to be believed. Time to dust off/install those air conditioners this weekend as it's looking like memorial day is going to usher in summer. Would be cool if we finally see some convection. This year's severe season has been severely(pun intended) lacking.
  13. Currently 13.49" on the year at PHL. Ranked #102 out of the last 136 years at this point of the year. This is a cool little website for PHL climo if you've never seen it:
  14. Looks more like Sunday night late afternoon at least. Euro is pretty amped with it. Show's another round of widespread 1"+ rains. That could cause problems if tomorrow doesn't. At the very least creeks/rivers will be running high after tomorrow. Not sure they'll be much lower come sunday night. I will say that there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Looks to be a pattern change after that system.
  15. 12z Euro, backed off a bit on the higher totals but still pretty robust especially across 95 and the pocono's. UKMET still VERY robust GFS is not as gung ho around 95 but still showing the higher amounts in the higher elevations 3km NAM shows the heaviest amounts just NW of 95 Overall looking like a good bet for widespread 1-2" rain mostly falling in a 6 hour period. Some places in the LV/Pocono's could see 3-4" lollipops imo. Should be a fun little storm with the wind and rain.