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  1. Signs of Spring 2018

    It seems like it has been years since the last cool and wet summer. I want to say 2007 or 2008?
  2. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    Backdoor not quite through philly yet. Was 60 at home in levittown, 69 was what my car said in northern libs
  3. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    82... hitting the course for the first time in 2018 in a hour...
  4. Signs of Spring 2018

    Agreed ice events have trouble in March, in mid April there's no shot here even if we had extreme cold. Sun is just too strong.
  5. Signs of Spring 2018

    The next few days looking like perfect spring weather. Too bad it doesn't look to last. We get back doored Sunday and next week looks back to cool and wet. Northern areas may even see some snow Monday night. Today, tomorrow, and Saturday look to be the nicest days of the year so far though. Time to get to golfing and gardening
  6. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    In the CRAP we trust Edit: lol autocorrect actually got this one semiright
  7. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    The canadian suite at 12z is way more amped on Sunday than the other models and as a result it has the coastal about 75-100 miles further west than 00z. Could just be noise, but it was a pretty significant shift and being 48 hours out, if it is sniffing out a shift NW last minute, there is still time to get enough ticks for a comeback hit/graze. Something to watch at 18z and 00z. Wouldn't call it likely but with how all over the place the models are in this pattern, anything is possible. If I live at the shore, I'd be watching closely. A shift of 50 miles NW from the canadian low position and it would be a pretty decent event down there.
  8. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    Typhoon Tip's thoughts on the coming week: SNE centric but would have effects for us too.. thought it was a great read
  9. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    Spring snowstorm tracking is like a hockey team that is out of the playoff race changing up their line up and strategy towards taking more risks/playing more young guys. If it works, awesome, and if it doesn't who cares, seasons over anyway. Mid winter misses are definitely much much more deflating. It was amusing though to see the models completely change the evolution of the storm under 72 hours out. That rarely happens that every model is that far off at that range, not a single one hinted towards this solution when we were in the near bullseye 72 hours out. Howver, because of this I think writing off any of the potential for next week is way too premature given how much the models are struggling big time with this pattern. Could definitely see one of those coastals shifting last minute towards us as opposed to away.
  10. How much you got?

    The 1" on April 2nd moved this winter into 5th lifetime for me 45.6" and only 1.5" away from 4th(13-14), 5" away from 3rd(02-03). Pretty remarkable that had the saturday event came to fruition, I would have had a very real shot of making the 3rd snowiest winter since 1990.
  11. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    Dont look at the LR GFS ha! The anafront snows on Saturday might get you to 60" if we get lucky.
  12. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    Dont look at the LR GFS ha! yep, I thought signs of warmth that were showing up in the LR earlier in the week were fools gold. I don't think this pattern goes away that easily. We may have another pattern relaxation before the trough reloads over the east but I full expect us not to be out of the woods yet for cold/snow threats even if they are white rain events by that point.
  13. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    looks like we have consensus. actually a pretty fitting end to winter if this is indeed the last snow threat this year. models being seemingly locked into a solution in the day 4-6 range only for it to change drastically once the players are on the field. this looks nothing more than a cold front at this point now, oh well. it was pretty amazing that most guidance has been together including on shifts...went from all of the models showing at least a decent wave riding the front giving some snow for all and a solid chance at 6"+ for some to all of the models showing a frontal passage with mood flakes for most and nobody seeing anything more than car topper in 24 hours. That's a pretty dramatic shift 72 hours out not just track wise but complete storm evolution. Crazy that not one single model picked up on this until 18z yesterday. Most were worried about a trend north at 12z yesterday.
  14. Possible Snow Event Saturday April 7th

    The trend towards this being a front passage and nothing more at this stage is not good especially with every short range model at 6z having that look. We don't need a north trend but a trend towards an entirely different evolution which is just incredibly unlikely at this range. If that trend continues at 12z it's game over...
  15. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    These cells are quickly getting more organized. I wouldn't be surprised if someone sees a tornado warning in SNJ. Some supercell structures are definitely taking shape..