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  1. Dryness continues at PHL. Currently ranked 127th out the last 136 years. Only 5.61" of rain on the year. Something to watch as we roll into spring/summer.
  2. just started clearing up here after a bit of light rain. Temp up to 65. Don't see us hitting the forecasted high of 79 barring some serious warming the next few hours.
  3. the meso's don't really show much of anything in the way of convection for most of the area. Pretty meh threat.
  4. 00z euro... inside 5 days... figures right after the first day of spring lol
  5. AV and Fletcher made a trade with God last fall: Philly's 19-20 winter and a winter to be named later in exchange for a Cup in the spring. It's tough in the short term but the long term should play out nicely.
  6. Yeah nice as in nice light rain with maybe a mangled flurry thrown in the mix. SFC is scorching tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Flyers baby! 7 in a row, 1 point out of first... could this be the year? They're getting hot at the right time...
  8. I'll be in florida so this one is legit. I'd start preparing now
  9. Had a gust to 48 MPH at my house, not too shabby. Picked up .4" of rain. We get the whiff this weekend that will bring some light rain/possibly snow tv showers. Next system after that looks to in the March 12th time frame. Since I'll be in Florida at that time, I'm predicting this is the one we finally get nailed with snow. Probably a MECS like the 6z GFS. lol
  10. Marginal risk today for severe thunderstorms in the area: ...Central Appalachians to Mid-Atlantic this afternoon/evening... A northern stream shortwave trough will translate from the MS Valley to the OH Valley today, and reach the Mid-Atlantic and New England tonight. An associated surface cyclone will deepen from the lower Great Lakes into New England, while a trailing cold front moves eastward off the Mid-Atlantic coast by early tonight. In the wake of weakening morning convection and a remnant MCV near southern WV, a few cloud breaks and some low-level warming/moistening will contribute to weak buoyancy in advance of the cold front from WV into parts of PA/VA this afternoon/evening. Broken bands of storms will be possible this afternoon along the front, and the convection will spread east-northeastward toward NJ by late evening. Assuming sufficient near-surface destabilization, wind profiles will favor organized bowing segments and supercells with some threat for isolated damaging gusts and a tornado or two.
  11. same in Levittown. I thought a wicked cold front was moving through...
  12. give me this set up in late april/may... Would likely be a severe threat in March, but that would be an epic look with better instability like we'd see in April or May.
  13. Yeah hopefully we get another 02-03 winter after suffering though 01-02 all over again. Then again we could always get another 12-13 which was only a little bit better(still horrible) than 11-12. 4th straight year though now with 0 events >6" during met winter at PHL. Largest snowfall in that span being 4.1". Largest event including March is only 6.7" and we've only hit the 6" mark twice in those 4 years both being in March 2018. 2016 we had the HECS but by and large it was a dud winter that we got lucky by nailing our 1 window of opportunity. So really we're going on 5 straight met winter's that were absolutely brutal. You'd think something has to give next year...unless this is our new normal..
  14. Yeah S jersey has done better than PHL and N and W. PHL is at 4.51" on the year so far. Currently ranked 109th out of 136 years. Average to date is around 5.6" so about an inch below normal so far. A few active weeks should erase that though.
  15. Seems like a lot of the rain events of late have been under performing. Looks like more of the same tn. Was looking like a 1"+ of rain a few days ago, now looking like a half inch or less. Fairly below normal which isn't a surprise due to the lack of snowpack across the region. Next few weeks look active though so we may be able to put a dent in this. Still fires like the one on Tammany the other night may start becoming more frequent if we don't get some more soaking rains soon.