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  1. Maybe some flurries tomorrow but not expecting anything that coats the ground. Wish it could look like penn state - Michigan state game tonight. Could be the last snow for a long time though so savor it no matter how small.
  2. Looks like Sunday is off the table now. All guidance has the clipper fizzling out before it reaches us now and the coastal is too far off the coast to have any effect. Oh well.
  3. Sunday continue to trend well, a little worried about it being too warm at the coastal plain though. Still if we even just see flakes I'll be content. Still a lot of time on this one for things to change negatively or positively. I'll invest more if it's still there come Friday.
  4. 12z euro for sunday, first clown maps of the season, gotta love it!
  5. I don't know, that pattern looks like it could very easily flip into a +NAO/-EPO regime by mid month which wouldn't be as bad. No use extrapolating that far out when we're seeing such big changes every 24 hours though in the long range. If we do get skunked in Dec though, historically speaking, that's usually a death knell for winter around here in a nina. Almost every single nina that featured a skunked december is a ratter.
  6. Looks like a clipper redevelopment deal, those are notoriously hard to nail down this far out. CMC has something similar just further north as the clipper doesn't dig as far south as the Euro. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Even if we can score a 1-3" type deal with just the clipper, that'd be a nice score before December.
  7. Since I know this area can have quite a range of first accumulating snowfalls with the NW burbs having a better shot than 95 early on, guess the date for your backyard. Levittown, PA - I'm going to guess Dec. 17th. I think it's very unlikely we strike out completely in December.
  8. NAO/AO/PNA all trending where we want them to be late month Still early enough in the season though where cold air is likely to be an issue in any event especially in the coastal plain. Regardless, should begin to see some threats appear late month into early December. Can't ask for much more heading into met winter.
  9. 4.5"- 6" of snow in my area and it arrived during the afternoon rush hour. My boss at the time was an older gentleman whose wife didn't want him driving in the storm so he hitched a ride with me home since I have a jeep and we only live like 5 mins from each other. Our normal 15 minute commute ended up taking like 2.5 hours. Just absolutely insane traffic due to all of the accidents. Nobody was expecting the intensity of that one.
  10. Probably either the 2/6-2/10 1-2 punch, 1/22/16, or the March 18 Thundersnow storm. 2/6/10 + 2/10/10 was an awesome time being in college and seeing that much snow at once. We had like 40" on the ground out at Lancaster. Most snow I've ever experienced in my life in these parts. 1/22/16 was the closest storm to 96 imo with it's duration and intensity, pretty sure I saw over 2 FT in that one. March of 2018 Thundersnow may have been my favorite event though as a weather nerd even though I honestly forget the date of that one... but that storm was epic. Was trending towards a dud with light rain followed by white rain then BAM 6 hours straight of heavy whiteout wet snow and finished with like a foot of concrete. Thundersnow for 3-4 hours of that storm. May not have been the duration or huge totals of 2/6-2/10 or 1/22/16 but damn that storm was fun.
  11. NAO and AO both look to be trending negative as we head towards the later part of the month. May see some threats begin to materialize then. I think it was @Wentzadelphia who said Dec.5 as the first real threat in these parts and if things keep trending the way they have, that may not be a bad idea. GFS is already throwing out some fantasy material in the day 8/9 time frame even though the CMC and Euro want nothing to do with it. Things are looking pretty good though to begin Met winter though. Definitely could be a lot worse to begin the season. Cold air doesn't seem to be a problem like the beginning of last year though. Seems to be a ton around and lurking nearby towards the end of the month into Dec.
  12. Agree with the quick start, unfortunately December events are typically borderline in these parts so relying on them is a tricky affair. I think a best case scenario for this winter is a 2010-2011 redux. Hot and heavy early on followed by blowtorch city with a possible shot or 2 at the end.
  13. If it means we finally get moderators to kick trolls like Phil Connors out of the sub, then I say merge.
  14. Let's do a little game, choose over/under normal snowfall this winter at your location. Post your normal snowfall then choose if you think you'll be over or under. I average around 23" in a normal winter and I'm taking the under this year. Don't think we'll get a total shutout like 2 years ago but I think we see lots of nickle and dime events and snow to rain. I'm guessing 10-15" with maybe one SECS(4-8" all snow).
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