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  1. Storm slid just to the south of me here in Levittown with just some distant rumbles and moderate rain. My best friend called me from his office in the Ambler/Blue Bell area though and said there was a ton of wind damage. Multiple trees down blocking roadways. He showed me a pic that looked to be ping pong sized hail with some larger stones thrown in. The video he sent me showed at least 70 mph winds imo. Looked like a hurricane.
  2. After the storms last night, finished with 5.1" of rain for the event.
  3. Some really good pictures and videos of the flooding here: http://levittownnow.com/2021/07/12/100-year-flood-wreaks-havoc/
  4. Looks like lower bucks is about to get hit again. Cell thankfully looks to be moving. Still looking at possibly hitting 5" on the day, I'll have to go through my records in the morning but I think I've only hit 5" in a 24 hour period only twice in my roughly 25 years living in Levittown. Probably the worst flash flooding though I've ever seen in these parts.
  5. 4.5" of rain in Levittown as it finally tapers off. I've heard route 13 in Bristol is closed with 6ft of water in spots. Also heard there's water coming into homes in Croydon. Hell of a storm to come home to
  6. Idk if it has rained the last few days but I just got home from south Carolina and the rain gauge shows 3.8" in Levittown... Lots of street flooding on the way back from the airport.
  7. Anyone see any tornado reports in Levittown?? The couplet looked like it went right over the house I just bought two weeks ago and of course I am down in South Carolina I swear it's a lock for interesting weather to occur whenever I go away.
  8. 95 F/ 76 DP Avoiding the outside like we're back in full lockdown
  9. Under the strict supervision from his brother with no experience as a pro trainer/basketball coach. Things are looking up!
  10. I like to stay inside with the air blasting at 68 and play video games. Anything over 90 and screw that outside noise
  11. Honestly after the last few years, I'll take it. It was getting pretty old losing power 4-5 times each spring/summer and having to mess with the generator. Yeah I was contemplating turning off the AC before heading to work since temps are going to drop this afternoon but with how muggy it is this morning, it just wasn't happening
  12. 89F/ DP 73 here in Trenton. Not looking forward to golfing this afternoon
  13. Severe Thunderstorm Watch coming within the hour most likely
  14. Maybe some severe later on? SPC placed most of the region in the slight risk with the western parts of the area in an enhanced risk. Don't love the timing for around here but there should still be sufficient instability this evening for some boomers. A lot of the time though a line of storms will be weakening by the time it reaches our area come evening. Should be something to keep an eye on though.
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