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  1. ECM has been straight trash this summer, hard to take it seriously at this point.
  2. Hmmm usually we get the epic trough in late october that lingers through late november that then transitions to ridging for 3 months straight.
  3. Ray up in the NE forum posted his preliminary preliminary winter thoughts yesterday and from what I took from it, it's looking pretty no bueno for winter again this year in these parts. He does say things can certainly change in October, but early signals are pointing to a dud again down here. Not sure how we can manage worse than last year though(1.5")....Hoping my 20 mile move to the north will help me a bit in borderline events.
  4. Shaping up to be the first fall in what feels like a decade that isn't going to be hot as hell up through mid October. Got down to 48F last night in Hopewell.
  5. Looks like the flash flood watches should be extended into the lehigh valley and cut further south. Pretty clear how this event is shaping up and it's n and w of 95.
  6. We got a squall near the end that brought the heaviest wind, I wish I saved the radar grab. It was like a severe thunderstorm for 20 mins. Then it passed and we got the backside winds but they weren't nearly as strong as that last squall. I want to say it remained in the 30-40 MPH range after the rain ended. It was a really tense 20 mins or so though and it really tore my area up.
  7. My cousin went down to his place in Cape May and took this video at the height of the storm:
  8. Finished with 3.14" of rain in Hopewell. The real story though ended up being the wind. Multiple large trees down on my street. Power not expected back until August 9. Trenton recorded a 58 mph gust but I'd estimate we saw a bit higher than that. Looked more in the 70 mph range but I don't have my weather station set up yet at the new house so it will remain a mystery. Really great little storm that exceeded my expectations.
  9. Mt Holly thinking the winds could overperform inland
  10. 12z Euro is the ideal track for heavy rain. Low tracks right through NJ, albeit as a tropical storm. Deluges the entire area though. Pretty evident ticks west continue across all guidance.
  11. Very pleasant evening... perfect for the fire pit. Currently 70F with a dew point of 48F.
  12. Thinking today will be the first 90 in many locations.
  13. 6z 3k NAM for later this evening... Round 3?
  14. Very surprised the derecho was uneventful for you. Lots of damage across lower bucks county.
  15. Can't wait to check my weather station when I get home to see what kind of wind gusts were recorded. 64 MPH reported about 5 miles to my south in Bristol.