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  1. Air quality should be much improved by tomorrow. Down to yellow levels. https://gispub.epa.gov/airnow/?contours=ozonepm&monitors=pm25&tab=forecast&xmin=-9743963.054708954&xmax=-5047672.036868975&ymin=3777503.1052993187&ymax=5819900.501078686&forecastcontours=forecasttomorrow&forecastmonitors=forecasttomorrow
  2. Another wave of smoke has arrived in Trenton. Even worse than yesterday. Can barely see the other side of the Delaware river. Looks like the apocalypse is arriving outside. Just waiting on the horsemen...
  3. Smoke is unreal this evening, thought the sky was overcast but it’s just all smoke. Noticeable fog like haze as well. I haven’t seen it this bad since I was a kid… I want to say an early 2000s summer like 01 or 02 it was really bad from the Canadian wildfires too. Does anyone else remember that? Going to be a beautiful sunset though. The smell has me craving s’mores
  4. Constant thunder for like 15-20 mins, no rain yet though here. Hope it doesn’t fall apart before making it here. Sky doesn’t look too threatening…
  5. I was close yesterday but it was really only really warm from like 3-7. Once the sun went down, it really cooled off quick. Needed a light blanket overnight with the windows open. started getting uncomfortable around 11 today though. I know I drive my girlfriend crazy with how I use it but I just feel like it isn’t worth the power use unless it’s going to stay on for 3+ days. She’s always of the mind of if it’s hot just turn the damn thing on
  6. Made it up to 97F today. Now down to 93F currently. I was trying to not turn on the central AC since it’s going to cool down tomorrow but I gave in at 2 pm.
  7. Actually the rain this weekend, looks to be mostly light/showers if anything. The main batch looks to stay offshore and the front dries up before reaching the area according to the latest euro/NAM/GFS. CMC is the only one holding on to a prolonged period of rain this weekend. Honestly the next 10-14 days looks bone dry around here.
  8. High of 89 here. Impressive warmth this early. Probably going to pay for this nice week with 3 straight weeks of temps in the 50s though
  9. A chilly 61 for a high today, warm front hasn’t made it through yet. Looking like our first 80s of the year tomorrow. Some guidance has southern areas of our region in the mid 80s before the cold front pushes through.
  10. One of the most intense storms I’ve ever witnessed in my 30 years in this area. Sounded like a jet plane was overhead at the height of the storm. Couplet passed probably 5 miles north from my house. My brother in Yardley had quarter size hail and crazy wind but no tornado either. Winds here were easily in the 60-70mph range. Lots of power outages in my town including my house. Hope the generator works, I was literally about to tune it up for the summer next weekend…
  11. Weren't we suppose to get into the mid 60's today? Sitting at 51 currently. It's raw out there!
  12. You’re right it was 19-20 not 18-19 that was the total ratter. I at least broke an inch that year, 1.5”. Seems like we have lost the marginal front end thumps lately that even in crappy winters Nickle and dime us to like 10”. Now it’s feast or famine. Either we get into a good snow pattern for a few weeks and stack the totals or winter is a complete dud with no snow at all.
  13. .75” here, worst winter in my 32 years of living around here. Worse than 18-19 which was only 1.5”. Unreal to get 2 all time ratters in 4 years…things are a changing around here.
  14. .25 still a possibility to get to an inch on the year. Woo hoo!
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