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  1. storm near Crowell is a beaut
  2. 50/30 tor probs
  3. i like the Waterloo area if i was chasing today. looks like they should see some clearing in the next hour so instability should be no issue. forecast soundings for later look real good in that area too. can't post it though since I'm on mobile.
  4. 27 tornado reports yesterday. definitely thought we'd see a few more but all in all a solid plains severe day in mid may. I think Thursday has the potential for a bigger outbreak. we could even see more than 27 today in Iowa with the wind fields in place there. this week may be the first real several day plains event this season where the potential actually looks to be realized.
  5. ^^^^ wow. of course we have no idea how well constructed those homes were but that looks like ef2 damage at minimum.
  6. I think there's a pretty decent chance that the next update brings a moderate risk for Iowa and if not 1300z then I definitely think by 1630z update we'll see it. today may very well end up being more active tornado wise than yesterday despite it not really being hyped by spc. parameters and shear look to be coming together and i dont think destabilization will be an issue as most of the area will be free from this yesterday's leftovers by 10 am at the latest. wind profiles definitely look better than what were in place in yesterday's mod risk area and while we won't see the high cape values like yesterday, there should be more than enough for sufficient instability. things look to get going at around 18z so it could be a busy afternoon.
  7. yeah I was going to say elk city looked like ef2 on the live stream.
  8. the Carter cell with the confirmed TOG looks to be on a direct path towards canute and foss. no signs of weakening on radar.
  9. I thought 22z-02z was suppose to be the peak today? agree though that these storms show no signs of weakening atm
  10. holy hell, would love to see pics of the grapefruit size hail... god bless any chaser or really anybody in general that gets caught in that hail core though.
  11. very surprised the cell north of el dorado isnt tor warned. has a great structure and has shown some decent rotation for several frames now.
  12. going to be a close call for Wellington, tx. looks like a fairly strong couplet to the west. looks like it's going to go just north of there. haven't seen any confirmed reports though of a TOG.
  13. as expected SPC nixes the slight risk for the majority of the area and takes the 5% tor probs down to 0. looking like maybe a passing shower and a rumble with the front overnight.
  14. I'm pretty confident today is shaping up to be the typical central PA gets destroyed by severe storms that then weaken as they cross Lancaster and Chester, leaving most of SE PA getting a decaying thunderstorm in the evening that is nothing more than a rain shower. only real chance we have is if storms develop further ahead of the front. most of the area should see sun though by noon and temps/instability will be there this afternoon. But timing is just pretty awful for our area. I don't think the slight risk or 5% tor probs verify at all here. Lastest HRRR giving the area absolutely nada.
  15. Tornado is confirmed near Junction City. rain wrapped as well.