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  1. Weenies flip-flopping in the wind
  2. This is a tenuous setup and small variations aloft can make a huge difference, but that is an absurd shift at the surface on the NAMs.
  3. Meh. Though it looked better but NYC steals our snow.
  4. NAM is going to impress I think
  5. steve's up in ontario hacking into the rgem, now jimmy swam across the pond and has the europeans at gunpoint demanding more snow for hya. morch drives weenies off the deep end
  6. Euro is way down vs USD, means they have to give us crazy high snow ratios and we've finally bled them dry
  7. UKIE is definitely less impressive at the surface than 0z
  8. can't wait for steve's post-48hr maps when he gets back from his reconnaissance mission to enviro canada
  9. NAM is in a better position to turn the corner through 36
  10. We hug the 4km NAM
  11. Is this the new NAM yet?
  12. I doubt it's done trending either
  13. We like the GFS
  14. Sound the alarms
  15. I feel like if we keep going with these mid level trends one of the models is bound to show a hit. They're all so close as is. Jerry's right, that H7 look is really nice for eastern areas on the NAM.