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  1. BWI: 10/22 IAD: 10/22 RIC: 11/7 DCA: 11/14 Tie: 81F
  2. WxUSAF

    Winter 2022-23

    Perhaps in response to HT strat water vapor in the Southern Hemisphere being picked up? And if there is a -NAO, can it pair up with a favorable or non-hostile Pac at times?
  3. The seasons have definitely switched as the GFS has quickly gone from overdoing D10+ heatwaves to overdoing D10+ cold fronts.
  4. 45F with light rain. Winter is here!
  5. Relaxing until you looked at the radar lol
  6. This reminds me of that 3 day long storm Jan 31-Feb 2, 2020. Long duration, very scattered and showery.
  7. If this was a winter storm, I’d be pretty pissed. Lot of betwixt and between with mist and drizzle.
  8. Simple is better sometimes. Doesn’t make sense.
  9. That’s awful to hear @PrinceFrederickWx. Hope he recovers quickly.
  10. That convergence band is stubbornly remaining away. Still under 1” total for the event with a constant mist/drizzle.
  11. I use Merlin for sound ID. Really helpful .
  12. Love they got win 81 last night. One more tonight! Extra sweet with all the Yankees fan tears whining when judge isn’t given some middle-middle meatball to hit. Cry more losers!
  13. Had a little over 0.8” when I checked an hour ago
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