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  1. lol comical. We’re gonna jump straight from Marchvember into HHH 90s.
  2. The wedge is eroding quick, but still got another 1-2 hours for those of us in the middle.
  3. Morning satellite view is neat with clouds and fog banked up against the mountains and in the valleys. But yeah…god I’m sick of low overcast. Famous last words until I melt come late June.
  4. Not even sure…took a Quick Look at some of the original paperwork and didn’t see it.
  5. 838 kWh this April. ~910 kWh previous lowest. Only 459 kWh for May so far.
  6. My April solar power production was the lowest I’ve ever had for April, although not so far off the previous minimum. But May so far is just shockingly low. It’s been really cloudy for the last 45-50 days.
  7. Although we had activities inside, it ended up being dry enough for people to sit outside and eat and socialize so that was good. Glad it’s over!
  8. Half way through my event and so far so good. Just sprinkling now.
  9. We are mostly inside but dry weather outside would still help
  10. Looks like on/off showers still but no more steady rain after this batch
  11. lol it’s barely rained. Yes I see the radar, but jeez…can see the sun rising. It better pour for a couple hours. I’m not hearing it for four hours from a bunch of randos how “they” don’t know what they’re talking about.
  12. Morning looks wet. Afternoon still probably mostly dry but not enough for outdoor activities.
  13. It’s a fairly tough forecast for my Saturday event. Looks like it could actually be mostly dry in the 12-4pm window, but don’t think it’s confident enough to go with partial outside activities.
  14. Except for the actual time I need to be dry…
  15. Patience. Remain vigilant. As EJ said, for as many rainy days as we’ve had, it hasn’t added up to much above normal precip.
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