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  1. Our basketball hoop blew over. That’s never happened before and we’ve had some strong winds. Luckily it rotated a bit first or it would have smashed into my car.
  2. Thunder! First of 2023
  3. Been there many times for performances. Some big gusts the last few minutes. But not sustained yet.
  4. Hi! Light rain at the moment but I’m certainly intrigued with the radar. Solid look for April 1.
  5. Jeez…I had to stop watching when it was 10-4 and then I peak at it when it was B9 and had a freak out.
  6. In the metro areas? This month will be AN without doubt.
  7. Dude, been there (as a coach). Best part is when people still ignore your prediction because “my app says…” and so you still have to drive 30+ minutes to personally attend the rainout.
  8. +1.8-2.9F at the 3 airports as of yesterday.
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