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  1. Brief gullywasher here dropped another 0.3” in 10mins!
  2. 0.34” last night to start the month. Can justify my laziness to use the sprinkler.
  3. Was on the very edge of that small eastern HoCo/western BaltCo cell around 7-730pm while at my son's baseball practice. Sun was out the whole time and it rained for 20 minutes with a double rainbow. Nothing at home. But now that new cell is heading my way...
  4. Nice pileus cloud on that Harford county cell I can see from home
  5. Euro and GFS say get the sprinkler ready for the next 7-10 days. Pretty dry period with typical summer heat.
  6. Kids would be less enthusiastic
  7. We were on the beach in OC and my wife felt rain so I pulled up the radar and quickly called the evacuation. Had a great day though. I like having clouds keep the sun intensity down.
  8. No, but just for a FF warning. I’d guess over 1”.
  9. Didn’t get that much IMBY, but most wind in awhile. Very dark and rain just arrived.
  10. All in on the 12z 3k NAM for this evening. Looks fun.
  11. My neighbors PWS only says 0.51”. I’m always skeptical it runs low most of the time.