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  1. Heaviest rain of the day now
  2. Let’s go @Bob Chill, time to wake up from your long summers nap.
  3. Wunderground uses the TDWRs and there’s nothing on those either.
  4. Raining now. Nothing on radar.
  5. Didn’t expect rain last night but had almost another 0.1”. Not looking good for my sons baseball today.
  6. NAM and Hrrr NAM the area just west of 95 tonight
  7. I had 18” from the Feb ‘14 storm. 14” overnight, hours of sleet and drizzle and then 4” on the back.
  8. @griteater with a great thread that seems fairly encouraging to me https://twitter.com/griteater/status/1309524598480949250?s=21
  9. 384hr 6z GFS has snow at Deep Creek when I'll be out there. Llleettttsss ggooooooo!
  10. Joe Bastardi has “published” a “book”. Oh my.
  11. Euro emphatically ends our short dry period. 2-3” through the next 7 days. Entertaining solution for next week. Gfs drier and focused east of the Bay with a narrow heavy rain strip.
  12. GEFS is officially upgraded to the FV3 dynamical core with today’s 12z suite. Early reviews seem quite positive.