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  1. WxUSAF

    August Discobs 2019

    Raining here in East Stephens City.
  2. WxUSAF

    August Discobs 2019

    Impressive lightning show in the west. Can even hear a few low rumbles of thunder. Hope the rain makes it hear.
  3. WxUSAF

    August Discobs 2019

    Swing and a miss
  4. WxUSAF

    August Discobs 2019

    Can hear thunder from the Baltimore cell
  5. WxUSAF

    Summer 2019 Drought thread

    Will it ever rain again?
  6. lol that was my thought too. “This isn’t a thing that ever happened in the midAtlantic”
  7. WxUSAF

    Aug Mid/Long Range

    As @Ian has been showing on twitter, GEFS has been in a habit of dumping a trough/cool temps in the eastern CONUS late in the run very often this summer. Still waiting.
  8. WxUSAF

    August Banter 2019

    Screw the hurricanes, give me a few October nor'easters with temps in the 40s and driving rain.
  9. WxUSAF

    August Discobs 2019

    Can see distant lightning flashes in Columbia over the last hour. Come on rain!
  10. WxUSAF

    August Discobs 2019

    0.1”. Score.
  11. Not historically. Only in the last decade or two.
  12. WxUSAF

    August Discobs 2019

    Something to water my lawn please
  13. WxUSAF

    August Banter 2019

  14. WxUSAF

    2019 Mid Atlantic Lawn, Garden, Pool, etc. Thread

    Back after 3 weeks of travel to find my yard a dustbowl. Had a neighborhood kid mow while I was gone and he mowed on way too short a setting. Combine that with little rain and hot temps and