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  1. Seems next week has a plausible chance for a first freeze for many outside the cities. Still lots TBD. GFS backed off today with the cold air push but euro and GGEM still show it.
  2. 1.8” storm total. 1.96” at BWI.
  3. See, this is a good sign for these Nina Miller B's. We just need to maximize the prefrontal thundersnow.
  4. Classic late October late afternoon thunderstorm at my house.
  5. 1.5C below normal in Atlanta for November. Hope Maue doesn’t get a chill!
  6. Sun angle season gets everyone, even in the Sierras
  7. Who the hell is tent camping in a blizzard??
  8. I’d just like the first freeze please
  9. No obstructions in either direction and 3 lanes of traffic each way and it’s 20+ miles bumper to bumper. For no reason whatsoever.
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