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  1. Great thread from the SE’s @griteater on the winter fail for those interested
  2. Some rain moved through. Didn’t expect that.
  3. I think I’m basically as productive as I am at work, but my day is just spread outttttttt...
  4. I may be working until 8pm but I think it’s time to start drinking now
  5. With March done, 5 of the last 7 months have been 6F+ above normal at BWI. Just insane.
  6. Ended up with 0.1” last night. Over performer!
  7. Radar is pretty cool looking right now with stuff moving westward and eastward.
  8. As Ian said on Twitter, good thing this isn’t winter as it would be a brutal miss.
  9. Did my first mow yesterday. Weeds were very high, grass was mixed. Pretty green either way.
  10. Me staring at the satellite loop waiting for the wedge to break
  11. I saw that. Very interesting. What I want to know is if it assumes all the social distancing/mitigation methods continue into August with all those curves trending to zero in July/August.
  12. Wedge usually wins in March and early April over forecasts. Hell, usually wins most times all year. But I think it will break at some point.
  13. Eh maybe not. High clouds are about to clear but wedge is eroding slower. Can see that on satellite last 30mins
  14. It’s moving toward us quickly. Probably will clear dramatically before 2pm.