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  1. I think you always have to default just a CAD wedge will be slower to erode than progged. Especially in march.
  2. Vis down to quarter mile or less this am.
  3. Nearby PWS says 80.7 although it tends to run warm.
  4. Last snow pile disappeared last night.
  5. Congrats on the new job watcher!
  6. -sn and 33f. Got about a half inch on the deck.
  7. 43F. My own little precip hole has formed on radar.
  8. 2.5 at BWI total.
  9. Going with 4.3" from this storm, which puts me to 6.3" on the year.
  10. Wind whipped snow shower in progress.
  11. Got 0.1" or so of new snow.
  12. Best snow since yesterday.
  13. Nice flakes all of a sudden.
  14. Snow mixing in as the sky brightens.