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  1. Went fine. They were giving J&J vaccine today so she was happy she didn’t have to come back. Took her 1 hour from entering the prescreening tent to coming back out.
  2. I drove an elderly neighbor to M&T Bank for her COVID vaccine and didn’t realize I’d have to wait outside for her. I didn’t dress for this
  3. Last snowpile may not survive the day
  4. @nw baltimore wx see @Mrs.Js comment about roof life. Tesla (at least) guarantees any damage the panels cause, but the panels actually extend the life of the shingles underneath them. I know many people with panels and none of had any issues with leaks, etc. If I had lots of $$, I would totally do a Tesla solar roof. But I don’t...
  5. Not sure the times you worked on these, but certainly the older systems were less efficient and more costly. I did the lease, so I’m essentially just paying for the power monthly. They guarantee any repairs to the panels or the roof. It’s working out well. I did a lot of math before I did it and it will save me money in almost any circumstance over using the grid 100%.
  6. I’ve been very pleased. Wish I had more roof area. I did the solar lease through solar city (now Tesla). Usually it produces all we need or nearly so from May-September more or less.
  7. Today’s going to be my highest solar power production since September 23!!
  8. That seems like an interesting and probably not difficult GCM experiment. Run the model with the same conditions a few times and just change the surface conditions (forested, farm, urban). I’d wager that’s been done. Wonder if anyone has determined how high the changed response extends. I’m sure it’s seasonally variable and I’d guess winter (due to generally higher wind speeds and reduced solar input) have the lowest “cap” to the UHI impact.
  9. Love Box Hill crab cakes.
  10. True. Still not much concrete at 850.
  11. It’s not (just) UHI going on.
  12. That’s probably #2 in my book.
  13. 6z GFS is dry for the next 2 weeks. I don’t hate that.