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  1. Time sensitive, but some sort of neat convergence line moving E—W on radar right now. Clearing behind it.
  2. Speaking of The King, Euro made a huge jump to the GFS idea of a crappy weekend unfortunately.
  3. If this was winter though, I’d be hugging the 18z 3k NAM until it popped.
  4. NAM and Euro both have MBY at or above 0.5” overnight. I’m skeptical…
  5. Model war for Memorial Day weekend. GFS cuts off the low and spins over us with cool rain. Euro and GGEM clear it out for a gorgeous weekend.
  6. 1.53” IMBY. That stratiform rain really overperformed.
  7. Hrrr and 3k NAM both have 2 rounds of storms for the metro corridor. 20-22z and then 0-2z.
  8. Nope, only 95 at BWI. Record was 96. IAD tied the record at 92.
  9. Merry Rutschmas O’s fans!!!
  10. Nearly 90F yesterday and basically summer solstice Sun angle. Obviously this can’t be real.
  11. WxUSAF: marked SAFE from the Mid-Atlantic’s first Tornado Watch of 2022
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