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  1. WxUSAF

    February Banter 2019

    Nailed it And @C.A.P.E. was remarking about the size of @stormtracker‘s deck pics, and while I agree for sure, we can’t have too much public deck pic conversation
  2. WxUSAF

    February Banter 2019

    @C.A.P.E., had to hide your post despite how much I agree with it
  3. WxUSAF

    February Banter 2019

    Hey to all the unregistered lurkers who are reporting posts like it’s their job. STOP. thanks much!
  4. WxUSAF

    February 19-21, 2019 storm threat

    Is that high temp of the mean or the warmest ensemble member?
  5. New thread for this week’s storm is pinned. Keep this for unicorn NAOs
  6. WxUSAF

    February Banter 2019

    I want to shake the hand of whichever programmer had the FV3 accumulate ZR at 20:1 ratios. Tax money well spent and I’m not even joking.
  7. Well you were the guy who got upset when the GEFS lost 3’ members
  8. Really? Looks better than yesterday based on feature placement.
  9. WxUSAF

    PD Weekend 2019 Storm Threats

    Low is in an almost identical spot to the gfs and FV3 at 12z Saturday.
  10. WxUSAF

    PD Weekend 2019 Storm Threats

    Ya’ll give up way to easy. GFS is north. Snow to Towson-FDK line. Be patient weenies.
  11. WxUSAF

    February Banter 2019

    El Niño is now official per NOAA. Bring on the HECS!
  12. WxUSAF

    PD Weekend 2019 Storm Threats

    Yeah but we’re 3 days out. If that disagreement exists Friday that’s a different story.