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  1. About 0.5" today.
  2. Wedge'd.
  3. Nice work mappy and Ian!
  4. You moved!?
  5. 2" already here before this deathband comes through. Sun peaking through ahead of it.
  6. 1.25" so far.
  7. About to hit 1" at the PWS near MBY.
  8. Eh...careful on associating convective temp as some sort of be all/end all for storm forecasting. Often convective temp is NOT reached when storms and severe storms occur. Convective temp is more useful for places like FL that get "airmass" thunderstorms that occur without any major forcing. That's rarely how we get storms.
  9. 10 minute woooo storms storm in Columbia.
  10. I think you always have to default just a CAD wedge will be slower to erode than progged. Especially in march.
  11. Vis down to quarter mile or less this am.
  12. Nearby PWS says 80.7 although it tends to run warm.
  13. Last snow pile disappeared last night.
  14. Congrats on the new job watcher!