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  1. April Discobs Thread

    BWI hit 32F this morning.
  2. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    This seems not encouraging for a 18-19 winter Nino. P.S. Where da fuq is @Bob Chill with the 2018-19 Winter Thread!?!
  3. April Discobs Thread

    55-60 is so much better with sun and no damn wind.
  4. April Discobs Thread

    For scale, yesterday was a -12 or -14 departure. The torch days last week were +17 to +23 across the airports.
  5. April Discobs Thread

    Snuck just below freezing here.
  6. April Discobs Thread

    You know what's hilarious? All 3 airports are basically at normal temps for the month-to-date (BWI even slightly above normal) because of the 2 torch days last week.
  7. April Discobs Thread

    I'm really, really done with 35-50F, overcast, and wind gusts above 20mph days.
  8. April Discobs Thread

    Back to 48F windy and overcast.
  9. April Discobs Thread

    Had one loud crack of thunder when the line hit around 230am.
  10. April Discobs Thread

    I’ve been backdoored.
  11. April Discobs Thread

    Spitting flakes in Columbia.
  12. April Discobs Thread

    Thoroughly had my fill of overcast 45F days. O/U on 12k fans at the orioles game tonight?
  13. April Banter

    Can we not do the same damn conversation for the 733rd time this winter?
  14. April 7-8 snow event

    Flurries in Columbia. April HECS verified!
  15. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    348hr gfs looks good for woo storms.