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  1. Jan 16 was sleet and snizzle all morning for me. Thunder sleet at one point.
  2. I’ll just say that if the pattern is as active as the gfs suggests, with a predominant pattern of shortwaves passing south of us, and we can’t score at least once at peak climo...this winter will really live in infamy.
  3. Seems like last winter we were constantly teased by -AO/-NAO looks in the long range that never materialized. This year it’s -EPO that hasn’t materialized. Well, it did in November and that was it.
  4. I’ll consider getting my hopes up for this weekend if things still looks to have a chance on Wednesday’s 12z runs
  5. Occasional flurries while we were in Harford county today
  6. Snowing respectably all of a sudden
  7. Flurries in Columbia. Makes up for 9 days of tracking.
  8. Just talked to my parents and they said it just started flurrying.
  9. I just woke up and I already missed it?
  10. We don’t talk about March 2001, @psuhoffman
  11. Ack, meant 2016-17. Had 6.8” in 16-17 and 13.8” in 12-13 largely thanks to that mid March snow that was gone by 11am.
  12. Things went downhill quickly this week from potentially waiting for an afc championship game, a medium snow/ice storm, and a great snow pattern after the snow. I still feel good about clawing my way above 2012-13 level failure, but maybe not my much.
  13. Oof. Well, whichever of A, C, or D was rain was a nutpunch