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  1. Looked around my yard but didn’t find any.
  2. Made homemade banh mi sandwiches yesterday for Mother’s Day lunch. Kids even liked them. I’d upload a picture but it never lets me.
  3. Did a spontaneous trip to Brookeville Beer Farm yesterday with some friends for Mother’s Day drinks and pizza. Really nice place. I already liked their beer, but the pizza was top notch too. Definitely will go back, probably on a warmer day! Now back to my regularly scheduled programming of cowering in fear of Covid and hiding in my basement. That’s what the rural northern NH resident says we all do, right?
  4. Happy Mother’s Day even to the haters and the losers! not that any of those moms are on Amwx
  5. Feels like October out. Gorgeous. Going to be begging for days like this in another 3-6 weeks.
  6. Mixed frozen chunks falling with rain
  7. Low of 41 and 0.1” of rain today. Tallied 52 bird species this morning for the May Count.
  8. Got a Brookeville Brew Farm Dewpoint American pale ale going. I love their stuff and I see they have outdoor seating with homemade pizza... think I need to get over there.
  9. Rain seems quite a bit east of even where the 14z hrrr places it based on radar
  10. O’s no-hitter and spacex sn15 stuck the landing! Fun night.
  11. ^don't believe that map for MBY, but did have some big boy/girl rain in the last 90 minutes. Around 0.3” for the day and 0.4” for the last 3 days.
  12. Everything is NW relative to you