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  1. 18z GFS hour 300. Ya’ll slackin’
  2. Best defensive performance of the year, especially the second half. Got a pass rush finally, even if it didn’t result in sacks. And the best defense was keeping Wilson off the field with the rush game.
  3. 1.4” way more than I ever expected in my wildest NAMasties
  4. This backside band is a thing of beauty. Pivot, convergence, the whole deal. Just 30 degrees to warm.
  5. Solid last hurrah here. Over 3/4”.
  6. #NAMnailedNestor #EuroNailedSandy
  7. 0.1” line basically runs 95 in MD tomorrow on the euro. Gfs and GGEM are both more.
  8. I’m up in sykesville for a baseball game already and plenty of frost here. Low of 40 at home. Meh. edit... down to 39
  9. 18z gfs as rainy as it’s yet been for Sunday. 0.5” contour just south of DC.
  10. Those in the know know that RIC usually freezes around BWIs date, not DCAs.
  11. Yesterday was a whopping 1F below normal at BWI. Second below normal day of the month. Only +7F on the month now!
  12. DCA approaching a record length of time between sub 60F highs
  13. Hell, take last year and sub in a "normal" December and it ends up being borderline great year.
  14. Yeah, I've been looking ahead and forgot to pay much attention to this weekend. Maybe IAD too? 3k NAM would suggest so.