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  1. This could be a winter-level screw job. Widespread 1-2" forecast within 48 hours potentially ending up as sprinkles.
  2. Hard pass. Not bad down here on the beach this weekend with steady breezes.
  3. Two weeks of hot sunshine is already starting to crispify some of my grass.
  4. And we're going to the beach next weekend...
  5. I must have just missed it because it was really pedestrian here. A few rumbles of thunder, 10 minutes of moderate rain, and a slight wind gust.
  6. Quick little thundershower after a nice afternoon. Wish it could have waited a bit longer though since we just got the pool when it thundered
  7. Beautiful spring day all of a sudden. Even went to the pool. I confirm the water was above freezing as it was definitely liquid, but can't say how much above freezing.
  8. Finally got some storm action last night with the late event. Really thought it was over after the big storm rolled into Annapolis area.
  9. NPZ level storm avoidance for MBY.
  10. I've missed the storms in every direction. Had about ten rain drops and some distant thunder.
  11. Anvil cloud lightning here.
  12. About 0.6" for each wave of rain the last couple days.
  13. Good. I'm been lurking, just not much to post about. I'd be fine with this weather sticking around through, oh, November.
  14. Shocker. Epic winter blocking also no doubt.
  15. Pity watch?