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  1. Nice. Our hotel is in Greenville and I think we might drive to Easley to watch the show.
  2. Today's GFS progs look good. I'll (most likely) be in western SC. Haven't seen a Euro cloud map for today's 12z run, but Euro has been rock steady having a surface high and upper level ridge axis parked over western SC. Can't complain about that.
  3. Seems like a system will be moving through the upper midwest next Monday, but obviously still uncertainty on strength and track.
  4. 6z and 12z GFS seemed promising for western SC eclipse viewing. 12z Euro looked good from a longwave view point based on the free maps on TT. 18z GFS has a nice progression of a weak s/w so high pressure is moving in on Monday but has some bulls*t cirrus deck all over SC. Oh well, still have 23 model cycles left.
  5. Amazing street flooding pics coming out of DC. https://twitter.com/forecasternikki/status/896527135145426945
  6. I don't recall ever looking at D10+ output in summer as much as I am now for the eclipse.
  7. 1" today.
  8. Tropical like downpours the last few days. 0.26" today.
  9. 0.6" so far.
  10. Torrential rain in this cell. 4"+/hr rates per nearby PWS.
  11. I'm good with lots more days like this.
  12. 4.4" total so far with about 2.5" in two hours last night.
  13. Radar filling in quickly where there was a bit of a gap.
  14. Total rainfall at the big 3 for Friday and Saturday: BWI: 2.4" DCA: 2.2" IAD: 2.0" Tiebreaker RIC: 0.7" Peak wind gust at the big 3 + Thomas Point Light for Friday and Saturday: BWI: 31 DCA: 23 IAD: 21 TPL: 41 mph (36 knots) Tiebreaker RIC: 18