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  1. Temps have been dropping steadily...down to 41 here. We Shall see...
  2. Ledge walkers gotta help each other out, lol But seriously I get it...it does kinda feel like the next 10-14 days are kinda do or die for a good snow chance if the pattern indeed returns to a more typical nina state next month. So hopefully by Sunday or Monday we know about the 25th-29th time frame...The famous "as the pattern breaks down" scenario would certainly be in play there, me thinks...so we shall see!
  3. Like others have said...don't sweat specific solutions right now. A storm idea is there...far too early for other details!
  4. Well if thar be the NAM...the JMA AND SREFs must be calculators
  5. Icy driveways produce many a comical falling video...lol (granted there's no injury, of course)
  6. Now see I'm glad YOU said this...lol But yeah at this range as long as the idea is there that's what matters!
  7. Hey that works too! (Was Commutagedon kinda like that?)
  8. Huh...wondering if that's the kind of setup that, if it indeed verifies, could produces a long tracker...? (I guess we'll find out over the weekend, lol)
  9. Ha...after all that, now I kind of...KIND of wanna see the snowmapians for the modeled d9/10 crushing on the Euro...lol
  10. Yo I was just thinking about that! I've actually been toggling back and forth from Saturday's 18z ever since to see the differences, lol
  11. Whoa! That's a site that puts the CMC out earlier?
  12. You outright insulted me--or st I'm not sure how to not react to that like a joke. However, I do now understand what brought it on this time--shouldn't have criticized WW like that. I realize posting snowmaps even in fantasy range is all a part of the hobby for better or worse, lol But then it becomes this blanket thing as if every post I make is stupid...(and the other tch dude has attacked me completely out of the blue several times over the last 5 years and the first time still stings) I mean ain't none of us perfect on here...so when ya get singled out it sucks. And then it's like...I wonder if I post something else or even ask a question if it'll be considered "stupid". .....But you're right, probably taking it too seriously...it is the internet after all, lol But I'm a musician, so alas...
  13. That supposed to be funny? ................... (Alright I'll admit, though I am seething at the moment, that's funny, lol)
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