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  1. C'mon folks I need some good news here...please tell me that we won't have to punt February, and that we'll have a chance. Haven't heard anybody say a ton about Feb. yet! (Edit, I see some discussion a page or two ago) A chance or no?
  2. Yep...To think we might end up getting blanked snow-wise next Gotta hope and pray we can have another chance in February.
  3. Euro unfortunately looks like GFS this run...dang, man...tough night. But look, if this is gonna fail, better to know now, I suppose.
  4. But I still don't get how this squares with the concern of us not being cold enough...How, in the disaster scenario you mentioned, would it be cold enough to snow down south?
  5. Are any of your feelings about things ever good, though? Lol
  6. Once they exterminate the para-site it should be good!
  7. Yeah I don't get it...Somehow the snow weenie brain of some translates a slightly unfavorable D7 model run into reality and and favorable one into fantasy...where in reality neither is true because, well....the reality, whichever it is, hasn't happened yet!!!
  8. Don't say it, lol If I remember correctly, though...models had the low all the way down in Georgia and we were trying to will it up this way...So as long as this doesn't trend south the next few days then maybe we're in a good spot? Lol
  9. I hear ya...which is why I said "I hope", lol
  10. I'm hoping for an advisory and a warning
  11. Now this is more the result you'd expect for the high to be in that position. So much better than what we've been seeing, lol
  12. They really put their foot in this snow map, didn't they?...
  13. Not quite my style... But THIS is!!! Musical mayhem would be my specialty! That would really give him something to fret about *ba-dum pssh*
  14. Dude if you complain about that so help me!!!! Lol *In mobster voice* "That's a real nice would be a shame if somethin' happened to it..."