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  1. 1960-61 Raging positive NAO. 40” at DCA. And the rare trifecta of above avg snow all 3 winter months. 8.7”, 13.6”, 18”. Well I was the 60s: probably our snowiest decade on record--it's gotta be, lol I mean my goodness, that was a golden age if you were a snow lover: Not one year was below 18"...and at least 7 of the 10 were above average! (what, did we go without la Ninas that decade?) Would love to know what kind of dynamics were at play that decade! (of course we did kinda pay for it between 1970 and 1978, lol)
  2. Yeah that was really something else...That was a MNF game with the feel of SNF drama. And much as I'd love Lamar to get MVP, this is why Wilson is probably still in front right now! (voting may be still end up being close, lol) That was straight clutch--epic finish!
  3. SAME! (folks that aren't Ravens fans didn't know much about him, so he was just kinda sitting there in the late rounds...stud!)
  4. No offense taken--because you're right: I am a little obsessed with knowing for whatever reason...(perhaps it's my overall impatience...It's kinda a quirk of mine that I tend to want to know what's happening and knowing exactly whether joy or disappointment is coming! Guess I'm still learning how to just prepare for more than one scenario, lol). And yet, it's my love of snow--and wanting to know when it was coming next--that drew me to this hobby more than the technicalities of the hobby itself (which I have ended up learning more about in the process!) But the more winters I go through with this forum, I'm beginning to see what you is indeed fluid and has a healthy dose of unpredictability. Yeah, I like to search for trends and patterns of things to try and see "the future" so to speak...but I can see how weather just doesn't work that way!
  5. Not to mention...Jackson has a certain shiftyness that Vick may not have even had. Of course Vick had the pure speed, but...LJ has this "twitch" where he can elude somebody right in front of him (and now today we see a new spin move, lol)
  6. Yeah I could watch that over and over...that along with all his other remarkable highlights! (and the call by Kevin Harland was great: "Ohhhhhhh he broke his ankles!!" Lolol)
  7. Yeah that's the result of conditions that look so ambiguous right now. Just in a big wait-and-see atm...hopefully we get some more answers by the end of November.
  8. Was nice seeing the first flakes today!
  9. Wait, what did I do? Yeah I may have overreacted a little bit to PSU's post, but outside of that...thought I'd been doing pretty good!
  10. Question: Was 2008/09 +AO/NAO? I ask because the sites I've read so far detailing approximate dates of past solar minima have placed the last one in late 2008. Of course that winter wasn't much good...yet the next one obviously was (and that particular time to historical degree, lol). Now, is a possible "lag" effect from the solar minimum part the reason we saw a great -AO/-NAO...or was that just coincidence? And could say the last three solar minimums we did benefit from, it seems (you could say the last four if you count 77/78--but the minimum came in 76)
  11. Which makes the 1.7 inches we managed last November a monumental I mean, one look at the snow records over the last 140 years tells ya how hard it is to defy the climo! (By my count, only 15 Novembers on record had snowfall that topped an inch...The highest being 8.5 inches in Nov. of 1938)
  12. Now wait a minute...I thought the solar minimums tended to do the opposite? (neg NAO) Albeit sometimes it would be a lag and not show up until the next winter)
  13. Eh come off it...I see there ain't no reversing the effects of my posting from last year, smh (y'all are making me regret that more and more--I'm just moving on from it) I ain't off the handle on this, I'm telling ya...just waiting and seeing, fine-tuning expectations just like the rest of you. I mean...I know I ain't the only one here who loves snow and of course would love to see anything positive that might signal better chances, and not so much those things that signal not-so-good chances. Slowly learning the history of our hits and misses...and how erratic it can be year-to-year. Yeah I love snow and yeah I wanna know our chances long before they what? Why some seem to keep trolling me about it I have no idea. We all (or most of us) love snow here...