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  1. And now 1.8, smh Well, they said this was gonna be a tough week...(and I remember a few models had the US losing over 2k a day during whatever the peak was...mercy)
  2. Well praise God for that! Happy to hear! (Was just about to ask you how the other two were doing!)
  3. And I'm laughing at "Aerosolized feces" Hahaha That's a new one...
  4. Just here, unfortunately...And like 680 of those are in New York alone, smh
  5. Oh my goodness, man...I am so sorry to hear this. My folks and I will lift you and your family up in prayer--God bless. (What's your family name? Just so we can say more than "The WxWatcher007 family", haha)
  6. Now I thought it would be around that percentage over there because of their overall older population?
  7. 1.8" (BWI) technically not zero, lol (although the suckage makes it a psychological zero!)
  8. Eh, take Pinatubo outta there...that robbed of us of a mod Niño if I've read the history (and did St. Helen's have a climate impact at all?)
  9. Happy birthday, good sir! And for your b-day...a variation cake! Have a blessed one!
  10. I'm not torturing me, the stupid crap going on in the atmosphere is. That graphic is infuriating, it's like getting robbed and the thief just keeps laughing in your face. The feeling of being unfairly passed up for a little extra happiness...How do you not be upset at that graphic? I don't care if it's happened 6 or 7 years in a's still frustrating even if expected (especially given how the winter went). Next year we've earned better, imo...been through enough with this mess.
  11. Infuriating. Man I hope this is a decadal trend and not some permanent change because of a different climate or whatever...year after year, smh Can't give us jack diddly of this one time in winter lately...If it ever comes back when it's supposed to, we had better take it all in!! I swear it's like something pushing a button to troll us, lol I hope this get "fixed" some time in the next winter or two...
  12. I'm almost sure that no school through the end of the year was on the table...but perhaps they're trying to see if we can salvage the month of May?
  13. I hope your skepticism is right. Because otherwise...wouldn't that kinda endanger our overall snowfall chances in the future? (I mean I guess we'd have to rely on other factors...) But as you and others have indicated, perhaps it is too early to tell whether this trend will continue for years to come--particularly given the somewhat decadal pattern we've seen in our records.
  14. I just wanna know why, man...Been like 9 or 10 years of this mess. Is this simply climo now? Smh I hope not...I hope what seems to be a decadal cycle will break the other way for us soon...I mean this is ridiculous.