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  1. "Wait wait--turn those planes around!"
  2. Man we haven't had a positive analog in years, lol Anybody ever notice that the last 4-5 years the only analogs discussed are bad/mediocre years? Would like a good analog for a change...13-14 would be nice
  3. Would be nice to have another go at it...now if we get it for a second winter in a row and it still doesn't work? Sheesh (but I guess even blocking still needs a good cold source!)
  4. And that's the problem...folks think I'm jumping off a cliff with the idea that things may be broken for snow chances, but until I see us have an above average winter again, I don't think I'll be convinced that they're not. This is not the 70s...and can we really say we've had this background state before? I'm telling ya...something might be going on.
  5. Nah I think he's referring to the other one (2015-16). Things ain't been right since!
  6. So let's look at how those winters turned out for snow overall, and how those Januarys' looked for snow: 2018-19: 18.3" Jan: 7.9" 2003-04: 18.3" Jan: 8.4" 2001-02: 2.3" Jan: T 2000-01: 8.7" Jan: 3.7" 1998-99: 15.2" Jan: 4.0" 1997-98: 3.2" Jan: 0.7" 1987-88: 20.4" Jan: 13.7" 1968-69: 18.6" Jan: 0.1" 1960-61: 46.5" Jan: 14.3" So do SSWs have any correlation? I'd like to see a full list of winters that had them in January or February as well. But for the December ones it's kinda hard to tell...but no blockbusters others than 60-61 (that epic decade for snow, lol)
  7. Thanks! Yeah just wanted to try and get an idea...(because every year by the time I think of it's the peak is already past, lol). A met on Twitter suggested that the second/third week of October would be the peak...anybody have any thoughts on that?
  8. A question: If you said it took a leap during THAT super nino...does it stand to reason that it took another leap during the 2015-16 super niño? Because let me tell ya...feels like that year broke something, lol
  9. Anybody gonna start a foliage thread? Trying to pick just the right time to drive up to Friendly Farms (usually our family's autumn drive!)
  10. Knowing that wretched climate they'll probably flood and/or mudslide....sheesh. I hope the in between seasons are worth it!!
  11. But wait...didn't last year kinda reverse that? Remember how November torched? Lol
  12. I mean...aren't la ninas usually colder on the front end anyway?
  13. That is, assuming those still work, lol Certainly didn't last year!!
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