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  1. Speaking of H5...Are there any sites with any guides on how to read that?
  2. I'd only take that if we could get a Jan 2016 redux, lol That's literally the only reason I have a SLIGHTLY positive association with Christmas 2015 because of what happened later, lol
  3. Anybody have a chart for the Dec. 2009 setup? Curious how that one overcame December climo (particularly given how warm even Niños tend to be warmer to start)
  4. Yep--day after the first Avatar came out, and Mappy's wedding, lol
  5. I'm learning more and more that at this range all you wanna look for is what's happening up top. Had a gut feeling about that timeframe (either that or I'm biased because I'd love a Dec 2009 redux), but for right now we just wanna see if we can get the better pattern first! 18z gefs seemed to show some improvement.
  6. Agreed. Cannot see how a Roman offense goes deep in the playoffs. C'mon Harbs...he said back in 2013 that firing Cam Cameron was the hardest thing he ever had to do as a coach. But c'mon you HAVE to do the same here!
  7. For the life of me I don't know why we won that game, lolol But I am happy we did! Sometimes wins like that mean something later on...but we shall see
  8. But dang it I needed Bam Knight to score there, lol
  9. I know I get the weenie tag for saying "Does a niño still work", but this is why I am genuinely curious about what will happen in our next legit niño (2018/19 is hard for me to count because it was a bit of a wimp strength-wise). To see just what those look like with where we are now climate-wise.
  10. Even to my amateur eyes that -NAO...at least what we've seen so far, seems like it wants to be pretty stout. Not like it's been kinda tepid/neutral. Even in the models showing the pac not being as good, the -NAO is still going strong. Now of course...that's this month so we'll have to see.
  11. Yes this is what makes it more difficult discern just based on snowfall totals. And the question has always been what the difference is between say a mediocre run in the 50s by nature of said variability, vs a mediocre run today. Climo vs climate, lol
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