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  1. Cicadas...from 17 years ago, lol For whatever reason my dad has kept them in the freezer all this time!! Haha Awesome! Can't wait for the fresh ones though!
  2. This is this something to blame for the -AO not working? I kept hearing some of you mention the cold air "being on the other side of the globe"). What I'm trying to figure out is whether this was fluky or not (let's hope it was fluke and not climate) (Apologies if this has been discussed already--I'm just coming back in here...took a break for Lent!)
  3. Happy Ressurection Sunday all! God bless!
  4. That's what I heard about him as well....Now tell me this: is a coach that is good at coaching AND recruiting harder to find? Because I've heard Gary was the opposite of Turgeon, lol
  5. I still feel like Turgeon finally had his final four team...LAST year, lol (stupid covid). This year's team? I don't know...I don't like the way they reacted to that upset loss last week. Not exactly a championship mentality...but we shall see.
  6. Ya know...this one is tougher to get over for some reason. I think it's because previously...we knew every 3-4 years we'd get an above average winter. But now we're at 5 warning level here. That has to be a bit unprecedented (unless that span in the 70s was similar). So it doesn't feel like just this winter...but future ones could be jeopardy, and I honestly have no idea how to deal with that (can't move). I guess we gotta wait a little longer to say for sure if it's a trend Spring arrival...while a little depressing this year, because it's kind of a reminder of what we just missed. All that being said...since 2016, we've had 3 la ninas...and one neutral with a hostile ++++AO which doesn't help. But this year...can we say blocking doesn't mean diddly squat anymore? Eh, probably not the truth, but dang that stings. ....So how's next winter looking? Lol
  7. Spring comes...but after the way the winter's a little harder to enjoy it this least initially. Right now it's just a reminder of the winter's failures. But hey, perhaps the warmth and cicadas will make it better!
  8. Anybody else flip the channel if the news starts talking about snow somewhere else? Lol I can't take it this year, I'm telling ya...
  9. You're killin' me Seriously hearing about this. And then ya step outside and feel the warmth and know winter is at it's end...Like I said, this one stings a certain way.
  10. Hearing about "historic" snows elsewhere is depressing. Can't avoid hearing about it in the news...Hard to enjoy the nice temperatures because it marks the end of winter...with future prospects of warning-level snow in question. The ending of this winter is more difficult than last year for some reason...
  11. For some reason the end of this winter hurts worse...As bad as last winter was, you were still happy to put it out of it's mystery. But this year? What could've been feels worse. Like every mention of spring is a bit depressing (only bright spot is the cicadas, lol) I don't want warmer days (they only remind me of what we missed)...I'd like more cold for more opportunities for snow to try and improve the totals and have something to look forward to, for crying out loud. End venting.
  12. And mama @mappy lives up to her name!! Awesome map! Interesting to see where we're clustered, haha
  13. I'm close to Northwood Elementary School 39.3525013441, -76.5894873142.
  14. Really? They must've revised that, because I could've sworn the official measurement from that storm was a trolling 4.8", Iol That's kinda how it's gone...everything but 5"!