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  1. I think we need to make T-shirts for that kind of winter that say: "Forever Day 10" lol Hey, we can only go up from last winter, right?
  2. Sweet momma....Like someone just poured a bunch of steroids into the Atlantic this season! How does this happen that far east? Lol Now, regardless, will this still be considered "extra tropical" if the winds stay at Cat 1 or more when it makes landfall?
  3. Someone made a mention of there being more non-harmonic tremors detected...Does that mean anything, or does the current prediction still say "It may erupt, it may not...More likely to erupt than not"? Lol
  4. When's the last time a tropical system hit this area?
  5. The heck did that happen? Lol And was 2005 THIS active?
  6. So would those "LPEs" be like last-minute warnings? (Or is there any such thing as "last minute warnings" when it comes to eruptions? Lol)
  7. So, track-wise, they're saying that it's basically going to stay out in the Atlantic?
  8. Lol that's not even Mount Agung. I think that's Batur. But funny nonetheless. Yeah I saw that when someone posted a response (forgot to mention the error here!). But yes...still funny, lol
  9. Who did this?? Hahaha
  10. Whoa...seems like this thread has been overtaken by a warm front...
  11. Dude this was seriously the funniest thing I've read on here all month, lol I'm with ya...as long as everybody's outta way...bring in that baking soda, boys! Now was that year a La Niña as well? Also...is it possible all of this rumbling could go on for days or weeks before an eruption? (Curious as to how long folks would have to stay evacuated...and what happens if this were to take a month!)
  12. Whoa...that's kind of creepy, lol Very interesting indeed!
  13. Did they give their reasoning for why they think it could be months instead of days/weeks?
  14. Interesting...So, could you explain a little more about how exactly that affects the climate?
  15. I just kinda poked my head in here and was perplexed to see talk about eruptions, lol So what's this about that eruption influencing climate??