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  1. We are, huh? And here I was about to get my "Forever Day 10" T-shirts printed, lol But seriously, I do hope we can finally have something even partially work out! (Because LR tracking this winter has just been...exhausting and demoralizing, lol)
  2. Heard you guys mention that AK ridge all winter...could we label that as one of the main culprits for what we've seen (or haven't seen)? Or is it the Pacific in general? (La Niña)
  3. More than a few times! When's the last time we had a year where absolutely no LR threats panned out even with a good setup? That's bad even for here: Even here we can score 1 out of 5 decent setups during even our worst winters! Now granted, the only real chances we've had have been this month, but even so!
  4. Don't forget about the system at the beginning of January! That was a southern special...
  5. Ah, I think we gotta mark this day as one of the worst winter days we've ever had--The day that our snow 16'-17 misery reached it's apex when we miss a big snowstorm by a mere 12 hours and end up sandwiched right in the middle. Ah...WHY? Lol
  6. It's basically a gigantic snowhole!! It's just not our year for snow...I mean, that's insane, smh That right there tells you that it's just not meant to be this year...wow
  7. So the Almanac was 12 hours away from being correct...wow, lol
  8. Ah, so north wouldn't be much of a help here? (Now when you say "sheared out", do you mean it'll fall apart or get kicked OTS?) And if that map were to comes north more, it brings warm air with it?
  9. Reeaaal close to getting at least a little something?...Again, if it were to happen like this...I mean, c'mon, lol This has got to be progress for our sanity's sake!!
  10. I hope it's more than that, because I mean...if you're gonna miss, just miss! Don't come close and then miss...that's just snowlover cruelty, lol
  11. Huh...0z GFS gets even closer Wed-Thurs? What's going on here?
  12. I second that, @psuhoffman. That was downright depressing to hear even you say that, lol
  13. So basically the same crap setup we've had most of the winter? Smh....So essentially, the threat for next week we were watching was derailed by that stupid Low up north? Wow...
  14. Add me to the watch list, lol
  15. Again, we had 3 above average snow winters in a row...when is the last time that happened? Lol So we shoulda known we'd have to pay for that eventually!