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  1. So even for tropical season, we're about to get a typical nina screw-over, with a bit hit for the beaches....yep, sounds about right!
  2. They seriously did...lit up like a Christmas tree around here too!! Didn't need any TV They were firing them off right outside my backyard!
  3. Ah, ya missed my banana boat pun
  4. Depends...does it wanna go home?
  5. Man, with all the crazy things happening in 2020...not getting a crazy winter would be just like us, lol But seriously, though...what about all the dang low solar we've been having? Are we STILL gonna need another year to see whatever "lag effect" there is? Don't let this be the one time in our history where it didn't help us, lol (Now I'd imagine they'd mark THIS year as the official minimum, right?)
  6. Awesome! I'd like to share this--do you mind? Will give credit of course!
  7. The bottom image is postcard worthy (whoever is into those, haha). I mean that is a perfect shot! It would go on the front of a devotional book or something...awesome! (did you take this shot?)
  8. Yep...bite-sized hurricane
  9. @stormtracker Happy milestone birthday!! So you turn 50 the same year the real Beethoven turns 250...of course! Have a blessed one!
  10. Wow that is amazing Sounds! Sounds like your boy is a thinker! And already he can "go deep" in thinking! I wonder where he could've possibly gotten that from?
  11. Sounds like like he's mature beyond his years! (how old is he?) Sorry to hear about your cat (I always hate that because I love animals). Was it old?
  12. Well...this article offers the theory that we may have hit the solar minimum back in December, saying: "What can we take away from this? First of all if we take a look at the smoothed sunspot number, we first have to take a look at the sunspot number for each individual month. We can see here and on the image below that we had very low sunspot numbers between June and December of 2019. In January and April of this year the sunspot numbers were considerably higher. Based on the data available right now, we can estimate that December 2019 could have been the month of solar minimum. The graph of the Sun's polar magnetic field strength only fuels this theory as we could see earlier in this post how the sun's polar magnetic field strength has been dropping during the past few months indicating Solar Cycle 25 like already has begun"
  13. Yeah it's up there with the worst...Prior to this year I had 1968 as being our worst year since modern times...I mean, seemingly the ONLY saving grace of that year was the Apollo launch (but perhaps there were some other positives, but from the perspective of this 29 year old...that year was just awful!
  14. Whoops! Missed a word...But still--I've never heard out that happening! Wow, hahaha