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  1. For the corridor, I'm guessing we'll be looking at mood flakes overnight? Lol
  2. Is there anything to talk about for tomorrow morning or no?
  3. Was just reading up on that last week--Now what the heck happened with that one, anyway? (Other than primitive meteorology and such, haha) I mean, that had to be incredible!
  4. I wasn't quite sure which of whicj thread to post this, but....I looked up this chart on weather.gov to see if my suspicions that La Niña winters are hardly ever good for snow around here had any weight. This chart seems to support my suspicions, lol Thoughts?
  5. Even better--Just forecast away from the I-95 corridor and you'll be fine...haha It is indeed the fall line: the spot where winter weather forecasts fall at least 40-50% of the time!
  6. Glad I wasn't the only one...lol
  7. Imagine what could've been along I 95....smh
  8. Any other heavy bands after that time?
  9. Not at all...the current storm is a heartbreaker (and it certainly ain't making any dreams either). I want another snow threat!!!
  10. So by then most of the good stuff is outta here, right? That would be typical...
  11. And yet....sleet! Darn warm-layered western track!
  12. 29 with flakes at a pretty decent clip...sidewalks and street seem likely to give up soon (I'd love to see the temperature go down to 25 or so to get some wiggle room, haha)
  13. Is this gonna be the rare time that we actually WORRY about seeing a heavy band during a storm? Lol
  14. So that is basically our offensive line....lets see if it can protect our snow quarterback!!
  15. Been kinda stuck at 35 F here in Baltimore! Appears to be light but steady flurries Edit: There is a light mixture of flurries and sleet