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  1. What's pushing them north then? Warmer climo or something else?
  2. Except we didn't get a single threat to make it to 60 hrs all winter, lol
  3. Pretty incredible storm on the west coast! The thing's got a dang eye and everything, lol
  4. Man I was talking about the odds of having less than 0.2 inches of snow (thereby being numerically "worse") as being more unlikely. Not talking about our struggles overall!
  5. I'd argue that it's stastically very unlikely...Takes a lot to go less than an inch 2 years in a row. A cartopper even would be more than 0, lol
  6. Yeah it's possible but not probable! Like what are odds that happens the season after being at 0.2? Lol
  7. You're statistically unlikely to see worse than 0.2" inches, lol
  8. Ohhhh the sweating! See, due to a physical factor I can't nail down yet, I sweat rather easily in neutral conditions...So when that humidity hits I'm basically a walking sprinkler, lol
  9. Yeah especially around here where we do humid well. Not sure why people root for warmth so much...I think for some it's a coping mechanism to sarcastically root for it to numb the snowless pain, lol
  10. Yeah I was getting ready to say...Because if enso were just water temps being a certain temperature just because it would be El niño all the time with all the warm water
  11. Didn't think MD was a team folks disliked...but that ain't the case, lol
  12. Were they a Terps rival at one time?
  13. What about George Mason? (forgive me I don't follow college balk a ton)
  14. This was truly a work of art, hahahaha A forum masterpiece indeed! Oscar for best [email protected]
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