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  1. Man I hope so...otherwise that's gonna be a real knife in the heart after what we've been through with snow the last few years (especially to happen right at the end of what's supposed to be the coldest part of the year!)... C'mon...we oughta be due, lol
  2. Nooooooo buddy...besides, Bob had this one first, lol
  3. Of all the things that we haven't been able to get to trend our way in the medium range...I'd take my chances for a trend to a colder solution (and only needing small shifts for such). Here's hoping it's still there next Tuesday!
  4. Yes that is the chill storm...the feb 1 bomb is still unnamed Wondering if the first cuts...could it serve as a 50/50 for the second?...
  5. Yeah I'm starting to think long range looks are getting pointless to look at, lol It's becoming increasingly clear that we are gonna have to pray for a bit of fortune in perfect timing during a very transient window...obviously the looks up top ain't wanting to change anytime soon, smh
  6. And see that's what makes the last two winters more depressing...that close miss! Had we gotten that one...or even the one in December 2018 that just missed...we wouldn't be in such a snow drought right now, smh
  7. Man I hope we don't go 4 years in a row without a footer....that would be somewhat historic by itself--seeing as it hasn't happened for over 27 years...yikes. That would make this winter one of the absolute worst on record because of that alone. (Even worse if we didn't see another flake and stayed at 1.8", lol) It would make you wonder if we would be setting up for a longer drought like 1970-1977, smh But our region has always has gone: a few bad years in a row, one or two good...then 2 or 3 bad...then good, etc. 20 inches is the magic point for me...and usually we can hit that every 3-4 years (historically)
  8. Yeah I think we may be the only ones still with the ship, bro lol Like I said, I'll riiiiiide till I can't no mo!
  9. Yeah I thought it was the 18z EURO too at first (precip map had the same graphics, lol)
  10. Yeah I can't bring myself to give up on this one either for whatever reason, lol I think I'm gonna riiiiiide till' I can't no mo....
  11. And as slim as the chance is, (and I'm kicking myself for still keeping a tiny drop of hope for this thing, lol), I'm wondering if we wouldn't see that the models pickup on that until like...late tomorrow (or Thursday) at the earliest?
  12. As of right appears to have gotten cut, lol (could always turn around, of course...)
  13. Yep...and I would hate for these last two weeks of January to be our last shot. Because even in these two lweeks things look difficult! And ya talk about February not looking to start off too well right now? Mercy...we just gotta hope for either a miracle with this weekend or next, or that we can get a small window we manage to score in next month. (Or a March miracle, lol)