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  1. Not a lot of rain here in the city...breezy though. I'm a bit underwhelmed tbh, lol
  2. So they move Artscape to September to escape the July heat...and now the first year back it gets raised on, lolol Sheesh
  3. Easily one of the best Sunday sports afternoons in Baltimore in a long time! Very satisfying win over Cincy with our new offense starting to click (and literally every off-season acquisiton making a play)...and the the Orioles with a statement win! Wow. And these Orioles...I mean it is just incredible what we are seeing. Don't think there's a better team story in baseball right now...and it's still being written! They're just getting started
  4. Sweet mercy--haven't been bullseyed by severe like that in awhile, lol But I believe it!
  5. Woo! This may be the strongest T&L + deluge (and the longest duration) I've seen imby all summer.
  6. Plenty of thundering and lightning, and a pretty heavy downpour here. Nice cell
  7. If it doesn't...ya wonder if that means ninos just can't couple anymore unless they're strong (thereby eliminating our most fruitful ENSO, smh). I mean...the weak one didn't...now we wait to see if this one will.
  8. I legit feel bad for that franchise and their fans this time. They finally had all the pieces they needed...they have a great defense, a great RB in Breece Hall, good receivers...but now no Rodgers, smh Talk about a bad luck franchise--sheesh.
  9. Question about the WPAC warm pool...how long has it been like this? (that is, being so warm until now)
  10. Quite the light show late last night around 3:30, lol Couldn't hear a ton of rain but definitely a lot of lighting.
  11. Heck yeah!!! And I'm excited about the Ravens this season. What looked like an awful off-season to start turned into one of the greatest we've ever had! EDC signed Lamar and went Super Saiyan on the WR room...which is now, at least on paper, the best one we have ever had. Man if we can stay mostly healthy...something special could happen if it's our time
  12. I didn't even have to read or attempt to understand all this. The basic eye test says it's snowing less, and being too warm more often. The last 8 years have been sobering enough! Like you said...we need to just enjoy what we get, and do NOT dream of more--it will only depress you, lol If what you said is gonna be an increasing reality in the future, think it will get a little easier to take the as time goes along, as we'll start to get used to the new normal, and be basically an extension of the southeast forum! Where they know they'll be warm, probably not snow except by fluke, and have far fewer posters. People kinda ribbed me for calling it that, but I mean...look where we are, folks! Now for @psuhoffman to write his own one post-due-for all "it's not snowing as much" post to refer all future 2023-24 arguments to
  13. Ack...I'm guessing humidity is gonna be there too?
  14. Yeah I think the best case scenario is that he won't need TJ surgery. That's a bit of a nightmare because he'd be out for the next year, smh But I have no doubt we'd be able to find another solid option...but it still would suck!
  15. People need to stop being picky about snow cover. IF we get a big one again...folks complaining about that would be the peak of gratefulness. Like seriously? Where's the dummy-smack emoji?? I'll have it on standby...because for anybody to complain if we get a big one, at a time where the atmosphere seems to struggle for every flake, would be beyond absurd!
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