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  1. Well that's the weekend Artscape used to fall that's about right!! Lol
  2. I must congratulate this thread on being the only virus thread on this forum to survive through the pandemic, lol (no pun intended) All the others went down in a dumpster of fire...congratulations mods!!
  3. Similar timing with my post 2nd dose symptoms...chills and possible fever came on quite suddenly...then just a general malaise the next day during which I slept a lot, lol
  4. Ah I hadn't heard that one! Now interestingly enough...Beethoven employed some of these same elements over 110 years before (one of the reasons I love Beethoven...always ahead of his time!)
  5. Oh we're seeing that annoying 2-year la nina thing again? (didn't this like...just happen a few years ago in 2016-17 and 17-18?)
  6. And here we have ladies and gentlemen, an intersection that may as well be named Little Ellicott City...smh
  7. That was a pretty awesome storm(s) yesterday! (and more rain today? Wow) The certain direction the wind was driving rain somehow felt quasi-tropical! As it stormed I sat down and played a stormy Beethoven I'll typically play a storm-themed piece on rainy days...usually either Beethoven's "Tempest" or Chopin's "Raindrop" prelude...nice afternoon!
  8. Wow great shot! (had never seen that process) Planting the next generation freak party, lol
  9. Still raining over my house now! What the heck? Lol
  10. Only problem is @psuhoffmanliterally got fringed, lol
  11. Indeed...I'm trying to savor every moment!!
  12. Dude a bunch came out in apocalyptic fashion under a tree on my street a few weeks ago at the start of the emergence...walked by the same tree the other day and had to cover my nose!!
  13. That is weird...especially with all the trees you have in your neck of the woods. Maybe you get a different brood? (And you still work at Carver, right? Definitely plenty of trees in that neighborhood!)
  14. Nah man you don't know how deep my emetophobia really is (Actually I think I'd be better with baby barf than when they get slightly older)...Yet my dad is just as bad with that, and somehow pulled it together one time (I still can't drive by that school without feeling a tad nauseous, lol). Also had another with my same phobia tell me that the parental instinct would kick in and kinda override it!
  15. Necking?? Lolol I'll have to say that's a new term for me