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  1. wow we are really going to finish this winter with no snow
  2. no cold high is killing us
  3. Those numbers are not impressive especially if you remove china and Italy from equation
  4. that is one nasty -EPO -NAO lol and we still ridgin
  5. when your season total is 0---i would care about 1-2
  6. our first legit snow threat all winter and nobdy is posting on it
  7. Omg 2 good gfs runs in a row
  8. have we had a 1050 high? Its only 100 hours out pretty much. We just need a moisture stream
  9. i said this was one of our better setups of the year lol....we just need some kind of storm
  10. this is actually our best chance in a long time. We got deep cold high pressure...just neeed some moisture
  11. Yep way different from 18z and more towards euro