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  1. Ji

    November/December Medium/Long Range Disco

    we have 15 days to meltdown and recover. BTW jb had the best forecast for this storm because he forecasted high snow amounts like he usually does. In this case..he was right lol
  2. that would of been your 2nd biggest event last winter
  3. and most of us ignorned it till the 18z MESO runs yesterday
  4. are you on a hill in Round Hill? or are you buy those houses next to Pool/School/Softball fields?
  5. the old GFS was just dreadful for this event
  6. i mean alot of snow maps had 12-16 inches(Yes I know).....lol....that had to mean something more than 1 inch or less
  7. CWG not a good start to winter lol
  8. i should of called 3-5 inches yesterday like my gut told me too. I chickened out haha
  9. heavy snow again in Leesburg. Best of the day
  10. i guess you aint shoveling sleet
  11. We need the heavy to get in here!
  12. if this is a january like airmass for our storms....winter is going to suck
  13. the GFS which showed all rain at noon is now much improved. Even still has snow falling in W Loudoun in the early afternoon
  14. parts of Loudoun(higher elevations) got 3 inches plus in the Halloween storm too..if it comes down heavy enough and its cold..it can stick lol