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  1. The eps snow mean for us 2 days ago for Friday was 10 inches
  2. ill still take it over a slider. I hate sliders more than anything
  3. where is the euro 10 day bomb from last night?
  4. he admitted on the twitter that the King is Dead. Just a pitiful performance...even more so the EPS which has us at 8 inch mean. the Op is one thing but the EPS--wow
  5. im going with the Nam. it always sniffs out the bad stuff and we buy it...so lets buy it now.
  6. gfs actually had a euro solution 3 days ago lol
  7. Still alot of big hits....waaay more than i imagined
  8. The dec pre Christmas storm last year made last last year better for me than these 3 tiny events in Leesburg and feb 2021 will be better than feb 2022. Gonna take a mecs this month for it to surpass last
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