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  1. snowing really well here in fringeburg
  2. people should relax after seeing the d11-15
  3. I've seen this many times where at the very end of runs...the gfs would end up the driest and most southeast
  4. this storm better deliver. Next weeks precip chances are not really inspiring
  5. Good run for the Leesburg fringers
  6. I hope it's all rain for them. Usually a good sign for me
  7. We need a ukmet type solution
  8. as we wait on the euro...who had Alvin Kamara tonight in Fantasy....yikes
  9. i dont remember seeing an event that gave us 0 snow at 6z and a snowstorm at 00z....1.5 days before the storm outside of Jan 25,2000.....i mean i really cant think of any
  10. When you don't like one nam just go to the other
  11. Isn't the nam getting retired?
  12. used to it. Being west sucks unless there is a snowstorm
  13. hug the NAM3K and call it a night
  14. how reliable is the NAM 3K??!