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  1. yours because things were still looking good when you posted after i had posted!
  2. as soon as you posted on FB...everything went to the crapper!
  3. yikes. just imagine when we get a +AO/+NAO
  4. wait till the first storm that snows in some places in the area and rains on everyone else
  5. aldie lol? youll be lucky to see slush this year. Aldie might as well be in Fairfax county..
  6. we follow each other on twitter if im thinking its the right guy. He posts alot about weather, eagles,redskins,baseball lol
  7. the third storm will actually be the first storm of the christmas torch pattern
  8. for the 80th time in a row...the freaking south is going to see snow first before we do
  9. and not as subtle hint of suppression!
  10. this is what our -NAO/-AO is gonna give us?
  11. Looks like things are being pushed back or not looking as good as it was
  12. Such a dissapointing winter. Wasting cold air again
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