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  1. this should make judah cohen relevant again on twitter
  2. dude i dont care of boston gets 41...id take this
  3. i might stay for this storm...and then as it winds down...take a flight to New England and call it a winter
  4. agree. sometimes it snows in February and sometimes it dosent snow in February.
  5. jb probably already firing up the delayed but not denied standard line
  6. Icon was trying to bring it back too...its like on its 3rd resseructuon
  7. Ya I dont get this dude. We might on the average get 4 days a year where heavy snow falls. He might need to move
  8. But it gave us snow lol unlike the coastals lol
  9. The 00z euro showed how lucky we need to be. Gave sw VA 30 inches of snow with a superstorm and perfect ull low placement. Rain for us lol . It will take a miracle. The demise of the bob chill storm was catastrophic as that was easily out best setup of the year
  10. The gfs had a great track and it was still rain....in western maryland