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  1. Ji

    Winter 2022-23

    did that change much from prior runs? Id like to see the mean trough a bit more to the west or that looks like it only spells snow for you Cape
  2. Ji

    Winter 2022-23

    Absolutely doable Sidenote: I'm going to change this winter!
  3. you post in the non winter?
  4. Ji

    Winter 2022-23

    cant...as it gets hotter and closer to July..all i can think about is winter....lets hope we get some blocking
  5. Ji

    Winter 2022-23

    Disaster right?
  6. You did learn how to read models though so well bump it to a B-
  7. yea...i am no rush to get into the heat. I hope its icy through early June
  8. Have a good off season guys. Lets all try to come back 10-15 percent better posters for next winter
  9. just took the dog out to the backyard...looks like 4 inches or so...
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