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  1. just peaked at the enso models and it looks like neutral to La Nina?
  2. yes..why is this being posted in the march thread
  3. i hope they never touch that model. And to think...it was going to be the OP model but Capital weather gang ruined it
  4. This unfulfilling winter needs to end. We keep falling short
  5. Dt says your on crack lol
  6. you win 9 out of 10 times by taking the least snowiest model
  7. euro is horrible. No cold again
  8. Gfs suppression next week. Too cold!
  9. euro has it too dude. Euro actually gives me more snow lol
  10. EPS supports a closed ULL going near or under us lol
  11. euro destroys us day 9-10. Would be fitting to have a Nov 15 snowstorm and march 27 slowest moving storm of all time
  12. lets pretend the green is blue...lets do it!
  13. this is already the hottest spring ever. Terrible