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  1. Ji

    May Banter 2020

    It this because mappy dosent want to moderate the covid thread? She dosent have too...its banter
  2. Ji

    May Banter 2020

    Trolls=people who dont agree with you lol?
  3. Ji

    May Banter 2020

    why cant we talk about covid lol?
  4. Ji

    May Banter 2020

    Why is the covid thread locked?
  5. Ji

    COVID-19 Talk

    55% of VA death count is from nursing homes.
  6. Ji

    COVID-19 Talk

    Hi guys. I hope you are all staying home and social distancing until the vaccine comes out or we get our first snowstorm or we reach 60% unemployment
  7. wow we are really going to finish this winter with no snow
  8. no cold high is killing us
  9. Those numbers are not impressive especially if you remove china and Italy from equation
  10. that is one nasty -EPO -NAO lol and we still ridgin
  11. when your season total is 0---i would care about 1-2
  12. our first legit snow threat all winter and nobdy is posting on it
  13. Omg 2 good gfs runs in a row