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  1. its funny. As soon as the euro run ended...i told HM on twitter that he euro control would save us before it even came out
  2. if i had to draw up a disaster...i couldnt of done it bettter than todays models did it
  3. there is no cold air anywhere
  4. only we can find a way to blow a historic -NAO
  5. looks like storm stalls over New England:(
  6. no HP pressure....this -NAO period looks like a #$3storm
  7. so much for slow moving storms lol
  8. euro way more south than GFS should be interesting
  9. its the biggest disaster since the Titanic
  10. 12z GFS appears heading towards garbage. Euro is much better model in blocking right?
  11. not bad and improving. There is some wild stuff on the EPS members lol. blocking is fun...until its rain
  12. what model typically forecasts MJO the best? We are entering phase 8 but models differ on amplitude
  13. there is alot of big hits on the euro EPS for march 2-3. Not sure if they are all snow though. Here is P1
  14. i would of paid 19.99 to see the 390-424 hour 6z GFS