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  1. euro mean has 99 in Leesburg next friday lol...the mean bro
  2. next week looks like e legit heatwave per EPS. Shoot me now. Euro seems to have a warm bias but even if you chop off 3 degrees per day...its still hot
  3. i mean you made the right call. One of the wettest winters of all time....i bet you would call for a big storm again given what you know
  4. Super nice guy in person though lol.
  5. so you think the ensembles will help the storm become snowier?
  6. dont laugh lol...the euro has us starting as snow next weekend!
  7. EPS had some massive hitters at 00z---gone at 12z. this hobby sucks ass
  8. 33 of 50 euro members gave me snow in my March 18-21 window lol
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