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  1. The difference at 500 on gfs is laughable between 18z and 00z
  2. Here is Euro at same time frame about to phase the streams. With nam..that low would slowly move east and not phase
  3. If we were still one big forum...you would be insufferable right now
  4. id kill for a storm like that now with all the modeling that we have available...i cant believe we havent gotten close to getting a storm like this since 1993 with all the "global warming"
  5. Nothing more overrated than a triple phaser for us. #cutterlol
  6. All the showmethesnow windows have ended in disaster. He needs a little bob chill negativity
  7. Dont waste your time on it
  8. Yea...if it wasnt for @Cape and wes...the eastern shore would be higher
  9. But that is too be expected though
  10. Most of you all were happy when models were giving you. 30 on last weeks storms
  11. despite seeing 32 straight hours of snow...anyone staying up till midnight for this snow shower?
  12. the 3 towns that irk me the most when they get more snow is Raleigh, Richmond and Columbus
  13. WTOP said the offical amount for Leesburg was like 11.8
  14. where is the rest of it?