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  1. So it was a flizzard in other words.
  2. What that has to do with the SB i have no clue. Enjoy your false dreams.
  3. I'm scared to ask exactly how excited you got. Was it a secs,mecs,hecs or becs?
  4. I have a better chance of my wife letting me have a threesome, than the Vikings do of winning the SB.
  5. +1,000
  6. They suck and they are now in the last wild card spot. The NFL is painfully mediocre.
  7. Shorten is the key word with NW Baltimore WX
  8. Hey now. Stop stealing my job.
  9. Congrats. Happy to hear the great news. Your son is adorable, apparently he gets his looks from his mother.
  10. Last time i took one, i poked a hole in the roof of my car.
  11. You know it
  12. I once posted that i only had 1" when i obviously meant 1'.
  13. I just lost power.
  14. Best WS of my life. Just insane.