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  1. Completely ridiculous. I just don't understand it. I almost lost my shit Friday night. It makes ZERO sense. Roman has to go. Harbaugh has lost his mind. I'm apoplectic.
  2. The Euro is about to come around and show a foot for us, so we only need to behave for another hour and 30 minutes.
  3. What is snuggling?, is that an English word?. I'm not familiar with it.
  4. My wife claims the same thing, but we all know it's a lie.
  5. We all need at least a foot from this storm. It's getting stiffer in here than me after i have a date with Halle Berry.
  6. @stormtrackeris sleeping. He should be ashamed of himself. I miss his pbp.
  7. I’m definitely not greedy though. I’ll take this run in a heartbeat. More painful than NY is Salisbury getting 20”.
  8. If the full phase was 6 hours earlier we would definitely get a ton.
  9. Lol. NY gets 27” and 60 MPH winds. I need to chase if this goes down like that.
  10. Definitely true but it will still hurt watching them get 2 feet and insane winds.
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