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  1. Oh I’m definitely not misinformed. It takes a lot more for me to be triggered than some tough words from an alcoholic in his 50’s. Keep trying though. The cursing and tantrum was real mature.
  2. I'm scared to ask how you know what s**t tastes like. I love the new avatar. Welcome back.
  3. They are obviously going to give him 2 more full seasons to see if he can improve these things. They definitely need to get more weapons around him. I'm just happy they had not given him an extension and then this regression happened. Not being able to hit wide open receivers is a HUGE problem.
  4. I hate to say this but i agree with Phin. LJ was beyond horrible today. NO NFL QB should miss that throw to Andrews in the 4th qtr., he was WIDE OPEN. It's just flat out inexcusable. He had Andrews wide open in the end zone for another TD and he threw it way too late. He just looks horrible and has looked that way since the Titans game last year in the playoffs. I think it's time to fire Harbaugh and Roman and draft another QB.
  5. I have taught her too well.
  6. How did you know my wife said that.
  7. I hope they didn't forget to wipe.
  8. Avert your eyes. It's uglier than me in a XXX movie.
  9. I think this is Howard's outlook.
  10. BWI: 19.2 DCA:11.3 IAD: 20.8 RIC: 4.4 SBY: 5.1
  11. Why he followed you in the first place is a better question.
  12. Did you check out Uranus?