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  1. Public Service Announcement - Please Read

    I’ll give you credit, you never give up. Persistence has to count for something.
  2. February Banter Thread

    We need D’andre Jordan if we want to go anywhere in the playoffs. I really hope we can get him.
  3. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    You spend way to much time at your in laws. Light snow falling here.
  4. February Banter Thread

    Playing like beasts since he got injured. It may actually be a blessing in disguise. We will have Wall healthy and rested for the playoffs and we will have a legitimate backup in Sataransky.
  5. February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    The best 4 days of my life.
  6. January Banter String

    This place is becoming one hot mess.
  7. Public Service Announcement - Please Read

    So Bob are you saying i am now useless around here from now on?. My expertise is nothing compared to any of the better posters, so I guess i resort to doing what i do best (although Mappy would disagree). I am sorry if I offended anyone with my posts and i will try to limit my crass comments in the model threads. I think i need to go to dirty jokes anonymous. Thank you to all the great posters here who have made this place and Eastern so great over my 12 years here. Thank you especially to Bob who does incredible work explaining everything so even an idiot like me can understand.
  8. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    Are you talking about snow here or something else?.
  9. Drought

    I am in a severe sex drought.
  10. January Banter String

    It's actually a very nice city. But the -10 for four months is not for humans.
  11. January Banter String

    I think that’s the first time anyone has ever said that.
  12. January Banter String

    Just like the cakewalk Atlanta had. Thats the Philly advantage. The nation thinks we are 1-dimensional ie all offense all Wentz. Nobody talks about their D. I like it. Hoping they are huge home dogs again. Eagles dont stand a chance ;-) Oh don’t get me wrong I actually like the Eagles. Their chances of beating the Saints or Vikings though, are slimmer than what’s between my legs.
  13. January Banter String

    If they beat the Saints today they will have a cakewalk. Lucky bastids.
  14. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    Two boobs are never a bad thing.
  15. January Mid-Long Range Disco

    What i used to do when i was single is NSFW, even for Randy.