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  1. It's definitely not good. Our window looks like it's the next 3 years. After that it will get ugly with LJ's massive cap number.
  2. Happy Birthday Mappy.
  3. Happy 50th Birthday Randy. May you get as much action as you have gotten the past 49.
  4. We definitely need an FU button
  5. I have had a tripod my entire life. They work fabulously.
  6. They better restart some sports soon or i'm going to resort to watching pocket pool. I hope i don't scratch very often.
  7. Prostate problems?.
  8. Lol. I would have figured they would have cracked by now. Happy Birthday old man. May you have many more happy healthy ones.
  9. I had no idea. I'm so sorry to hear that. She was so young. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  10. My torchy area would be quite a bit larger.
  11. Can we please talk about sex and sports. Most Americans favorite pastime no matter what their political affiliation is. We can all agree on something.
  12. OMG. I’m salivating. If i lived in your house I would weigh 500 lbs. They look amazing.
  13. Can we please talk about the fact that the Ravens have the easiest strength of schedule along with the best team they have ever had. If they cancel the season i will go so postal it will make the Covid thread seem mild.
  14. We need a lot less Covid talk and a lot more of Mrs. J's baking pictures and recipes. I'm stuck home with plenty of flour, let's get it on.