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  1. I thought 1987 was much worse than 2004.
  2. Is Fux news the same channel as I regularly watch, F*cks news?
  3. Unfortunately just at night. I'm working on adjusting it to all the time.
  4. The thermostat in my bedroom says 69.
  5. If he was high he couldn’t amuse a 2 year old.
  6. I have a SunBrite full sun outdoor TV and that baby is indestructible.
  7. This thread is filled with a bunch of complete weenies. You should all move to Miami.
  8. Not to get personal but what kind of STD do you have?.
  9. You must be one poor ass mofo.
  10. There is more fighting in this place than a bad marriage. This place used to be fun, now not so much. Oh well, it’s gone the way of society. Nobody respects anyone else and it’s sad.
  11. Can you stop posting. What are you 12? People have been asking that of you since Wright Weather. Maybe when you take your own advice I’ll think about listening to you.
  12. Be honest, you come here for my sick mind.