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  1. ravensrule

    November Banter

    Definitely. He is a marked man.
  2. ravensrule

    November Banter

    Tom Wilson. My man. What a beast.
  3. ravensrule

    November Banter

    I saw the arbitrator reduced it to 14 games after he missed 16 games. Screwed us out of two games. He picked up 370K so he is happy. I can't wait to see him back on the ice. The only thing that would be better is him checking Yoda into the boards.
  4. ravensrule

    CWG Winter Outlook - 2018-19

    Great write up like usual.
  5. ravensrule

    Mid-Atlantic winter 2018-19 snowfall contest

    BWI - 38" IAD - 40" DCA - 30" RIC - 15" SBY - 17"
  6. ravensrule

    November Banter

    The post was pretty helpful as well. Either way it was a good win. Malkin better get suspended.
  7. ravensrule

    November Discobs Thread

    It rains in the desert?
  8. ravensrule

    October Banter

    That’s an understatement. So brutal. Watching their games makes me want to destroy my TV.
  9. ravensrule

    October Banter

    How is Vice Wiener allowed to constantly spew his nonsense.
  10. ravensrule

    October/November Mid/Long Range Disco

    Great post showmethesnow.
  11. ravensrule

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    If Roger is bearish we are F’d. There are times when we got a wintry mix and he predicted 20”.
  12. ravensrule

    October Discobs Thread

    Lol. Tom T is twenty times better then Adrienne Green.
  13. ravensrule

    October Banter

    I hear you. It doesn’t help that Howard is a sissy sitting out with a strained ass.
  14. ravensrule

    October Banter

    I have gone through this for years with him. It makes no sense. I’m a Red Sox, Warriors, LA Rams and Capitals fan.
  15. ravensrule

    October Banter

    The OT win didn't satisfy you?.