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  1. Yanda was the nail in the coffin for our season. So much promise down the drain. Very painful.
  2. There is definitely not room for three of us. Please leave it to the original.
  3. You are turning into me. There is not room for two of us in here.
  4. She must multiply everything by 2.
  5. I call it the Kate Upton model. I'm looking at it now and it's already 140 degrees in my house.
  6. Some things never change.
  7. I prefer a nice bust.
  8. Oh do i have many responses to this. Alas i will pass.
  9. We have a winner.
  10. Lol. Did you know i am a Patriots fan in football, a Blackhawks fan in hockey and oh right a Yankees fan in baseball. In college basketball i swing between Duke, Kansas and Kentucky. In college football i am a Clemson and Alabama fan.
  11. It's from WxBell
  12. Looks excellent like always. The 8-12" in Philly may be a bit low.