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  1. Those are the most satisfying. You wait so long and it finally pops a storm.
  2. Disgusting talk in here. I’m appalled.
  3. It's just Eskimo being his usual self.
  4. Just got back from LA. What a game, what a friggin butt whupping. I honestly never dreamed they could play this well. I was surprised at how many Ravens fans were there. I would say at least 5,000. Nice showing. I think if we beat SF this Sunday we run the table and get the number 1 seed.
  5. I have been reformed. No more dirty talk until the first 1” snowfall
  6. I hope he is wrong, but unfortunately he is usually right.
  7. What a friggin butt whupping. There was an unbelievable atmosphere at the game. What a win. GO RAVENS.
  8. Me too. I really miss his posts. Hopefully he comes back.
  9. Mature and grumpy as ever. Enjoy your circle jerk with Forky.
  10. Being a complete asshole doesn't allow someone to be a troll, glad you find it funny and allow the posts because you are good buddies with him.
  11. You are always so sweet. Such a vile comment.