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  1. I would prefer a happy ending.
  2. I'll be over shortly with my homemade fertilizer to help you out.
  3. Short pipe is such a pain to lay.
  4. They just plain old SUCK. So depressing. Turgeon is an awful coach. I wish they would fire him. I'm having dirty dreams about Gary Williams at this point.
  5. You don’t need to read them. Or better yet put him on ignore if it bothers you so much. It’s much better than being a complete jack off.
  6. Please keep your personal issues to yourself.
  7. I don’t understand how you aren’t 5 posted. You make me look like Wes.
  8. You have a big pole so you matters well.
  9. When was the last time you got off a ride until it came to a full and complete stop?.
  10. 50% would be a dream. I’m thinking our chances of winning it all is more like 10%.
  11. They are definitely a 2 seed as of now. They have a tough remaining schedule, but if they can play well and win the Big 10 they could get a number 1 seed.
  12. MD moved up to number 7 like i thought. Fear the Turtle.
  13. You are talking about the game in January 2001 the night before the Ravens SB win. I’ll never forget that game Jason Williams destroyed us. 9 points in 54 seconds. Unfortunately i had floor seats for that debacle.