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  1. If only i was as stiff as some people on here, i would have a very happy wife.
  2. It's honestly the dumbest thing i have ever seen. With a lot of extremely bright people here it's even more surprising. In SNE they start the threads a week before all the time. Guess what, they get a shit ton more snow then us and it doesn't seem to be affecting them.
  3. I was spreading regular seed since i was out of grass seed.
  4. The shaft on my car broke down last time i was on this road trip. I'm thinking it was probably all the pounding of the roads and the overuse.
  5. Matt’s deck pic is probably pretty big right now.
  6. Sounds like a regular night in your bedroom.
  7. You have apparently never been to my house.
  8. Hit it hard and wait for the dry slot.
  9. Unfortunately i have overdosed countless times. I'm going to rehab shortly.
  10. I'm sorry but if you want to post in this sub forum, you need to remove that HIDEOUS Yankees logo.
  11. Lol, talk dirty to me @WxUSAF. I agree 1,000% with you.
  12. I'm not used to dealing with such small storms, so i will leave it to you to explain that.
  13. That’s an oxymoron. I’ll take the flying garbage can cover guy over this tool any day.
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