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  1. Prostate problems?.
  2. Lol. I would have figured they would have cracked by now. Happy Birthday old man. May you have many more happy healthy ones.
  3. I had no idea. I'm so sorry to hear that. She was so young. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  4. My torchy area would be quite a bit larger.
  5. Can we please talk about sex and sports. Most Americans favorite pastime no matter what their political affiliation is. We can all agree on something.
  6. OMG. I’m salivating. If i lived in your house I would weigh 500 lbs. They look amazing.
  7. Can we please talk about the fact that the Ravens have the easiest strength of schedule along with the best team they have ever had. If they cancel the season i will go so postal it will make the Covid thread seem mild.
  8. We need a lot less Covid talk and a lot more of Mrs. J's baking pictures and recipes. I'm stuck home with plenty of flour, let's get it on.
  9. Some people always hate on the big dogs.
  10. I'm scared to ask how you would know that.
  11. I'm bored and need someone to play with me but i'm going to Oregon.
  12. I heard NW Baltimore Wx worked for 14 seconds last night.
  13. Only because I don’t come into this thread very often. I have taught NW Baltimore well. He makes me proud.
  14. Mention my name and you will get 50% off. Enjoy.
  15. That looks way too healthy. Whole wheat bread will kill you.
  16. I'm waiting for the day you say that to me.
  17. Totally agreed but this is the deepest wide receiver class in ages. We can pick up a very good one in the second round. I wonder if we take a flyer on AB. That would be very high risk but very high reward. We have plenty of picks to get quality depth on the OL. I love where we stand.
  18. I still remember that game like it was yesterday. It was the Saturday night prime time game and it was snowing to beat the band. It even further cemented my hate for the Pats.
  19. Unfortunately when you have such a big stick it needs to slant somewhat.
  20. Hey hey, calm yourself.
  21. How did you become a Raiders fan?. My sympathies on the loss of one of your family members.
  22. Agreed 1000%. The Ravens are never usually big on moving up but i think they are a stud linebacker away from winning the SB. I sure hope they get one tonight. I'm prepping for this thing like it's the SB. I have all kinds of fine cuts of beef awaiting me.
  23. We really need some sports back before this place turns into one huge civil war. Which liberals want to discuss tonight's stimulating draft?.
  24. OMG, the most hideous tattoo ever. I can't believe his advisers let him get it. It definitely won't help his marketing.