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  1. @CAPE vehemently disagrees.
  2. Who doesn't love those.
  3. He missed your complaining.
  4. If only severe made me horny like snow, you would be 100% correct.
  5. DD for my yard. Pretty painful winter. What a huge bust.
  6. I got around 3" with strong winds. I thought it was a great storm. It's so hard to please people around here.
  7. Could have fooled me. From what i have seen he isn't very short.
  8. We really miss you, but paid gigs obviously come first. Happy fishing.
  9. That entire section is honestly an embarrassment to humanity. Funny to see the political leanings of most on there.
  10. That place has a lot of people with WAY too much time on their hands.
  11. @usedtobe's nipple doesn't like this map.
  12. As are pictures of Victoria's Secret models, unless you look like Zak Efron. People still love to look at them.
  13. @psuhoffmanwill be posting 4" pics with drifts to 6".
  14. Since this is a family board, I’ll skip one of the 900 comments I have on this post.
  15. What a great surprise. It came down hot and heavy. Got over .6”.
  16. Unfortunately i only have one blue thing, and it ain't my snow map.
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