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  1. Congrats NE MD on your first snow. Dry and boring here like usual.
  2. I like the whining coming from Lake Tahoe. We're definitely in a different pattern then last year.
  3. Ugh.. I know. Cloudy is common in Dec. People ask me why my greenhouse is lit with plant lights. It's because cannabis needs light and our days are short and cloudy. They love the combination of both sun and LED's. High clouds and 47 outside Greenhouse- 76 with sunny conditions, and humidity of 46%. Winds about 10 mph. Week 7 of flower.
  4. It's not good when every time I log on the most popular thread is the panic room. I'm getting vibes of the past shitty winters lol
  5. This is a place where it's allowed. Don't make people afraid to meltdown here. He can swing whatever direction he wants in here lol
  6. We do boring extremely well. Still foggy and boring
  7. At this point do we just root for a crazy new record? Foggy and boring.
  8. Yay the old JI is back and it only took until Dec 1 lol
  9. It looks and feel like Dec. That's all I care about these days. Climo where I live includes cloudy, chilly days in the 40's with rainy conditions. Today is a perfect day for starting Dec. Snow near Annopoils in December is rare and special in this area. Even when I was a kid 35 years ago snow in December was a treat, not a guarantee. I do remember some nice ones.
  10. Normally we just cancel winter during our meltdowns. You can cancel winter then 6 hours later you can un-cancel if your feeling better or manic over the next op run. I'm going to start sending weed gifts to everyone who gets reefed starting Dec 15th lol
  11. Denver Colorado is laughing at this warm ground guy lol
  12. I hate clippers. I'm glad they died off years ago. Worst tease storms of all. It always ends up as you described lol
  13. Just did a Jeb walk and it was amazing. Feels like deep winter out there. It's already down to 27. Greenhouse is a toasty 75 degrees with a humidity of 53%.
  14. Perfect.. I'm down. I've got the most beautiful flowers you can imagine. Grown with love and sea weed. Once you get reefed, I need your mailing address so I can send your free medication lol
  15. On a positive side note. Doing a crop of weed in my greenhouse from September to the end of December has been easy. No real cold, low humidity levels has saved a lot on electricity. The plants have done amazing as they are entering week 6 of flower. Looks like a stinky Christmas ahead lol
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