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  1. Another wet morning. Have yet to see a flake so far. I was hoping this morning would be it. Nope, life in AA county.
  2. Ahh.. winter in the mid Atlantic. Cold rain
  3. I'm stocked with firewood and ready for this cold front tomorrow night. Epstein didn't kill himself
  4. Good news is that seasonal forecasting is as accurate as the woolly worm dark patch.
  5. I guess you missed the Nov 11, 1987 thundersnow storm that dropped over a foot.
  6. Frosty morning here in AA country. I had to scrape my windshield this morning. Temp 32 in my yard. First night of the season running my woodstove.
  7. Honestly I can't even remember the year. It was a line of storms that I remember causing lots of tree damage from AA county to where my aunt lived in PG county. It may of not even been widespread. So I really only remember one solid event. We all know what that was. That was probably a 75 year event.
  8. I've seen widespread severe twice in the 41 years of my life in this area. It happens less the 25" snowstorms.
  9. So, wedges followed by possible flurries in the mountains and cold temps in central MD. Got it.
  10. Looks good for us fokes east of DC. I want this radar in 2 months. It would probably be 33 and rain instead lol.
  11. About 1.50" in my garden rain gauge. I've had almost 2" since Sunday. Keep it coming!
  12. Not sure how much I got but it was a soaker. Some heavy showers trained right over central AA country. Great fall day. I left the house at 5am and headed out crabbing. It was nice picking crabs while the rained poured down outside.
  13. Looks like I get a 5 minute shower then back to dry dusty for the foreseeable future. AA and PG counties seem to be the bullseye of this impressive drought. I hope we don't get some crappy warm dry winter this season.
  14. That much? It was still dry under the trees where I live. I doubt we see anything this week.
  15. Yeah. I'm sure we won't see a drop. My point and click has slowly taken the chance out for Monday and Tuesday. I'm pretty impressed by this drought. Amazing how horrible it looks from AA country all the way to OC. Trees are dieing, grass is gone.