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  1. Looks like over a 100 let out of isolation. That's positive for sure. More are coming out then going in.
  2. We have no idea what happened in China. They certainly aren't telling the truth. I'd be willing to bet a paycheck that millions died in China.
  3. I don't do alcohol but I did stop by the dispensary and stocked up on cannabis lol
  4. Living in the Mid-Atlantic is what went wrong.
  5. Best news in the LR all winter. It's time to put a fork in this turd and move on. Hopefully some warm weather will slow these viruses.
  6. No big rush. We'll be above 80 for the next 7 or 8 months.
  7. Finally a rain thread. Cutter after cutter hopefully brings floods or wind, or anything interesting. 55 and rain is boring.
  8. It won't matter this year. Sun angle doesn't matter much when all we get are 60 degree rain storms.
  9. Let's hope not. I'm sick of 45 degree rain. Coldest morning of the fall here. 16
  10. Peach trees will be in trouble again this year as well.
  11. Another nasty muddy spring morning. This winter will be one we talk about for year to come. All other fails will be compared to the warm turd of 2019-20.
  12. In 6 hours it will be cutting to Chicago.
  13. Oh look, more warm tropical rain. This has been one long and nasty November.