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  1. For next week or the snow on snow storm following?
  2. I took my drone up to 300' and took a look around at the clouds. I caught a good picture of an isolated snow shower to my north. It had that jellyfish look to it. It was the most exciting snow event of the season so far.
  3. I'm starting to hope I don't get some 4" slop fest in February to ruin my snowless third year in a row. At this point let's go for records.
  4. I'm surprised this place isn't packed. Punting another January and working on snowless winter #3 and it's crickets in here lol
  5. Don't worry. You'll get plenty out there at some point. I've had 12" total since 2016 lol. I'd be happy with 4" and call it a season at this point.
  6. Fantastic shot. I miss snow. 37 and sunny
  7. Coating of what? It's going to be near 50 today. Maybe a few sprinkles or showers later according to my point and click.
  8. Right now I'm averaging one 6" storm every 4-5 years. Climate change? Who knows..
  9. Yup. Soon as I saw that I knew it's close the blinds time.
  10. We've been in this rut for four years. I've had one real snow in 4 years. 2016 was a fluke that basically melted 48 hours later. We've been in a rut for a long time. This winter has been almost comical here east of DC.
  11. Only problem is there's 0 cold on this side of the earth. If something does pop in short range it will just be rain.
  12. It ended back in Dec when my 1" of slop got washed away by 3" of rain.
  13. Hopefully. 45 and muddy is getting old and boring. Winter really sucks around here now that we don't get snow anymore.
  14. I just had a Facebook reminder. I got over 10" from that beautiful storm. That was a great weekend. It started Saturday afternoon and snowed until late Sunday night. Just calm, cold steady light snow. That was the only real snow I've had in 4 years.