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  1. I'm pretty much back on the ridge full time. I've got a place in AA county also. Down to 31.2
  2. Nice steady snow shower here in Carroll County right now. Looks like a half inch on top of the nearly 4" that fell last evening. Temp 32
  3. 21 degrees with legit heavy snow here on Parrs Ridge. Hope to hold the colum here most of the storm.
  4. 8.2 degrees here on top of Parrs. Hoping for decent frozen after the thump.
  5. You must be new here. Every been NAM'ed? Around here we go with the snowiest model as gospel. During a good NAM'ing we bow to "king NAM" lol. Anyway.. GFS time. Sorry for banter.
  6. I'd like to make an announcement to my fellow ultra nature connect snow freaks.. I'm officially back in the swamp of AA County. No snow on Parrs Ridge was worth the living hell of a relationship I fell into. Anyway.. 1/8/22 season totals Parrs Ridge 4.6 Gambrills MD 14.3 The signs from the snow gods are undeniable. I'll take my 33 and rain while the fall line points west get powder then live the way I was. Right now I'm looking at a beautiful snowpack right here in the sleety, swampy lowlands of AA County. I love bay county just as much as the highlands. MD is an awesome state. Peach and love, friends Daniel Next observation will be from my home in the swampy lowlands of bay county. It's been a rocking January here in the swamps. Here's to a much deserved rocking winter to us lowlanders. Three more inches and I crack climo.
  7. I was actually just sitting here thinking that lol. Chilly up here already. Temp down to 32 and steadily dropping. Hoping for some Parrs powder tonight.
  8. I'm at almost 1000' in Carroll County and it's 20 lol
  9. Down to 30 here at 900' elevation. Snowing steadily. Starting to notice snow blowing off the roof. Looking like a snowstorm.
  10. Looks like where I am on the southern part of Parrs Ridge made it into the snow shield. Started at snow and is sticking to every surface. Hopefully we stay in the good qpf.
  11. I'm sitting here on Parrs Ridge packing my bags. Headed down to AA county to stay with my parents. I told my girlfriend I'm crazy when it comes to snow. Now she's learning the extent of it lol
  12. Wintery morning up here on the Ridge. 35 degrees with light flurries and ice pellets.
  13. Only us elite northern zoners at elevation care but we're humble lol
  14. Crazy how winters abruptly ended in the lowlands within the past decade. I was hoping moving up onto Parrs Ridge would help. So far just as snowless as Annopoils lol.
  15. I remember when that use to happen in mid November lol. 24 about an hour ago here on Parrs Ridge. Wintery looking morning.
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