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  1. That's because we don't get snow anymore. Makes snow lovers grumpy.
  2. Naa.. because April will cold and rainy and everything with rot.
  3. The pattern will change and well get plenty of cold rain in April and May.
  4. And poof. That was fun to track for a week. I'm so bored with this winter. Hopefully next weekend juices up and at least gives us some heavy rain and flooding. I'm desperate for weather.
  5. That's exactly what I thought I was watching until I noticed the amount on the ground lol
  6. You too my friend. Good luck tomorrow.
  7. Comments like that remind me why I like you. Nothing better then a lady with some spice lmao
  8. Ok, good luck with that. Enjoy your inch of slop followed by a few chilly days, then another cutter (like I said 5 days ago).
  9. This has been a nonevent for days.
  10. It more like we've had 2 storms since 2013-14. 2016 was cool but not the best HECS I've seen. That winter was a joke besides the 3 days of winter we had. Winter definitely is not what it use to be. This winter is definitely following the trend. The worse winters are full of pattern chasing. When you see that you know it sucks.
  11. Cold and dry followed by more cutters that look like snow 10 days away.
  12. I agree. I'd love that. Let's hope keep fingers crossed.
  13. I hope I'm wrong but we all know how this goes. I've been here long enough. Sorry for the meltdown, mappy but I'm just pointing out what JI will be here shortly doing.
  14. I've been here long enough to know when you're like this things aren't looking good.
  15. Friday night isn't long range. We have a good idea what it's doing. Models are converging on it going into Minnesota. That's a goner I'm afraid. As far as the LR. That's as reliable as the woolly worm lol