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  1. Pouring here in the rainforest. I'm right under the stuff ahead of the main area of rain. Looks like im in the bullseye as usual. I'd estimate I've already gotten a half inch and it's steadily pouring.
  2. Starting to see some red in the silver maples, dog woods and sweet gums. These cold nights seem to be kick starting the trees.
  3. More importantly.. does it actually rain at your new location? Impressive 44 degrees here in the rainforest region.
  4. Nothing new here this summer. My area has been the bullseye for every rain event this summer. I've never seen it this wet and nasty in the 42 years I've been alive.
  5. .85" last night here in the rainforest. Looking forward to actual fall weather in September for once.
  6. I'm sitting right in the middle of the rt50 band. It's been snowing steady here for the past 2 hours. Closing in on an inch with moderate snow and 18 degrees. Enjoy those clouds and frozen mud. Steady light rain. Radar looks good for here in the rainforest.
  7. That hurricane at the end of the run is only 1500 miles east of where it had it yesterday. LR modeling is as accurate as the farmer's almanac. I'm vowing not to look beyond 5 days this winter.
  8. Rain made it right up to my yard then slid off to the east and NE. Hrrr is basically a few showers for everyone except Southern MD.
  9. It's been raining on and off all day here in the AA county rainforest. I can hear it coming down pretty good as I type.
  10. Pretty good slug of moisture moving into Southern MD. Interesting to see how much of that makes it up our way. Could be a rainy day if it makes it.
  11. Mosquito hell is in full effect. Picked up a total of 2.95" yesterday and last evening.
  12. I can't believe I got another flooding rain this evening. Two rounds went through. The first round was the tornado producer. I was less then 5 miles from the affected areas. The lightning bombs it was tossing were impressive. I received 2.65" in a short time.
  13. One heck of a lightning storm here in the rainforest. I was driving over the Severn River bridge and witnessed some bad ass lightning bolts. Big ole thick long lasting bolts just bombing the Severn. Looks like more storm building back around DC. I got a 1.50" here at my house in about 30 minutes. Not severe but really fun storm.
  14. Severe in Mid Atlantic- A bunch of hype followed by a few showers. Maybe a 30mph gust in Glen Burnie lol
  15. Scattered high clouds here but more blue then clouds. Steamy