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  1. Totally true. It's either 88 and blazing sun or cloudy a 51. Sunny and 70-75 is as rare as 28 with snow. Our specialty is 33 and rain and 95 and drought lol.
  2. Ugh.. it's been cloudy and 51 since last November lol. So over it.
  3. It's been 18 hours since my second shot of freedom juice. I feel totally fine so far. Maybe slightly chilled but that could just be the chilly weather. I'm going to take it easy for today. I'll wait 14 days before I cause a scene at Home Depot for not wearing a mask.
  4. Isn't Qanon dropping a message for you to decode?
  5. It's been 4 hours since I had my second Moderna jab. So far I just have the typical vaccine in the arm feeling. Cannabis doesn't seem to effect anything either lol
  6. Second this afternoon!! Woohoo! I hope I get chills and feel like shit tomorrow. I want to feel my immune system in action lol
  7. A stretch of cold and damp can change that really fast. Cucumbers especially hate cool damp weather. Fungal issues can develop and cause problems. I like to wait until temps are at least 55 at night. I've had healthy plants suddenly go from healthy to mush from long duration cool damp weather. I've tried everything over the years. I get the big loaded monster plants when I plant later.
  8. Same. I think we were the same day a month ago. Arundel Mills casino?
  9. I don't mid 60's during the day but I'm totally over 40's at night. I'd like to get my garden planted before June.
  10. I agree but it's the lows in the 40's that make a gardener cringe. I'll take mid 50's for lows and highs near 70 all summer lol. Just get rid of those 40's!
  11. Probably won't be until late May around here. 40's at night for the next 10 days should halt the process.
  12. Yeah. We'll go from 60's/40's to 95 and humid.
  13. This next 10 days looks cold and miserable. Not good for growing tomatoes.
  14. Missed to the north yesterday. Missed to the south today. Radar says congrats south of DC today. Just a passing sprinkle and muggy.