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  1. Me neither. The ground here is bone dry and rock hard. Hasn't rained in almost a month while 4 miles east of my house it's a swampy mess. Cloudy and almost early fall like out there this morning. I hope the models are correct and I get a couple inches of rain tomorrow.
  2. That enhanced risk ended up bringing me a 10 minute shower that probably dropped .05". Still dry under the trees and ground is rock hard. It went from swamp to desert in 30 days.
  3. That's what I was wondering. Hasn't rained here in about 3 weeks. At this point I just want some rain.
  4. That cell headed towards Rockville looks hooky in the last couple radar passes.
  5. What's up with short range models? They don't even have any precip except for a spot in NJ. HRRR has nothing at all for MD.
  6. That thing is just sitting there over Trapp now. Probably some flooding going on there.
  7. It's been 3 weeks here. Grass is fried and I'm getting tired of watering. I want my swamp back lol
  8. Not a drop here again. I finally got my dry spell. Ok, it can rain again. I'm over the dusty cracked ground.
  9. This may be one of your best pieces so far this season. I can almost feel your misery lol
  10. I see they expanded the slight risk back west of the bay into my county as well. It's been pretty boring around here lately. I could use some interesting weather.
  11. I understand these fires have been occurring for thousands of years. I just don't remember seeing the smoke in my backyard until recently.
  12. This is another thing I don't remember as a kid. I don't remember smoke from wildfires until about 10 years ago.
  13. I didn't get a drop from the storms the other day. I guess I'm getting my wish for things to dry out. Maybe not this dried out lol
  14. Hopefully not. First morning here in the 60's in a little bit. A cloudy cooler day would be a nice break.
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