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  1. Nice loud storm passed mostly south of my area along 70. Lots of rumbling and some beneficial rain.
  2. Great couple weather days here in OC. We had some beautiful storms the past couple evenings. Windy but beautiful today.
  3. Heavy rain showers here in OC this morning. Some rain for my gardens in Carroll County would of been nice.
  4. I was sick for two weeks with a dry cough and sinus congestion, no fever. I lost my smell and taste about two days into it. I'm still coughing some and nose is clear. My smell is coming back very slowly. Weirdest virual infection I've had. I never felt that bad but felt weird like a hangover. I test negative the entire time. I got it from my girlfriends kids. They had the exact symptoms and negative test. I think it's a new strain.
  5. We had a bit here on the ridge this morning lol. Moving to Carroll County was the best move ever. Got down to 50 on my deck.
  6. Severe in Mid Atlantic meaning to me: Today there's a chance I won't have to water my garden. Severe around here is like last night. Some random cell produces a micro burst. Organized widespread Severe has happened like twice in my 43 years of life here.
  7. I looked outside and saw the clouds and fog and thought it must be a severe day lol. 67 with low clouds and fog.
  8. Another perk of living here in Carroll County is that it's dark and clear. I've seen a few already.
  9. Just cloudy and damp here in Northern MD. Boring weather this week here.
  10. Well... I'd pay big bucks to experience monster hail lol
  11. Conditions have improved here in Carroll County. Sunny skies with a stiff breeze. I can almost see the wind shear.
  12. Rain and drizzle all morning. Ahhh..severe season is back. I'm not sure how anyone can get that excited for severe in this area. It's more rare then getting 2' of snow.
  13. Yup. Every year people act all surprised lol. It's the only weather we do well around here with. Of course it's going to be 90+ in mid May. It's MD lol
  14. Looking forward to seeing what flooding is like here on Parrs Ridge this summer. Lots of crazy hills, valleys and ridges. Water must go crazy around here when we flood. My neighbor said they get springs basically shooting out of ground when it gets bad. Anyway.. looking forward to a nice rainy couple days. It's good for the vegetation.
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