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  1. It was really wild driving around this morning. I had to run and get some last minute ingredients this morning. I left the house at 7:45am and it was 41. I drop about 400' into a lower area down near 70. It was 33 with heavy frost. Pretty interesting living up here. Last week it was raining until a half mile from my house. I came up one last hill and boom. Suddenly it was all snow.
  2. Wtf lol. 10 degrees warmer up here again.
  3. I was wondering why people in the swamps were reporting mid 20's this morning when it was 35 here. As I dropped down into a little valley this morning it was coved in thick frost. High spot where I am felt almost warm.
  4. That's odd. Temp dropped here to 33 last night then rose to 35 this morning. Guessing the high moving east is the reason.
  5. Just fell to 17. Wasn't expecting mid teens tonight. Woodstove burns 24/7 here. Just with different intensity depending on temps.
  6. When you say "Western Highlands". Do you mean far Western MD or the Highlands out here in Carroll County? I'm pretty high here lol
  7. Same here. Woke up this morning and the deck looked white. It was! Legit trashcan topper.
  8. Chilly this morning up here. 33 at 7:00am.
  9. Perfect track right over Carroll County. Hopefully the beginning of exciting weather for my second season living on the highlands.
  10. Times like now I'm really happy I'm sitting on 8 cords of dry oak.
  11. Down to 34.2 here for probably the low. Really dry air out here. Hardly any frost or dew this morning.
  12. Where's the Oct long range thread? Looks cold next week. Not much mention here.
  13. I'm thinking the peaks over 3500' on Skyline Drive probably did or are seeing some.
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