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  1. Looks good for us fokes east of DC. I want this radar in 2 months. It would probably be 33 and rain instead lol.
  2. About 1.50" in my garden rain gauge. I've had almost 2" since Sunday. Keep it coming!
  3. Not sure how much I got but it was a soaker. Some heavy showers trained right over central AA country. Great fall day. I left the house at 5am and headed out crabbing. It was nice picking crabs while the rained poured down outside.
  4. Looks like I get a 5 minute shower then back to dry dusty for the foreseeable future. AA and PG counties seem to be the bullseye of this impressive drought. I hope we don't get some crappy warm dry winter this season.
  5. That much? It was still dry under the trees where I live. I doubt we see anything this week.
  6. Yeah. I'm sure we won't see a drop. My point and click has slowly taken the chance out for Monday and Tuesday. I'm pretty impressed by this drought. Amazing how horrible it looks from AA country all the way to OC. Trees are dieing, grass is gone.
  7. And AA country continues on to D2 drought. Congrats to everyone who got a little rain this morning.
  8. WTH happened this morning with the site lol. Looks like some funky update went on.
  9. Looks like yet another 90 degree day on tap. I can't wait for that front later next week.
  10. I can breathe easy. Justin Berk is saying were going to have a snowy winter because on sept 24, 2010 it was 95 degrees. It's atmospheric memory.
  11. So does my point and click. After these 2 days of normal temps it's highs near 90 as far as it goes out. I think our rants are justified.
  12. I was standing in my bathroom and heard something I haven't heard in months, rain. It was hard to believe at first. It was a 2 mile wide rain shower. Weird
  13. We'll just get dews new 80 and clouds.
  14. It's more of the fact that we have no clue how to forecast hurricanes.
  15. Models aren't excited about and rain today. They are excited about the one thing we do best, heat. I'm sure we'll over perform and be near 100 this afternoon. Can't beat highs near 100 in the middle of September.