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  1. January Discobs Thread

    This first day of spring is nice. 3 weeks of winter is over and now 4 months of spring to go. Oh joy
  2. January Banter String

    Been there do that. I had 2 go bad at the same time. Hurt so bad it made me dizzy. The antibiotics take about 3 days to start working. I took Advil like a junkie. Once you get them out make sure you follow the directions. You don't want dry sockets.
  3. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    That blob to the SW has me interested. If that sucker makes it into the metro we might get a little more fun.
  4. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Surprised to see what looks like we'll over an inch on the ground and still snowing. Models busted on this one lol.
  5. Drought

    I'm a bit of a farmer and I believe in the drought thread lol. This has been one of the drier winters I can remember. The ponds in my area are pretty low. I hope the drought breaks with grid clogging blizzards
  6. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    I'm in Western AA county. I had to do a second look when I noticed clouds streaming in from the SE. I thought it was weird since it's so cold. Looks like a warm summer morning type sky.
  7. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    You must be new to the area.
  8. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    This is starting to feel like a colder version of last year. Maybe we'll get our storm come late Feb with blazing sun and temps the next day in the 60's. No thanks. Give it to me in the next 6 weeks or bring on spring. I'm starting to hate winter more and more in this area. I'm moving north eventually. This area sucks
  9. January Discobs Thread

    I had the same experience. Hardly any rain and still a balmy 43. I can never remember such a dry winter. The cold weather is making it worse because it makes us think we might get snow. We've seen how that's gone. Heck.. We can barely get rain.
  10. January Discobs Thread

    I love locust. I've got about a couple cords of some really dry locust. I'll be burning that towards the end of January. Right now I'm burning 2 year seasoned chestnut oak (white oak family). I think it's just as good as locust. Locust sparks a lot. White oak and hickory are my favorite. I've got lots of black cherry for late Feb through spring. It's not as hit burning so it's easier to control when it's not that cold out. I burn soft wood like popular and silver maple when it's just cool and damp out. I cut all my own wood. I've got all the toys lol Down to 4 on my backyard thermometer.
  11. January Discobs Thread

    My house stays 75 degrees regardless. I've had my woodstove roaring for a solid 2 weeks. I've burned a cord of oak in those 2 weeks. This kind of cold eats some wood. Down to 6 degrees in my backyard and 81 degrees in my lower level. 76 upstairs. Woodstove is reading 600f.
  12. January Discobs Thread

    Pretty impressive driving around the Eastern Shore today. Looked like Canada. Wind was blowing snow across the road and drifting everywhere. Once I got out towards Herlock it started getting good. They had a nice storm on the Lower Shore. The ice cover on the waterways was awesome. It looked like the arctic. 12 and dropping
  13. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Closing in on 3" at my house. 3 miles to my west looks like less. Probably only 2 in Crofton. Still coming down pretty good under this stationary bad. Wind picking up.
  14. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Enjoy! I'm jealous. Actually doing pretty good here too. Haven't measured yet but it's looking like a snowstorm.
  15. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    I'm just to you east by like 3 miles and I'm estimating 1.5". Been snowing hard for about an hour now. Snow started around 10 and has been steady. I can see on radar where I'm under a narrow heavy band. It's dropping some snow.