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  1. Looks like the western push of precip has hit the breaks. Hopefully it stays to my east. Im still swamped from getting every thunderstorm in the state for the past month.
  2. More then that. Skeeters are massive and fungal issues are out of control in the garden. I've got corn falling over due to soil becoming mud and rotting tomato plants. It's something EVERY season.
  3. We've been getting hammered all summer. My area has had a pretty incredible amount of rain in the past month. I picked up 3" yesterday and overnight.
  4. Looks like another 4" training storm event for AACO. It's been pretty incredibly wet in my local area for the past month.
  5. Heavy tropical rain and lightning here at the moment. Hopefully it stays just heavy rain. I don't need any strong winds right now.
  6. Models showing a non winter? That's fantastic! Big winter incoming.
  7. Best storm I've seen in a couple years while in Severna Park. It was about 3 when I noticed it building to my NNE. It moved south along the bay breeze boundary. It was really cool (because my gardens weren't being affected) Lots of lightning strikes, hail, super heavy rain and wind. The hail was impressive. It blasted holes in some zucchini plants i saw. Glad it didn't hit my garden.
  8. Hey, it rained last night. Looks like about .35" in the bucket. The garden should be happy with that.
  9. The haves and have nots is pretty amazing around here. I was out near Federalsburg today and it was dry as a bone. Corn was all curled. Got back to the jungle (my mini farm) just in time to get swamped by another storm. I got a little over a inch today. That's about 7.25" in 7 days. My corn is head high and starting to tassel. No curls here.
  10. I've had over 6" of rain since Saturday. No sprinkler here for a while.
  11. Nothing here yesterday but some distance thunder a couple wind gust from outflow and light shower. After 4" on Saturday I'm good with drying out for a few days.
  12. Got home from work and was surprised to see just shy of 4" in my bucket. From radar I was estimating I got between 2.5-3". I was worried about my corn lodging (falling over) with that much water in soil alone with the wind i hear we also had. Everything is fine thankfully. With growing crops it's surviving from storm to storm.
  13. Radar starting to light up to the SW. Hopefully we can get some storms around here today.
  14. Medical marijuana works wonders on my chronic stomach issues. A couple puffs and 30 minutes later I'm ready to eat.
  15. That's about all I got here also. At least I didn't have to run the sprinklers for one evening. Edit: just checked the rain bucket. Looks like little bit over half inch. Not bad.