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  1. The drought in my yard here in western AA County is temporarily on hold. Getting nailed with some beautiful rain as I type. Just sitting on my covered patio enjoying a homegrown joint and watching it rain. Edit: It just keeps building and getting heavier. Wow
  2. My heater might be continuing. Flair up right to my west. Come on, little cell. Hold together.
  3. Floyd was a really cool storm here in AA County. Trees blew down everywhere, tons of rain and a PRE event.
  4. Looks like storms are developing in VA. They look east of the desert wasteland valley region unfortunately. Possibly some action for the rest of the area.
  5. NE MD didn't even have to wait until noon to get inundated with storms. Must be a swamp up there. Seems like they get crushed every day. It's humid, damp, cloudy, and about 80 degrees here. Seems very tropical again today.
  6. Yup. Central VA has been swamped this summer. Looks the the drought won this round. I'm glad I got an inch. Probably it for another couple months. Looks really dry from today onward.
  7. Will this blob make it to DC? We'll see.
  8. Looks like 1-2" with lollies up to 3" across the DC area, up your way, and across PG and AA. I'll take that run too. I'm just happy to I've had some interesting weather finally.
  9. 1.15" in my yard yesterday. Feels like the front came through overnight. Beautiful morning. Looks like another chance for rain tonight.
  10. It looks like the line in VA is growing SW and headed generally towards the DC area. I wonder if that makes it across the area. I'm on a mini heater today. I'll take all I can get.
  11. Second round of storms incoming. I'm on a heater today. The sky has been beautiful for the past couple of hours. It reminds me of tropical remnants. I hope the front stays where it is. Sorry western fokes. I've watched you get snow for years while I get 33 degree rain.
  12. Just had another downpour that brings my yard up to almost an inch for the day. I see a tropical looking sky with some blue showing up to my SE. Hopefully it gets things unstable for later.
  13. Best rain of the summer in my yard. That first batch dropped 0.85". I wouldn't be surprised to see more later today. Radar to the south is becoming more active.
  14. Dumping rain. Looks like central MD is lighting up like a Christmas tree.
  15. It's getting ominous looking to my south. It looks like this beast developing to my south is growing NW and to the SE. I hope this gets as many people in the metro as possible with some real water.
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