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  1. Yeah but it looks like it really starts to get going after it is off the screen.... just by the way the trashcans are pulled towards it.
  2. I am about 2 miles south of Jacksonville. We had a little wind and lots of rain. Measured 1.88 inches in the gauge yesterday
  3. Wow after reading the banter thread today. I need a stiff drink.
  4. I heard the sun is going to set tonight
  5. Great night for this.
  6. Me too... but I was hit with the stomach bug this week... first time in almost 2 years since I have been sick
  7. Thanks... not that it really matters... all they need is 15%
  8. I was looking around and I couldn't find it... but will Camden Yards be at 100% capacity?
  9. I wonder if it was WxWatcher007's trunk we saw with the gas for sale?
  10. Pretty unimpressive cold this winter. The lowest BWI got was 19 degrees.
  11. Yeah mine are pretty much gone too.
  12. Yeah I got my second one yesterday. I am having aches in my upper back and neck. The injection site is not as sore as the first time though.
  13. FYI... Walgreens has a ton of openings in the Maryland area for COVID vaccines.