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  1. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Yeah... This was when their first started to use brine on the road. It was heavy rain to snow. The rain washed all the brine off the road. I got around 7 inches of paste in White Marsh and I-83 was a parking lot.
  2. January Banter String

    mid 40's are going to feel sooooooo good today.
  3. January Banter String

    Are you starting to crack??? Where is your upbeat attitude saying the snow is coming and tons of it?
  4. January Banter String

    Bye Bye WWA for now. I hope you and your brother WSW come back later this year.
  5. January Banter String

    Yep. I thought the same thing. Baltimore City school have gotten soft in the last 10 years. It would usually take at least 5 inches of snow to close them.
  6. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    little over an inch here in Glen Arm MD
  7. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Poor Frederick County Schools... Only norther tier to be 2 hours late
  8. January Banter String

    Even the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees minus 88.6 degrees F
  9. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    CMC looks interesting at the 240 mark
  10. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Looks like I am staying up until midnight according to the HRRR... That will be the start of my 4 hours of light snow
  11. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Looks like after tonight... All Lake Cutters until 384
  12. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    The GFS was never in this event more than a frontal passage. The Euro was all over the place. I guess we all wear rose color glasses some times.
  13. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Well it will be during the morning commute... so the WWA warranted
  14. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    It doesn't even look like good rates anymore. The Kuchera is less than the 10:1 output for Baltimore City
  15. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Like I said last night. The trend was drier and drier... and it continues on the 12z runs. As the front slows, it gets robbed of it's QPF... as others have pointed out. Remember a couple of days ago, we were asking the snow gods to slow the front down. Be careful of what we wish for.