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  1. Down to 28.0/23.2 with light snow
  2. Big Goose Egg here... 24.6/14.2
  3. NAM is going to make a couple more people happy. At least they will see some snow.
  4. Really... My point and click is for 35. I currently sit at 30.9
  5. I am glad we are sticking to these guidelines in the long range and storm threads.
  6. Need to make sure they get their budget next year.
  7. Didn't that just happen with the last storm... I think we used it up.
  9. GFS 6z is perfect for everyone. If only it would come true.
  10. I also believe we had our coldest low high temp that year some time in Jan.
  11. You are correct. I lived in southern Carroll county and it was a sleet fest storm after storm.
  12. I mean I don’t know what you are looking for. I do not know of anyone who thought that downtown Washington or Baltimore was going to receive any accumlations.