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  1. Moderate snow now In Timonium. We’ll see how long this lasts.
  2. Just a few random flurries in Timonium
  3. Oh boy...taking the family to Disney for the first time this Sunday (out of BWI). I will never root against snow, but hoping for an earlier onset Saturday morning and clearing out by the evening.
  4. SN+ here. Roads have since caved. Estimating an inch.
  5. Mod to heavy snow here. Beautiful scene. Have to say the hrrrr didn’t get this one right in my neck of the woods.
  6. Approaching car topper status Temp dropped a degree in the past 15 mins to 36
  7. All moderate snow just north of the Baltimore beltway. 37/30
  8. Interesting. It’s snowing in Lutherville right off of York road.