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  1. At 198 the transfer finally starts taking place near NYC
  2. That looks close. To me it looks positive tilt going neutral. If I had to guess I would say if a storm is there it would be a close miss to the south. Would love to see a next frame.
  3. I feel like I've heard this before from someone
  4. Speaking of delayed...GFS delayed on all sites?
  5. Great run for GFS and Para. The window PSU has been talking about is now showing up with a good looking storm. That’s step 1. Temp and precip type is a long ways away.
  6. 5 minutes earlier: "Feb will be rocking and then March will have a blizzard like 1993."
  7. Big storms lock in a week in advance....errr something
  8. Not to play the role of downer, but I remember on many occasions where the UK is the last to lose the storm idea. Still time though to see if that's the case here.
  9. I didn’t know the ICON could even show snow In seriousness great to see it show some cold at the surface. Let’s see consistency now from all guidance
  10. 18z run must be good if we are comparing field goal kickers and long range tweets