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  1. BWI: 10/30 RIC: 11/5 IAD: 10/28 DCA: 11/2 Tie: 82F
  2. First line was a 5 minute gusty shower. Let’s see if anything comes from this line.
  3. The line does seem to be moving more east than south.
  4. Swing and a miss in Lutherville. Lots of thunder and a few drops.
  5. A nice, much needed soaker so far.
  6. Perhaps I’m not remembering correctly, but I think that is what happened with Irene in the DC Baltimore region.
  7. Crazy lightning and thunder! Power flicking in and out.
  8. Just some cloudy skies near Towson. We missed out yesterday and it looks fairly weak here today. Just hoping for some rain!
  9. Considering everything has been below climo, it’s nice to at least see blue on a map. Plus, I think everyone by this point knows to take it all with a grain of salt.
  10. Temps are near 40. Suspect of those snow maps.
  11. I have to ask...why do you put parentheses around half of your comments. Are you having an internal dialogue?
  12. Snow shower with grauple in the Towson vicinity
  13. Moderate snow now In Timonium. We’ll see how long this lasts.
  14. Just a few random flurries in Timonium