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  1. Seems a bit over amped, which is a tendency sometimes. Time will tell
  2. That’s what my parents and in-laws always say. “My phone says a giant snowflake”
  3. Always wise to rely on weather apps and the weather channel
  4. Going to be in Disney next week. I’ll bring a snowsuit just in case…
  5. RGEM keeping hope alive for parts of Indiana, Ohio, and most of Kentucky
  6. I just want to know….is the 3K NAM an improvement
  7. Absolutely. I was just toggling through the past 24-36 hours of the GFS. Lots of shifting each run. Also, look how much the models have shifted with tomorrows follow up storm. Long way to go
  8. Definitely have been sitting in the cicada deathband for quite a while. Looking forward to the back edge!
  9. Even 50 degrees today will feel glorious without the pesky NW winds.
  10. Or Jason Garrett coaching for the Cowboys
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