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  1. That’s scary, hope your youngest recovers quickly.
  2. A local qpf max right over dc metro? Not something we see everyday.
  3. Really efficient rain producer. Radar returns are sporadic/clear, but it’s a drizzlard out there.
  4. Looks like 1” like most here. Big af dry slot… I don’t like dry slots even in all rain events. Only time it’s good is when it cuts precip off just when a changeover happens
  5. Leaning towards this kind of thinking/temp departures, too.
  6. Having lived through Ike in Houston in 2008, Ian’s radar imagery gives me goosebumps.
  7. That’s not gonna fly with my Vietnamese wife. She’d be shivering in her thick wool coat at those temps haha
  8. Low 46. Forgot to turn on the heating before bed, and it was 69 in the house this morning.
  9. Been a while since I’ve seen an easterly fetch like that. One could dream of this being in January and the high centered over Toronto… Ok, back to the present. Carry on, people.
  10. Hope it all stays intact for them. Looks like serious flooding if wind isn’t the main issue.
  11. Looks like guidance is split in 2 schools of thought, one having Ian fizzle in the carolinas and the other driving it up the EC. Must depend on the interaction with the trough
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