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  1. Tons of small hail in Avondale with strong winds
  2. Went from nada to heavy pixie dust near the Metro just now.
  3. Purely anecdotal too (didn't look into the moving parts), I don't think the Ukie ever really showed an amped solution with GHDIII ever, so nice to see at least a run with that solution during the 0z run.
  4. Those radar returns entering Cook and Dupage look juicy
  5. I'm near ya too! I'm in Avondale myself.
  6. Someone show the maximum snowfall amount at the end of the HRRR for everyone
  7. late run 18z HRRR joins the rest of the models in this big time
  8. How's the HRW FV3 model been? I'm assuming not good with winter events? The weenie in me is binning it with other higher resolution models that are shifting North.
  9. I could so envision a scenario where Cook gets to 10" plus by getting lucky with the frotogenetic band and then additional lake effect/enhancement while the main storm passes Southeast.
  10. I saw that haha. I'd love to see that individual member
  11. And SREF is also still NW. Grasping at straws lol
  12. I keep remembering this winter one of these forecast originally in NIL and it ended up in southern WI. Not 100% but pretty sure it happened.
  13. I was talking about the 21Z which is even better and obviously doesn't cover the main event. Plumes are terrible though at long range, so just watching how they trend.
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