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  1. I take it this is a faux wagons west that will correct back east? I would've expected people to at least get hopes up since the trend hasn't stopped yet?
  2. Very small flake size in the city still but it got a lot heavier the last few minutes, backed up by radar returns too
  3. Tons more moisture robbing from those Ohio Valley storms https://climate.cod.edu/data/forecast/animations/NEXLABdpdt-12Z-20220102_NAMMW_prec_precacc-50-100.gif
  4. More negative tilt to the secondary wave as well so far?
  5. Haven't seen much talk about possible lake enhancement, but seeing hints of it at the end of the 3km NAM (obvious long range caveats apply)
  6. I'm located at the same location and can confirm. Most of that was from last night, but it's coming down fast now.
  7. My work wants me to drive from Chicago to Grand Rapids tomorrow or Tuesday and I'm having a hard time convincing them it's not a great idea given the huge change in the forecast. Big Oof. At least I'll experience lake effect?
  8. It has been puking snow up by me in Avondale. A little west of the Wrigleyville area.
  9. Heaviest snow and largest dendrites of the entire storm ongoing now on the North side of Chicago
  10. Around 3" near Avondale. Looks like that snow band is just north of me... Barely snowing here.
  11. Hopefully given the trends, TV channels can start getting the word out. I can see people getting confused when they only get an inch from the Sunday event and are surprised by much more from the main event.
  12. Bit the bullet after lurking for a long long time. Maybe I'll try to most more often if it merits! I also took a few atmosphic science classes in undergrad and grad school at UIUC while studying energy systems engineering. Currently an emerging technology mechanical engineer.
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