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  1. Minus a couple runs, most non american models have performed very well with this one as a non event. Riding the op euro usually works out.
  2. its the nam passed 48 hrs, of course it's north and wet
  3. euro about ready to seal the deal on the December shutout
  4. plume mean up close to 3 at ORD but they're notoriously amped/north at this range
  5. agree, didn't say it's wasn't a good call
  6. i was mostly trolling Joe but i guess Cary#s works too
  7. really does look like joe's indian summer will verify into the med/long range, can't say i'm too bummed, better than CAD at least
  8. DAB northwest to 3-4 far southeast is a fine call will go with 1.5" IMBY final call
  9. consistency points for sure i guess, they're only worth something if it's right tho
  10. Would be the best mid range score for the gfs in a long time.