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  1. Time to lean on a crappy weekend starting tomorrow. Gonna be a waste of a dry day tomorrow with suicide weather followed by a wintry mix Sunday.
  2. Here's to this long crappy Halloween weekend.
  3. Accuweather bringing up a repeat of this past Memorial Day weekend in regards to this week's pattern. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-forecasts/rare-fall-noreaster-miserable-weather-to-mark-final-week-of-october/1037400 We may very well have a crappy Halloween weekend at that rate.
  4. Next week, however, is going to suck. The Euro shows an Omega Block for next week.
  5. Are we heading for a September 2011 redux?
  6. CMH and DAY both managed to sneak in a 90 this afternoon while CVG got 89'd. This'll be the last time to hit 90 for the year. Fall arrives on time next week. The 12z Euro is hinting a cutoff low for mid-to-late next week.
  7. This means we'll be heading for a 2nd September in a row without a 90. NWS and TWC both dropped all 90s from their forecasts. Going to be a waste of a hot period.
  8. We may very well have a crappy weekend on tap. Cloud cover has already increased significantly ahead of the upcoming system that is supposed to arrive tomorrow night into Sunday. Labor Day looks good.
  9. DAY finished with 2.91" of rainfall for the month just 0.05" below normal while CMH tied for the 5th wettest August on record. In addition, CMH had 17 days with measurable rainfall, just one day short of the record of 18 days set in 1882 and 1980.
  10. Another 90-degree day today. This is the longest heat wave of all heat waves this Summer. Of all the storms that fired up today, I got 0.16" or rain.
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