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  1. Next week, guys. We're done. We can write off this week knowing how it's going to be. Next week ought to be a little bit more sunnier. Indianapolis mets are apparently starting to hug the January 2017 analog already. Won't be long until Chicago mets start talking about the cloudiest January on record in 1998, as well as the top 4 cloudiest streaks below: Chicago’s longest strings of cloudy weather: 1. 12 days: December 29, 1991 – January 9, 1992 2. 10 days: December 16-25, 1895 3. 9 days: February 4-12, 1897 4. 8 days: January 22-29, 2017
  2. Mid to late February at the earliest, based on these.
  3. Another crappy weekend this weekend. This Thursday looks to be the best shot for any sun in the forecast at the moment. Otherwise, it's safe to write off this final week of January. Based on how this upcoming last week of January shapes up, I still can expect the first weekend of February to be totally sunless like these past couple of weekends. It's rigged.
  4. January 2017 analog unfolding. Maybe worse......the late December 1991-early January 1992 analog, as well. Based on observations from, during the latter analog, Dayton was without sunshine for 11 consecutive days from December 28, 1991 to January 7, 1992. I see Chicago last had any sunshine back on last Tuesday. NWS in Chicago has no sunshine through at least Wednesday. If that happens, it would at least tie the 4th cloudiest stretch on record of 8 days that occurred just back on January 22-29, 2017.
  5. As of January 19th, a recording of 0.3 inches now places Dayton for the 6th least snowiest January on record. Dayton's Top 10 Least Snowiest Januaries: 1. None - 1944 2. Trace - 1933 2 (Tied). - Trace - 1932 4. 0.1" - 1989 5. 0.2" - 1923 6. 0.3" - 2020 (currently, as of January 19th) 7. 0.4" - 1916 8. 0.7" - 1950 8 (Tied). - 0.7" - 1919 10. 0.9" - 1908 Also as of January 19th-20th, Cincinnati now ties for the least snowiest January on record with only trace amounts.
  6. Since the final weekend of December, every single weekend had an overcast day occurring on at least Saturday or Sunday, even with precipitation. The final weekend of December, as well as this weekend have been absolute shutouts. Next week does not look to be any better. Neither would Groundhog Day weekend be any better at all, according to the GFS that has been hinting it for almost every run for several days. I'm beginning to favor the weekend solutions, especially on the GFS. At this going rate, this winter will be mostly remembered for its sunless weekends.
  7. I had a feeling this would be a crappy weekend since this past week was that kind of week sunshine was hard to come by. Wall-to-wall overcast skies with a soaker yesterday followed by a raw overcast Sunday with temps in the mid teens the entire day and mood flakes.
  8. Columbus has had only a trace of snowfall so far this month. The previous Januaries that Columbus only had a trace of snowfall the entire month were 1944 and 1932 (both tied for the least snowiest January on record), however one of the two Februaries that followed those Januaries were better. February 1944 recorded 8.8 inches of snow while February 1932 only recorded 0.4 inches of snow. Columbus' Highest Daily Maximum Snowfall During Those Februaries: February 1944: 4.3 inches February 1932: 0.4 inches As of today, Dayton still only has a trace of snowfall this month. With January 1944 as the least snowiest on record without any snow at all (not even a trace), the previous Januaries that Dayton only had a trace of snowfall the entire month were in 1933 and 1932 (both tied for the 2nd least snowiest January on record). January 1944 that didn't have any snowfall, let alone a trace, was followed by February of that year recording a monthly snowfall total of 8 inches. February 1933 recorded 3.2 inches of snow while February 1932 recorded only 0.6 inches of snow. Dayton's Highest Daily Maximum Snowfall During Those Februaries: February 1944: 3 inches February 1933: 1.5 inches February 1932: 0.4 inches As of today, Cincinnati literally has no snowfall so far this month, not even a trace. Never has Cincinnati had gone through a January without any snow since records began in 1872. The least snowiest January on record is only a trace back in 1989, tied with 1944, 1933, 1932, and 1923. February 1989 recorded 3 inches of snow while February 1944 recorded 5.8 inches of snow, February 1933 with 4.1 inches of snow, February 1932 with only a trace of snowfall, and February 1923 with 3.6 inches of snow. Cincinnati's Highest Daily Maximum Snowfall During Those Februaries: February 1989: 1 inch February 1944: 2 inches February 1933: Same as above February 1932: Trace February 1923: 2.7 inches
  9. 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 both made the top 10 warmest winters on record at Dayton. 2015-2016 had a snowfall total of 12.7 inches while 2016-2017 was the most recent single-digit snowfall season with only 8.5 inches. March 2016 almost made it to one of the top 10 warmest Marches on record while March 2017 ended slightly warmer than normal, despite a prolonged cold period in the 2/3 of March. The coldest low temperature so far (and will likely be for) this season was 5 degrees back on November 13th with the second coldest low of 8 degrees on December 19th. It is still currently a lock that we'll still have single-digit snowfall totals after we begin February. Could be one of those years that we may not really have to pay for it as much in March and/or April. #springiscoming #twentyhundredandburnttoacrisp
  10. We may very well be going into February still with single-digit snowfall totals so far this season. Still sitting at a snowfall total of 7 inches as of December 16, 2019. So far this month, only a trace of snow was recorded just a week ago. Dayton's Top 10 Least Snowiest Januaries: 1. None - 1944 2. Trace - 2020 (currently, as of January 4th) 2 (Tied). - Trace - 1933 2 (Tied). - Trace - 1932 5. 0.1" - 1989 6. 0.2" - 1923 7. 0.4" - 1916 8. 0.7" - 1950 8 (Tied). - 0.7" - 1919 10. 0.9" - 1908
  11. Too cloudy, as well that January. Sunshine at DAY that month was only about 13%. Chicago was without sunshine for an 8-day stretch during the final third of the month which was the 4th longest stretch behind the all-time stretch that occurred in late December 1991-early January 1992. Thus, it was the 2nd cloudiest January ever in Chicago behind 1998.
  12. Really going to pay for this November next month.
  13. This Thanksgiving's one for the suicide booths. Overcast and highs in the upper 30s the entire day, wish the rain from the upcoming system came earlier than tomorrow evening. Going to be a long crappy Thanksgiving weekend.
  14. 50 Shades of November 2018 during the next 1-2 weeks.
  15. Last October all over again coming up in the final days of this month! Even Halloween is a repeat of last year.