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  1. Around the 5th Anniversary of the Memorial Day tornadoes
  2. TWC's calling for a high of 72 for Memorial Day. Want a bad Memorial Day? Go back to Memorial Day 1996 when temps were in the 50's all day.
  3. Rainfall is overperforming. Daily total so far is 0.93" as of 9am. Record is 2.20" in 1974. Might as well get at least 2 inches today.
  4. Or else, 2024-25 would end up as Neutral instead of a Niña.
  5. Today turned out to be what seems to be the sunniest day for the month.
  6. Might as well be in some kind of blocking pattern at this rate. Very few, if any, dry days to come by over the next couple of weeks. May 2003 all over again. May 2003 had a record 21 days with measurable rainfall.
  7. 86 here. A prolonged active stretch begins today, so the upcoming week will be a wash.
  8. This was the 2nd completely dry weekend for 2024.
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