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  1. What about 2014-2015? Mild and literally almost no measurable snowfall during December 2014. Wonder if we're here for a December 2014 redux. This month is shot.
  2. Going to be one of those weeks, especially with day after day of the mercury barely budging.
  3. At least we didn't have to wait until February for the first 1+" snow like last Winter.
  4. Underperformed with the remnants of Nicole. Only got 0.39" of rain from it. Going to be a long cold crappy Veteran's Day weekend.
  5. One degree shy of tying the record and only got a trace, so far today.
  6. We narrowly escaped the top 10 driest Octobers.
  7. It's official. The first freeze of the season has happened tonight.
  8. A nice, rain-free weekend. A great way to kick off October.
  9. Accuweather's 2022-23 Winter forecast: https://www.accuweather.com/en/winter-weather/accuweather-2022-2023-us-winter-forecast/1252283
  10. Hit 94, just one degree shy of the record. Certainly the final 90-degree day for the season. What a way to end summer!
  11. Looks like a crappy Labor Day weekend coming up. After that, models are hinting a cutoff low for the majority of next week.
  12. Scott Sabol in Cleveland tweeted this back on Thursday:
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