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  1. Finished -0.6 at DAY with 5.39" of rainfall, not enough for even reaching the 10th wettest July on record. Indy almost failed to reach 90 the entire month.
  2. So much for July being the hottest time of the year in 2021. Even with all that wildfire smoke and rainfall, can it be worse for August?
  3. Some weekend this is going to be. Looks like we're in for an overcast day to end July tomorrow. Clouds are already increasing. Highs are only to be around 75 or lower tomorrow. Sunday, we'll be dealing with widespread haze from the wildfire smoke to kick off August.
  4. Not one 90 during this wasted hot stretch. The heat wave was too overhyped. The hype seemed reminiscent of when a significant snowstorm is forecast during the Winter to only result to a dusting up to a couple of inches of snow. Definite trainwreck.
  5. Only made it to 87. NWS now caved with TWC and dropped any mentions of 90 on their forecast. Heat wave cancel. No more 90s for the month. I will still only have a total of 7 90-degree days heading into August.
  6. 89'd at all three climate sites: CVG, DAY, and CMH.
  7. Ridiculous gradient for early August according to the 12z GFS:
  8. Something interesting on the horizon after heading into August? According to the Bering Sea:
  9. Set a daily rainfall record yesterday: With only halfway through the month, rainfall is already above normal for this month with a current total of 4.12" as of this morning. Let's hope the 2nd half doesn't have any more rain that would end up being enough to make this month one of the top 10 wettest Julys on record.
  10. Fall is coming. Hit 75 here.
  11. CVG had its 5th wettest June on record.
  12. Hit 90 for the second time this year while CVG got 89'd. The convection did a great job dying off before it even got here.
  13. If only if it were to be dry and sunny.
  14. JB is rooting on a chilly start to July. If the GFS verifies, that could be the worst pattern to start off July in a long time.
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