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  1. Another overcast Sunday. Suicide weather. Three Sundays out of four were like that this month, two with rainfall. Tomorrow will be the third overcast Monday in a row for this month. Wash, rinse, repeat. Have also yet to experience the first freeze of the season. The latest first freeze is on November 25, 1931.
  2. We may very well be expecting another wet Halloween at this rate. Models are not only hinting tropical remnants this week, but also a cutoff low. This week looks worse than this past one.
  3. Hit 80 again today. It is certainly going to be the final one for the year.
  4. Gonna be that kind of week where sunshine is hard to find which is usually followed by an overcast weekend. Models are in agreement on that, as well. The GFS is even hinting a washout for the entire upcoming weekend into early next week with temps stuck in the 40s. Won't be seeing any sun until Thursday.
  5. Looks like today could be the last 80-degree day until next year. With clouds already increasing by morning, get ready for Delta to be responsible for a crappy weekend.
  6. It was the first September that DAY failed to reach 90 degrees since 2012 while it was the first September that CMH failed to reach 90 degrees since 2009.
  7. And today was our turn. Suicide weather with wall-to-wall overcast conditions and a high of only 69 today without rain. First day with a high temperature not even reaching 70 since the end of May.
  8. 89'd today. Likely have maxed out for this month already
  9. Not only a September ending with below-normal temperatures is overdue, but a September without a 90 is also overdue. The last time DAY went without a 90-degree day in September was in 2012. With also a wet start to the month expected, Septembers 2011 and 2012 would be matching analogs.
  10. Made it to 91 today, the first 90-degree day in nearly a month. Have one more shot at hitting 90 again tomorrow. It's not going to be much of the heatwave that was expected this week. August 2013 seems to be a matching analog for this now.
  11. 89'd today, highest temperature for this month.
  12. Looks like we're going to get an early Fall this year.
  13. Heading into the long range, Indianapolis and Dayton are some of those areas that very well usher in September without any 90s this month since late July. The last time Indianapolis didn't reach 90 in August was in 2015 while the last time Dayton didn't was in 2017.