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  1. 8 AOA 90 degree days here this year, all in June. MLI has 9. Lots of lightning in the southern sky tonight. A big FU from ma nature as she teases us yet again.
  2. Kind of sucks to be really close to the enhanced from SPC and prob won't get much rain again tonight. SPC really trolling us the past two days lol. Hopefully we can at least get a wussy elevated shower or two later tonight.
  3. Substantial bump northward on the latest outlook over Iowa and Illinois. IL QC now in enhanced for sig hail. This area was barely in marginal earlier.
  4. Only 0.11" early this morning. After how bad radar looked late last evening I'll take it.
  5. Looks like SPC may have been a wee bit too expansive with their risk area for this event.
  6. Got a mini-heat burst going on here right now. Getting 30-40mph southeast winds and the temp has jumped up from 80 to 82 degrees, still climbing. EDIT: Up to 83 now.
  7. Baseball size hail a bit earlier southwest of Redwing MN.
  8. Got up to 93 here and at MLI today. Got a decaying band of thunder sprinkles moving in from the nose of Iowa. Hoping for some late night thunder/heavy rain but if the stuff that forms remains elevated and doesn't form a cold pool it would likely move more eastward than southeast. Guess we'll see.
  9. Yep, may have to wait till the next 'event' lol. Oh well getting a great workout from watering every other night.
  10. 59 early this morning but already back up to 82. Dews still pretty meager in the mid 50s. Looking forward to Iowa sloppy seconds later tonight. Must be a hell of a crop of cottonwood seeds this year. Just cleaned off the AC condenser fins and they were pretty caked up with them.
  11. There's def a sense of confusion. Almost reminds me of game 7 back in 2016, did that REALLY just happen?
  12. Got down to 56 here, and currently the dew is 46. Not too shabby for mid June. My jaw almost came out of it's sockets this morning when I saw we were included in a slight risk for tomorrow.
  13. I'd like to lock that in, maybe a slight bump northeast.
  14. 86 so far here, but dews in the mid 50s so not bad out there. Gonna be laying a lot of rock down tomorrow out in front of the house so glad the dews will be quite low for mid June.