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  1. If that would have hit in mid July we'd have seen some very impressive temps. I'm thinking 105/80 type stuff.
  2. MLI tried to make it a 5th day in a row AOA 90, but got eight niner'ed.
  3. Been thundering for over 3hrs now. Still raining.
  4. Yeah, a solid performer. Picked up 1.25" of rain so far. Had hail falling for over 15 mins, mostly peas with a period of nickels. Lots of leaf pieces on the ground from the hail hitting the new tender leaves. Down to a refreshing 66 degrees after hitting 96 earlier.
  5. lol yeah it actually feels noticeably better today with the lower dews combined with much more wind. The lawn must be seriously pissed off for getting such a late start in growing this season, as it has grown about 6" in the past 3 days.
  6. DVN hit at least 96, both MLI and here 95, with another record high for MLI. Heat index only topped out at 101 here.
  7. On this date last year we hit 34, this morning our low was 74. 2nd day in a row with heat advisory, freeze advisories just 15 and 16 days ago.
  8. Still 80 degrees at nearly midnight. Heat index still over 90 at MLI and DVN as of 11pm.
  9. DVN ended up hitting 96, Sterling 97. Looks like a repeat on the way for tomorrow. Let's go for 100 lol
  10. The 70mph winds back on March 5th of this year is still the winner for this year, but this stretch of heat and humidity is extremely impressive.
  11. Another record at MLI today with at least 95. DVN hit at least 95, and hit 96 here. Peak index reached 105 here, and at least 103 at MLI. Today's 96 beat all of last year for here, the hottest it got last year here was 95 in August. What an extraordinary airmass.
  12. Heat index still 91 as of 10 pm up the river at Sterling. Pretty impressive for May 10th.
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