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  1. Been stuck at 89 here for quite awhile, MLI stuck at 90.
  2. MLI 89 so far, 2 degrees short of the record. Like yesterday some robust cu is popping, so breaking the 91 degree record looks a little iffy.
  3. Temps are languishing today in this area. MLI is 5 degrees behind, and 3 degrees behind here.
  4. 12z Euro shows widespread highs in the mid to upper 50s next Saturday for much of the northern half of our sub. Looks like 56 at ORD which would be 39 degrees cooler than today, not to mention the much lower humidity.
  5. A new record at MLI again today at 94. Ties Wed for the warmest of the stretch. Tomorrow's record is 91, so maybe we'll do it again.
  6. Warmest day of the stretch so far here. Hit 93 after starting way down at 65. Back to 91 now with some pretty beefy cu floating slowly overhead. Should keep temps from going any higher. MLI has been as warm as 93 AFAIK.
  7. MLI made 93, short of the record of 95. May have given that a run if it weren't for the heavy rains Wed night. Record for tomorrow is 91, so a new record looks likely. Made it to 92 here today.
  8. Latest HRRR looks like it has 96 for the ORD area, with widespread 93-95 all over northern IL. Shows 95-96 from here over towards Sterling as well. Noticeably cooler in that strip that got dumped on with heavy rain the other night. Only upper 80s along that strip.
  9. Yeah it was a good call. I was a bit skeptical last night but never said anything lol.
  10. As expected this morning, the clouds really screwed the heat potential for the QCA. Only made it to 86 here. The very soggy soils in the QC will likely take a bite out of the next few days potential. Yesterday's 94 at MLI will likely be the max for the heat spell.
  11. Yep, it sure was a heat burst. Temp ended up rising up to 81 shortly after 8am, and the dew dropped to 58. Also had wind gusts up to 38mph on the station, but I'm guessing they were well over 40mph at times. The air felt pretty warm and dry, but it was sort of odd as there were a few sprinkles coming down along with it. Very bizarre. Hell of a way to start the day. Later on the temp dropped back to the low 70s, and the dew quickly rebounded. By the time I arrived at work about 20 miles away the temp had dropped back to 72. Here's the weather station graph.
  12. Think we may have just had a heat burst. Never seen one here or in person before. Temp has shot up to 79 with very gusty southerly winds.
  13. 0.26" as some anvil rains finally made it in here for awhile. Some reports of over 6" of rain in the western QC. DVN received 3.75", and MLI over 2". Huge cloud shield looks like it could keep temps in check today. LLJ is feeding the storms in southern IA, so they may continue for a few more hours.
  14. Now looks like 4-5" of rain has fallen in the western QC and areas just west. This would normally be a big kick in the balls to get screwed this much, but I would rather have stayed dry like we did than have to deal with 4-5" of rain in such a short amount of time. Probably some basement flooding going on in these high impact areas.
  15. Still getting quite the light show out there with some anvil crawlers. Have even had a few loud crashes from some anvil strikes not too far away. Have had lightning non-stop since before 7pm, but so far nothing more than sprinkles. Don't think I've ever seen this much relatively close lightning/thunder without at least a little measurable rain. Been a pretty fun evening.