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  1. The 3km was showing decent rains earlier yesterday, but has since backed off. I'm going with 0.00-0.10" for here. Anything less than an inch is pretty much worthless anyway at this point. Need a good 2-3"+ soaker which obv ain't happening.
  2. Looks like a few tenths at most tonight, and that's it for the next 10+ days. Drought ramping up quickly to be sure.
  3. Last measurable rain here was on May 19th with 0.13". Still goose eggs for June. Hope tomorrow night gives us something.
  4. Great sleeping weather, hit 44 here this morning. Lovin' these 30 degree dews.
  5. Looks like our next disappointment comes Sunday, followed by another long stretch of nothing. MLI managed to sneak in another 90 today. That makes 9 already for the year.
  6. Yep. Just had another round of sprinkles. Will finish event with a T.
  7. The streak of 90s at MLI ends at 7, as morning/early afternoon cloud cover co ck blocked true potential. Only made 88 today.
  8. Nice 40 degree drop overnight down to 50 early this morning. Back to 90 this afternoon.
  9. That's like winning the lottery in this shitbag pattern, congrats!
  10. 7th day in a row with 90+ at MLI. Some storms firing off to the west, but will only benefit the Iowa side. Starting to look like Albuquerque around here.
  11. Hottest day yet as expected as MLI hit 96. Hit 94 here. Today's now the 6th 90+ in a row, with more to go.
  12. Pretty good dust devil conditions today. Saw a pretty stout one tearing through a parched looking corn field a bit ago. Up to 92 already here.
  13. The May 7th event was probably what's kept me from being too down about this awful stretch of nothingness the past few weeks. That event gave us over 8hrs of continuous thunder with several nice downpours. However, missing the March 31st event (out of town) will haunt me for years lol
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