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  1. Kind of unfortunate the lake effect event of the new season there occurs as rain lol.
  2. Coldest temp of the season so far this morning with 38. Should see a good frost tonight with temps even cooler.
  3. Interesting question, as I enjoy all types of them for what they are. If I had to choose one type I'd take a blizzard with high snowfall rates, with thunder of course lol. My 3 favorite blizzards of this type here were Dec '87, Jan '95, and GHD '11. Out of these if I were given a chance to relive one of them I'd take the Dec '87 one. 60+mph winds with the most thunder/lightning I've ever seen with a snowstorm easily. The ferocity of a high-end event like that is really top notch for a weather weenie.
  4. Already down to 39 in Waukesha WI just west of Milwaukee as of 1am. 46 here atm.
  5. Looks like we finish with 20 AOA 90 degree days for both here and at MLI. 4 days AOA 80 degree dewpoint here, and 3 days at MLI. Hottest temp of the year at MLI was 98 on 6/21, and here the hottest temp was 97 also on 6/21. Interestingly the hottest temp of the year at DVN came on May 12th with 97.
  6. Weatherbo oughta come out of hibernation soon.
  7. New record at MLI today with 95. Hit 93 here.
  8. GFS has temps near 100 tomorrow. Obviously overdone but this will prob be the last time we see 100 on the models till next year.
  9. The point has 93 tomorrow, but then 64 Thu, and 61 Fri for highs. That'll be a big change.
  10. Good to see the event ended up a bit further northwest for you guys. Finished with 1.11" tonight, and 1.41" since yesterday. That brings us to 9.80" since Aug 1st.
  11. Nice storm moving through. Had brief round of penny size hail with continuous thunder for quite awhile. Over an inch of rain and counting.
  12. Great light show currently with cluster of storms rolling in.
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