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  1. Yeah tonight's 00z run suite should have fully sampled the final wave. Sort of interesting to see the UK finally bump northwest after days of showing pretty much zero here, and meanwhile the Euro actually ticked a bit more southeast. The interaction/phasing of the two main waves seems pretty complex when you loop through the various model data. It's no surprise all of the guidance is struggling with trying to narrow down what the effective weather will end up being. All that being said, I'm still optimistic that we can bang out a 6"er here.
  2. FWIW the 21z RAP shows a 997mb low near Champaign at 12z Tue, with snow ripping over north IL into east IA.
  3. 00z NAM actually decently better for here/QC than the 18z was. Things are looking up lol.
  4. The differences between today's 3km NAM runs were definitely lol worthy. For example... The 12z The 18z And an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's new 00z..
  5. Newly updated point has 7-13" here by Wed. Not too shabby.
  6. Somewhere in the back channels the NGM still grinds out model data for them.
  7. I'll take it. 4.4" would make the top 2 event this winter.
  8. You can tell spring is almost hear. The deafening sounds of motorcyles tearing through the neighborhood are back. Yipee. Made it to 57 here so far, 60 at MLI. Very nice!
  9. Hopefully the 12z suite overdid it a bit with the southeast trend, and things correct back nw with the 00z runs. Either way, I'm riding the 6" call till I go down in flames lol. NAM FTW!
  10. Like I said last month, biggest dog will prob be late March from far southern IL to southern OH. One last middle finger from ma nature to the majority of this sub lol.
  11. Is Jackstraw reeling in another medium dog??
  12. If you look closely you can see a big shelf of ice/snow that has broken off the southeast shoreline of LM, and floated "out to sea" several miles.