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  1. Will definitely make the rest of winter interesting if the GFS smokes the Euro with this. If the Euro ends up scoring big over the GFS again we'll basically be discounting the GFS entirely from here on out, which wouldn't be as fun lol.
  2. Picked up almost 2" of snow early this morning. Nice dendrites were raining down around sunrise. EDIT: This was the first accumulating snow in exactly a month (Nov 11th).
  3. Had a burst of light snow around 3pm. Not enough to stick. Temp drop this afternoon was impressive. All moved into the new house now, so bring on the snow.
  4. Long ways off but it never gets old seeing big storms like that show up in the long range. Luckily we have another 11 days to get that to trend a bit northwest.
  5. It's kind of funny, we have almost 8" of snow for the season but it really feels like I haven't seen it snow yet in a way. About 95% of the snow that fell and accumulated fell when it was pitch black out. Will be looking forward to the first true daytime event. Even a nice snow shower during the day would be nice.
  6. Had a little period of wet snow a short while ago. Not enough to stick but nice to see mood flakes. Will be moving to the new house this week so I'm okay with the weather being quiet.
  7. May see a few flurries later on. Looking pretty quiet going forward, which has become par for the course for December.
  8. Highest gusts yesterday at MLI/DVN were both 53mph. Very windy day, but a slight underperformer for this area. Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. High wind warning verified in Janesville.
  10. Picked up 0.72" overnight. Probably stormed pretty good but I had fallen asleep lol. Temp hit 53 shortly after midnight, with lower 50 dews as well. Back down to 39 now with 50mph gusts already. Looks like a pocket of snow showers should rotate through here in the next hour or two. Highest window for winds here looks like between about 8am and noon. That's when we should have our best shot at 60+.
  11. It's a frosty 29/28 early this morning here, and we're in the 2% tornado probs for this evening. Pretty impressive warm/moist advection incoming.
  12. Yeah this is going to be a real nice wind event. I spent 2hrs mulching leaves this afternoon, which will prob be a waste of time since they most likely would have blown into Indiana anyway lol. DVN with some beefy wording in their latest disco. Sustained winds Wednesday look to be 30 to 40 mph with gusts over 50 mph likely. It is very possible that some wind gusts may approach or exceed 60 mph in spots.
  13. Definitely looking very windy late Tue night through Wed. Looks like 50-60mph wind potential for this area points east Wed. The Euro indicates another big wind maker for the weekend as well.
  14. Had a burst of snow grains early this morning.