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  1. The Euro has a little wet snow mixing in up at Bo's on June 12th lol.
  2. Pretty sweet thunderhead to the southwest from that nearly stationary severe storm west of the QC. Second severe storm of the day in the area, outside of the marginal risk zone.
  3. And don't forget, cicadas will be caking the trees adding additional mass/surface area.
  4. Finished with 0.87" here. 2024 will certainly be an exciting year. An even better total eclipse than 2017, and then the main batch of 17-year cicadas arriving. EDIT: Nice moisture convergence over Iowa. Mid 70 dews over southeast Iowa, whilst mid 40s up in the north-central part of the state.
  5. We're under a severe warning, and we're not even in the marginal lol. About to get dumped on yet again.
  6. Now that it's June 3rd it is now the 160th anniversary of the great Camanche tornado of 1860. The most infamous tor in DVN's cwa to be sure, and one of the deadliest tornadoes in US history. Hard to believe something like this happened in this area as almost all tors in this area are birdfart EF1 one-scan spin-up wonders.
  7. Euro seems to have the opposite problem compared to last year regarding temps. Last year it was too hot with temps, especially over areas that hadn't had much rain. This year it's under-doing temps by 5-8 degrees in many cases. Was off by almost 10 degrees over northwest Iowa today in areas that hit 100.
  8. 93 here, 94 at DVN. A few spots in northwest Iowa have tagged 100.
  9. They were right. Three locations at 97 degrees, while a site in western MN is at 99.
  10. HRRR brothers are forecasting temps in the mid to upper 90s over southwestern MN tomorrow afternoon. Looks like we have a shot at our first 90+ day of the year on Monday.
  11. The weather the past few days has been phenomenal. Another perfect day on the way for tomorrow. Swamp crotch weather arrives by Tuesday. Looks like mid 70 degree dews much of next week/next weekend, with heat index temps pushing 100 at times if Euro is to be believed.
  12. FFW just north of here but luckily it looks like we're gonna escape with very little. Looks pretty quiet until next week. Def gonna enjoy the cooler, less humid air mass in the next 4 days.
  13. Looks like the heaviest rains are gonna be setting up further southeast than it looked earlier, closer to DVN. Farm fields around here are just now starting to get rid of their pools of standing water, so I suppose we're gonna get dumped on later lol. EDIT: Looks like the HRRR is a little too far northwest with the placement of heavier rains based on trends. Will be playing catch up all day I think.
  14. DVN has a flash flood watch for their northern/western cwa. Hawkeye and the CR crew could be in for a lot of rain today.
  15. Very cool. As someone who is probably a little too obsessed with time lapses I can say that's a great idea with the radar/sounding combo with the time lapse. Well done.