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  1. Wow, wind chill is down to -106 now. That's crazy
  2. As of yesterday MLI is now 12.0" inches below normal snowfall for the season. Last year at this time they were 8.4" below.
  3. Mine still has the tarp on it from the warm season lol
  4. At this point I kind of wish we could just lock in goose eggs the rest of the way so MLI could get that all-time snowfall futility. Less than 4 weeks till March.
  5. They system around the 10th looks like a nice road salt washer.
  6. 4 years ago today hit -27 here, MLI hit -33 for their new all time low. Now that was some cold.
  7. -7 here this morning. Have about 2" on the ground capped with a shiny layer of glaze from the 3-4hrs of freezing rain.
  8. IIRC MLI least snowiest season is 11.1". They're at 10.7" currently, so there's still technically a chance at a new all time least snowiest season lol. I'm sure they'll nickel and dime up into the 15-19" range eventually though.
  9. I'd prob go F+ at this point, the + being for the legit bitter cold/1" snow depth ground blizzard before Christmas. Our last snowstorm with cajones was way back in Nov 2018 when we got 12.8". Been paying for that one ever since, as we've only cracked the 6" mark once (6.3") in January 2021. That storm in Nov '18 was awesome though. I'd almost be willing to do another 4-season stretch of mostly sub 6"ers to experience another one like that one.
  10. We've been exclusively freezing rain for over 2 hours now. The glazing has capped off the blowing snow potential DVN was concerned about earlier. Looks like our snow total will finish with 1.0", which brings us to 12.0" for the season. We'll see what the last half of Feb and March does, but it's looking like it's gonna be another sub 20" season if trends continue.
  11. I like how they have a giant range in snow amounts but give an exact temp for the whole night.
  12. We've gone over to mostly light freezing rain. Didn't expect that this far north.
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