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  1. Up to 59 at MLI now, and much of southern/southeastern Iowa has lofted into the low 60s. 57 the high so far here. Feels great.
  2. Yeah she's warming up quickly today courtesy of these gusty southwest winds. The dry landscape is helping out as well. Already 50 here, and 52 at MLI. Temps are outpacing the HRRR, and that has us getting into the mid 50s. Upper 50s appear possible.
  3. Here's a wind chill map from 1/20/85. All readings are actually 18z this time, and these readings are from the "old scale".
  4. Made this map using data from Weather Underground. Used only ASOS sites, as most AWOS aren't on record that far back on that site. I labeled the map as 18z, but the sites in the eastern zone are actually 17z obs, as I forgot to adjust while compiling the data lol. All sites are 12pm local time. Also, the winds are in mph not knots.
  5. Was just checking out SPC's HREF model ensemble page they put in service a few weeks ago. Pretty nice little site. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/href/
  6. Only 0.32" here. Seems like the heavier precip has been missing us south and east quite a bit the last month or so. Haven't heard thunder in well over a month. 99% rain event here. Saw some half melted small flakes mixing in during the last hour or so of the event. Last Sunday's snow was much more impressive relatively speaking.
  7. Picked up 0.02" of very light rain/heavy drizzle today. Very murky day.
  8. I'm on board with a period of wet snow tomorrow. Looking like a repeat of last weekend here, although with much more wind.
  9. The GFS is showing a little bit more snow each run. The 06z run showed a decent window for snowfall after the changeover from eastern Iowa points east through the eastern lakes. Accumulations will likely be DAB in many locations due to the wet ground, marginal temps, and lack of heavy snowfall rates. Still could be a nice window of light to moderate snow to make it look pretty wintry out there for a time. 35-45mph wind gusts simultaneous with the falling snow could make it look pretty legit for a short time. We all better enjoy whatever happens since it looks pretty quiet the following 7+ days lol.
  10. Those 3km NAM forecasts are pretty sweet. Would love to see something like that work out. Would be a hell of a wild day of weather for northeast IN/northwest OH. We had something similar to that back in December 2012. Started the morning with heavy rains that very quickly switched to very heavy snow and blizzard conditions. Never seen such a fast transition and immediate accumulation. EDIT: Radar loop from that 2012 event. https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/current/mcview.phtml?prod=lotrad&java=script&mode=archive&frames=100&interval=5&year=2012&month=12&day=20&hour=7&minute=35
  11. Yeah same for the HRRR as well. HRRR was slow to catch on with the snow at first, but then it became much more NAM-like when it was within about 6-8hrs. They definitely overdid the accumulations, although I will say they weren't too far off. It snowed here pretty nicely for quite awhile and it only amounted to a T. A degree or two difference at the skin layer would have made a big difference.
  12. FWIW the NAM(s) did well with last Sunday's wet snow event.
  13. Was pretty nice most of the afternoon as the temp made it to 53. Strong cold air advection hit about an hour ago and the temp has plummeted into the upper 30s courtesy of 35mph+ northwest winds.
  14. Alpena, MI (APN) 105 Chicago, IL (ORD) 41 Cleveland, OH (CLE) 69 Columbus, OH (CMH) 31 Detroit, MI (DTW) 48 Fort Wayne, IN (FWA) 45 Grand Rapids, MI (GRR) 90 Green Bay, WI (GRB) 47 Indianapolis, IN (IND) 19 La Crosse, WI (LSE) 35 London, ON (YXU) 64 Louisville, KY (SDF) 7 Marquette, MI (MQT) 233 Milwaukee, WI (MKE) 41 Minneapolis, MN (MSP) 43 Moline, IL (MLI) 25 Paducah, KY (PAH) 11 Peoria, IL (PIA) 28 St. Louis, MO (STL) 22 Toronto, ON (YYZ) 48 Tiebreakers 1. December 2017 snowfall ORD 6.4 2. January 2018 snowfall IND 5.0" 3. February 2018 snowfall DTW 16.8"