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  1. Up to 2.32" so far. Dry slot about to arrive so will see a several hour break. May get another half inch or so later this evening/overnight. Lots of standing water out there.
  2. Been a nice steady moderate to occasionally heavy rain since mid morning. Up to 1.70". Good chance at 3"+. MLI is already pushing 2".
  3. Good chance at 2"+ over a good portion of the DVN cwa tomorrow. Some models indicate the potential for up to 3". Gonna be pretty soggy.
  4. Looks like another 1-2" of rain potential with tomorrow's compact deform precip comma head. Would have been a nice little blizzard a few months ago lol.
  5. 0.98" of rain total, including today's 0.06". Grass is taking off.
  6. Surprising amount of lightning/thunder with the decaying band of convection. Had a few pretty loud crashes a little earlier. Picked up another 0.43" this eve, now up to 0.84" for the day.
  7. Dewpoint 60 for the first time this season. Had a nice little garden variety storm around noon. Picked up 0.41" so far. Decaying Missouri convection to roll in later this eve.
  8. Looks like the snoozefest continues for the foreseeable future. Man, what a benign spring.
  9. Despite clouds we managed our first 80 today. MLI and DVN both have as well. Looking forward to the rains wed. We can use some. EDIT: MLI tied a record high with 81 degrees.
  10. Looks like the Euro has been correct the past several days in showing clouds holding back max temp potential today. Probably gonna make a late day run at 80 so it's still possible we make 80, but think without these clouds 80 would have been achieved easily.
  11. Head some thunder earlier as some isolated cells passed nearby. Picked up 0.04" from a micro cell.
  12. Gave 80 a good run today. Hit 78 here, DVN and MLI both 79. Felt pretty toasty in the sun.
  13. A lot of peeps got their first little sunburns of the year today lol. Just about every property here in town was filled with people out doing yard work, grilling, or just hanging out. Spring fever is definitely in full swing.
  14. First 70 of the year here today at 71. Looks like mid to upper 70s tomorrow. Mon was looking like a shot at 80 but the Euro has been advertising a small area of clouds and precip that could screw that potential.
  15. RGEM says time to open the pools.