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  1. New Euro delivers yet another snow event to Michigan this weekend while the rest of the sub continues to get nothing. This pattern blows. We've had extended periods of benign weather much of 2021 but now that it's getting into the cold season the boringness is further amplified if you're into active winter weather/tracking.
  2. Looks like a snooze-fest to kick off December. So, a typical December.
  3. 0.02" of rain this morning, bringing Nov to 0.32" precip. Will finish the month with that along with 0.3" of snow.
  4. First sleet of the season this evening. Was watching TV and heard pingers against window. Surprised me as I didn't know it was supposed to do anything tonight.
  5. It almost seemed as if the grass was trying to make up for lost time after not growing for a month plus during the summer/early fall. Had 45-50mph wind gusts yesterday afternoon, and that took care of any leaves that were left on trees other than oaks and sycamores.
  6. From one extreme to another in the precip department again this month. Almost 7" of rain in October, and so far this month only 0.30" with little on the horizon lol. Good chance we finish Nov with under a half inch of precip.
  7. For this area I can't see MLI ever breaking their all-time max of 111. I think the biggest snow event at MLI is around 18", so I guess a 2 footer is possible if given the right scenario. Would be pretty hard to do better than that without the benefit of lake moisture out this way.
  8. Managed to pick up the first measurable snowfall of the season with 0.3" this evening. Came down pretty nicely at times, with a period of some pretty large flakes as well.
  9. And a follow up to last Saturday. In just 6 days it really put on a show. The oaks around the area look very nice now after getting off to a very slow/late start for fall color.
  10. Several good squalls today that quickly dropped vis to <1/4 mile a few times. With the winds it looked quite legit out there at times.
  11. Nice. A lowly 0.15" here but this was always looking like a lame system for this area.
  12. Yeah low-level lapse rates look great. Looking forward to some heavy graupelers that quickly/briefly whiten the ground.
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