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  1. Power out here, going on 9hrs. Was in the QC all evening. Pitch black everywhere there too with pretty much the entire area still without power. Can't ever remember seeing such a wide expanse of damage. Usually after you have a severe storm when you drive around afterwards you come across areas hit hard, then go through areas where there's nothing. In this case everywhere you go there's significant tree damage and in some cases roads blocked off from trees and or power lines. This event will be hard to top.
  2. Never seen anything like this. Still getting 55mph gusts quite frequently. Wind has been blowing from the west-northwest the entire time (over an hour.)
  3. One for the ages bros. Feel fortunate to have only lost one tree so far. Immediately slammed with 70mph+ gusts. Then a lull of only 55mph winds, and now have had 60-70mph winds for at least a half hour. Still going. No power.
  4. MLI now gusted to 77mph. No additional report from the DVN ASOS. Might have been knocked offline. EDIT: Extremely impressive stacked shelf cloud rolling up quick on west horizon..
  5. The sirens are sounding here now. Sitting at 88/76 right now with near calm conditions. MLI just gusted to 68mph, and DVN RSOIS gusted to 75mph. Should be here in 10 mins or so.
  6. Time lapse is rolling. Enjoying the final hour of electricity. Looks like a good shot at 70mph+ winds by 2pm. Very impressive and scary wind reports all along the I-80/highway 30 corridor.
  7. Des Moines just officially gusted to 75mph at DSM.
  8. Yeah that was a great call to be sure.
  9. The discussion on that MD was top notch. Saving that one. Very impressive rear-inflow jet already at nearly 100kts.
  10. Carroll Iowa AWOS gusted to 74mph shortly after 10am. Pretty impressive.
  11. Nice wake low on back side of the MCS. Sioux City has northeast winds gusting to 53mph. EDIT: Looks like they hit 55mph shortly after 9:30am.
  12. 89 at MLI and here today. Still no 90 degree days for Aug for MLI/here. MLI has 17 90 degree days for the year, with 13 of those occurring in July.
  13. The summer of never-ending 10kt 500mb flow. All in all will be a forgettable summer weather-wise. Wasn't terrible, wasn't great. A decent amount of 90s, but lame in big heat. 94 the hottest temp of the summer at MLI which is pretty meh. Still some time to beat that, but summer is going fast.