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  1. 0.15" overnight/this morning as the storms mostly crapped the bed before getting here, which the models had predicted. Back to reality today with the cold weather.
  2. Yeah it was a crazy change. Opened up the garage late this afternoon and everything fogged up instantly, as it was probably a good 15 degrees cooler in there, with mid 60 dewpoint air rushing in. Still 70/62 as we approach 11pm, with a ripping south breeze. Party's about over though, as the CF is already passing through Muscatine.
  3. Impressive temp (and dewpoint) contrast across Iowa this eve.
  4. MLI made it to 80 late this afternoon. Hit 77 here. Dews in the mid 60s is making it feel pretty muggy out there. Quite the change from the low 50s around midday.
  5. Cedar Rapids is dead center in the middle of the slight risk today. Cedar Rapids is killing it this year. Derecho, multiple early season snows, epicenter of potential severe today. If luck continues maybe you guys can breach the 1ft mark for a snowstorm this winter.
  6. Pretty entertaining evening with lots of lightning flashes, and slow-rolling thunder. Hasn't been too much rain yet (0.22") but chances for good downpours the rest of the night.
  7. Elevated showers/storms working in here. Could be some nice downpours this evening. Looking forward to the mid-upper 70s tomorrow.
  8. Day 3 marginal risk for areas that received significant snow yesterday. Temps/dews will be well into the 70s/60s. Quite the turnaround.
  9. Very impressive! Great start to the new season. Temps crashed from 41 to 33 here as the snow moved in. Had a brief period of moderate snow. No accum but very nice to see a daytime snow event in mid Oct. Had a burst of sleet with a convective shower at the tail-end.
  10. Pretty impressive stuff with that band out in central Iowa. Lightning icing on the cake. 41 here with some filtered sun. Ever so slight chance we could see some wet flakes if we can precipitate hard enough, but doesn't look very likely. First flakes may have to wait another week plus if it doesn't work out this afternoon.
  11. saw a few partially melted flakes mixed in with the larger rain drops earlier in Clinton. Think it stayed all rain at home where there was less bright-banding. Just light rain now @ 40 degrees.
  12. Can't wait to check back in on this site someday and see something other than the covid thread be the hottest topic. Combination of boring weather and that being the popular thing to talk about on what's supposed to be a weather enthusiast discussion site is very f'g depressing to say the least. Seeing that topic at the top of the list every time I check in is getting old, and kind of makes me not want to check in much anymore...
  13. Got colder than expected here this morning, as it got down to 33. Probably had frost in at least some patches. Looks like first freeze on the way for tonight.
  14. Feels like fall out there today with temps near 50 and spits of cold rain.