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  1. Winter of 2017-18 PICTURE RECAP - SE MI

    Nice pics! That one house on 12/14 looks kinda like a gingerbread house lol.
  2. April 2018 General Discussion

    Got down to 25 here this morning, and made it to 64. Looks like the remaining deep snow cover is having a large impact over northern IA/southern MN this afternoon.
  3. Seasonal Snowfall totals?

    North-central IA always seems to find a way to put up some big numbers. They seem to do well up there during MCS/derecho season as well.
  4. April 2018 General Discussion

    Check out northern Iowa/southern MN.
  5. Seasonal Snowfall totals?

    40.6". Nice rally to finish winter, and go above the seasonal average of about 33".
  6. April 2018 General Discussion

    55, full sun, and light winds today. Felt like the 70s after yesterday's drizzlefest @ 33 degrees. The 1/2" of snow was gone by 10am.
  7. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    0.5" of snow here. The ground is warm enough that it's already started to melt along the fringes near buildings and paved areas. Should be gone by 9-10am.
  8. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Nice. I just went on sort of a jeb walk down to the post office to drop off a few bills. One last walk through falling snow until next fall.
  9. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Think there's a good chance that what falls tonight/early tomorrow morning will be it for any kind of snow for the season. Unless something bizarre happens in May.
  10. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Looks like a few tenths out on the grass. Unlike a few nights ago the paved areas refused accumulation. May get another few tenths out of this last blob of precip rotating down from the north. This is one of the latest accumulating snows I can remember. There's probably been others, but I can't remember any specifically.
  11. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Yeah that's lol worthy. I miss the days when they were more strict, and didn't issue warnings unless 6" of snow was forecast to fall. For a warning to be issued with <6" of snow then there should also be a substantial ice accumulation expected as well, not just a minor glazing. It's snowing lightly here now, but the snow is mostly snow grains.
  12. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    DVN's winter storm warning along the highway 30 corridor may end up being one of the worst busts I've seen from them. Doubling down on it this afternoon didn't help.
  13. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    3km NAM gets a big F-. HRRR depicted the warmer/more northerly setup more correctly. An absolute miserable day, with heavy drizzle and temps hovering around 33. Saw a few wet flakes about an hour ago, but they were fleeting.
  14. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Yeah I think the HRRR is underplaying the dynamic cooling that will take place with the heavier convective precip. I also think the NAMs could be overdoing it a bit as well. Something somewhere in the middle may be the best play from a forecasting standpoint. I'm expecting mostly a rain/sleet type event, with perhaps an occasional burst of wet snow until mid afternoon. After that some residual light snow/snow showers may put down a nice 1/2" coating on grassy/elevated surfaces as the sun gets low in the sky late in the day.
  15. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Big difference in precip types for this area between the HRRR and NAM. NAMs are much more bullish in bringing in mixed/snow for precip vs mostly a rain event on the HRRR runs. If HRRR ends up being correct we may not get any measurable snow, but if the NAMs are correct an inch of slushy accumulation is a possibility.