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  1. Decent rain event with this wave, with 0.34" of rain so far this evening. It's in the process of changing to snow currently. May pick up an inch or so by morning.
  2. Euro shows a foot of snow for Hawkeye and much of the Iowa crew late next weekend. Looks like the next system of note to watch. GFS and others show something in that time frame as well. Perhaps our 2nd storm thread of the new season incoming?
  3. Another 1/4" or so of rain on the way for tonight. We may exceed all of November's precip in just the first 2 days of December lol.
  4. Huge flakes coming down now with this last wave of enhanced precip. EDIT: Almost a half inch of snow so far with snow still coming down nicely.
  5. 0.42" of rain so far, with wave number 2 to arrive a little later this evening. That one may have some wet flakes mix in as well.
  6. Pretty dry month overall for most of the region. DVN/MLI/here will finish with just 0.62"/0.71"/0.77".
  7. 34 degree soaker a lock for here. May see some mixing but might be mostly rain. Some models show up to 0.75" of precip. We def can use the moisture.
  8. Mixed-bag precip event to kick off the month for the QC on Friday. May be able to squeeze out a good half inch of QPF.
  9. 3 with a wind chill of -8 here this morning. There was some blowing and drifting snow out in the open country yesterday.
  10. Looks like January out there now with the full sun and bright white landscape and bare trees.
  11. 2.4" here as of about a half hour ago. Gonna fall short of the 3" mark, but still a great opening event.
  12. Yeah it's pouring little dendrites straight down, sticking to the trees etc. Looks like a Christmas card out there this morning. Picked up 2-2.5" so far looks like, with a few more hours of steady snows to go.
  13. Snow has started here and is already skifting the ground. Model QPF pushing 0.3" the last several runs so 3" accumulation is on the table.
  14. Must be making up for 2008 lol. Didn't realize southeast IA was that dry, wow.
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