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  1. First 30s on the way tonight/tomorrow night. Patchy frost is possible. 3 years ago today we had the first measurable snow.
  2. Yeah this has been great. Picked up another 1.02" of rain today, bringing October to 4.64". Planted a new Jane magnolia tree, and a green giant arborvitae back on Oct 3rd, so I'm giving them credit for changing our luck lol.
  3. Nice soaking to be sure. Finished with a 2-day total of 1.87" here. Wednesday it looks like the arc of convection will be slowly crapping the bed as it traverses Iowa, so not expecting much with that system for this area.
  4. Up to 1.30" for the day, 1.74" since yesterday. Pretty muggy out there with mid 60 dews. Severe threat seems meager for the QC. Best shot looks in their southeastern cwa.
  5. Nice soaking downpours with some loud boomers this morning. Already at 0.86" and climbing fast.
  6. I plan on viewing one or two from my front porch.
  7. Picked up 0.44" today, with a few brief downpours and some thunder.
  8. Looking forward to another soaker on Monday. Grass has actually started growing again lol. We're up to 1.75" for October which is well over double what we got in all of September. Haven't fired up the furnace yet this season, maybe next weekend as overnight temps may dip well into the 40s.
  9. Picked up 0.78" of much needed rain this morning. EDIT: Additional showers this eve brought the daily total up to 0.96".
  10. And September felt like another August, at least most of the time.
  11. Dews look to mostly hold in the low to mid 60s all the way through next Wednesday or Thursday. They've already been at that level for several days. Pretty impressive/unusual for October.
  12. Yeah have seen a lot of dead/dying ash trees around here as well the past few years. The neighbors next door lost theirs this year. The sugar maples are turning pretty nicely already out this way. The one I planted last fall is starting to show color as well. Ended up getting hit by a tiny isolated thunderstorm last evening, dropped a quick 0.36" which was great to see.
  13. Yeah once the snows shut off in mid Feb this has been the most mundane stretch of weather I can remember. I think we've more than paid for the derecho by now, and even have a little weather karma building back up now lol.
  14. Let's get this warm period out of the way now so we can have our 30" December to remember.
  15. Looks like MLI and DVN both 89'd again today, made it to 88 here.
  16. Both MLI & here topped out at 89 today.
  17. Made it to 87 here today, MLI hit 88. DVN actually beat MLI and was 89'd. Point has 89 for Wed, so one more shot at 90 I guess. Looks like we'll finish Sep with 0.76". Lots of harvesting taking place the past week or so.
  18. Yeah I was kind of puzzled by the introduction of severe drought in the Cedar Rapids area, as that area got dumped on pretty nicely in August while other areas continued to become more and more parched.
  19. Already 80 at MLI, which is 4 degrees ahead of yesterday when they made it to 87. Looks like no high clouds to COC block us today either, and winds are more westerly, which usually helps temps to overachieve at MLI.
  20. Blobs of severe drought showing up now in the area. Looks like Hawkeye's area in severe now, and Geo's old stomping grounds are in a desert wasteland now lol. Hopefully we can get some beneficial rains later in Oct, but plant/garden watering season is basically over so it won't really matter lol.
  21. Temps are tanking, already down to 41 here.
  22. Nah, you guys are getting this out of the way early. Wagons west!
  23. Nice to hear thunder again, as it's been a very rare commodity this year. Picked up 0.47" of rain this evening.
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