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  1. Felt like Miami beach out there today with temps above 40. Blood has def thickened over the winter despite my best efforts to thin with alcohol.
  2. Very nice. Were you guys expecting that much there, or did it sort of ramp up at the last minute?
  3. As impressive as the Buffalo snow is tonight it can't compare with our 2"/18hr snowfall from the other day.
  4. Best word to describe the medium range is hopeless.
  5. Lamest 2" event I've ever seen, but after 18 hours of very light snow we managed best I can tell average of 2.0".
  6. 1.2" here with light snow still falling. Both DVN and MLI made it over 3".
  7. Looks like maybe an inch. Haven't done measurements for awhile though. Lots of blowing of what little we got.
  8. Up to 0.3". Snow started sticking to pavement finally around 4pm. Little pixies continue to rain down.
  9. Well we're up to our first tenth. Even though it's below freezing paved areas 100% wet, even unsalted.
  10. Tracking the drought and resulting 100 degree heat this summer should be entertaining though.
  11. Yeah been like a white mist the past hour. Still a T. Euro shows best surge of precip arriving this eve so we'll see lol.
  12. Been snowing very lightly over an hour now, so far a T. 100% wet on paved areas, barely noticable on existing snow cover/exposed grassy areas. HRRR shows most precip accumulates after 4pm or so and through the evening.
  13. New Euro has us at 0.18", last few HRRR runs a bit over 0.15", same with the 3km NAM. The trend on all of the models has been to decrease over the past 12hrs, so if the trend continues under 0.15" is possible. 0.5 call was probably lol worthy low, but seeing amounts lower in the final 12hrs YET AGAIN makes for a decidedly pissy forecaster lol.
  14. Models have dried up some here on the east side of the system. Looks like 0.5-1.5" nuisance event. Pretty lame.
  15. The worry is that we've been close to areas that are cashing in, and eventually those areas will finally get screwed. Hopefully ma' nature doesn't screw us too in the process.
  16. Good luck, hope you guys can get a warning event out of this. Tonight's runs give hope we can muster a few inches out of this, which would be a pretty big win after many of the runs previously. Getting overdue for a dog here. Last 7"+ event was back in Nov '18. Max event during 19-20 was 5.8", max event for 20-21 was 6.3", max so far this season 5.0".
  17. New winter weather advisory stops 5 miles west of here lol. Despite the 18z NAM weenie run I'm still gonna be a scrooge and say we get shut out. Very well could be a situation where we get zilch while the QC gets 3-4". Good chance at a sharp cutoff on the eastern edge. If it ends up being that close I'm blasting west into that shit tomorrow evening lol.
  18. Man this is crazy, visibility right now is probably only a few hundred feet. The sky directly overhead now has some blue in it, and the sun is very dimly visible. Guessing this fog is extremely shallow now, yet it is about as dense as fog can get. About 5 miles west of here near the county border according to satellite it's totally clear.
  19. 13 degree difference now between MLI and here, as we are still socked in with <1/4 mile in fog @ 30 vs 43 and sunny at MLI. The back edge of the fog looks like it's only a few miles west of here now, so could be a dramatic change within the hour.
  20. Been socked in with very dense fog much of the morning. Kind of a strange, isolated pocket of fog. Not too far to the west in the QC they are sunny at both DVN and MLI. Visibility here is probably under a quarter mile atm.
  21. After tomorrow and Saturday's event (which I really hope finally gives the Ohio peeps the big snow they deserve) the next system looks like a clipper next Tues/Weds. Looks like that one skirts through the lakes and leaves areas to the south high and dry. The Euro looks like it wants to blow up something pretty decent waaaay off around the day 10 time frame (lol). This would be on the leading edge of the major arctic push that some have already talked about here.
  22. Less than 30hrs out from the event now, and the models range from nothing to 4" here. Precip shield will prob struggle against dry flow from the east/northeast, so I'm gonna guess that we receive nothing. Interestingly some models have shown a few lake effect snow showers making it this far southwest. It's pretty rare, but it has happened before. A few evening lake effect flurries may be the highlight of this 'event' here.
  23. They do well once firmly established since they have a very aggressive root system. The first few years they'll def need a little help though if it gets droughty, which if Hoosier is right it will this year lol.
  24. Pretty good so far, didn't grow much this past warm season which is to be expected. Should do better this year, and really take off next year. It's a zone 4 (minimum) tree so it should be okay even with the cold we can get here.
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