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  1. 1.50" since July 30th here. Grass is pretty fried. Looks like tomorrow's stuff may blow up just southeast of us unfortunately.
  2. 0.01" here so far today. Another little blob of rain moving in from eastern Iowa shortly.
  3. Great sleeping weather overnight, got down to 49 here.
  4. Picked up 0.16" this afternoon, bringing the grand total for August to 1.19". 2"+ fell about 20 miles away down at the QC.
  5. A little thunderstorm just passed about 1 mile south, could see tree line obscured across the way. Perfect way to end this shitbag month lol.
  6. Looks like we'll finish August with a paltry 1.03" of rain here. MLI hit day number 30 AOA 90 yesterday, 20 AOA 90 degree days here. Surprised there was that much difference between here and there, we're usually pretty similar.
  7. 93/77/106 with very little wind and full sun here atm. Pretty oppressive out there. I'm ready for autumn.
  8. Was hoping for some more Iowa scraps but the storms are crapping the bed along DVN's western border. Glad I didn't put off watering again. 1.03" for August. Hopefully we'll make a run at 1.25" in the next few days.
  9. 89'd here today, but MLI hit 92. They're really racking up the 90s lately.
  10. Picked up 0.03" this afternoon. MLI bagged another 90
  11. 1st line skipped over, 2nd one veered south at last second towards more unstable air. Still managed to pick up 0.40" of mostly anvil rain. Enough to tease the crab grass lol. Wasn'y really expecting anything today so that's a plus.
  12. Hottest temp of the year today at MLI at 96, here it hit 95 which ties the hottest which also happened June 11th. EDIT: Picked up a lol worthy 0.06" with the first line.
  13. Had 45mph gusts with the gust front a bit ago. Temp crashed nicely.
  14. Yeah just a bit over a half inch for Aug here. Finished with 0.17" of anvil rain this morning.
  15. The dust has been properly settled here, as we picked up 0.09" of rain as the storms slowly withered and crapped the bed at the doorstep.
  16. Ready for my favorite; late-night Iowa sloppy seconds later tonight. Another 90 for MLI today, only 89 here.
  17. 92 here today, only 90 at MLI. With dews about 10-14 degrees lower than what the heatwave earlier this month had this didn't really feel all that warm.
  18. 89'd both here and at MLI today. MLI has 22ish AOA 90 degree days last time I checked.
  19. Can't believe it's already been over a year since our beloved derecho hit. Time flies.
  20. Perfect night for sleeping with the windows open, as temps tanked pretty nicely here. Made it down to 50 degrees.
  21. Interesting concept with the lack of moving parts etc. I've read that those aren't very accurate with rainfall, especially during heavy rains. Have you tried verifying it against an old fashioned regular rain gauge? When I got the first Davis years ago it took me awhile to trust the automated tippy cup style gauge. I verified it against my old gauge for several different types of events before I fully trusted it. One thing I like about having a station with moving cups is it keeps the birds away. With the lack of moving cups I'd imagine cleaning bird crap off the station on a weekly basis lol.
  22. Wow, 3rd afternoon/evening in a row that failed to produce anything. Definitely a huge fail to be sure. Luckily we got that 0.33" yesterday morning with that severe storm.
  23. MLI with a heat index of 98 at 11pm (86/78). Very impressive. EDIT: And now a 97 degree heat index at midnight.
  24. The past two evenings have ended up considerably more quiet than what models/SPC had advertised. Luckily we got in on that action this morning or this would have been a pretty bad back to back bust for this area. Dews have ascended into the upper 70s again. Even a few 80 degree dews in the area as well (Clinton and Sterling).
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