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  1. Looking forward to the 1/4" cold rain tomorrow night. Top 3 event for November.
  2. Nice! Fantastic day to be sure. MLI hit 61. Felt warmer than that with the full sun, light winds, and recent frigid spell. Prob spend some time Sat mulching/burning the last of the leaves. Two giant sycamores down the road finally lost all their leaves and they drifted around the yard here.
  3. If I lived in Buffalo I'd buy one of those snow cats they had in The Shining.
  4. Today felt pretty torchy as compared to of late. MLI hit 50, made 46 here.
  5. Same here, at 8. Pretty impressive for mid Nov and no snow otg.
  6. Shows how much I know about LES, I never realized you guys could get as much snow as you have as far inland as you are from LM. Congrats to you and the others on a nice early season event.
  7. So just shy of the top of Michael Jordan's head. Sheeeeesh.
  8. If 6 inches is a warning criteria event, what is 6 feet? An apocalyptic criteria event?
  9. Feels like I'm in Michigan the past few days with steady bouts of flurries/brief snow showers. Don't usually get 3+ days in a row with these west of the lakes. Even a day of mood flakes can be a bit of a challenge sometimes west of the lakes, so it's been pretty nice.
  10. That's unfortunate lol. The red square is where the stadium is located. When that band settles a bit further south they will get buried.
  11. A few passing snow showers today. Nice mood flakeage.
  12. Bills have home game Sun. Could be a fun one.
  13. Had very light snow off and on since last night but poor rates and marginal temps lead to no accum. Will finish event with 1".
  14. Guess we got about an inch. It's entirely gone now though so it's just an estimation.
  15. About a half inch down here. Pixies here atm.
  16. Yeah it did. I believe there were some 70mph reports up in southern WI. The storm bombed out and went sub 980 near Chicago IIRC.
  17. If I got to live one weather event over again I'd probably go with the December 14-15 1987 blizzard. Remember the buildup to that storm was pretty hyped, even back then with no models to look at etc. Remember watching Monday Night Football as the snow began and then ramped up. After midnight is when it really ramped up with considerable thunder and lightning, and periods of 60+mph winds. Had never seen anything even close to that as a 10yr old kid at the time.
  18. A nice plume of factory effect snow has set up south of the QC. Wouldn't be surprised if an inch or two has fallen in that narrow area. Have a few flurries here at times.
  19. Ahhh, the first snow thread of the season. Nice to see a spread the wealth type of system to kick things off as well.
  20. At noon yesterday MLI was basking in 78 degree temps, with dews near 60. Today at noon it was 31 with a wind chill of 18!
  21. Guessing that hurricane must have caused the models headaches, as they all did a piss poor job at handling the placement of tonight's rain swath. Still not a drop here, and looks like the main band will crap the bed on the door step later tonight. Hope to get an errant flurry Saturday.
  22. Front just came through here. Temp has already dropped 6 degrees in the past 5 mins. The party's over.
  23. Another day another record high at MLI as they hit 78. Hit 76 here.
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