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  1. That's not actually La Soufriere. That is Sarychev Peak in Russia, erupting in 2009 as seen from the ISS.
  2. I can see something more akin to a spike than a true wave. We go up in cases for like two weeks and then crash back down to where we were before and then some as it continues to get warmer and more people have vaccinations.
  3. Uggh couldn't have waited one more month? Didn't they learn from last May? Well looks like we will get our fourth wave then. Although I do wonder in some ways if the winter storms a couple weeks back have affected this, make it so that its a way to jump start businesses again. Also wouldn't be surprised if it's a way to get soem favorablity back with any republicans that may have fallen out of favor after the whole debacle.
  4. Well the last week and a half of melting has basically killed the snowpack. I don't think I have seen this deep of a snowpack disappear this quickly without a warm rainer. Forecast is looking good for more melting for the next week and i'm expecting here at least to be down to only the big piles by next week monday. While we are not completley out of the woods when it comes to snowmelt flooding, it is looking a lot better then say 3 weeks ago. Now the focus is more on spring rains. The first half of the month is looking rather dry, but the second half at this point looks to be potentially wetter.
  5. See the problem is that it has felt like we get 60 days of March instead of the normal Spring progression. Look at last spring where it was essentially the same pattern with a couple exceptions from March 1st to May 10th. Man I hope we can get warm this spring.
  6. Now that is something you don't see everyday. Also you guys still have 10" down there? We are down to piles up here for the most part. Would have thought the near 50's on Saturday would have significantly melted it. Guess not.
  7. Summer you say? That's too warm, dont you know it gets above 32 then?! I think Mcmurdo station might be hiring though .
  8. I'm sorry but what is there to complain about? 75% of the subforum just had one of the coldest and snowiest three weeks in February in a long time. I mean most areas had over a foot of snow OTG at least once in that period. That is a mark rarely seen around here. Yes no one except for the Chicago Lakeshore got a true big dog, although I'd argue the Feb 1st storm around Chiacago was one, but it was still an insane stretch of winter that we having been dreaming about for years.I get it that December and the first half of January sucked, but it shouldn't outweight that stretch at all. And you know what it does suck a bit to have all of that snow just dissapear like this, but I would rather have all of this melt like this instead of it sticking around for two weeks to get rained upon. Plus it is March 1st tomorrow. That means meteorologically, spring is officially here. This is right on time (for once). Heck even with the last week of warmer temperatures this month will still go down as one of the coldest february's ever. I just don't get what there is to complain about at all.
  9. Oh boy I guess its the annual let's flood the Tennessee valley week. Right on schedule too.
  10. Now that the melt looks to start over the next week it'll be very interesting seeing how the rivers respond. Fortunately it looks to initally be a slow melt which should minimize flooding at least for the moment. At least here everyday this week looks to be 30's and 40's at least at somepoint in the day. Adding some sun and you got yourselves great conditions for long slow snowmelt.
  11. Thanks to this cold wave. Madison is averaging all of 3.7 for the month. That is a -20 departure. Even if we warm up significantly the 2nd half of the month we are almost 100% below average for this month. There is a very good chance of being colder then February 2015 for average when it's all set and done.
  12. Wow LES effects almost all the way to Peoria.
  13. MKX just came out with their outlook for their CWA. Don't think I have seen them have a general above-average risk for flooding over pretty much the entire CWA in a while. Intresting to note that we are back in the 80% range for Soil moisture in some areas. Again.
  14. The NCRFC just came out with their first spring flooding outlook. They are pretty much thinking the same thing when it comes to what areas are likely to flood this spring. They are definitely a little more conservative with their wording though. Which makes sense I guess considering that we are still in mid-february.What was especially interesting was the note that the SWE for the Illinois/Wisconsin snowpack is actually in the top 10 highest ever for that area. Basically if your south of the latitude of the Iowa/Minnesota state line your going to have a higher flood potential than north of it.