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  1. 10 bucks its Tuesday to really add insult to injury.
  2. If South Carolina is so great, then why the hell are you in the Great Lakes forum? Doesn't the Southeastern forum have a COVID thread?
  3. Well wisconsin just had another record day of 5262 cases 64 deaths and a 27.1% positivity rate. At this rate we will be in full healthcare collapse in a couple weeks if that.
  4. But I thought South Carolina was this great place where everything was completely normal and there is no war in Ba Sing Se no Covid in South Carolina.
  5. But you see they got to keep incessantly saying it over and over again so that maybe doing that makes it true.
  6. Honestly I would put it as early as late next week. We just recorded 82,000+ new cases on a Saturday. I got a feeling this country is about to some serious New York or Italy level crap all over in the next few weeks.
  7. I would say its more the fact that people never really followed lockdowns at all outside of like April and that fact has now massively screwed us over. Also doesnt help when your governonr can't do anything without the legislature and the tavern league killing it in court.
  8. inb4 this one random storm becomes the first 12"er in like 10 years down there.
  9. Des Moines getting 7" on October 19th. Just like we all predicted.
  10. Same here. I honestly don't remember 13-14 to be that extraordinary outside of the constant cold around here. We didn't get nearly the same snow amounts as pretty much the rest of the Midwest did. 07-08 on the other hand, well it's 07-08. It's our snowiest winter by over 30". Even up here by Green Bay it is one of the snowier winters up here with like 80". What is crazy about that winter is it was all pretty much nickel and dimes. We really only had one big storm in 2/6/08. The rest of the winter it was just constant 3-5 inchers with some 6-8's spread in there too.
  11. Yeah Wisconsin has had site maintenance all weekend long. Should be back to reporting tmrw I think.
  12. I don't come in this thread very much, but holy crap Wisconsin is doing absolutely terrible. Our state positivity rate is 26.5%!!! right now. We have had over 3k new cases a day for the last week and I wouldn't be surprised if we break 4k or 5k new cases a day next week the way we are going. Some counties in this state have over a 50% positivity rate right now. Nowhere is safe either, as rural counties are getting as slammed as the urban counties are. Areas as rural as Mountain or Stratford are over 100 confirmed cases in their census tracts. Our deaths are starting to go up too. We just had 19 reported today and had over 30 at one point last week. And yet life is still totally normal here. Not a lot of masks or social distancing. Everytime our governor tries to do something, it gets shot down in court. Our Grade A legislature hasn't met in 140 (!) Days. Also we got a Trump rally in Rock County tomorrow, where 1 in every 138 people have COVID rn. That event is going to be the mother of all superspreaders. And we aren't even close to the peak of this yet.
  13. Temps have dropped like a rock here. Already 37 and it's only 11pm. I wonder how this area fares in Radiational Cooling considering it's very low and the valley is shaped pretty decent for CAD, but it's also a urban area too.
  14. Not everyday you see Cook County under a Red Flag warning not in March or April.