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  1. It is really starting to come down here. Radar says rain but evaporative cooling has caused it to be all snow. Pretty big flakes coming down.
  2. I would be down with that. Good thing an 84hr RGEM run is never wrong at all right? /s
  3. Ehh I don't know. Doesn't have random crapvection in Missouri and Kentucky to stop incoming moisture.
  4. It has been coming down liek crazy for about the past hour or so here. Eyeballing it off the sidewalks I would say 3-4" or so but that might be off. Easily 1/2" an hour rates right now. Little more wind and drifting then I though there would be.
  5. Interestingly enough Madison needs only 5.2" to make this December above-average for snowfall. It would be the first one since 2016. Too bad we had all that melting last week or else we would actually have a decent snowpack right now.
  6. Lol got to love a Bob Uecker reference in an AFD.
  7. Ok can it stop going south now? Any more and I could be out if decent accumulations.
  8. Last night we got a good 2" of snow from this little system. A pretty light powder of a snow, just enough to make everything look nice and white again after a very inconviently timed melt.
  9. Cold front is here now. I just got very windy withing the last 10-15 minutes and the temperature is starting to drop pretty quickly.
  10. So uhh the Euro went a little nuts out west around New Years Day. Good thing it's Kuchera at 222 hrs. So the chances of this happening are zilch to none. But just to even see this modeled at fantasyland is crazy.
  11. Los Angeles is about to go full NYC in April I feel like.
  12. Around here we finished up with 5-6" of snow. It was a pretty nice first snowstorm, not too much to write home about. At least it looks like December for a few days.
  13. I say now we are up to 4-5" of snow out htere. The snow is wet, but not cement. I do feel like if we had a cold ground and pavement from the beginning we would defintely have another inch or two on the ground. Overall though a pretty nice storm to really start off the winter.