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  1. Madison finally hit 90 today. First one all year although we did get 89ed 5 or 6 times beforehand
  2. So Cristobal made it all the way to *checks notes* Richland County before becoming extratropical. That's a sentence I would never have thought of writing before this. To put it in perspective it actually made it farther north than where I am, albeit not by much. It's actual effects were a lot more benign though. We did eventually get the wind and we topped at probably 40-50 mph. Rain-wise we got our couple inches, it was absolutely pouring at a few points. Overall just a cool event.
  3. Well so far it's been pretty benign here. We got to about 85 or so before the clouds started to move in, and now we are down to about 73. The wind picked up at 1 and we got to 20-30 mph before the rain moved in. Strangely enough the wind has actually died down during these rain showers, although the heavier stuff is getting closer so we will see how that turns out. My county is in the boring zone. Flash flood watches next county to my west and Wind advisories next county to my east. Kind of annoying ngl.
  4. I don't like the idea of those PWATS combined with a very strong low and tropical remnants. That could be a potentially serious flood threat, especially if it goes over the very wet areas from the last couple of weeks. Combined with the potential wind and this could be quite interesting next Wednesday/Thursday.
  5. I don't really see why we wouldn't get anything tonight. The whole setup screams at least a decent squall line coming through. Although what I don't get is MKX showing the storm going through the area NW-SE when again that's not really going to be the case.
  6. It is really weird. Over here we are probably good on rain for a little bit yet while over by La Crosse they are in Abnormally Dry already. If it weren't for the last 2 weeks or so we would be in the same boat, and we may very well be after tonight depending on where the edge of the ridge sets up.
  7. That swirling mess is a cut-off low. A cut-off low is when a low pressure system loses the jet stream's steering and gets stuck in an area, often stuck under a ridge. They can last quite a while as evidenced by this one.
  8. We had such a cold first half of the month it's very likely we stay that below average for the month. At least a good 60% of our trees are leafed out at this point, not like we are almost to june or anything. I am so ready to move on to summer. Hopefully without more cutoffs.
  9. We got into the sun up here so the highs ended up in the mid 70's. The forecast for the next 7-10 days looks great as of right now. 70's and 80's during the day with 50's and 60's at night and a chance of thunderstorms everyday. Sounds like a forecast that actually belongs to the current month for once. Here's hoping that the forecast sticks this time and isn't ruined by a cutoff low from hell.
  10. We probably have 1.5 to 2" here at this point. Radar looks like we only have maybe another 30 to 45 mins of rain and then we are done. I think we are good on rain now for the month.
  11. Either way It's looking another inch of rain is on the way on Sunday, which is not the worst thing in the world considering we are a bit below normal right now for rain.
  12. We got to 25 here last night. Definitely can tell in the plants, everything has a bit of a drooped look to it. Looks like it will be near freezing pretty much every night until Wednesday. At least crops wise there isn't a whole lot up yet so it shouldn't be too damaging there.
  13. Funnily enough Sunday is the 30th anniversary of this storm. This storm dropped up to 6 inches in a band from Green Bay to Waukesha. Unfortunately the heavy snow caused a ton of tree damage. What's weird is that that winter also started early in October.It is just odd hoe this year has followed 1990 almost to a T patterns-wise. Hopefully that continues as the second half of that month turned out to be pretty warm and stormy for the region.
  14. I definitely agree with that statement. Those two spots are the best CAD spots in the state if not in the Midwest. It's because of there locations where river valleys narrow as they go into the Driftless Area. Land O'Lakes and Manitowish Waters are more because of there latitude and elevation. Both are over 1600' in elevation and are in little valleys right next to their lakes.
  15. Why would you say such a thing?