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  1. Got probably the most snow out of this clipper. I have about 2 inches or so from this storm. Perfect little storm to start off winter with.
  2. Marathon County actually has one of the highest tornado report rates in the state. I think it is 2nd behind Dane County.
  3. That shows how bad the Northwoods needs a radar. Minocqua or over to Phillips would be the best position in that area as there is way too many people in that area during the summer for a lack of a radar.
  4. Had some nice snow come down for about 30 minutes about 8 this morning. Had a little bit accumulation but it melted within 20 minutes of the snow stopping. Overall nice little storm.
  5. It's already 19 out and the temperature is still quickly dropping. I got a feeling that 15 might be too warm of a low tonight especially if the winds die down.
  6. Well that was quite a surprise tornado warning. Definitely the most interesting thing to happen in the state since at least late july.
  7. There has actually been plenty of sub 900 hurricanes in history. The most notable ones being Typhoon Tip in 1979 with a pressure of 870 mb,Hurricane Patricia of 2015 with a pressure of 872 mb,and the aforementioned Hurricane Wilma with a pressure of 882 mb.
  8. Yeah even here where its been super wet over the summer the trees have been changing. Some people here are sying that it means its going to be a long winter. I don't know about that but it's certainly interesting how early the change has been.
  9. Same here too. Was supposed to get an inch. Didn't even get a drop of rain. Really good thing we had such a wet july.
  10. I think the cold front undercut the storms.
  11. Had a strong lake breeze come through Southern Wisconsin today. It's currently all the way by the Baraboo bluffs,which is about 100-110 miles from Lake Michigan. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Did kick up a couple of popups that died as soon as the boundary left the area.
  12. Ohhh. Still pretty extreme.
  13. Wow look at the boundary in southern Wisconsin 104 in madison while its 79 in baraboo. If that happens I bet we will probably get storms of some sort. Heck their might be towns that are in the 100's in one part and 70's in another. Good thing ill be up north at by then.
  14. Only 119...
  15. Yeah that thing formed over here near madison around 7:30 or so. It's going in a weird direction to say the least.