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  1. I mean we have had bad experiences with this type of setup before. 8/21/18 was pretty close to this with the storm motions being slow and parallel to a stationary front. That dropped 15 inches in one night. So better to be a little high on the expectations imo.
  2. Uhhh so apparently Southern Wisconsin is under a day 2 mdt for flash flooding. ...Great Lakes... Convection should be ongoing Sunday morning across portions of IA/WI/IL. By this time activity should be getting more progressive in nature and probably on a bit of a downward trend in intensity. Thus the flash flood risk, which is higher Saturday night, should be waning Sunday morning, before picking up later in the day. This activity will then push across central/southern MI during the day and evening. PWs over MI will be near record values, so this convection will pose some flash flood risk. At this time tend to think the progressive nature of cells will keep the risk more isolated in nature, but something to keep an eye on as convective evolution/placement becomes more clear. The bigger flash flood risk may end up evolving Sunday night into early Monday over portions of northeast IA into southern/central WI and northern IL. A strong mid level shortwave will eject east out of the Northern Plains Sunday night, increasing ascent along the stalled out boundary and expanding the instability pool back northward. Right entrance upper jet dynamics and an increasing low level jet into the front will also play a role in likely increasing convective coverage and organization over these areas Sunday night. The system is progressive as a whole, which will put a limit on rainfall duration. However thickness diffluence and weak Corfidi Vectors support some backbuilding/training into the increasing low level jet...so some increased rainfall duration appears probable. The low-level inflow is stronger on day 2 than day 1, and exceeds the mean 850-400 hPa wind by more, so for portions of southern WI, this appears to be the worse heavy rain/flash flood day, even if it's not explicitly forecast in the model QPFs. Meanwhile PWs should remain over 2" and near record values. Thus the ingredients seem to be there for another round of potentially significant rainfall, with hourly rain totals to 3" possible where cells train or mesocyclones track. There is some uncertainty on timing of the approaching wave and the position of the low level boundary. Nonetheless, some areas could see heavy rainfall for a second day and some potential exists for 3-5"+ type rainfall amounts Sunday/Sunday night over portions of northeast IA, central and southern WI, and possibly northern IL. Between days 1-2, localized storm totals of 10-14" cannot be ruled out, which if it unfolded would be similar in magnitude to the other significant flash flood/heavy rain events since late July in St. Louis MO, Southern IL, and Eastern KY. Per coordination with the MKX/Milwaukee WI forecast office, a Moderate Risk was hoisted for southern WI for Sunday into Sunday night. There's still a chance that a MDT to match could be raised later day for the day 1 period (ending Sunday morning), depending upon convective trends later today and tonight. A High Risk at some point for areas near southern WI can't be ruled out, depending upon how the convection evolves later today through Sunday night. I've seen this type of event before, this is how we get our major summer flooding events like August 18 or June 08. And it hasn't even been that wet here either, so it is really crazy seeing a potential upgrade to High Risk mentioned.
  3. February 28th: After several cold waves of respectable intensity it's disappointing to not get to at least -15. All in all looking like a forgettable winter with no real cold and pretty lame stormwise as well.
  4. Not everyday you have Milwaukee so much warmer than Madison during the summer. Especially with heat like this. Even with UHI, General Mitchell normally has at least some lake influence even if the bulk of the metro doesn't. Madison only topped out at 93 today so far, although that's probably not going to change, a much more pedestrian number.
  5. 1934 and 1936 say hi. Along with 1955, 1976, 1953, and an assortment of other one off years. So yes there are plenty of non 1988,1995, and 2012 records.
  6. Locally, I'm not very worried about drought for a couple weeks yet. We had probably around 2-2.5 inches this week between Monday and Wednesday's storms, and have had a decently wet last month or so. My area in particular has really scored on several popup scenarios that most of the region did not. The Crawfish is actually at bankfull stage right now from the rain the last week here. We can go about 2 weeks or so as it stands without too much trouble. For most of the rest of Southern Wisconsin, it's more like a week with hot and dry before stuff starts to dry out as like I said, rain has been pretty localized for the most part in certain areas.
  7. On another note, Tuesday and Wednesday will be our 6th and 7th 90 degree days this year respectively. It is really weird to think about, but we are significantly outpacing every year since 1971 when detailed enough records begin for the number of 90s on or before June 15th. Even years like 2012 "only" had 4 at this point in the summer. In fact the only year that I could see that had 5 or more 90s before June 15th is funnily enough last year with the heat wave during the first two weeks of June. It just feels so weird because in between the warm periods in Mid-May and around Memorial Day it's been really cool. Heck we are running a -6 departure rn at Madison which is bound to change here. What an odd couple of months for temperatures.
  8. Madison has a pretty good shot of at least tying if not breaking the daily record on Tuesday. It's "only" 95 set in 1976. I don't think we will hit our record warm minimum though, we will start too low on Tuesday morning for that record.
  9. Well Madison officially did not cross below 70 on the hourly obs, therefore Madison just broke the record for earliest 70+ minimum ever. The previous record from was 71 on May 18th, 1877 from the looks of things. So not only did we beat it, we beat it by 7 days. And even crazier yet, the low was only 72 degrees. The earliest low that warm wasn't until May 24th, 2010. So we beat out our first 70+ degree minimum by a week and our first 72+ minimum by almost 2 full weeks. Just an absolutely insane heat wave for this time of year. Up there with November 2020 and September 2017 for the A-tier of unusually anomalous heatwaves in our region. March 2012 and February 2017 being S-tier IMO.
  10. And we have a really good shot of making that three in a row tomorrow as well. That would almost certainly be the earliest three day stretch of 90's on record.
  11. I was looking around last night, and I'm not 100% sure but I think yesterday was Madison's earliest 90 since 1980. 2012 wasn't until May 19th and the other 90+ record highs are from before 1980. And I am struggling to think of any other year between then and now that could have maybe had 90's before now. Maybe 1988 but that's about it. The 1980 90+ was the absoutely ridiculous 94 on 4/22/1980, which is probably one of the most anomalous temperature days we have ever had.
  12. Nothing like having all day snow flurries on *checks notes* April 26th. At least in the longer range it's looking like this week will probably the last of the real cold stuff. After tomorrow night we don't get near freezing for lows for at least the next 5 days. Even with still lackluster highs in the 50's, that should finally get us going for greenup around here. About time.
  13. Models have been pretty consistently showing at least a medium level severe threat on our region on the 12th and 13th. The 12th has triple point potential out in Iowa and the 13th could be a very large part of the forum. The 13th already has most of illinois under a 15 or 30 percent on the day 4-8 outlook. This could be a very active few days of severe weather.
  14. Today was day 11 with at least a trace of precipitation at KGRB. That has to be getting close to a record for KGRB. We probably have a break here the next two days, but then have more chances of rain pretty much all week next week. Since March 5th we have had over 7.5" of rain, including the rainiest March on record for KGRB with essentially 6". Any semblance of drought here from over the fall and winter is totally gone, at least short-term. It will be very interesting to see if this wet pattern continues later into the spring or if we go back into the dry pattern from fall and winter. Now only if we could get some warmth with this and we will be right back on schedule for green-up.
  15. I give this winter a solid D+. We have had all of 25.6" snow this winter at Madison. And most of that is from the three clippers in the end of january and from a couple weeks ago. We just now left the top 10 least snowiest winters list. We haven't even had a 6"+ snowfall this winter, barring anything weird happening in the next month. The only pluses about this winter were that what little snow we did have on the ground stayed around for quite a while with the cold January. And thanks to this winter's dryness we had an unusually sunny January, or at least it felt like that. And while yes 12/15 was an awesome storm that's going to be remembered for quite a while, it really sucked from a pure winter perspective. Overall just a cold, dry, incredibly boring winter.
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