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  1. Had about an inch from this event. Really only accumulated on roofs and open grassy surfaces, barely anything under trees or on pavement. I was surprised at how long it lasted, all of yesterday and most of the day today had at least some snow on the ground. Overall a pretty classic late fall snowfall.
  2. No, no, and hell no. He's so bad. I don't get why he's so popular among weenies on this forum. Every winter it's like Bastardi said this or Bastardi predicited that. Like who cares? He's never been that good at forecasting to begin with. Plus there's the whole climate change denier thing which just makes him 1000x worse. Like how can you be a weather forecaster and not believe in climate change at this point? I just don't get it.
  3. Can we reawaken the covid thread so the rest of us can ignore this stuff? Please?
  4. Barneveld was definitely a discrete supercell. And it was quite cyclic too. Not only did it drop Barneveld, but it dropped an F2 by Rio and then a long track F3 that ended up by Markesan. The cell originated from the remnants of storms from an outbreak in IA/MO the previous day. Those storms even dropped a 130mi+ F4. It is honestly one of the most fascinating meteorological evolutions of a violent tornado. Especially considering the time of night. Here is a paper on it and some of the terrain influences on the tornado outbreak. https://ams.confex.com/ams/27SLS/webprogram/Manuscript/Paper254701/9_126_Frye_courtney.pdf
  5. Not Chicago, but up here at least 1962 was like that. One of only 8 years that recorded 22 inches or less of precipiation and yet only reached 90 degrees or higher 4 times the entire summer. This year has actually been pretty similar to 1962 so far, so its an interesting analog to follow as the summer goes along here.
  6. Man this weather is just absolutley terrible. 43 and rain at 5pm on May 27th is straight up not ok. I mean who doesn't love a feel-like temp of 33? Hard to believe yesterday was 73 and sunny and the day before 84 and humid. Or you know actual Late May weather. At least the rain will help with the drought and it wouldn't be terrible if it was oh IDK 20 degrees warmer. At least this is only today and tomorrow and then back to at least semi-normal for this time of year.
  7. What in the literal **** is that GFS run for southern Wisconsin for Sunday. 9 inches of snow?! ON MOTHER'S DAY?! I am up here in Green Bay and I am still annoyed at even the thought of that. Even if you were cut that in half because of it being yknow Mid-May that is still 4-5 inches of snow. Eff that. And its only 4 days out too. Same S**t different year. Uggh.
  8. I figure we are at the point where a drought thread could be useful. Most of the forum has had a very dry last 2.5 months and drought is really starting to spread over much of the region. For instance, Madison has only had .01 inch and a few traces of rain since April 11th. If we do not get a wet week out of this upcoming pattern here we are going to be in serious trouble for this summer. 1915, 1934, 1958, 1976, and 1989 are all years that have had similarly dry springs and with the exception of 1915 all ended up well below average for precipitation. We will see how this plays out, but right now it is looking to be a drought filled summer for the Midwest.
  9. Yeah today way overperformed. Our forecast high was 78 and its now 84 here. Whats crazy is that it was 60 at about 12 noon. So we went up by 24 degrees in about 5 hours, which is pretty crazy.
  10. Meanwhile up here I don't think it ever went above 50. Just a cold, windy , gray day. Really disappointing considering the forecast as of 36 hours ago. Oh well, this is pretty normal for this time of year anyway. I'm just used to being on the warm side. At least this weekend looks really nice as of right now.
  11. Don't you just love it when your predicted high of 72 tomorrow turns into 54 and clouds. Cause I sure don't.
  12. One plus about an 8-1-2 progression is that they at least bring the chance for a much warmer and wetter pattern the next few weeks. They tend to cause at least a few days with MCS's and 80's this time of year. It would be nice to get a few of them, we really need the rain.
  13. Oh boy I'm so glad that we are talking about a severe threat on April 20th, it's been a while! *rereads thread title* Aww man Honestly though after the last three years, snow this late doesn't even phase me oddly enough. Then again up here in Green Bay we might be too far north of the snow which is A-ok with me. Crazy to think that we had such a warm first week that we might have snow on the 20th of this month and still end up above normal across most of the midwest.
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