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  1. Yeah, it is a pretty interesting storm. Although at this point I couldn't give a crap about the snow. The thunderstorms will be nice though, maybe they will awaken the ground a bit.
  2. So it's been snowing pretty much all morning here. We have probably an inch or two on the ground now. We were supposed to get a dusting . At least the snow is now transtioning to rain so it should all be gone in a few hours.
  3. Pretty much all of our snow is gone at this point. The 62 on Sunday was so nice after a winter that seemed to stretch forever and was very quick at the same time. Yesterday's rain was also pretty nice, well as nice as 40's rain can be. I can notice in some of the sunnier and warmer spots that there is some green in the grass. Helps that thanks to the "heatwave" around christmas grass wasn't that brown to begin with. I am so ready for spring.
  4. Well yesterday we got out first rain event of the spring. Just a few showers before they switched to snow. Barely any accumulation form the snow either. This weekend looks great though. 53 on Saturday and 61(!) on Sunday. Definitely in Spring now.
  5. 53 forecasted here today. The next week is predicted to be in the 40's which will kill what is left of our snowpack. I am also ready for Spring here.
  6. Well time to say the bye to the Ohio and Lower Mississippi. Again...
  7. My preliminary grade would probably be C+ or B-. After that crappy December and 1st week of January, the winter really turned around. I have had a snowpack basically since the 15th of January and it was pretty deep at some points. It was deep enough to have the snowmobile trails open for an extended period of time which is always good. We did get pretty warm at some points, but in a good way. I will say that that like 14 day stretch of clouds was pretty bad though. Snowfall wise we have had 32" or so since mid-January. The best storm the winter was probably the overperformer last week. It had heavy and attractive snow in the day, and was our largest snow of the year. Another plus is that it hasn't been super cold. We have had 2 or 3 periods that I would consider pretty cold, but nothing like last year. Only reason why this winter isn't higher is because of December and Early January. That wasn't great at all. So yeah overall C+ or B-
  8. Can't leave out something that doesn't exist .
  9. Huh, I am a bit surprised by that. Then again I have gotten more snow up here a few times that may have boosted my depth. Or I am really bad at estimating snow depth which is probably the case .
  10. Has it been that long? I could've swore we have had deeper depths like after the 2012 blizzard or last year.
  11. Well this way overperformed. I easily got 5" out right now. It is a very pretty snowfall with all the snow on the branches and trees. I don't think I can complain too much about this winter anymore.
  12. It's coming down pretty good here too. I would say at least 2-3" rn going by the sidewalks.
  13. I figured it was a good time to start this thread as the North Central River Forecast Center just came out with their first spring flood forecast. Initial prognosis is that this year has a high potential of flooding along the Upper Mississippi and surrounding rivers. Factors for this forecast include how wet the soils still are from last year, the fact that a lot of rivers in the midwest are having really high flows for this time of year, and the heavy and wet snowpack up north. Basically if any area gets a large amount of rain this year they are going to possibly have some significant flooding. Oh yeah and not too mention the extremely high levels of the Great Lakes which will undoubtedly go up through the spring. In fact, Lake Michigan-Huron is only a few feet away from flood stage. Overall this year looks to be a very interesting year in the Midwest for flooding.
  14. -15 here. I am not surprised at all by Black River Falls being -33, they are always like the coldest spot in the area. Them and Lone Rock.