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  1. Haven't gone out yet but will soon to try and start the car. Attempted to make the infamous instant snow video from the balcony. It kinda worked but would've worked better if I stepped out in the open. Shot at -22F WC of -50F. Hope everyone that has to be out in the elements stays safe through tomorrow!
  2. I think there are quite a few optimists on the board (myself included) so it is nice to have someone to ground us which most often than not aligns with the ultimate outcome. *This message was paid for by Chicago Storm Jokes aside, thank you all for your contributions and knowledge shared!
  3. Beautiful fat flakes here (border of Lake and Cook counties) as well. It is so calm and peaceful outside. Doesn't get any better than this! Still think will transition to rain overnight for a bit, but this band made the whole event worth it.
  4. Short video of parachutes coming down earlier in the morning. Temp was hovering just above freezing and the water coming down the gutters can be heard in the background. Looks like around an inch and a half on the grass and colder surfaces.
  5. First post after following this board since 2012 (primarily to track winter storms). I want to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge, views, and laughs. Dreamt of becoming a met as a kid, but life took too me another direction so the dream became a hobby. Wanted to share a couple of what I think cool 960 fps videos shot this morning on my phone. Apologies that I did not shoot in landscape mode, promise will do next time and the black bars will be gone. Videos are from wave 2 with one of the most picturesque flakes I have seen in a while. In couple of the videos tried to capture the interaction between the flakes and bare ground, but couldn't get the timing perfect. I hope you will enjoy them!