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  1. This truly is an anomalous warm stretch we're in. Might even be more anomalous than the torch in Feb 2017.
  2. I think tomorrow might be even warmer at ORD. Identical thermal fields along with more sunshine and wind should result in better mixing. I'll go with 96 at ORD tomorrow.
  3. Didn't even think the atmosphere had it in itself to get that warm on Sept 29.
  4. Making up for the trainwreck August that's for sure.
  5. Will be interesting to see what the temp departures will be like at the end of the month. Maybe not quite as warm as last Sept, but it won't be too far off.
  6. That's more like it
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing an October 1963 redux, perhaps it could happen this year.
  8. It sure did change.
  9. LOT's long term AFD made no sense... Temps are going to be in the mid 80s easy during that stretch, that's like 15 degrees above normal. Hardly seasonal to "slightly above" normal. What has this forecaster been smoking?
  10. Nah, the pattern we're in right now is going to lock in for a long time. And lol @ anyone bringing up what the OP GFS is showing at hour 384.
  11. Alek and Thundersnow??
  12. Milwaukee will probably see mid to upper 80s at some point next week. Could definitely see Cyclone's area getting into the low 90s easy.
  13. It'll be in the 70s at 850 mb maybe 90s at the surface for a couple days I'm willing to bet.