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  1. That model is almost cfs-esque with it's wild changes. I mean, it's showing a departure of +0.3° at Detroit and -0.1° at Atlanta. At face value it would essentially be typical winters for both. But it sure is going against the strong gradient theme.
  2. I'm planning on heading up that way again this Feb. Glad a snowbase is starting up there. I'm sure bowtie in Indiana will get his snow eventually...its only mid November.
  3. Oh for sure no guarantees. I remember I was quite surprised at the findings because OVERALL, November temps show no correlation to winter temps. But in nina there is something of a correlation.
  4. One interesting thing to note, regardless of how much snow anyone gets this November, it looks to end up a colder than normal for most of the Midwest. Going into the month, it looked milder than normal and we were told that in a LA Nina, November can be quite a tell tale sign for Winter temperature trends.
  5. After our historic winter in 2013-14 & a tundra 2014-15, the last 2 winters were very mild. Still plenty of snowfalls but the mild temps were irritating. Temps still seem a wild card but I can't believe how overwhelming the forecasts have been this year for above avg precip in the Lakes!
  6. WWBB was my first weather board 15 years ago. I signed up, made a username without putting any thought into it (you needed to make up a name before being able to post I think). And the rest is history. Kind of a silly name but I've kept my same username all these years for nostalogic purposes i guess lol
  7. Models at great odds with each other. The winter season has begun!
  8. Thanks for putting this up Roger! I will be entering.
  9. After hitting a record low yesterday, we missed it today due to cloud cover. However still despite filtered sunshine it was another wintry feeling day for the 1st part of November. Which only increases my thirst for the 1st blanket of snow lol.
  10. DTW tied & thus broke the record low today of 19F, originally set in 1913. We only had a trace of snow here, but unlike the other 4 days with a trace of snow/sleet from Oct 27-Nov 1, there were some legit snow showers last night. Left a light wind whipped dusting of snow on the rooftops and such but not quite 0.1". The dry arctic air makes it smell like mid-winter, not early November. The high temp today of 30F missed the record low max by 2F but only 9 times on record has the first sub-freezing high occured on or before Nov 10.
  11. Took a walk at lunch time. Last leef peeping of the year. With mid-winter cold coming in early November the leaves will continue to rain down. One of those rare 0.0 skycover days at DTW.
  12. Lol I wouldn't go that far.
  13. haha no I didn't move. Just a neighborhood right outside my office.
  14. Low at DTW this morning 28F, first official freeze of the season (yet we have had 4 days with a trace of snow/sleet lol). We will be flirting with record lows Friday and Saturday. LOL at rainsucks mega November blowtorch
  15. Clear blue skies and crisp early November air made for gorgeous scenes of the late-clinging color.