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  1. michsnowfreak

    May 2019 Discussion

    Not sure about Chicago, but Detroit saw scattered snow flurries on May 19, 2002. Needless to say it was the latest I have personally ever seen snow fall, Although more recently and probably more impressive were snow showers on May 15, 2016. Only a trace fell, however it was legit snow squalls unlike May 19, 2002 which were just a few flurries. Latest on record was May 31, 1910.
  2. michsnowfreak

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Sun has been a rare commodity these days too, so looks like great weather for the game. Now the Tigers need to get a damn win!
  3. michsnowfreak

    May 2019 Discussion

    Been a mostly gray May, and while it is my least favorite time of the year, I do enjoy the May flowers. Took this yesterday.
  4. michsnowfreak

    May 2019 Discussion

    Persistent Negative NAO is much better for the east coast. We would probably get a lot of cold and dry if a negative NAO persisted all winter.
  5. michsnowfreak

    May 2019 Discussion

    Jokes aside, I was just thinking the other day of how even here, most deciduous trees have full grown green leaves for only about 4.5 months on average. Chop a solid month off of that for the upper peninsula, and it's amazing how many deciduous trees really do thrive and grow well in those conditions up north.
  6. michsnowfreak

    May 2019 Discussion

    Took these spring scenes May 3rd. I do find some beauty in my least favorite season lol.
  7. michsnowfreak

    Spring 2019 Flooding Thread

    Pictures of some flooding near DTW on May 1st after 3.20" of rain fell quickly overnight. Took these pics on the way home from work.
  8. michsnowfreak

    April 2019 Discussion

    Whats funny is that as of 8pm Apr 30 Detroit wasnt in even in top 20 wettest Aprils. Then 4 hours of downpours later, it was 3rd wettest
  9. michsnowfreak

    May 2019 Discussion

    I am less than 8 miles east of DTW and i "only" got 1.64". I have seen Facebook posts of flooded basements and flooded streets, and i can confirm there was more flooded spots y DTW on the way to work.
  10. michsnowfreak

    April 2019 Discussion

    High was 46 at Detroit. Very chilly and raw
  11. You brought the sun with you lol. Though im sure itll be cold to a now southerner like you!
  12. Just a trace of snow here. Mixed with the rain a bit late last evening then ended as snow. A trace still ties and supercedes the daily record for both Apr 27 and Apr 28 lol.
  13. What's funny is that if any snow mixes in, which still looks very likely, a trace would tie (and thus supersede) the daily record. That tells you how late in the season it really is.
  14. Sunday was our big day of accumulation here. This was literally a 3 day storm in Southeast Michigan so it's possible that different things happened in both places, but I am positive of the daytime accumulation here because it was absolutely shocking to me.
  15. So Detroit has one subpar Winter and that means hes not missing much? He missed 62" last Winter (i think he moved just before winter) and the avg this decade is like mid-50s. Even with the misses snow fell very often and there were multiple ice storms. My statement to powerball remains. He left a place where it snows all the time and goes to a place that can go a Winter without a single flake. I would not survive, he does not miss snow. We are not cut from the same cloth lol.