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  1. Nah, it just depends on the system. the east side has actually done better than northwest the last several snowfalls. it's clear with this one that the farther east you are the better.
  2. Looks like a nice snowy start to December in eastern MI but it can't go much further east or it won't be lol.
  3. You can't call 11-12 in November lol. And the only time you will see Noaa's maps in blue is when an absolutely imminent cold snap is coming. This time in 2005 or 2016 it was a nice snowy outlook headed into the holidays. Meanwhile after new years...
  4. I often wonder if it would be more fun or less fun to be a weather weenie in the days before we had access to all the weather models? I mean, an extended model shows a massive storm and you only get 7" of snow your "disappointed" . A model shows nothing, maybe a disturbance to your south, and you get 3" of unexpected snow, you're "excited".
  5. I notice often unrealistic warm temperatures in those little urban center circles on forecast temp maps, especially GFS. I think they probably put something in their computer system to account for UHI, but it clearly overdoes things
  6. computer guidance is near unanimous with showing above avg precip this winter following that general track.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! It may not seem like it in 2020, but many of us have a lot to be thankful for. Here's to a snowy winter!
  8. Once we get the first post extrapolating past 84 hrs on the NAM, then you KNOW winter is here!
  9. November 1950 started with record warmth. Temps on the 1st exceeded 80F in most areas...then BAM.
  10. lol. still way too early to have confidence in any solution.
  11. Same with DTX; they mention a possible winter storm, very unusual for them this far out as they are conservative
  12. DTX just issued their winter forecast. Slightly above avg temps, above avg precip, near avg snowfall for December. Then average temps, above avg precip, and near to above avg snowfall
  13. consistency of a storm is very good for so far out, of course where it goes no one knows. Unlike the rather last minute Detroit snowfall Sunday and Chicagos snow today, this one will be dissected all week. Let the model mayhem of the 2020-21 season commence!