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  1. May 2018 General Discussion

    My backyard is at 7.26" in may!!!
  2. May 2018 General Discussion

    I'm definitely over rain this month. Some training storms dropped another 0.96" of rain, while DTW 7 miles to the west only got 0.19". Monthly total now in my backyard is up to 6.82", one of the wettest mays on record appears likely. DTW was lagging quite far behind but still way above normal at 5.60". We started May with almost winter dormancy outside of the grass just starting to grow and trees budding (not leafing). Now everything is lush and green and the damn grass won't stop!
  3. May 2018 General Discussion

    It's been in the low to mid 40s for 36 hours and counting now. Furnace is back on.
  4. May 1-4 Severe Threats

    There was a crazy storm that lasted under 10 minutes that blew through here Friday around 130pm with estimated winds 70 mph and a quick 0.20" rain. I did not see anything at my work, but Wyandotte was socked with some large uprooted trees and lots of power outages. My power was out about 12 hours. To see the trees uprooted was insane.
  5. May 2018 General Discussion

    We started May 1st with completely bare trees and things have rapidly started blossoming. First thing was the magnolias. Pics taken late afternoon the 1st
  6. April 2018 General Discussion

    Detroit: 43.0° 13th coldest on record* It was the 13th coldest on record, but the coldest since 1975 and 2nd coldest since 1951. There were quite a few cold aprils in the early days of climate record. Also, DET was markedly colder than official DTW, and all the other years (except 1975) were at DET or other locals in Detroit proper.
  7. April 2018 General Discussion

    Low at DTW was 32F. It was the 15th freeze of April, which is 6th most on record. Now it is a blue sky, cool day.
  8. 2017 - 2018 Winter Sports Thread

    That's insane. Mt Holly in southeast MI closed March 26th and said it was an excellent season and there was still a big snowbase. I couldn't figure out why they wouldnt keep it open if there is a base. Obviously wausau is doing just that.
  9. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Its crazy. The UP is so rural as it is, add in all the microclimates, who knows how deep it gets in places.
  10. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    I have the same snow saber measuring stick lol. Never saw the water thing though lol
  11. Seasonal Snowfall totals?

    nice work as always!
  12. Seasonal Snowfall totals?

    62.5" in my backyard & 61.0" at DTW. Definitely above the avg season total of 42.7", and in fact good for 14th snowiest winter at Detroit. But unlike much of the rest of the sub, our winter was DJF heavy, not Mar/Apr. ..........MBY......DTW Oct.......T.........T Nov......T.........T Dec....23.3.....22.5 Jan.......9.7......9.2 Feb.....21.7....21.0 Mar.......5.6......5.9 Apr.......2.2......2.4 Tot......62.5....61.0 Snowfall since 2007 at DTW 2007-08: 71.7" (+29.0") 2008-09: 65.7" (+23.0") 2009-10: 43.7" (+1.0") 2010-11: 69.1" (+26.4") 2011-12: 26.0" (-16.7") 2012-13: 47.7" (+5.0") 2013-14: 94.9" (+52.2") 2014-15: 47.5" (+4.8") 2015-16: 35.3" (-7.4") 2016-17: 37.9" (-4.8") 2017-18: 61.0" (+18.3") +130.8" over the last 11 winter seasons 11yr avg: 54.6"
  13. Winter of 2017-18 PICTURE RECAP - SE MI

    Thanks. It kind of does. Its this neighborhood a few blocks over. A lot of the houses are older colonials and they always coordinate decorating and stuff like that. i have great neighbors but that is over the top over there lol.
  14. Winter of 2017-18 PICTURE RECAP - SE MI

    Thats a wrap on 2017-18. Total snowfall 62.4" imby and 61.0" at DTW Since 2002 imby... 2017-18: 62.5" - 62 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2016-17: 41.6" - 39 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2015-16: 35.0" - 37 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2014-15: 48.5" - 74 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2013-14: 96.2" - 95 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2012-13: 47.9" - 52 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2011-12: 25.5" - 20 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2010-11: 69.4" - 81 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2009-10: 46.1" - 58 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2008-09: 64.8" - 62 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2007-08: 78.2" - 69 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2006-07: 36.3" - 49 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2005-06: 41.9" - 46 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2004-05: 80.7" - 65 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2003-04: 38.0" - 60 days w/ 1"+ snowcover 2002-03: 66.7" - 67 days w/ 1"+ snowcover
  15. I have been doing this as long as Ive been on the weather boards, so here we go. 2017-18 was a snowy winter which finished slightly colder than normal. The cold season was a long one, with each month from November through April finishing colder than normal, with the exception of a mild February (and really, that was due to a very warm finish, as the month had a wintry first 2/3). Dec and Feb were very snowy; in fact the entire winter through February it was joked about how the southeast MI snow magnet attracted every snow system. And it was true, as a parade of snowstorms seemed to hit us. It was the 4th snowiest DJF on record. However March and April were much quieter; still wintry, but other areas got in on the fun more than here. Winter finished as the 14th snowiest on record at Detroit. At Detroit, of the 52.5" of the 61.0" fell from Dec 7-Feb 11. In Wyandotte, 54.4" of my 62.4" fell from Dec 7-Feb 11. OCTOBER 2017 - T Flurries were seen on 27th, 30th, 31st, with no accumulation NOVEMBER 2017 - T Several days this month had flurries or snow showers, but nothing measurable fell. The month finished 1.1F colder than avg 11-9-17: arctic front DECEMBER 2017 - 23.3" The month was cold and very snowy. DTW officially had 22.5" which was good for 5th snowiest December. From a clipper on steroids mid-month, to a Christmas snowstorm, to a record long arctic blast setting in to end the month, winter hit early and hard. In addition to the heavy snowfall, the month was 3.5F colder than avg. 12-9-17 - while a few dustings fell the previous few days, this was the first blanket of snow - 1.5" of powder fell 12-11-17 - A 4.0" snowfall made for a winter wonderland at the perfect time of year 12-11-17 - Clipper on steroids dropped 6.7" of snow - by the end of the storm 10" laid on the ground 12-14-17 - bright, bitter cold, deep winter 12-17-17 - winter 12-23-17 - After a 2 day thaw melted all but piles of snow, a fresh coating surprised us the morning before Christmas Eve 12-24-17 - A snowstorm began on noon Christmas Eve and lasted thru late evening dropping 4.5", absolutely PERFECT! 12-25-17 Christmas dawned bitter and bright with fresh powder on the ground 12-25-17 - But afternoon snow squalls were blinding as an arctic front came through 12-27-17 - Below zero 12-29-17 - More light snow accompanied the bitter cold to end the month JANUARY 2018 - 9.7" The month began entrenched in a record cold spell. A new record - 12 consecutive days without hitting 20F - was set at Detroit (it almost spanned 13 days). A few snowfalls hit during the month but nothing heavy. A big thaw the 3rd week ate into the temp departure, but the month still finished 1.1F below avg. DTW had 9.2" of snow. 1-2-18 - Arctic sunset 1-5-18 - Day 11 in a row without hitting 20F...in fact it only hit 6F after a low of -4F; despite sun, I still had tears during this walk by the Detroit River 1-8-18 - A 2.4" snowfall increased the depth from 6 to 8", but it was coming as a massive moderation spell was bringing a thaw to the tundra 1-15-18 - A thaw wiped out the snowpack on the 11th, but 2" of fresh fluff returned quickly 1-16-18 - Deer at the park - I was outnumbered 1-29-18 - After a big thaw that lasted nearly 10 days, winter returned with an unexpected 3.8" of snow; less than an inch was forecast 1-30-18 - Super moon FEBRUARY 2018 - 21.7" The tale of two months. The first half of the month saw a parade of snowstorms bringing the deepest snowpack in 3 years while the 2nd half was warm. The month finished 2.9F above avg, but again, the first 2 weeks averaged 8.5F COLDER than avg and the last 2 weeks 11.4F WARMER than avg. The 21.0" of snow at DTW was good for 11th snowiest Feb. 2-4-18 - Superbowl snowstorm dropped 5.5" of snow. The snow started wet and heavy, and by evening it was drifty powder 2-7-18 - A 3.9" fluff snowstorm made the ground deeper with white 2-9-18 - Biggest storm of winter dropped 9.3" of powder. No wind, so it was deep, even snow. Even with settling, depth was 14-15" by evening 2-10-18 - still digging out, and another inch fell today 2-11-18 - Another inch of sleet and snow fell then turned to freezing rain; many were raking snow off rooftops due to weight 2-12-18 - lots of icicles 2-15-18 - thaw 2-19-18 - Temps rising into the upper 50s and 60s caused ghostly fog over melting snow MARCH 2018 - 5.6" March roared in with wind-driven heavy, wet snow on the 1st. At 5-1 ratio the snow downed branches and wires. The rest of the month was chilly and quiet. DTW had 5.9" snow, and the month was 1.8F colder than avg. 3-1-18 - snowstorm drops 5.0" of 5-1 ratio, wind driven snow 3-2-18 - branches down & others sagging 3-3-18 - you can see how rock hard snowbanks were from the waterlogged snow APRIL 2018 - 2.2" A very cold wintry April so far. The month will certainly finish much colder than avg, I just do not know where it will place. Several light snows hit, but the most notable was the ice storm of the 15th. DTW saw 2.4" this month 4-6-18 - an inch of wet snow 4-9-18 - blinding squalls. Ended up with a dusting 4-15-18 - Ice storm. Lots of trees down and power outages. Worst ice storm for the heart of metro Detroit in years 4-17-18 - 0.8" of FLUFFY, not slushy, snow in late April