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  1. I just stayed home for the eclipse. 99.6% totality imby. It was really neat to watch. Totality would have been awesome, but still, no regrets, and i dealt with no traffic into Ohio lol.
  2. Yeah, that's definitely futility. This season, Detroit ranks 18th least since 1880.
  3. Off and on snow showers today, Detroit Tigers Opening day. It honestly seems like it snows every other year on opening day.
  4. Where does this season rank in Torontos entire period of record?
  5. Had a heavy grauple and sleet shower this afternoon that whitened the ground briefly, 0.1", however, it melted quickly. Popcorn showers dotted the area today
  6. Beautiful. The storm sure was a dud outside of the higher elevations/huron mountains (and even there, much lower than forecast).
  7. Jan 12, 2024 DTW 1.04" precip, 4.6" snow, temps 33-34 White Lake NWS 0.70" precip, 7.5" snow, temps 31-32
  8. What's your seasonal total this year and your annual average?
  9. Definitely frustrating to see the models so off on placement for so many days, but the sting is definitely less in spring.
  10. After a cold winter of 1944-45, the inferno was on in March. The original Morch if you will. Oftentimes following a cold winter, spring vegetation is late, but the green up was record early in 1945 and freezes in April and May pretty much destroyed most fruit crops in the midwest that year.
  11. It doesnt matter if its cold or warm or anything in between. Its all about skycover that day.
  12. On January 12th, DTW saw 1.04" precip and 4.6" snow, and that was all snow except the last 0.04". It's like walking through mashed potatoes.
  13. Its a ridiculous description to begin with. When has Mansfield EVER had continuous snowcover Dec-Mar? It has nothing to do with "anymore". Their decade with the most Dec-Mar snowcover days (1"+) was the 1970s, which averaged 51 days out of a possible 121. Thats less than half. The 2000s & 2010s were steady with snowcover, seeing more than the 1980s-90s, on par with the 1960s, and more than the 1950s (data gets sketchy before 1949). Two winters is not ground zero for a change in climate. You seem to be fascinated with Toledo snow stats lately too. So I decided to look up some stats myself. Toledos snowiest winters (since 1886) #1 is 86.3" is 2013-14, breaking the previous record by 13.2". 7 of the top 20 snowiest have come since 2003. 2 of the top 20 least snowy have come since 2003 (the last 2 winters) Winters with the highest snow depth (since 1893) 03.) 2020-21 (18") 06.) 2014-15 (15") 07.) 2000-01 (14") 09.) 2013-14 (13") 13.) 2008-09 (12") 2009-10 (12") 2010-11 (12") So in 132 years of record, 6 of the top 15 peak snow depth winters have come since 2009.
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