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  1. The warm weather of the past week exploded the foliage and pollen. Nice fresh cool breeze today though. This comparison shot I took a week apart, tho not the exact same spot, shows the insane difference in 1 week.
  2. Trees rapidly blooming now. We will be warm but not nearly as warm as Chicago this week.
  3. At this point the trees are literally opening by the day. I was out and about today and noticing some green.
  4. Definitely a late spring bloom this year. Almost no green trees just green grass. The only green you see is those lime green flowers on some Maple trees and the horsechestnuts. Things are definitely starting to open though which means allergy nightmare pollen. I took this pic May 4th
  5. For the most part it did not stick to the pavement, only slushed up in a few spots. Either way it was quite a Winter wonderland for April 18th.
  6. I always do a winter recap in pics, but Im late this year. Figured I would downsize the summary just as the board has downsized over the years lol. Feel free to add any recaps/pics/etc of your own. Nov 2021 - 6.6" of snow First flakes of the season Nov 2nd, and a snowy Thanksgiving weekend included a scenic 4.3" snowfall on Nov 27/28 and then another 2" snowfall just a day later, with some melting in between. Another snowy November. Dec 2021 - 3.3" of snow A very forgettable Dec winter-wise, the only real highlight being a blinding band of snow on the 28th that dropped 2" of heavy, wet snow in less than 3 hours. Jan 2022 - 9.4" of snow A cold January. Excellent for winter rec and ice fishermen. Snow-wise, nothing special, highlight by basically 3 clippers (2.7" on Jan 1/2, 3.3" on Jan 23, and 2.6" on Jan 24/25). Feb 2022 - 20.2" of snow Once again Feb blitzes us with plentiful snow. Highlights were the 2-part winter storm Feb 2-3 which dropped 6" of wet snow with wave 1 and 3.3" of powder with wave 2....whiteout squalls on the 13th that dropped 2"....then another good storm on the 17/18th dropped 6.8" of snow. Mar 2022 - 3.7" of snow A boring March. A wet snow of 1.3" on the 11th and a powdery 1.4" on the 13th were the only thing of note, tho the 13th did have some good blowing/drifting ahead of a warm front. Apr 2022 - 4.4" of snow The 3rd April in a row to drop 4+ snow. A surprise 2" fell late on the 2nd in the form of heavy feathery snow, and then the now-annual late April snow hit on the 18th, dropping 2.4" of heavy, wet snow. Season total snow: 47.6", slightly above avg. Detroit officially had 47.1". Pic collages below.
  7. Today was one of those days where you know you are getting deep into spring because the snowcover melted by noon despite flurries falling throughout the day lol. The timing of heavy mid-late April snowfalls the last 3 years is almost, as hoosier said recently, comical.
  8. Had 2.4" here. Heavy snow was blinding at times from 1 to 3pm. Impressive to get accumulations during peak heating of a mid to late April day. This was the 8th day of the 2021-22 season DTW had SN+ with quarter mile or less visib. With the water content of around 0.40", this would have been more impressive accumulation wise had it came at night. Season total imby 47.6". DTW received 2.3", bringing season to 47.1". Last 3 years have been impressive for post-mid-April snowfalls. Apr 17, 2020: 3.3" (DTW 3.4") May 10/11, 2020: 0.7" (DTW 0.5") Apr 20/21, 2021: 4.4" (3.5" DTW) Apr 18, 2022: 2.4" (2.3" DTW)
  9. Ah Yes how could I forget the April 15, 2018 ice storm. Never seen an ice storm like that in April.
  10. I had to look, and the answer is no. Any years there was a late April (or May) snowfall, the year before & after tended to have little or no snow. In fact, only twice has there been consecutive years with with 1"+ snow on/after April 15th! 1911- 1.2" 1912- 1.5" 2020- 5.2" 2021- 3.5"
  11. It is comical. The April 20/21, 2021 snowfall dropped 3.5" at Detroit, 4.4" imby, and 5.0" at Toledo but there were reports of 6" in Monroe. The April 17, 2020 snowfall dropped 3.4" at Detroit and 3.3" imby but once again there were reports of 5 to 6" near Monroe. I have a friend who lives in Monroe (which is Michigan's most southeast county) and being that they jackpotted late April snows 2 years in a row I joked, when will 2022s late April snow be. Now it may happen. (Though jackpot should be the thumb). While we only got a trace during the April 27, 2019 snowfall, I recall several inches fell northwest of Chicago. The funny thing about last year's snowfall is that 2021 HAD been one of the few Springs in recent memory where stuff was blooming unusually early rather than late. So what happens? Incredible scenes on a sunny, cold morning April 21st.
  12. The annual post-mid-April snowstorm is now looking quite likely tomorrow. Should it happen this will be the 3rd year in a row we get a very scenic snowfall aftermated April. Measurable snows imby last few years after mid April. Apr 15, 2020: 1.5" Apr 17, 2020: 3.3" May 10/11, 2020: 0.7" Apr 20/21, 2021: 4.4" Apr 18, 2022: ?
  13. Yikes. Like I said. To each their own. Would be torture for me. But I suppose if you like a taste of the colder seasons without the longevity of the North that's not a bad place to be. My post was referencing how my aunts sister, who moved to suburban Dallas 30 years ago, describes her climate.
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