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  1. Don't know which thread to post this, but does anyone notice the gfs temp anomaly maps on tidbits have unrealistic heat bubbles over the big cities? No matter how warm or cold it is. Idk if that's the gfs idea of accounting for UHI but it looks ridiculous lol.
  2. It's interesting that some people get irritated when people root for cold but then some do the same thing by rooting for warm lol. I prefer lots of crisp air in October because i love Fall so much. Obviously with the averages and daylight continuously dropping, warmer than normal is not always a bad thing as long as it's not extreme. October is a month where yes it's possible to see a few actual hot days and likewise it can snow, but by and large it's a comfortable month regardless which side of normal it falls on.
  3. 87 in the Soo is crazy but I gotta go with 95 in Traverse City as the shock value. That's crazy. DTWs hottest temp of the year was 92 on June 12-13. It's weird to see the Lower peninsula enveloped in 90s while the far East side, including the Detroit heat island, stayed upper 80s.
  4. Nice cool down on the way. As for some dramatic warm spell in Oct after the cool snap, ensembles don't show that YET from what I'm seeing so hope the op gfs is wrong. Just as anyone would give jonger grief for quoting a 2 wk op cold snap the same should be done for warm spell. If the ensembles continue to get warmer then I'll be on board. Either way with below normal temps coming first the colors will continue to take off so I will be enjoying the beautiful fall. By mid Oct record warmth is mid 80s so annoying yes but unbearable no.
  5. DTW hit 89. Sultry, thick summer air with Fall colors dotting the landscape.
  6. I know it's much hotter in Chicago than here, but this does not seem near as anomalous as Feb 2017 (warmth). Or for that matter Feb 2015 (cold) or Mar 2012 (heat). We are still running colder than normal in Sept, should cross into + territory Saturday.
  7. Does anyone know what kind of effect, if any, will have on the rapidly changing colors? Will it slow them, accelerate them, or have no effect? I'm good with any case as long as it doesn't affect them in a negative way. I know dry makes them fall faster but this is dry weather but humid air.
  8. That was a record low snow season for the western and northern sub.
  9. I will have to look at the storms, but as has been said over and over....the past decade of winters has been unusually snowy and stormy. The number of 6+ storms has been unprecedented in that timeframe. Elevation definitely helps white lake in marginal events, but other than that it should be a matter of track.
  10. New England has had their winter '17-18 thread up since Feb 4th (no, that is not a typo), so as we enter the last 2 weeks of September, I figure it's time to start one. As Hoosier mentioned in the banter thread, as usual, reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic at this juncture, which is pretty common at this point. I am liking the wet look showing up on most model precip forecasts for the Lakes.
  11. I'm surprised we don't have a winter thread yet.
  12. With 10 more days of upper 70s to mid 80s on tap, I am seeing the month finish warmer than normal now here. Not by a lot, but on the plus side. It is an odd feeling that after one of the coldest starts to September on record and having hardly used my A.C. at all in August, the a.c. goes back on the 2nd half of September. And to add to the oddity, I cannot ever recall seeing the Fall color so far along in mid-Sept. Weird all around.
  13. Ah gotcha. I'm a climo guy not a forecast guy lol. My reading models at face value is my basic knowledge. I'm terrible at patterns, signals, etc. I rely on the experts to decode it for me
  14. The cfs changes daily though, right? I just looked at a cfs composite and it showed a wet winter in the great lakes,which is niña not nino climo. Dec was the mildest month but not furnace.