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  1. Euro was way too dry with the November 11th snowstorm out this way, then again most models were.
  2. Actually the 12Z GFS ensembles are the coldest theyve been in days. The model circus will just continue to go up-and-down all through the Winter and beyond.
  3. Picked up a half inch of snow yesterday in various squalls. One month ago today SE MI had an 8-12" snowstorm.
  4. November 11th was a widespread synoptic snowstorm.
  5. The long range GFS was always good for laughs and nothing more, but even the ensembles in the long range of been absolutely terrible this season so far. Wild changes run to run. Really seems like we are going backwards instead of forwards in model land when it comes to accuracy.
  6. I am with beavis. At least it's been chilly outside. We had off and on flakes throughout the week. It's annoying that we were buried in beautiful deep snow in mid November and have nothing on the ground in early December, but but give me cold and gray any day over torch.
  7. Lol i know right. But i will say ive seen many forecasts with a sweet spot storm track over us. Obviously its been a dull couple weeks, but season snowfall to date is well above normal and weve only just begun.
  8. I broke my golden rule by assuming it was mild based on the talk lol. Who knows what's gonna happen, the models change daily.
  9. November 2019 finished with a mean temp of 35.8F, which makes it the 13th coldest November on record. More seasonable to even mild weather pushed the ranking up a bit, as the first 20 days of Nov were the coldest on record. The total snowfall of 9.5" makes it the 4th snowiest November on record. The only snowier Novembers are 1966 (11.8"), 1933 (10.6") and 1932 (10.1").
  10. Dec 2016 was colder than average here. This post made me look at the cold season months this decade at Detroit to see how many were colder than average and how many were warmer than average. To keep it simple, 0.1° either way is either colder or warmer than average, I did not do any of that 1゚ within normal type of stuff. Not surprisingly, December is the black sheep for cold anomalies. Averages exist for a reason, sometimes it's above, sometimes it's below. Cold season months more often than not finished colder than avg this decade. 2010s Nov 6 cold, 4 mild Dec 4 cold, 6 mild (ASSUMING 2019 is mild) Jan 6 cold, 4 mild Feb 5 cold, 5 mild Mar 7 cold, 3 mild Apr 6 cold, 4 mild
  11. I'm always a bit on the fence this time of year, but i think in the end it will be an above average snow season, just seems like too much stuff pointing to that. Obviously we are off to a banner start, with several snowfalls in late October and early November in the Western part of the sub, then the historic (for November) Veterans Day snowstorm in Detroit. However now that we are in a lull, and the next few weeks looks a bit boring outside of the far North, the usual doubts and worries creep in. But bottom line, theres still 5 more months of snow to come so I'm sure a lot of fun and probably some frustration lies ahead. Let it snow!
  12. Me Too! Lol. I was just curious if you took the heavy early season snow into account with those estimates.
  13. Dons forecast isnt that bad, its just not super snowy.
  14. I mean that is just their forecast lol (and to be honest they dont have the best track record at seasonal forecasting lol). But I will tell you one thing. If in the end December does end up mild with subpar snowfall, we will probably never shake the superstition that cold snowy November lead to mild lower snow december's.
  15. The 1st 20 days of November where the coldest and snowiest on record for Detroit. The month looks to end typically Novembery, with overcast skies, but no snow remains. With temperatures getting milder the last 3rd of the month, it will be interesting to see where the month places on the coldest list.