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  1. Thanks guys. I am updated my post. Let me know of any others I missed.
  2. I think May finishes below avg, very confident in that. Summer...who knows.
  3. Wow thats a hell of an increase. A sample so far... Buffalo, NY: +0.7" Chicago, IL: +2.1" Detroit, MI: +2.5" Rochester, NY: +2.5" Grand Rapids, MI: +2.6" Pittsburgh, PA: +2.7" New York City, NY: +4.0" Syracuse, NY: +4.0" Flint, MI: +4.7" Boston, MA: +5.4" Saginaw, MI: +7.1" Worcester, MA: +8.8" Hartford, CT: +11.2"
  4. That is very interesting. I checked for Detroit and there are very minor differences to the tune of 0.1 to 0.2° here and there. But that Chicago discrepancy is mystifying.
  5. I am guessing the core of the cold missed you last may? Being in a more rural area I would have thought you had more than one freeze last May. The low temps at Detroit last May 5/05: 39 5/06: 38 5/07: 38 5/08: 31 5/09: 27 5/10: 33 5/11: 34 5/12: 34 5/13: 32 These temps were kept up a little not only due to UHI but also clouds and snow flurries kept temperatures up a few of those nights. The DTX nws office in White Lake IS in a rural area, and their lows for that stretch were: 5/05: 33 5/06: 31 5/07: 34 5/08: 26 5/09: 25 5/10: 31 5/11: 28 5/12: 25 5/13: 24
  6. Snow two Mothers Days in a row? That's interesting weather!
  7. I don't remember the specifics but after snowflakes fluttered around in the cold may 8th and 9th last year, it actually warmed up on the 10th ahead of the rain. Snow was not even forecast then all of a sudden wet bulbing/evap cooling did its thing and it started pouring snow & instantly accumulating. Granted it was 11:00 p.m., but it was 11:00 p.m. on May 10th
  8. It would be hilarious if someone sees snowflakes on Mothers Day because that would be 2 Mothers Days in a row it has snowed in this region. Talk about unheard of lol. Last Mothers day I had my mom over for dinner. it was cold and rainy. When the parents left I started washing dishes and the noise of rain had stopped. I looked outside and saw this.
  9. Increasing cloudiness in the Winter time keeping Winter mins up also really helps that less freezing. That's another interesting trend locally, Winter mins are increasing yet the number of below 0 days is staying pretty constant and in fact is greater than it was during the milder winters of the early to mid 20th century...and the number of mins below 10 below is actually slightly going up. That is why weather is so fascinating, there are so many aspects beyond the means. ot, how far you from Buffalo airport? As a climate buff who loves looking at old data locally it would probably drive me crazy to look at old data for Buffalo but not really know what was happening in my present day backyard at the time since les can be isolated. You have posted pictures were getting 1 or 2' of snow in Buffalo reports like 5" lol.
  10. What I think is cool is that as someone who actually follows the weather in weather patterns and trends I can actually see the difference in certain things. Not talking about some kneejerk reaction to an unusual spring warm spell or some freak October or may snowstorm. talking about overall. And pretty much the trends in local climate are something I notice. I literally argued some bullshit article saying the winters were warming faster than summers in the Great Lakes and I said it was the complete opposite. The most notable trend here is that summer temperatures are rising and mins are increasing 2 to 3 times as much as the maxes in summer. This is why heatwaves of the dustbowl remain untouched but avg temps made the 10s the hottest summers on record. The cooling off of April and November and the heating up of May-Sept basically give the illusion that both winter and summer are "longer" and fall/spring are shrinking into near oblivion. There are very few cool summer nights anymore from late June to late Aug. The mugginess is increasing. Winter is making a habit of popping in unusually early and late but choosing a hiatus at some point during prime time. That Mother Nature is blowing her snowy load in February is getting to the point of as sure as lions not winning the superbowl. I could.go on. But one of my favorite things about GW/CC in a northern climate? There's more juice in the atmosphere. We are getting bigger snowstorms which leads to some great packs at times. Its worth a little extra summer humidity
  11. Thank you lol and see above. I have no problem with global warming, I don't get involved in those discussions much because it seems to be a battle of the far right & the far left which leads to exaggerations on both ends. I guess correcting misinformation when I see it means I don't believe in climate change.
  12. When did I say anything about fake news? correcting misinformation and exaggerations does not mean I don't believe in CC. And Detroit does NOT have a microclimate going on lol. Look up most cities in the Midwest and their all time warmest of each month is scattered around from the 1880s to 2010s.
  13. There are lots of variables that go into everything. I can pretty much guarantee you that Pittsburgh's airport has a lot more concrete now than it did in 1948. Things like moving temperature sensors, UHI, etc. I am not sure where you are getting that Harrisburg went up 2°? Have a link? While Harrisburg did go up more than cities in our sub it looks like 0.6° per xmacis, not 2°.