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  1. Tired of the heat yet? DFW 113 days 90+ this year, max 110 DTW 2 days 90+ this year, max 90
  2. The color is well ahead of schedule so it will be interesting to see how much, if at all, the coming period of warmth will slow it.
  3. If you dare to challenge the most outrageous claims (new climate is 70 in January in WI with flamingos) or don't attribute every single solitary weather event to climate change, you don't believe in cc lmao. Learn how the weather works sometime.
  4. Five very smart birds to leave their native florida, skip a ton of states between FL & WI, and land in WI. It will probably be an extremely smooth transition for them to go from 0 sub-freezing nights a year to 130 sub-freezing nights a year.
  5. Its a sign that they got caught in the winds of Hurricane Idalia. Make sure to let us know how they are doing when its 0F out.
  6. Make sure to give us a color report. Color is popping like crazy here, Ill bet its very colorful up there!
  7. No, my objection is that your sample size is 13 years lol. The mean average maximum temp at Flint for the past 13 years is almost as warm as it was for the 13-year period 1930-1942. But really Im done discussing this. I mean, using 1961-90 normals and a 13-year dataset starting with a very well-known stretch of torrid summers was one thing...but now that we are discounting 1930s-50s data for one excuse or another, I think ill pass on discussing this tenths of degrees data anymore. Our climate is heavily influenced by the Great Lakes and even as climate changes, always will be.
  8. Last years peak fall color was the earliest in years, and was a stark difference to the late peak in 2021. I am wondering what 2023 will hold? Color continues to pop more and more by the day, and a friend posted a pic of a tree of his that he said is "14 days earlier than last year", which was already an earlier peak. If we were going to be in a below average temperature pattern I would all but guarantee a very early peak, but with warmer than avg weather looming, Id say its a crapshoot at this point (altho a late peak seems unlikely).
  9. Wow I just noticed Grand Rapids had 14 days. Just crazy how the heat continuously hit a wall in eastern MI.
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