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  1. First frost this morning. Low at DTW 36 but rural places had a freeze.
  2. thanks. interesting to look at. but of course just that lol. I cannot remember where I saw it, but there is a graph somewhere that will tell you what your city's average snow liquid ratio is.. I think for Detroit it is 12 to 1, which would put this 33 closer to 40" (current avg is 44"). I'm assuming new England is similar? fluffier in nne and wetter at the coast.
  3. I have weatherbell but they don't have that neat graphic. Could you please show DTW?
  4. It was a warmer than average September at Detroit, tied for the 25th warmest on record, but no record highs were set, only a record cold Max of 53 on September 23.
  5. I just looked up the Jan avg, not avg for Jan 1st, but 1961-90 January is 2.5° warmer than 1991-20. Still significant but nowhere near 6°. It does appear that 1961-90 was the aberration though. As we all know station station sites change, both location and surrounding environment, but it's pretty typical to have 1961-90 by far the coldest normal set for any station in the Midwest. Chicago's official January temperatures are currently 2.5° COLDER than they were when your grandparents were walking uphill barefoot in 6 feet of snow. Chicago January avg/high low: 1901-30: 32/18 1931-60: 33/20 1961-90: 29/14 1991-20: 31/17
  6. Sneak in 1881 there tied for 7th place. The only reason I know that is because I had to look it up, not seeing it on your list. That's the warmest September on record at Detroit. (2021 did not make the top 20).
  7. More color appearing by the day. Will be interesting to see if the warm weather slows it.
  8. I have nothing to back this up other than my knowledge of climate, but I have a feeling it is going to be a stormy Winter locally. La Nina is historically a conga line of storms into this region. Last Winter I was envisioning a ton of precipitation, both rain and snow, but yet each Winter month ended up drier than normal. Even February with it's heavy snowfall & deep snow pack saw liquid precipitation slightly below average (owing to both the fact that most of the snow was powdery and also the fact that there was no rain). In the end season snowfall was right around average to slightly above in spots, yet it was a drier than average Winter (which contradicted literally every model forecast). Overall there has been a slight increase in precipitation the past few decades, I don't know if we've ever had 2 dry La Nina's in a around, and a wetter pattern has taken hold starting the 2nd half of summer.
  9. Historically, many warm octobers were followed by cold winters and cold octobers were followed by mild winters.
  10. How did I miss this? Welcome back to SE MI! Hope your first winter back is a good one. What brought you back this way? I would argue the snow depths of 2014 were far more impressive than 1999 because of longevity. Official peak depth was 20" in 2014 but snow depths of 16-20" lasted 2 months whereas 1999 was incredible but a flash in the pan.
  11. The 3 day rainfall here Sept 21-23 was 4.43"....but since it was spaced out, no flooding issues. DTW was 4.46", so crazy to be so close. DTW also set a record low max temp of 53° on Sep 23. Fall started with a bang. This mornings low of 47 is the coldest of the season so far at Detroit, with some upper 30s in the most rural areas.
  12. very cool sky this evening, looked fake. sooo have that Fall Fever
  13. The squall line had about 70 mph winds as it blew through. Rainfall itself was nothing special, 0.34", but the storm itself was probably the most destruction we've had from a thunderstorm since May 3, 2018.
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