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  1. Anywhere between 4-7" of snow fell while i was up in munising. Just awesome scenes
  2. It should have been the title of every event this winter lol
  3. Oh wow. I remember when Madison was the snow magnet in 2006-2008. Weve eclipsed 13" several times since 2011, though not this year (peak 9").
  4. I'm at 9.2" on the month I think and peak obs time depth has been 3". January peak depth was 6", December peak depth 1", November peak depth 9" lol.
  5. Enjoying TON of snow in Munising, on the Lake Superior shoreline. But this is actually quite a mild Winter up here for them as well, as I always say it's all relative lol.
  6. Good luck and best wishes. Will miss your posting! Pop in once in a while will you?
  7. I'm in the UP enjoying feet of snow, but sounds like we did get less than half an inch of wet snow yesterday at home, I'll est 0.3". 1 to 2" in the northern burbs as you alluded to. That's your how much of your snow would survive, but I'm know I will come home to just piles tomorrow.
  8. Picked up 0.1" of snow last night. 30.6" on the season here, 30.8" at DTW. Headed north to the UP today! There will be snow on the ground the entire way for the trip up (trip home wed will prob be just piles from flint south). Accumulating snow expected up there Monday night
  9. Sunny, cold and dry the last few days. Love the crisp, dry, frigid winter air thats been all too rare this winter.
  10. February still only the 3rd snowiest month of the season imby, but they are close. Oct- T Nov- 9.1" Dec- 2.6" Jan- 10.0" Feb- 8.8" midway thru
  11. 4F at DTW, coldest of the season, finally erasing the mark of 7F from Nov 13
  12. While today's snow was far down on the list of exciting snows this season, taking a walk in fresh snow never gets old.
  13. Finished with exactly 2.0" here. Up to 30.5" on the season. DTW with 2.1", 30.7" on the season. Definitely a bit of a low bust, but one whose writing was on the wall before the snow even began. This one was weird in that the snow did not stick much to the pavement as temperatures were near freezing, so it blanketed everything, giving even dirty old snowbanks a fresh velvety look, but wetting the pavement. Then as soon as the snow ended temps plummeted, causing black ice everywhere.
  14. After the November 11 storm way overperformed and the Jan 18 storm met expectations, i laughingly thought this would be the season when Winter storms got better within short range. Since then its the frequency of snow has picked up but every event (except LES) has ended up much less than it first looked.
  15. Looks like a long duration 3-4" here.