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  1. The grass is starting to get very Brown here yet the rivers and lakes remain high
  2. Can't say I disagree. Hopefully just slightly warmer than avg though. La Ninas certainly make me lick my chops for potential into the Winter, as above average precipitation is likely.
  3. Hopefully either a fluke or a sign that they will keep those high departures out in the plains lol
  4. Impressively chilly morning for mid June in Southeast Michigan today. 46 at DTW missed the record low by 4° (however if that was tomorrow it would be the record low). But most of the more outlying areas in Southeast Michigan fell to 38 to 42゚ I actually wonder if some of the high elevations of the northern suburbs had a brief light frost?
  5. It's ridiculous and I'm sure the fool amateur weather pages that spread fake news and 16 Day GFS plots which transition into the public mocking meteorogists for being "wrong" is behind this proposed change. I voted strongly against it.
  6. first 90 of the year logged at DTW, just barely.
  7. crazy stuff even for out west. 2019-20 was actually the longest snow season on record at Detroit from the first to last measurable snow (Nov 7 - May 10).
  8. Speaking of hot and humid, after having the furnace running for nearly 8 months, I literally switched right to the AC today as we have soared to 86゚ with high humidity. However next weekend looks much cooler.
  9. I don't mind a few hot and humid days because I know that cold rules the year here. Because of my reputation of loving Winter, it's funny that some people assume I don't like summer when I actually do. Especially being surrounded by lakes. Im just ready for fall by August lol. But the thought of living in some of those Southern climates where unbearable heat and humidity lasts for 5-7 months without a break, then "Winter" is limited to a few freezes at night is truly a nightmare to me. But to each their own!
  10. Sounds like a nightmare climate lol
  11. It certainly did! Definitely need to update....now I feel safe in saying the 2019-20 snow season is a wrap....I think . Flakes will resume flying in perhaps just 5 short months. May 2020 - 0.7" of snow A cold May brought a very memorable, record-breaking cold snap during the 2nd week of the month. At Detroit, snowflakes fell on 5 consecutive days (May 8-12), a feat never before seen. Any snow in May is rare, let alone on 5 days. In addition to record low temps, a burst of heavy snow late in the evening on Mother's Day left Detroit with 0.5" of snow, making it the heaviest May snow in 97 years, the 3rd latest measurable snow on record, and the 4th snowiest May on record. This also made 2019-20 the "longest" snow season from first to last measurable snow (Nov 7 - May 10). 5-8-20 snow flurries and snow showers fell off and on all day, a first for my birthday 5-10-20 Rain developed late on Mothers Day, suddenly turning to heavy wet snow around 11pm. It was unlike Id anything Id ever seen in May, and almost mid-May to boot 5-11-20 while the snow was gone by sunrise, May 11th did begin a winter wonderland. I measured 0.7", with 0.5" at DTW, and up to 2" NE of Detroit Third times the charm lol... WINTER TOTAL SNOWFALL (Wyandotte, MI) 2019-20: 43.8" 2018-19: 31.9" 2017-18: 62.5" 2016-17: 41.6" 2015-16: 35.0" 2014-15: 48.5" 2013-14: 96.2" 2012-13: 47.9" 2011-12: 25.5" 2010-11: 69.4" 2009-10: 46.1" 2008-09: 64.8" 2007-08: 78.2" 2006-07: 36.6" 2005-06: 41.9" 2004-05: 80.7" 2003-04: 36.6" 2002-03: 66.9" 2001-02: 42.5" 2000-01: 47.3" 1999-00: 29.3" 1998-99: 52.1" 1997-98: 27.2" 1996-97: 35.9" 1995-96: 31.3"
  12. Not sure on Genesee County, however the map nicely represents the unusual fact of how the east side of Southeast Michigan did better than the west side. Then again, a lot of it was synoptic quirks as there was not much lake effect snow accumulation this Winter ( No coincidence that the greatest negative departures in the snowbelt of Southwest Michigan). Metro Detroit is split between the 75-100% of average & 100-125% of average categories, but more or less it was an average snow season in the Detroit area, though it came about in any way but average.
  13. While Detroit only saw a trace of snow in October, I noticed that the DTX NWS office in White Lake, which is about 25 miles northwest of Detroit in the highest elevations of Southeast Michigan, did see measurable snow in October. So regardless of the fact that they ironically missed out on much of the April snow fun for being too far north, they pulled off the rare feat of having measurable snow fall 8 months in a row. Detroit's far northern suburbs almost always get extra early and late season snow accumulation when down here the snow does not stick or fall as rain, yet mid April to mid May of 2020 they were consistently too far North to see the best snow. So crazy. Oct- 0.7" (.....dtw T) Nov- 11.1" (.....dtw 9.5") Dec- 6.7" (.....dtw 2.7") Jan- 9.9" (.....dtw 9.7") Feb- 18.2" (.....dtw 14.7") Mar- 1.7" (.....dtw 1.7") Apr- 0.9" (.....dtw 4.9") May- 0.2" (.....dtw 0.5")