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  1. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Clippers have produced far more precip here than any "rainstorm" has this winter. This is actually our first "rainstorm" of the winter today, and it certainly seems to be underperforming. Have you guys had many rainstorms in Toronto? As to the bolded, that is 10-12 days away. Look at how bad these models are. Do you have any idea how many times that will change by then? Before someone says Im optimistic...I am not saying the pattern will (or wont) produced...Im just saying DO NOT...DO NOT...DO NOT look at models face value in the long range. EDIT - Case in point. 12z GFS would show accumulating snow with a massive temp drop Feb 2nd sweeping through the Midwest and Canada/new England. It will change many times of course, just saying
  2. January 2018 Discussion

    Its been a white winter, but as we now enter the dead of winter, the snow depth has gone down to 0. Since December 6th, the only days that started with no snow on the ground at the 7am obs were Dec 21, 22, 23, & Jan 12. Unfortunately this one appears to last for at least a little bit. Winters return, be it cold clippers or whatever, cant come soon enough for me!
  3. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    He sure ditched his HUGE torch idea fast, didn't he?
  4. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Nice writeup. And I agree, very easy to understand. Bring it on!
  5. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Benchmark is the word. The fact that it started with GHDII, which dropped almost 17" of snow on DTW ahead of that ice box...made me really enjoy that winter. I went into that winter with the historic 2013-14 fresh in my mind, thinking, how can anything impress me? Well, the cold did. One morning my car read -22F on the way to work (and this is not a rural area)! As I recall, most cities either had their #1 or #2 coldest February on record, with the other being 1875. (ie, some places the ranking went 2015, 1875, some places it went 1875, 2015). If no records were kept at a location in 1875, then it was the coldest on record.
  6. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Bring on the clippers! A nice transition storm or two to bookend the cold would be lovely.
  7. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Plowing is more fun than chemical plowing though, right? How much of a choice is it, is it by discretion? My arms and snow shovel blade are definitely worn out from shoveling this winter but not once did I feel the physical need to use the snowblower. Neighbors used the blowers many times. It comes down to preferece often times.
  8. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    It's been decently active in the Lakes but dry-ish active lol.
  9. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    This period of mild was a long time coming and pretty unavoidable. It actually looks less impressive than some earlier model depictions. Just have to get through it. No doubt in my mind the cold is returning soon. And hopefully the active look stays with it.
  10. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Wow how the mighty euro has fallen from its heyday. In any event the return to cold has good consensus. What accompanied it is tbd
  11. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Meaning a terrible pattern look or terrible model performance?
  12. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    ouch that would suck!
  13. While winter has been night and day between Detroit & Chicago, I just feel that a colder weather pattern supports more snow. I mean if things go PERFECT you can get dumped on in a milder, cutting pattern, but many will see rain. EPS shows tons of snow the next 45 days fwiw lol. By the way, wanted to clarify, I meant WINTER severe does nothing for all but the severe geeks. Im all for a good severe storm in spring or summer. But in winter it honestly wouldn't make one iota of difference in a crappy pattern.
  14. I didn't know how much snow you guys had so far (YYZ isn't easy to look up like any American nws site is, at least for me lol), so that's why I asked. It just seemed like you have been doing decent. A January thaw is common in winter, so hopefully when we reload everyone gets in on stuff. Cold and dry worked out well here snow-wise, so I say bring it on again. Do I want a big storm? OF COURSE. Will I take shoveling smaller snows multiple times a week over mild and wet? ABSOLUTELY!
  15. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    What happened last Feb?