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  1. very cool sky this evening, looked fake. sooo have that Fall Fever
  2. The squall line had about 70 mph winds as it blew through. Rainfall itself was nothing special, 0.34", but the storm itself was probably the most destruction we've had from a thunderstorm since May 3, 2018.
  3. Detroit finished July at -0.1 departure and Toledo 0.0 departure. Rare to actually have a month right on average. Although, high temperatures were below average and low temperatures were above average. I recorded 6.12" of rain in July. Drought no more
  4. For DTW: Jun 28- 90 Jun 29- 90 July 04- 90 July 05- 91 July 06- 92 July 26- 90
  5. Detroit is only at 6 days on the year, and most of them just touching 90. 90, 90, 90, 91, 92, 90
  6. Got caught at an absolute deluge on the way home from dinner last night. picked up 1.58" in the 30 minute torrent. Total for the day 1.69" https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10115237333742853&id=2243303
  7. remember tho I'm only referring to July.
  8. I'd say locally 1992. July 2009 was an absolute heat-less dream but I don't recall it being too gray. One of the June's a few years back (2017?) was the cloudiest on record.
  9. It's been years since I can recall so much Gray rainy weather in July.
  10. An overcast day as we hit mid July with highs in the 60s. I have fall fever. Detroit only has a 2% chance of having a high in the 60s in July, so today is a rare day to enjoy.
  11. Hard to get better weather as we approach mid July than a high in the 70s with low humidity. Wish I could bottle today up thru late August.
  12. max of the year so far. as warm as it's been overall, weak sauce for max temps
  13. 3 days of fresh air in the house to start July feels just amazing. The AC will certainly be going back on tomorrow though.
  14. Gorgeous day today. After a low of 56 at DTW, a nice summer breeze all day is keeping temps in the low 70s with low humidity How I wish all summer was like this!
  15. A good example of how interesting the weather can get In 148 years of record at Detroit June tied (w/ 1943) for 6th warmest June on record. However with a max temp of only 90....81 June's have had a hotter max temp and another 21 also had a max of exactly 90. So only 5 of 147 other June's had a hotter average temp, but only 45 of 147 other June's had a colder maximum temp for the month. So clearly it was the warm minimums that dominated this month as the most impressive feature. Despite that the 45゚on June 21st missed the low by one mere degree.
  16. 2 fantastic city pictures from yesterday. My brother took the one in Chicago (similar to Aleks), and the other was taken in Detroit on Belle Isle.
  17. I have a NWS rain gauge and snow equipment. I do need a fully functioning station tho lol.
  18. That's why the 1936 heatwave is so unfathomable. This is when NO ONE had AC.
  19. Now I'll do the fact checking lol. Today was actually the 6th time. 4 88s, 1 89, and now 1 90.
  20. Not to mention, while our annual percent of sunshine is low here in the Great Lakes (I think Detroit is around 51%), we typically have very sunny summers. It's unrealistic to not expect a single overcast day in a full month, but for as gray as it is from November through April, it's very Sunny in the warm season. I would bet it's actually sunnier here than it is in the South during summer.
  21. I can attest...no thunder, no lightning
  22. Some crazy flooding scenes around Detroit and just to the North.. Some rainfall totals, my area definitely just missed the heavy stuff. Garden City: 6.61" Grosse Pointe: 6.50" SE Ann Arbor: 5.34" Ypsilanti: 4.75" Detroit City: 4.74" Ann Arbor: 4.22" Detroit Metro: 2.38" Wyandotte: 1.62"
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