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  1. I talk to Andrew from Long Island all the time and he would rather have our climate with frequent snows and flakes...they just don't get that. He has seen some incredible storms but they are in and out in a flash. Obviously it's a little different in NE, but still. An east coast climate is big risk, big reward, big disappointment. These models tho. Yikes.
  2. Should be quite the comedy show watching the struggling models figure this one out over the coming week.
  3. Woke up a little earlier than normal and couldn't fall back asleep so bundled up and went down to the Detroit river to watch the sunrise. It was absolutely gorgeous, the air temp was about 4゚ so there was steam coming over the open water (no matter how cold it is the river won't freeze solid due to ice cutters and current). As the sun rose the snow sparkled and took on different hues of orange. I really do take for granted that this scene is literally a few blocks from my house every clear morning.
  4. 9"+ snowstorms are not as common as you would think, I think the midwest is a 1 to 6" climate in general with the occasional bigger storm. Contrary to that 1 poster's incorrect assumption, Detroit having 4 snowstorms of 9" and the last 5 years is actually very good and more than most cities in the region. It would take a bit of research but I wouldn't imagine only a handful of 9"+ storms are seen per decade at any one local. Detroit has had 11 in the past 15 years but that includes some stellar Winters. If you lower the bar to 8"+ you're adding quite a few more to the pile.
  5. While it's always common for the op guidance to shift wildly from run to run, I have noticed lately how how ridiculously different the ensemble means are from run to run in the extended.
  6. Thanks for those charts. The mid 20th century was terrible for snowfall in this area. If 1930s through 1950s Winter's happened today, I shudder at the thought of every single event being attributed to global warming. There were a few good ice storms and of course the occasional good bout of snow, but as a whole that was one depressing 30 years stretch for snow lovers.
  7. Actually you're obsessed with saying I polish turds even if I don't say a word. You just seem to not believe the fact that some people can like winter the season without obsessing over rates or a storm total amount. And actually, dtw had a bigger storm last winter than ord. It's amazing that people that simply discuss the weather or post stats are turd polishing or bullying, but you just spout off baseless junk with nothing to back it up, apparently no knowledge of how weather/climate works.
  8. Glistening winter morning. Deep cold and fresh powder....perfect for the dead of winter.
  9. 17 storms the last 5 years have dropped 4+ at DTW, including 4 over 9". Yup. No organized systems in 5 years. Also, snow depths last Feb reached 21" in Chicago, 18" in Toledo, and 14" in Detroit. Impressive with no organized systems. Nov. 27/28, 2021: 4.3" Feb 15/16, 2021: 10.4" Feb 4, 2021: 4.1" Jan 18, 2020: 6.8" Feb 25/26, 2020: 5.5" Nov 11/12, 2019: 9.2" Jan 19, 2019: 5.8" Mar 1, 2018: 5.0" Feb 9, 2018: 9.2" Feb 6/7, 2018: 4.2" Feb 4/5, 2018: 5.3" Dec 24/25, 2017: 5.4" Dec 13/14, 2017: 6.5" Dec 11/12, 2017: 4.0" Mar 13, 2017: 5.3" Jan 30/31, 2017: 4.6" Dec 11/12, 2017: 10.7"
  10. Clipper #3 dropped 2.6" powder here. I was hoping for more, but clipper #2s 3.1" was more than double what was expected, so it's all good. Love seeing the mounds of powder everywhere. And definitely have fallen in love with my snowblower, piles be damned.
  11. Some weaken. Some don't. Always been that way. Can definitely name multiple events the last 4 years that didn't weaken lol.
  12. It certainly does. Snow falling on fresh snow. Love it!
  13. Speak for yourself lol. Feb is not 100% done. I live in Michigan. And Feb doesn't even start for 8 days.
  14. Today's 3.1" snowfall had 0.20" liquid. Pure powder. Forecast tomorrow is 2-4".
  15. Finished with 3.1" of powder. Definitely overperformed here and it's my favorite type of snow. Bring on tomorrow. Detroit finished with 3.0". North of Detroit saw 1 to 2" with 3 to 4" near the Ohio border. Clipper#1- 0.2" (expected T) Clipper#2- 3.1" (expected 1-2") Clipper#3- tbd
  16. Snowing very nicely out and stacking up well. This clipper will easily be an overperformer here. Should easily hit/exceed 3"
  17. Got 0.2" today, I guess from remnants of clipper 1 which I didn't expect. Bring on the next 2! Looks like toledos snow hole ends.
  18. Oh I love to head into the woods and hike. I want to snowmobile too.
  19. Looking good for some dry clipper snow. Id say Detroit looks good for 1-2" tmrw and 1-3" Monday. Chicago looks 2-3" tmrw and 1-2" Monday.
  20. I booked a cabin on Vrbo in Au Train, not far at all from Munising, Feb 21-25. We all have the same idea lol. Best, deepest snow is always late Winter.
  21. It's an op model run. It will change next cycle.
  22. Crazy. A factory to my North apparently seeded clouds enough to provide a band of snow to hug the Detroit River. Got 0.4" here but 2.5 miles West got nothing
  23. What's average peak depth up that way? We neared 2 feet in 2014, 18" in 2015, and 14" in 2018 & 2021, but I'd say avg peak depth is 8-10".
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