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  1. This is interesting, so basically climate change is leading to more La Ninas and stronger ones? I remember reading something about there being a link between more extreme ENSO events in general and climate change. That kind of makes sense, often there is overlap between stronger events and multi year Nina’s. I’m curious if climate change is causing stronger Nina’s which in turn leads to more multi year Nina’s, or is it the other way around? Regardless, in terms of sensible weather this doesn’t matter, as either way it would result in more multi year Ninas as discussed by this study.
  2. That goddamn primary robbed me of a blizzard. It deepening so much and plowing into Wisconsin was a killer for our snow chances closer to the coast.
  3. Yep, never ever toss the NAM in these setups. That’s one of the things it’s very good it, sniffing out mid level warm layers.
  4. The bigger issue at least for my area is the warm layer at around 700mb. That’s a big reason why the NAM 10:1 clown is giving me nearly a foot and accumulated snow depth is only giving me an inch or 2. Accumulated depth is the way to go outside of elevations and south of maybe southern VT/NH, since it’s more of a sleet setup than a snow setup. I’m thinking an inch or 2 here with mostly sleet for now, need that low to bump another 25 or so miles SE and strengthen (which is a long shot) to get more than that.
  5. NAM improved a lot, low is more south. If we can get that low to deepen 5mb more and trend another 25 or south maybe the coastal plain and lower elevations can get in on the action. Either way, during the first half of the storm it looks like it’s going to be a mess here. Starts as rain, then changes to sleet and quite a bit of it, then maybe some snow at the end.
  6. The subsurface is already down to around -.8C, early signs appear to be pointing to a strong event.
  7. That would be an…… interesting commute in the Boston area.
  8. And then the low plows into southern NH lol. Still south of last run, so I am not completely out of the game for big snows just yet.
  9. Low trended south, it went from being over extreme nw Mass to central CT. Ultimately I am still east of the low, but I like what I’m seeing on this run.
  10. Let’s get that heavy snow axis to shift 50 miles SE
  11. This certainly isn’t good news for those looking for big snows. I wouldn’t discount it at all, the NAM is VERY good at picking up warm layers like that. Anecdotally it seems like when it’s NAM vs the cooler globals in these types of setups, the NAM is right more often than not.
  12. It would be nice if we get the stronger lows like Fridays runs too.
  13. The low is way too weak. It needs to deepen to the low 970s.
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