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  1. woah, we are already down to -.5 in nino 3.4 over the past week. That’s already low end weak Nina territory and the negatives in the subsurface have strengthened rapidly. I didn’t think the Nina would develop this quickly, could the models be underestimating the strength of the La Niña? I’m starting to think we are going to see a moderate La Niña in the fall.
  2. This is a very good sign, still early of course but something to watch. This does not guarantee a big winter (could easily end up being too far west) but i would rather see this than a signal for polar vortex consolidation over the North Pole.
  3. Severe North Atlantic blocking+ Nina is a great setup for us. The best setups are probably severe North Atlantic blocking+ Nina and weak nino+ Slightly displaced eastern Canada polar vortex+ Western north american ridge with Limited North Atlantic blocking. In the winter of 2014-2015 we had hardly any North Atlantic blocking, but had a perfectly positioned polar vortex, although it was near the North Pole and did not split that year, it was stretched out (polar vortex displacement) which allowed cold air intrusions to enter the eastern half of the country. In my opinion the lack of North Atlantic blocking helped us to an extent (after the first blizzard, that one had North Atlantic blocking and was more northern stream driven, a Miller b). If we had severe blocking in 2015 many of those feb blizzards would have missed to the south.
  4. It seems like in New England if there is a Nina you want more severe North Atlantic blocking to turn what would be storms cutting to our west and bringing us rain into Miller bs that redevelop over Long Island or the Jersey shore before coming up the coast, going right over cape cod or the islands. Where as with ninos we actually want less North Atlantic blocking because ninos tend to have a farther south storm track to begin with, with an active southern branch but limited northern branch interaction (especially in stronger ninos). In both 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 we had severe North Atlantic blocking but 09-10 was a ratter in New England (except NYC, Metfan probably loved that winter), where as in 2010-2011 New England got hammered. In my opinion the reason we got hammered in 2010-2011 instead of the mid Atlantic in 2009-2010 despite both years having severe North Atlantic blocking is the Enso state. In 2009-2010 we had a strong El Niño where as in 2010-2011 we had a super Nina.
  5. That’s true, hippies tend to be skeptical of the vaccines as well and they are as far left as it gets.
  6. Yankees need to move on from Boone
  7. Anti vaxxers piss me off but I still don’t want to see them die. I’m just going to say it, anti vaxxers are Republican. Even Trump admitted that most anti vaxxers voted for him, and encouraged his supporters who are skeptical to get vaccinated. I don’t have anything against Republicans, hell I even lean conservative myself so I understand where they are coming from with being skeptical of the government. People see all these breakthrough cases, hear about the side effects, ect. These are real things, but people don’t dig deeper and look at the breakthrough cases and look at the percentage of total cases that are breakthrough cases, the percentage of people who get severe side effects, the percentage of breakthrough cases people get hospitalized for, death ect. If you know someone personally who got really sick even though they got vaccinated or had severe side effects then it’s understandable why they might be skeptical. When people close to you are getting hurt it can be very hard to think logically. Instead of putting these people down a better approach would be to try to educate them. Just to be clear I’m not saying every Republican is an anti vaxxer, I have an uncle who is a very strong Republican who voted for Trump twice, and is a conspiracy theorist, yet he got vaccinated.
  8. Yeah that’s the reason why anti vaxxers piss me off so much. Im worried that the increase in covid cases will cause governments to overreact and reinstate mask mandates and social distancing guidelines. I also worry that colleges will move back online. I finally got my life back, I don’t want to be forced to give it back up.
  9. That’s the only thing I got right about my AL east predictions early in the year, the Orioles being bad is basically a given every year. After the first series I thought it would be the Red Sox and Orioles fighting for last place with both teams eventually finishing under 60 wins.
  10. Getting no hit down 4-0 to having a lead, wow
  11. Why not pinch hit for that bum franchy
  12. 2 runs now Red Sox are actually making this a game
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