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  1. We had our winter in December and our severe season in March. Helluva year.
  2. quarter to golf-ball size here at the pit....pic soon.
  3. What do you think of ratios? 8:1ish?
  4. I always want my money on a 15 hr HRRR.
  5. I'm on the wrong side of that gradient.....ORH is the new Tolland, ftl. The RGEM on the other hand, lol.
  6. That would be quite a winter. Two fall events in December and two spring events in march. And total crap in between.
  7. No--they had us in a watch for those as ORH is in the southern Worcester zone.
  8. Havent' had one of these to post in a couple months. I wonder when the last time ORH has gone through a winter without a warning being issued (I don't think we had one this year).