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  1. Nothing sucks more than spring in the Midcoast. We long for June.
  2. We have a sun room at the house---it's really just a roof and supports on the deck (the floor is part of the deck). The walls are entirely windows, essentially floor to ceiling. I think I'm going to name it The Tip Room. With the sun shinining through, the thermometer is reading 80*. lol. Basking in the warmth.
  3. Given the efficacy of the models this season with respect to 2-week lead times, 'nothing of note' is probably an omen of epicosity incoming.
  4. Nothing that some Tip spring solar radiation can't handle with relatively mild temps. Mud season awaits.
  5. Yup. From 4:00 - 8:00 was the best of the two days.
  6. I haven't bothered measusing on this one at all. My takeaway is all-in-all we did pretty well. Too bad it was spread out so long. If it wre an 8-hour deal, we'd all have been more excited. I think the best of the snows was last evening.
  7. Really nice flakes. Too bad there isn’t a shit ton more of them.
  8. Started here. I’m bursting with excitement.
  9. Glad I was spared the pain of reading the posts as the models were coming out and could just skip to the punchline.
  10. It's interesting how little posting is taking place wrt to this event. People must be a little weary of the season at this point.
  11. Let's keep pushing that north. MWGA.
  12. Yeah--not a good move. We'll see what 00z brings.