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  1. Nice short walk when the roads are snowy.
  2. It was great while it lasted.....down to 59* at 2:00. COC fail.
  3. Heading to Baltimore for the Sox/Orioles tomorrow night. Even there , it's only going to be a high of 60 tomorrow and mid-40's tomorrow night.
  4. Shoveling the snow is a chore as well. But I wait for it to fall before I start the snowblower.
  5. LOL at the install comments. Like's it an f'n hard thing to do.
  6. Nice. Looks like ORH has had a little over an inch since the start of the week.
  7. Daily omeprezole works for me.
  8. Adding to these last pages (which are crucial for the discussion thread, lol), I am going to side with Kevin on this one. I get up between 4:15 and 4:30. I'm usually in bed around 9:00--though recently it's been closer to 9:30. We eat between 5-6 (closer to 6 now that my wife is back to her office). Especially in the summer, that allows for after dinner outdoor time for a walk, drop fertilizer, etc. My8 siblings......gosh they eat at like 7:30 or 8:30. Really bizarre.
  9. Agreed 100%. Dollars are a greater concern than the environment. It's more about the money the the environment. The US gets nearly $50B a year in gas tax. The state (MA) gets about $750M/year on gas tax. As people move to electric and as efficiencies increase, governments will not tolerate a drop in revenue. They will raise the taxes to the point they can and will be adding a 'miles-driven' tax to everyone. Similarly with cigarette taxes. Ostensibly those revenues (close to $1B per year) are intended to focus on targeted causes, e.g. anti-smoking efforts. In reality, the vast majority goes to the state's general fund and not any 'targeted cause'.
  10. What are people’s thoughts on putting down fertilizer this afternoon? Will we get showers tonight or is watering needed in which case I’ll postpone).? tia
  11. You're on a Pulp Fiction role these days, Jerry!
  12. Sun peaking through the clouds. Up to 57*.
  13. Today sucks......cloudy and 55*. Much nicer at Pit2--who would have thought.