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  1. Historic cancel. Add it to the list of 'also rans'.
  2. What a world of difference down he. Car was reading 81* when I pulled into the drive. Meanwhile, IWI checking in with 61* and RKD at 58*.and overcast. The only green I could see on 295 between BNS and PWM were the pines. Everything else was colored out.
  3. No thank you--I'll stick with my 50's and 60's.
  4. Yeah--pretty dramatic shift here at Pit2 over the course of the 5 days I've been up here. I'm still awaiting the progged mostly sunny. Stuck in overcast ever since the fog lifted. Still only 58*, not sure how the progged 67* will work out. Heading back to Westborough and summer in a few hours in any case.
  5. Someone else had called it a rule. Either way, lets get the show on the road for winter qpf discussions.
  6. Kevin arguing Scooter on the application of Scooter's rule. Classic.
  7. What constitutes 'warm months"? End of Sept/Early October?
  8. I'm a mile north of Rt. 1 My primary house will always be Pit1. Between being up here this week and envy over Jerry's impending retirement, I am so eager to get up her permanently and rename this one Pit1. Not for a few years yet....though I do buy my lottery tickets, so who knows.
  9. Is that Cobble Hill in Brooklyn? My sister used to live there many moons ago.