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  1. You can confidently lock in that 264 hour depiction.
  2. We'll probably get a wicked cold and snowy March when we're all looking forward to spring.
  3. I think the remaining 100 pages of this discussion can be found in the panic thread.
  4. Don't look up! In case you want to see the near miss of Asteroid 7482, you can follow it's pass (4:51pm) here: https://eyes.nasa.gov/apps/asteroids/#/asteroids/watch
  5. I wish I would have had more sun. Alas, my 'channel' approach to clearing the drive didn't completely clear it. Though it will defintely be less work than having done it earlier.
  6. Back into clouds and rain. Probably not as effective at melting as the sun, but it could be worse. 41*
  7. Instead of shoveling the whole steep driveway, I took the approach of digging a series of canals to allow melting to do the work for me on the parts I didn't shovel At least that's my plan.
  8. Sun's breaking through here--I'm going to see what type of progress it can make before shoveling.
  9. Yeah......we'll be keeping our cover for sure.
  10. I was really expecting the temp to be moving north from where it is. I've been hovering 38-40 for a few hours. I suspect at some point I'll bounce toward the mid-40's, but perhaps not.
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