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  1. Quite the wintery chill to start the day. 12.8* at 5:50. Looks like a pool day..... Partly sunny and blustery, colder with highs around 19. West winds 15 to 25 mph. Gusts up to 40 mph, increasing to 50 mph this afternoon.
  2. Temp is dropping pretty quickly now. 28.3
  3. As reliable as anafrontal snow. I just took a glance at the 18z GFS--only thing I've looked at in the last few days that wasn't focused on today. Man, what a crappy run. Grinch before and after Christmas.
  4. It's 10 miles from me, so I'm guessing probably in the area of 10".
  5. Yes--I was just out shoveling the deck and was getting pelted with blobs of snow getting gusted off the branches. For some of us it is. I just hit my high temperature of the day (30.7*) 20 minutes ago. Backing down now.
  6. Yup. I didn't do any clearing so that measurement is after whatever compaction took place over the course of the day. I can only imagine what this would have been if there had been any ratios. With tomorrow's high in the teens, I believe the high water content will make for an 11-12" glacier. I'll need to shovel the deck tonight before that happens.
  7. 8.5" on the deck, srill snowing.
  8. Looks like some very heavy stuff is going to push through as a final push. wire-to-wire snow. Edit: just measured 7"
  9. Possible.....we'll see what happens with the stuff in Berkshire County. LOL.
  10. Actually, it was Will, not Ray.
  11. LOL. Well, I was told earlier that if it rains at Kevin's, it's going to rain here too.
  12. P/C and ZFP both had 3-5". North of 6.5" attm. 30.5, bordering SN+
  13. Back into the fatties and a decent rate. edit: Ripping.
  14. I think the BOX 10% likelihood might have had GC as high as 8". I doubt we'll see that (unless we get some thing going on tonight) as it's lightened up a fair bit....I wonder if we might be zr?? 30.0* edit: not zr, just lighter snow.
  15. It's snow like this that makes me happy I now get my driveway plowed.