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  1. I'm hoping for torrential rains on Halloween. I really don't like having people coming to the door.
  2. 9* temp differential between ORH and mi casa this morning. 43 vs. 34. I'm guessing it's the difference between a light breeze (5-7mph) and none.
  3. Just came across this picture of New London Ledge in the storm this week. Not your typical LIS seas.
  4. I can't remember when my wife's birthday is..... 33* at the moment. Coldest morning of the fall so far.
  5. I passed a recycling bin that blew onto pleasant street in Worcester. We try to keep safe.
  6. Righteous gust! I hope you find other good things to report from the analysis you did. ORH managed a 44 mph gust. Let's see what todau brings. Even with the dryslot, we had 3.21" of rain so far. .
  7. That map goes from "wow" to "meh" in just a few miles.
  8. If I didn't have the eye doctor tomorrow morning, I'd be heading up to PIT2 for this one. I'm still counting on the NW winds being the best for those away from the south and east coasts. My daughter's school in Marion might be blown away. Meanwhile, coldest night of the year so far in my hood. 36* so far.