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  1. Hopefully my roof doesn't leak during house showings.
  2. It’s as much a lock as one of Paul’s severe threats and James ‘78 redux dreams.
  3. Heat making headlines is a sign of a very slow news day. Just sayin’.
  4. Minisplits are great. We have one at Pit2. Constant comfort. I don't think this week means next week. Reading comprehension, ftl.
  5. Well, hopes for heat this week are down the crapper (not that I hope for heat). Humidity will be there, but warm average temps will be driven by mild nights, not by daytime heat.. At least there''ll be a break from watering the lawn.
  6. I think we should rekindle the debate of CT geography. That’s as helpful as the coronavirus thread.
  7. Progged temps for the week have been lowered a tick. Still shows an 89 for Thursday (had been a 92 IIRC) and 84-85 the remainder of the week. Following tomorrow's 75* that is. Still warm in any case. Warm nights still in tact, ftl.
  8. Yeah.....we're selling the house we recently moved to. It hits the market this week. We had grabbed this one more out of necessity than actually 'loving' it. We're not in a position to buy before we sell nor are we in the need to immediately get something if it does go under contract. Worse case (best case?) scenario we had up to Maine and have a leisurely search.
  9. Yeah---we've taken that into account on our list price.
  10. Hey, I can't help but think of Kevin......with the house hitting the market, we're installing! If we go to a place with central air, there's going to be a bunch of window units hitting Craigs List.
  11. We're losing almost a minute a day now. All down hill from here. Epstein didn't kill himself. Fact.
  12. Do I get a weenie trophy for setting the record?
  13. My winter storm threat threads die quickly--usually within 4 model runs.