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  1. Last night's rain gave me relief from having to mow the lawn today. Pretty spongy this morning.
  2. Reading comprehension difficulty? I referenced the range. In case it helps you, I'll give you the range of my surrounding pws again now that it's pretty much stopped. .84 .81 .75 .74 Let me know if your reading comprehension difficulties persist.
  3. Yeah---things moved in pretty nicely over the past 45 minutes or so. A fair amount of lightning, some close by. The heavy rain is what's most noteworthy though. Easing up a bit now. Closing in on .75" on a couple of the nearby PWS. Probably a little high based on others that are closer to .5 or .6
  4. some good downpours overnight. Only a few flashes of lightning. At least we got some much-needed rain.
  5. We'll see how that plays out here. You're in a pretty good spot.
  6. Jumping into the snow-rates conversation a bit late. While I'm sure it pales in comparison to many of the examples here, the post-Thanksgiving even 2 (??) years ago was ripping pretty good.
  7. meh......one flash of lightning/distant thunder. A brief heavy shower then just rn-.
  8. That's convenient for my 4:30 wake-up time.
  9. I'm about 2 miles north of the Pike. Am I too far east? What are you thinking with regard to timing?
  10. My daughter's 4-times postponed (coronavirus) wedding is slated for Friday night in Annapolis. I hope this thing stays off shore.
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