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  1. Ugh. I spent a couple of years walking pulling those shoots up--finally managed to eradicate it. I read somewhere that it can grow up to 5" in a day. I think that's accurate based on what I was able to eyeball. Just horrible stuff.
  2. Any advice wrt timing of weed/feed or other recommendation as we head into June? Thx
  3. I used some Scott 3-in-1 seed/fertilizer/soil improver a month ago (did it adt year too). I’m pleased with the result. How long should one wait before using a weed/feed? Would you recommend anything other than a weed/feed?
  4. My wife and daughter are going tonight. I'm looking forward to some Godfather-esque binging.
  5. Can we start a thread about what defines the Southern-, Central-, and Northern- midwest?
  6. I was up at Pit2 over the weekend. Some of the trees were just starting to leaf. Spring int the MIdcoast is not a great season.
  7. Some might call that seasonably normal.....
  8. I was up at Pit2 over the weekend, and I saw one last remaining pile of an ugly snow-plow pile. Let it be gone.
  9. It was mutated by global warming.
  10. Next door neighbor may have jumped the gun a little in putting in his dock and boat this year.
  11. What are the chances of the timing of the crappy weather Friday/Satuday to eek dryness on Friday evening and then again first half of Saturday? Any hope for a reprieve?
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