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  1. After sitting under the same 1+ an hour rain band for over three hours it sure doesn’t feel like it was moving fast. It’s definitely moving now though.
  2. Too bad this couldn’t be a winter storm. This rain band is just sitting on top of me.
  3. For a storm that was supposed to be fast this thing sure is crawling out of here.
  4. Tell that to Hamden ct the extreme weather capital of the world.
  5. Agreed but I can see why they have to go higher. We saw what projecting too low did with Isaias.
  6. Still this. Though I read the upton AFD and they said “winds overall are a lower concern with this event” so hopefully they are right.
  7. Just nothing near what Isaias was please.
  8. Still pretty nasty here at 73/71. Nothing like earlier in the week but I can’t wait to get this humidity out of here.
  9. Sheesh didn’t realize that. Thanks.
  10. Must be some sort of record..
  11. Another scorching hot day. I need to go back to block island, it’s 64 and cloudy there lol
  12. Cloudy pretty much all day. Meh.
  13. Glad we got this crappy stretch done with. Needed the rain I suppose. Bring on summer.
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