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  1. Blizzard warning currently in northern Maine for 1 inch of snow lol
  2. This seems right given how winter has gone down here so far
  3. Over 5 inches of rain for the month of January. February has always been our month but the vibes so far this winter have been terrible.
  4. Ya they were salting the Shelton roads when I was on my way back from my eye exam, which was at like 530 pm lol what a waste
  5. .73 of rain, coming down rather heavily
  6. You guys actually had any accumulating snow at all? Damn. Just another 0.0 for me here lol
  7. Maybe it will revert to its old self again and be the DR No we all hated, but also trusted.
  8. Expecting 0.0 here but perhaps we could get half an inch to put me over an inch of snow for the season? Man wouldn’t that just be exciting.
  9. NAM continuing to show a nice front end thump for the 1/25 storm.
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