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  1. 79 here! Might be the warmest day so far this year.
  2. I felt it a little bit yesterday but today it hit me hard. First time this year. Praying we get some good rain tonight to clear away some of the pollen.
  3. Just a brutal allergy day.
  4. No wind to speak of. Just a brief heavy downpour and some thunder. No need for a severe thunderstorm warning lol
  5. Brown lawns by mid may if the GFS is right? But in actuality I would be shocked if we made it through early may without some sort of back door or wheel o rhea pattern. It seems inevitable.
  6. Blue sky coming out here lol wild what’s happening not even an hour to my East
  7. 51 and cloudy. I can see the blue sky to my north from my second floor window lol. I have been busy at work all week so I was hoping this afternoon/tomorrow would be nice. But that might not be the case.
  8. So I guess the CT coast is going to be cloudy today and tomorrow now? 3k nam has rain here tomorrow. Ugh.
  9. Just clouds here at the moment.
  10. BDR jumped from 60 to 79 in the past hour.
  11. Only made it to 37.5 here today. Yikes.
  12. Man today feels colder than yesterday due to the lack of sun. Bring on the warmth after Friday’s potential snow chance.
  13. Quite the warmup next week on the GFS/CMC etc.
  14. 61F here. Still Beautiful Out.
  15. Absolutely no wind here. Calm as can be. Makes the day that much nicer.