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  1. 49.5F and sunny. Making me excited for next weeks potential 60 degree weather.
  2. Nothing much so far here, maybe because I missed all those snow squalls.
  3. The amount of 60 degree days on/around Christmas is ridiculous, but also not surprising. Lol
  4. Meh it will be almost 50F on Wednesday. It’s short lived and not bringing any meaningful snow with it. Just a nuisance really.
  5. Most rational people want warm weather by March especially after a winter with a pandemic. I got all I could ask for out of this winter personally.
  6. Rain here. Seems like it’s snowing everywhere else. Oh well
  7. Seeing Bridgeport above Hartford, Boston etc. sure is something. SW CT winter FTW.
  8. So I go to Block island for a week around Memorial Day each year. Have to imagine the weather is similar to Martha’s Vineyard . There are some nice days, never expect temps to get above 70 but you can get some nice days in the 60s. However the bad days are complete garbage. Temps won’t get out of the lower 50s if it’s raining. Foggy too. Also it’s tough to get a perfect warm day at the beach since usually there will be wind too. So overall I would say it’s a mixed bag with more bleh days than good.
  9. Was thinking the same thing. Actually felt quite nice out despite the temp. Can’t wait until we can get some days in the 50s.
  10. Was more of a Rawleys guy myself when it came to hotdogs, but I always got a good laugh at the name/sign.
  11. About 4 inches here. Still Snowing, looks like the sleet washed away?
  12. 2 inches. Snowing pretty nicely. Big flakes.
  13. Ya just came in from a quick 3 mile run. At mile 1 it wasn’t even snowing but by mile 3 the roads were already getting covered. Comes in fast and sticks without issue.