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  1. The only thing more boring then all this stick vs leaf talk is the NE severe weather season.
  2. Apparently I am getting 4.8 earthquakes before I can even get a 4.8 inch snowstorm. Great.
  3. That was crazy. Thought a train was going by.
  4. HWW was a totally bust here. Curious to see the winds around the area though, I imagine some areas did a lot better than here.
  5. I just went outside and the trees weren’t even moving. Dead calm. Idk maybe it has something to do with the wind direction
  6. Not trying to ginx it but the wind here has been a dud so far. My brother just came up here from fairfield and said it was way worse down there. Odd.
  7. Pretty calm here so far but guessing that will change. My brother already lost power down in Fairfield.
  8. This is a rainer for SNE but the ski slopes could be in for another big time event.
  9. Looks good for NNE and maybe even CNE. Good luck to you guys!
  10. Let’s do this instead lol
  11. It’s a definite move towards the consensus though lol. Not surprisingly.
  12. Weekend looks like it could be kinda nice, at least for SNE. Friday dry as well.
  13. Nantucket was in a moderate drought as of last Thursday
  14. Would be nice if we could cash in on an actual snow event one do these days. The rain jackpots don’t do much for me.
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