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  1. 3.57 in the bucket today. Thankfully it’s over the course of the whole day and not in a few hours like IDA.
  2. Latest NAM/HRRR seem to be less tucked and further away from LI. Would help lessen the impacts here.
  3. Anyone know how strong the storm is (mb) at the moment?
  4. Ryan’s opinion. Thought he would be a little more into this, but he knows a lot more than me so I trust him here.
  5. HRRR looks to be shifting south (not coming as far north) May not make too much of a difference though in the end.
  6. Not surprised it definitely got gusty here the past 20 mins.
  7. Just had a gust to 30 mph. Already stronger than any gust I had from Henri lol
  8. SE MA and the islands looks like it will be a higher end event. Tough to say for us. It’s close HMON looks like the 12k NAM for what it’s worth. I thought the HMON did pretty well with Henri.
  9. HMON/HWRF are running now that this is an invest lol
  10. Had some woodpeckers here as well at the feeder. Hoping the worst winds stay to my east. Rain is a given lol
  11. HRRR looks pretty east compared to 12z so far. Will have to see if it gets tugged west as it heads north.
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