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  1. So pretty big GOM tracks on the 12z GEFS
  2. That will certainly get some peoples attention in Florida..
  3. Imagine if that went through the CT river valley instead..sheesh.
  4. Models looking pretty damn chilly next weekend.
  5. Looks dewy Monday-Tuesday followed by another cooler shot of air.
  6. 1.00 here so far. Stack another inch or two on top of this and I’m happy.
  7. Zilch here still. Will see what tonight/tomorrow brings but not loving the radar look at all.
  8. In Easton for a Labor Day party and just got a tornado emergency.
  9. Sun is out here. 78/71. Stating to wonder if most of the precip will be confined to central CT on north.
  10. Hoping I can get 1-2 inches out of this. Don’t care for that 4+ inch stuff even if we are in a drought.
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