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  1. Still waiting for this fog to go away. Stuck in the 50’s.
  2. 6 inches here, redding ct.
  3. 3.8” and moderate snow here in Redding, CT
  4. In Redding ct for this one. Moderate snow and accumulating rather quickly. Really nice outside!
  5. Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    Will be in Redding CT for this one, I think I am in a really good spot. Far enough away from the water to avoid the mixing but close enough to still get the good precip. Hope I am right. Currently 33F.
  6. Feb. 17th-18th, 2018 Bowling Snow

    Most models show it changing over as the storm dies down, what’s important is what it shows during the height of it.
  7. Feb. 17th-18th, 2018 Bowling Snow

    Looks like a solid 3-6 inch event for the metro, a little less NW, based on literally every model minus the GFS. Classic paste job too, sad it won’t last long but it could make for some really nice pics at sunrise.
  8. Happy 5th Anniversary Blizz of Feb 13

    Yes the depth lasted for quite a long time too. True winter. Pres day 03 is what made me start to love snowstorms and remains my second favorite behind 13. Loved 08 as well. Ever since 13 most storms have been “letdowns” here, but I can’t complain.
  9. Happy 5th Anniversary Blizz of Feb 13

    Fairfield actually. 6 months graduated from Quinnipiac at that point. I remember sitting on the edge of it as well, but it pushed through late with a mean punch. Plus winter 2010-2011 was epic back when i was at QU so I was pretty spoiled at that point.
  10. Happy 5th Anniversary Blizz of Feb 13

    Probably my favorite winter storm. Was a few years younger and decided to get a bottle of Jamison and trek a couple blocks down the road to my friends house during the height of the storm. Almost killed myself getting there but man was it worth it. I drunkingly measured 24 inches at 4am but based on local report we probably got 30 or more.
  11. The Pope's 'And There You Have It" SWFE Feb 7 2018

    Good sized flakes here, temp holding at 28.
  12. Feb 7th snow threat

    Spits out 6-7 inches over CT, even down to the coast. Good run.
  13. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Picked up a nice solid coating from the squall, despite weakening some before reaching the water
  14. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Currently have a snowsquall coming through here that has already given us more snow than the storm this morning did. Hoping it’s enough to coat the ground, but at the very least it’s a ncie wintery appeal.