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  1. Pretty sure we had nor’easters this past winter that were way worse than this.
  2. Well at least one town in CT escaped the drought.
  3. 10 out of 10 day out today at least. A beaut.
  4. Congrats Boston on the 06z GFS.
  5. Never cared for him until Kev posted his ramblings every day, but now it’s just funny reading his posts. I wish someone would call him out on it but I have a feeling he is the type who just deletes the post and then blocks that individual.
  6. Dude just refuses to admit that he was wrong lol
  7. Ya I’ve always liked this one . Vortexva has a bunch of really good videos on his channel. Fritch Texas is a classic.
  8. Hard to totally buy into it yet but that certainly would get spring rolling were it to verify.
  9. Ya the 12z runs actually don’t look nearly as bad as they were, at least for SNE. Mostly sunny and temps around 60 most of next week. Hope that doesn’t change.
  10. Depends where you live. Was cloudy and bleh by 10am here. Pretty dreadful day. Glad it was nice for some people though.
  11. So euro and cmc now seem to extend the rainy bleh into Saturday. So now only Sunday could be our nice day. Lovely.