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  1. its kinda hard to wipe takeout food down. I guess you're just taking a risk, nothing you can do about that.
  2. Or any food for that matter, many people are ordering takeout right now as nothing is open for service.
  3. I was just in the ER for a kidney stone. Not good.
  4. Yeah. I Am Legend, scene if anyone didn't know.
  5. over 40 now, not bad, considering...
  6. 3.1 at BDL, damn they did pretty good for low elevlation. Advisories were warranted i think, although most roads were probably just wet unless you got about 500ft or so
  7. Tell us how you really feel..
  8. how much did you get? whats your elev?
  9. Guess this will probably be the last map ill make, at least something to do during this shitty downtime. Send me all and any CT reports, regardless of the amount. TIA.
  10. Nice. I had got to a point where the grass just started turning white then it poured rain for the rest of the day. Nothing stuck to any paved surface whatsoever, no even those paved car tops.
  11. Lots of 3-5" reports in the hills of NW and NE CT. Even Northern New Haven Cty managed a few 2-3" spots. But now its pouring rain so.
  12. I think this is the first time i have seen the president on live addressing the nation and answering questions every single day, day after day after day. Even after 9/11 this didn't happen.
  13. Most probably know about this but a great site to track stats. Another site for model projection of the spread over time and vs. no/some/extreme measures.
  14. Just saw this now. I turned over to sleet then rain around 2pm. No accumulation, just a trace. Looks like it did end up being a bit colder than fx, saw all of N CT got an advisory which is what i expected, 2-4 in that area. But the mix/rain line has made steady progress all the way through CT now. All airports reporting rain.