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  1. Thanks for the response. So we cant see what the actual C temp was because it was rounded to the nearest degree. So likely it was 35 point something, say 35.7 and rounded to 36C. That makes sense. Still an all time record high as the latest record is the one that stands (which i never really agreed with) same with snow measurements. They usually do point out that it was a tie and list the previous years too.
  2. Question. So why is NWS Caribou calling it 96F (there is an updated NWS Chat), when the intermediate obs are 96.8F/36C, which would be 97F for the high. Where are they getting 96 from? I've only seen reports of 95F and 97F or 35/36C. Is it an average of a time interval? From what ive understood the high temperature is a 5 min average right?
  3. what site do you get those 5 minute obs from? I use this for METARs but it only has hourly for KCAR
  4. Records so far KCAR 96R (Previous 91 in 1995), All Time Record (Tie) 1944, 1977 KHUL 95R (Previous 92 in 1995) KBGR, KMLT 95, Not yet reached
  5. Article on Chaff, never heard of this before until now...
  6. How rare is that snow out in the west right now, im not familiar with their climate but it seems rather unusual.
  7. "The two large streaks are chaff from Canadian military activity over Quebec. There are also showers over New Brunswick." Got an answer^
  8. Thats why i posed the question. I remember the fires from 9/11 in NYC on radar and they were much smaller than this. The only reason that came to mind was the direction of the plumes follows the wind direction and the way its wiggling back and forth looks like it would be smoke.
  9. What do you mean he left? His user name is still there he just hasnt posted in a few days. Anyone know whats going on with CARs radar? Is there a fire in Canada?
  10. im closer to the shore, too much mixing here only looking at 5-8" of pollen
  11. how much snow is left up there? can you post a screenshot of that snowdepth graph you did about a week ago, curious
  12. Wow, Bangor hit a max of 88F today, nowhere near the record of 96F though
  13. Snooze. Living in southern CT, May 18 will probably be the biggest thing i see in my lifetime. And even that wasn't really a big deal here.