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  1. The Euro was hand written by a team of meteorologists at the Weather Bureau, hundreds of them crunching numbers and equations. Then hand delivered in a small notebook crossing town by town by horse and buggy, or donkey. When we finally received the output, and read the notes, the storm had already been over...for weeks.
  2. Yes i remember that day vividly, jackpotted here while W CT got screwed. Euro was spot on in the days leading up to the event.
  3. but how much snow, that is the question.
  4. Very light snow. Roads wet. Some wind. Snooooze. Did Kev get his 2-4 he was expecting?
  5. There's gonna be a lot of busts near that edge of snow and dry air, many warnings are up for areas that are only going to see backside snow for 2-3 hours and end up way under FX.
  6. To a lot of the general public it actually doesn not count in their eyes. I've had many storms just over the past 5 years where i got 6" or more under a winter storm warning and all the roads were wet, especially the highways. Most people i've talked to think the forecast busted because they only had to plow a sloppy inch off their drive or sidewalks. To some extent i can agree with them. I really think winter storm warnings and advisories should be based on impact and not just an exact snowfall criteria measured on a white reflective surface cleared every six hours perfectly placed. Even with general forecast from the private sector or news stations, when there is a substanial difference i think there should be two maps, one for roads/sidewalks/highways and one for grass/decks/roofs/wood etc. The former is what has the real impact, not the latter. Or they can at least mention and emphasize the difference in accumulation on different surfaces. I don't know what the right answer is, just throwing this out there. I do know the vast majority of the public (from my social circle. family/friends/etc) has no idea what the difference between a Watch, Warning and Advisory is. All they want to know is how much and when.
  7. Snowstorms in general that only stick to grassy surfaces and picknick tables make me angry. When i see all the wet roads and side walks in NYC but a park bench has 6" of paste, that infuriates me.
  8. What's your elevation? Looking at the NWS map for northfield lists it at 469.
  9. yeah thats what i use, just wondering if there was something better, thx
  10. What's the best free site for the UKMET?
  11. yeah, just putting in heated pads underneath the tile in a kitchen or bathroom costs a ton, i can't imagine what it costs to do all that.
  12. lol that would be pretty sad if it was true. I mistook your name for "weathafella"...Jerry, i believe right? Sorry, did not mean you dude. Jerry is the one who does not have a location on the avatar.
  13. Where is Rays location, i honestly am still unsure after these past 5 years here...All i can gather is its somewhere remote, somewhere north and snowy, most likely N MA but not ruling out VT or NH either.