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  1. Peak here. JK. But some really nice color starting to show up in wooded areas. I'm not sure when typical peak here is. I think its probably the last week of October usually.
  2. At or slightly past peak? Really? I don't think Kevin would agree. Trees are still budding and coming in bloom there. Peak not until late November.
  3. Nice i have the Phantom 3 Pro/photoshop, the drone itself is gettin kinda old technology wise but it still takes amazing photos and 4k video. just went up today and got some great photos and video
  4. The older i get the more and more i appreciate fall and the fall foliage each season. Some of these pictures are incredible @[email protected]@powderfreak really awesome stuff. The color has been really picking up here lately the past week or so. I wouldn't say its high color or near peak but it's definitely more than a touch of color or just starting. Some crappy shots from my terrible phone camera (unedited).. Looks a lot more colorful in person, probably the overcast and terrible phone camera.
  5. I was shocked to hear this. I always admired and respected his passion for weather. RIP.
  6. @Kevin W can hook you up. You create your own pw and log in and update the totals, its super easy. l always wondered why you weren't on there. Anyways, thanks for the shout out, it means a lot, truly. I've said this before somewhere else but to know that people like and find value in it is appreciated because sometimes i think whats the point if no ones looking at it or cares...the seasonal totals and past snow storm maps specifically (not talking about FX for upcoming storms that would be done always especially since we started a new company). The seasonal stuff is super hard because the only official data we have for CT is really the two climo sites, BDL and BDR, otherwise theres nothing. So its very helpful that people keep track of their running season totals with each storm because thats all i have. Wish we had more Litchfield and New London/Middlesex counties but i know those are more sparsely populated areas. Most of the people live along 91/95/84 in CT. Its really good to have a bunch of posters in Tolland and Windham counties.
  7. Updated. Probably where well end off for 2020-2021 season.
  8. oh ok, thanks for the explaination, i always update everything manually. I scrolled up and saw that you were putting in Mr. Windcredibles #s under my name "The 4 Seasons". I'm sure you figured it out by now but were two different users in different towns, not related in any way. I just couldn't figure out where 15.1 came from as no one in Connecticut anywhere is that low for a season total, even Clinton is close to 40"
  9. Final snowfall totals for the late season rain/snow event in CT.
  10. I just logged into to New England Snow website for the first time in probably over a month and found this weird entry of "15.1" and a note as "Season Final". This is SO bizarre! I definitely didn't do this and have no clue where it came from or what that 15.1" number represents. Like i said i havent been on the site in well over a month. Im trying to figure out how this happened or what the 15.1" number means. I doubt someone knows my password and why would they log in and put 15.1" as an event, makes no sense to me. Maybe kevin can explain it? I deleted the entry though already.
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