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  1. 2-year anniversay of this mess. Over a half an inch of ice caused a lot of power outages and just a disaster on the roads. A significant part of Hamden and North Haven lost power for days. What made this event particularly bad was the fact that temperatures plummeted into the teens and single digits after the icing and winds picked up.
  2. What a mess on the highways cant imagine anything like that happening today. Even a NEMO couldn't do that. Hopefully well never have to experience anything like that again.
  3. Something is seriously wrong with that graphic with so many metrics. 7 day snowfall 15.6 for ORH? or 3 day 14.4? ORH got 31.9 on 1/27 alone. Not to mention pretty much everything else is off.
  4. Sounds like 14-15. Though that was about 3 weeks and 250% of climo.
  5. PNS reports out of GYX, ALY and BOX. Woodford, VT with the jackpot of 24"
  6. Feb 1-2 2015. That was a distinct 2-part storm. First half was horrible growth arctic sand type stuff then we changed to sleet in the teens. Low blew up over E LI and dumped another half a foot during the day around 130-330PM with big dendrites 20:1 type stuff.
  7. tell us how you really feel.
  8. worse than Jan 15? It was pretty f**kin bad there and here
  9. It's absolutely horrific and they should be embarrased that they rolled something like this out as fully operational. Fortunately i have WeatherTap and highly recommend it for desktop users.
  10. 4 Year Anniversary of a great snowstorm. Jan 7th 2017. Probably one of my favorite half foot (more or less) storms of all time. Everything went perfect. Very cold temperatures, almost all daytime, verified perfectly and trended great on models during the final 24-72 hrs.