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  1. If you have any reports please send them my way, i went through the last 10 pages and found a few but not many. I have a bunch of snow totals maps that will be going up tomorrow morning, thanks. It slept through most of it as it was still raining at 7AM but it looks like about an inch based on other local reports, going to have to go with that as all the snow is wiped out now anyways.
  2. you're an interesting character i'll just leave it at that
  3. well you were super close, technically not 100% correct but ill give you a consolation prize of $1, but good effort, try again next time It is: South of 84, North of 95, Interior Southwest CT, Away From Coast
  4. Let me try. This is for us. SO84NO95ISWCTAFC If you can decipher that ill give you a million bucks
  5. Funny thing is that i'm at 16.3" for the season which is probably near or just above climo
  6. the shoreline has zero pack from a combination of no elevation, warmer temperatures and compounded from the fact they got mostly nothing from Jan 16th event and then even more so from the fact you interior SW guys got 0.5-1.0" from the jan 17th snow when i got a trace.
  7. Not sure if this was posted but this is the HREF mean from 12Z. has a general 2-4 for most of CT, 1-2 NW and 0-1 far N and NW
  8. First, final and only call for this light event. We're going a general 1-2 for most of CT with some amounts up to 3" in Eastern and southern interior CT We have zero pack in Death Valley so hopefully well have something for a little while after.
  9. Big changes on the ECMWF, pretty much on board now with most of the hi-res/gfs guidance
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