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  1. last year and 19-20 was bad for you both around 30. 20-21 you did good with 43.4.
  2. I'm working on redoing all the maps with updated uniform modern graphics for every single snow event from 2014-2015 to present day. Also the seasonal snowfall from each year. When each season is done ill post them here. After that im thinking about going back year by year before 2014.
  3. haha. actually you were a big help with the seasonal snowfall stuff. matter of fact im actually using that gridded snowfall analysis map you sent me and converting it to CSV to open in Excel. Im working on something right now and that info you sent me is priceless, so thanks.
  4. Love it! It's missing a few events though like Nov 7th 2012 and Apr 2018, theres also a few out of chronological order. But i really enjoyed it, looks like a lot of work.
  5. actually per the recording keeping you see like from the official sites BDR/BDL. Anything frozen falling from the sky counts as a trace. A single flake is a trace, a single pellet of sleet is trace. It's immeasurable frozen precip or anything less than <0.1". So if you see "T" in the records for that day, something frozen fell. Freezing rain does not count under the snow column though, sleet does. And no problem, happy to do it, keep sending those reports
  6. of course not, just saying 2018 redux gives me ptsd.
  7. god i hope not. that season turned out to be dog shit.
  8. @Damage In Tollandalways talkin' about Rake or Blow? How about niether? I guess when you don't have snow, 3-6" of leaves will do.
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