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  1. I remember your posts vividly, people were congrating you based on runs etc. I went pretty modest with 12-20 for most of the state while the NWS had 18-24 and the news stations were 15-25/16-24/18-24 for central/W CT. I just never saw those really big amounts, turns out even i was a bit too high for S CT but nailed most of W CT and the northern 3 counties. 20.4 was the highest in the state and that spotter is questionable (often i see very high reports coming out of New Fairfield). That was always a strange storm to me, feel like there wasn't much hype around it as i would normally expect given those all time type numbers and it was quickly forgotten. Noticeable gradient as you move SW to NW. Even within my town there is a spotter 3 miles SE of me who came in with 8.7 while i had 9.5 just from an extra 20 minutes or snow of snowfall. Another spotter about 1 mile to my NW in hamden picked up 9.9. I should do an updated map for these older big ones but it takes so long, so well see maybe.
  2. yeah noticeable juiced, havent seen anything like it really. That was not our last blizzard warning, Jan 4th 2018. The snow-bomb.
  3. Whatever happens, as long as i get 0.4 or more ill be happy with that
  4. 4 year anni of Pi-day snow storm. This storm certainly wasn't a complete bust but it under performed a bit in CT as last minute ticks NW caused a complete changeover to sleet for most of southern CT. This could have been the biggest March snowstorm ever in a lot of climo sites if it had performed as forecast. Aside from Jan 2015, these are the highest forecast numbers ive seen come out of local news forecasts in the past 7 or so years. This storm also featured some of the heaviest snowfall ive ever seen. During the period of changeover we had some extremely large sized flakes sticking together mixed with sleet probably at a rate of 3"/hr. We ended up with 9.5" here in just a few hours which isn't awful on a 12-20FX but definitely under performed (NWS Zone at the time was 18-24 which would have been worse if you were expecting that). Definitely a bust on the SE corner with only 2".
  5. Marth 7-8th 2018. Light to moderate snow began during the day here. It was mostly white rain with less than <1" by sunset. I thought we would have a hard time with this in the lower elevation areas but that changed quickly after sunset. By the time i had less than an inch of white rain glop, @Sey-Mour Snow was closing in on 8.5" just to the west of me around 550ft. Shortly after sunset radar returns started rapidly deepening and we were under S+ with heavy 1-2"/rates. NWS issued an SPS for 1-3"/hr rates and possible thunder. At this point i went outside for a while and the snow was still coming down very heavily. I saw this huge white flash above my head and thought briefly it was a flood light turning on and then a second late a large summer-time convective clap follwed by even heavier rates. This was probably the most intense thunder snow ive seen since Feb 2001. As i was outside for a while i saw several more CG strikes and extemely loud thunder. The majority of the snow fell from 5-10PM and we ended up with 13.5". I imagine some of the rates reached up to 4"/hr during the period of thunder/lightning. Forecast for this was really really good but ended up being too low in W CT where some amounts ranged from 16-28". The ranges worked out perfect and the gradient from 0-2-->8-16 SE to W did as well. Some of the regional NWS maps. NYC was definitely spared from the big amounts along with most of LI and SE CT. Radar
  6. The sheer duration still impresses me, from what i can recall it was about 58 hours.
  7. 20-Year anniversary of one of the biggest and most impactful storm of my life. March 4-6th 2001. There is more information here: I was going to do a big blog-type post of the events of those 3 days but i don't have the time right now. I'll leave these images here for now. This storm could have been up there with the great 1888 storm but warmer and a farther north track spared the big cities from feet of snow and was shifted well inland. Despite, a lot of sleet/zr for CT most of the state still picked up a solid foot to 1.5 feet. Updated CT snowfall total map for the storm And the infamous video someone made of the crazy hype surrounding this storm. And from memory i can attest it was this bad.
  8. Various wind reports in CT and the Northeast. CT Northeast
  9. Same. It just disappeared into the woods I guess
  10. No. Not a single station in Southern CT hit 55, let alone 60. 44-49G so far here seem about right. MMK 49 HVN 44 BDR 47 DXR 41 OXC 44 GON 54
  11. A few breezes here, cant complain. We got a coating which was nice.