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  1. or doesn't know what "national" or "average" means. Gas prices are at an all time high but nowhere near 6$/gal average across the US
  2. no kidding 50s and 60s now south of here near the shoreline. Went from 99 to 80 here in the past 45 minutes or so.
  3. Was there any reports of snow last night in CT? I can't find a single one. Just curious. @tavwtbyanything there up at 1K?
  4. lol i had to google wyoming state flag to see what u mean
  5. Went for a walk today and it was absolutely raw outside. 45 with windchills in the mid 30s and gusty winds felt like mid winter. Looks like a fun storm for PA/NY. Radar:
  6. 4/17/20 and 4/16/21 fyi. Both overnight storms.
  7. 36" and still going. That's really impressive for a plains storm.
  8. That's like a mid winter blizzard in Jan for us. Sounds awesome. I'd trade that for what's going on here in a second. 24-36" with 55mph winds is pretty rare for them. It's the anniversary of their apr 4-7 1997 blizzard and that one only dropped a widespread 15-20...so this one should be pretty historic.
  9. Final seasonal total across the state includes reports from here, BDR and BDL climo sites, and COOP sites.
  10. Actually lasted a solid 8 or 9 days here, with the pack barely changing depth despite getting completely wiped out in a 6 hour period. That's a lot more than i can say for most snowstorms down here that usually melt a day or two after if were in the upper 30s and 40s
  11. If 20-21 was an F, then i would expect nothing less. He'd find a way to complain about 95-96 or 10-11
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