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  1. I just moved to Bethlehem at 900' from Woodbury at 475'. Totally different type of snow here, and impossible to measure. It blows so much, it degenerates into little crystals and forms very dense drifts. So it looks like I have a dusting in front of the barn, and 4' along the side. Meanwhile, down in Woodbury, you'd measure 15" everywhere you went.
  2. 12.1" Woodbury. Western CT. 9" one town over.
  3. But it's really no different than watching sports when one is heavily vested in the outcome of his team. This is what humans do...And even crave, it seems.
  4. Just starting to pound in Woodbury/Waterbury area. Nice incoming from south.
  5. Closing in on a foot here in Woodbury, Western CT. Have some mega drifts.
  6. Many posters in NYC stating change back to snow after 1-2 hours of sleet.
  7. Really intensified here in Woodbury, CT. Good returns streaming up now. 5". I think I'll be safe from sleet, but it'll be close.
  8. What's up with that band over Albany? They're reporting over 5 inches in 2 hours. I didn't think it'd make it that far west.
  9. An inch here in Woodbury. Began at 5:45.
  10. Just began to flour the surface about ten minutes ago.