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  1. They consistently come in lower than anywhere else. If it were just one or two places ahead, I'd attribute it to slant sticking weenies, but they are almost always the lowest. Even other NWS Mets were reporting higher amounts in their own nearby neighborhoods (over 20"). I normally wouldn't care, but it's frustrating from a climate study standpoint. After the last 30 year normals were done in 2010, a year or two later they went back and increased the average snow totals for kalb due to missing data. Something may be up with their ASOS or wherever or whoever measures it. People were questioning their low totals on their NWS Facebook page yesterday too.
  2. To be fair, you were holed up in Schenectady in a blizzard, what else are you going to do? I'm glad you didn't wake up half covered in a drift outside the Rivers Casino reeking of smoke and cheap liquor. Finished just shy of two feet here, so I'm very happy. Heaviest snowfall for me since VDay 2007. Those to my West did even better, but that's fine by me. Before this past February it had been two years since my last warning event.
  3. I'm up over 20" now for the storm. Still coming down, but much lighter than before. Not a single plow has gone through yet either. KALB recorded 10 straight hours of S+, which is pretty remarkable.
  4. I am guessing around 18" or so now, but I'm do for another measurement soon. What's even more incredible is KALB has recorded 10 straight hours of S+. Hasn't verified blizzard conditions, and won't, but impressive nonetheless. http://w1.weather.gov/data/obhistory/KALB.html
  5. A very well modeled storm. Some CT media outlets were pushing for a changeover (I was born and raised in Western CT). Some went too far...I remember the night before a Fox weather guy saying "You heard it here first folks, 6" then a change to rain". I finished with almost 18" and no change to rain (a few pellets, but a changeover back to snow when the weaker back edge pivoted through). Groton was always a tough spot for snow though...one of the worst in New England.
  6. Nah, I'm a few miles away today in Guilderland and had 14-15", so I believe yours. The NWS total seems more exceedingly low than anything else.
  7. I'll do another actual measurement shortly, but took a brief walk down the road and am guessing 14"-15". S+ continues, but starting to lighten up some.
  8. I am wondering what the official measurement at KALB will be. NWS Alb claims to have measured 8" at noon on campus, which makes me wonder what they did with their other half... I just did a brief walk in Guilderland and am guessing 14" or15", but its starting to drift a bit. Could be more.
  9. Very heavy snow with this band. I see a bit of a dry slot racing up through the Mid-Hudson, hopefully that stops before reaching here. Just went out to measure again, and its a little over a foot! More than I expected, but is in line with Snowgeek's 13" measurement in nearby Slingerlands (I'm in Guilderland today).
  10. It's been S+ since I had my brief moment of concern this morning. Not much wind here yet, but it's piling up very quickly
  11. It was the same during the infamous March 2001 storm. Bust for NYC, but over 20" here for that one. Even if it happens in ALB, most of the state is governed from NYC. S+ continues here.
  12. Those totals in BGM are incredible! I'm in Guilderland again today. We had around 8" a little while ago. Should be nearing double digits shortly.
  13. I wish it were, haha. Picked up here the past few minutes, back to moderate intensity.
  14. I'm even getting a little nervous here in ENY(at least for snow growth and ratios). BGM, SYR and areas to my west will do very well though. Light snow at the moment. Tiny flakes.
  15. This further west track may surge mid level warmth into ENY. Even if we don't sleet (though still possible), snow growth and ratios may get putrid. Hopefully it hits a wall and doesn't shoot up the HV