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  1. I can't even imagine...
  2. LOL I want to experience this heat if not for a few minutes.
  3. 125.6 Degrees in Needles California. INSANE~!!!
  4. 125.6 Degrees in Needle California...52 Degrees Celsius
  5. The year without a summer I think is whats coming. At least nothing in comparison to how hot last year was. I'd take last years summer every year if I could.
  6. Is this edited? I need to learn how to take pictures like this.
  7. Figures I come back from Miami's 90 and sunny everyday to 30s and snow. Brutal!
  8. Snow here tomorrow and sunday night...picked a good week to go down to Miami.
  9. Yeah you're probably right. September overall is a much warmer month than May.
  10. Any confirmation on that "strong and dangerous" tornado in Mckean and Potter county? The local news has been covering that tornado warning for the last hour. Here is video as the storm moved through Hamburg.
  11. Finally a good tstorm.
  12. Storm as it moved through Hamburg.
  13. A spotter also reported it