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  1. A warm winter is likely every season in this new climo. Buffalos last below average dec-feb time period was 2013-2014, a decade ago. https://www.weather.gov/buf/BUF_top10
  2. There isn't much to experience. It's usually warm and dry. Not sure why you would be frightened by it.
  3. Makes sense but those maps are pretty terrible as quite a few counties had above average snowfall across WNY.
  4. Where do you get these maps from? Buffalo had a top 5 snowfall year and according to your map we didn't. I had 185" here with annual around 120" and it shows me 50% of normal last winter.
  5. We’ve discussed on our discord about the urban heating effect at Buffalo. Check out some of the overnight lows in summer this year and see if you see anything fishy. Love this kind of data
  6. This data is flawed. 5 yrs isn’t nearly enough data to justify a conclusion. It’s clearly colder along lakeshore than at airport.
  7. When was the last day 2 10% hatched tornado probs in michigan/ohio/indiana?
  8. Should be good to go for chasing Wednesday. Was thinking of driving to around Toledo and awaiting rogue cells that form ahead of cf. Can go north or south based on what forms. Would anyone pick a different starting location?
  9. Need a discord invite again if you could?

  10. I think I might be able to chase Weds if anyone here wants to meet up.
  11. Will this extend into Indiana and Ohio on Wednesday? Was thinking of taking a PTO day and heading out chasing if it does.
  12. Many of these recording stations were different back then. Buffalos was right on the lakeshore before 1940 and much cooler than the location it is now (airport) Rochester and Syracuse changed locations too. Not sure about Erie. Any data pre 1940 needs to be tossed at least for Buffalo, not sure when ROC and SYR moved.
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