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  1. Canadian and GFS look pretty meh for lake effect after the front goes through.
  2. I saw snow on that summit in 2019 in May. (Mauna Kea) The best star gazing I've ever seen in my life. The 3 telescopes are on the right. It was much colder than I thought and we just had tshirts and a rain jacket. It was in the upper 20s with a stiff breeze.
  3. I'd have Allen run the ball all day. Also have Allen throw it deep a few times going with the wind with our fastest player.
  4. High winds don't really work with lake effect, but would really impact the Bills game. @DeltaT13 would be on cloud 9 with snow and high winds.
  5. A deepening area of low pressure is progged to cut the Great Lakes from the Mid-West and track northwest of western and north central NY Sunday-Monday. Signals in the ensembles from the GEFS, NAEFS, and ECMWF ENS are surfacing that show a potential wind event across the region sometime during Sunday night-Monday night. Many parameters such as sharp pressure rises and cold air advection behind a strong cold front associated with a deepening surface low pressure match local climatology for high wind events across western and north central NY. Widespread rain will likely move across the region ahead of the cold front Sunday-Monday. Stay tuned for further updates and details on intensity and timing. Temperatures will likely start off in the upper 30s to low 40s Monday morning and fall through the day into Monday night. Lake effect snow showers will likely begin behind the cold front Monday-Tuesday resulting in accumulating snow for some locations east of the Lakes.
  6. Top analog for Monday 12/25/1996. http://www.eas.slu.edu/CIPS/ANALOG/Event.php?reg=EC&fhr=F108&rundt=2021120212&dt=1996122500
  7. I guess the risk/reward is always there. Maybe my friends uncle never gets covid and doesn't lose his eyesight. But like you said you never know what the covid symptoms could have done. That's a good point on the booster. If you were relatively symptom free from the 1st 2 shots its unlikely you'll get anything from the 3rd. Maybe a slightly higher immune response. Initial data out of Isreal is both boosters are highly effective against Omnicron.
  8. Covid doesn’t prevent infection we all knew this already, it prevents severe symptoms. Similar to the flu vaccines.
  9. Canadian with about 6 hours of a WSW flow, should be a pretty strong band.
  10. this is what he sent me on discord we play games online together First night felt like I was actually dying The 2 after were ROUGH I wouldnt recommend this to anyone haha They say ill have strong antibodies now though which is dope But holy shit man this was the sickest ive ever been in my life my uncle got vaxxed and got a blood clot behind his eye and is blind now which terrified me from the vaccines
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