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  1. The average High/Low today is 61/44, by last day of the month its 53/38. Once it hits November lake effect snow season starts. Can't believe how quick it came upon us.
  2. What I'm seeing in the Ensembles is a very transient pattern the next few weeks. I would say we end up around average for the month for temps.
  3. Such a beautiful day out right now. Took the dog for a walk on lunch. Still shorts and tshirt weather.
  4. That is insane to me. I don't think Buffalo has ever experienced anything like that. I'd probably instantly get a sinus infection. Summer to mid winter in 15 hours.
  5. Average first flakes are on the 25th for Buffalo and sooner for those in the Tug region.
  6. Yeah that is going to mess with the longwave pattern.
  7. Legit snowstorm in Minnesota this weekend.
  8. Courtesy of @dendrite from New England forum. I don't think it has the last few years of data added yet.
  9. Almost all of Buffalos best snowfall years come in Neutrel/Weak Enso conditions +/- 1 STD.
  10. From past weekend hammock camping in the Adirondacks