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  1. Buffalo police department released videos of rescues during the blizzard, insane...
  2. We should have some chances the next few weeks with the upcoming pattern. If anyone wants to join discord and from great lakes/upstate NY pm me or post here for invite.
  3. Nice little surprise event here today. 4.1" which brings me over 160" on the year. Next storm in middle of week looks a little messy.
  4. This season has been nuts. 3 big LES storms and then after that the little synoptic events have been 1-3" type stuff. I'm almost at 160" on the year. Big storms are my thing so I live in a good location for it.
  5. Kbuf kept the 81” Hamburg report. We likely hold the 24 hour snowfall record now. https://www.weather.gov/buf/lesEventArchive?season=2022-2023&event=A
  6. Seriously though, especially the beginning of the storm. It was easier to measure at my place as most of it fell on Sunday when the winds died down quite a bit. 44 people died in that Blizzard, by far the most of any winter storm in Buffalos history.
  7. Yeah more elevation and farther away from lake influences. East aurora is 919’
  8. East Aurora is a great suburb for snow. The village is incredible too. On average, they get more snow than where I live.
  9. I just put a bed in the spare bedroom for chasers. I need a partner to run around in the snow for hours with.
  10. That's a great analog. It also featured one of Buffalos largest LES events in its history around the same dates as last month. Very similar to this year. Dec 20-25th Buffalo received 82" of snow and than the rest of winter sucked. This past December was almost identical with the Christmas Blizzard.
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