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  1. Every reported Tornado now a days is either "large" or "wedge". It must be the only way to get media attention to get the chasers paid.
  2. Enjoy fellas. Got a little rain tonight from the same system. Pretty incredible storm!
  3. 88 and sunny here. 5 tequilla shots in. Keep me updated felllas! Still looks good for decent deformation snows with lake enhancement. Hot spot should be Rochester IMO.
  4. GFS is a little bit East of last few runs.
  5. Definitely some dry slot potential somewhere between the transfers. The main dog is the strong coastal that is taking over, the secondary jackpot is the deformation zone on the northwest quadrant. Wherever that sets up will get some big totals too.
  6. KBUF- 9" KROC-15" KSYR- 17" KBGM- 10" (I think they dryslot) KART- 12" KALB- 20"
  7. Pretty good totals from Huron/Ontario overnight. http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=buf&product=PNS&issuedby=BUF&format=ci&version=1 Akron and Clarence half a foot of snow.
  8. Just about as good as you can get for our area, especially Central NYS. The V day storm has a much higher % of similarities at 13.28% vs 12.67% for 1993.
  9. Thanks Devin! Hopefully all of NYS gets a foot+. The potential of this storm is unreal. The thing bottoms out sub 980 MB somewhere between NYC and Maine. Going to be an insane storm for almost the entire east coast. Should be a Classic Miller B. I'll go out and say someone gets 40" out of this thing.
  10. Thanks and enjoy my friends! =)
  11. Hoping flights aren't delayed. =/
  12. 57 pages, new thread before I leave.
  13. Decided to make a quick thread before I left. Looks like a possible Winter storm Warning criteria snowfall for all of NYS. 2 low pressure systems will be converging somewhere in the East Coast. Most likely around NYC. CYCLOGENESIS will be insane! Enjoy all! Top Analogs are some big boys including 2007 and the superstorm of 93.
  14. I'm bummed I might be missing a pretty big storm here judging by the analogs, but I'll make sure to bring back some warmth!