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  1. Has been snowing here all night. Nice band over us now.
  2. As of Jan 19th, this is the worst LES season since 2011-2012.
  3. Looks similar here. Just got back from playing ice hockey and check the radar to see this. A beautiful band of Lake effect rain on Jan 19th (I think on average the coldest day of the year) ...I think I'm ready for winter 2020/21.
  4. You can see a small wave in the band in Michigan which cuts across the primarily westerly flow. There is definitely a chance there, plus warm lake temps usually lead to a more northerly component the modeled.
  5. 39 degs here, making a run at my 40 call a few days ago.
  6. NEW YORK ...Erie County... Buffalo Airport 3.5 450 PM 1/18 ASOS South Newstead 3.0 304 PM 1/18 Trained Spotter ...Jefferson County... Watertown 1.6 400 PM 1/18 Public ...Livingston County... Lima 1.5 400 PM 1/18 Trained Spotter ...Monroe County... Rochester 5.0 400 PM 1/18 Social Media Chili Center 3.5 300 PM 1/18 Social Media ...Niagara County... North Tonawanda 3.6 410 PM 1/18 Social Media 1 W La Salle 2.9 348 PM 1/18 Broadcast Media 1 WSW Rapids 2.5 322 PM 1/18 NWS Employee ...Oswego County... 3 SSW REDFIELD 2.0 355 PM 1/18 Public ...Wayne County... Lyons 4.2 330 PM 1/18 Social Media
  7. Picked up 1.6" before the heavy rain started. Absolutely pouring wind driven rain right now. Finally over 40" on the year.
  8. 33.8 degs and rising. Have a mixture of wet snow/sleet.
  9. A little over an inch here. 31.3" and snowing. Finally got the weather station set up. Put it as high as I can get on the shed in the backyard above the 6' fence to get good wind readings.
  10. Getting a little bit more excited about tonight.
  11. Brutal. I work at Citizens. Been there about 5 years and worked at M&T for 4 years before that. My wife works from home as Paralegal in Mortgage default. I've been trying to get her into underwriting.
  12. Those garage videos are my favorite. I finally have a house with attached garage, so can't wait until the next big LES event to get this vid and fly my drone from my garage through the neighborhood haha.