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  1. I would deal with 12 hours of traffic to experience totality again. Nothing compares to it. Not even 99.9%. I've traveled and hiked all over the world and I was completely blown away. Already making plans for Spain in 2026
  2. I'll be heading for Sandusky, checking satellite tomorrow morning and adjusting for final location.
  3. Have 2 friends chasing this, they're both south of Columbus. Had a few hours of clearing already.
  4. ensembles looking pretty good for New York for eclipse.
  5. We do, we have a number of posters from there. Check your Pms!
  6. We all migrated over to discord. Much better platform than here. We have around 100 members from Great lakes/Ontario/New York on there. The discord is as active as new englands sub-forum here.
  7. Syracuse moved their recording location similar to Buffalo. They moved it to a far more snowy location 10 miles north of the city. Any data pre 1940 shouldn't be used for Buffalo, and any data pre 1949 shouldn't be used for Syracuse. Prior to 1949, official Syracuse weather reports including snowfall were recorded in downtown Syracuse. https://www.localsyr.com/weather/historic-lack-of-snowfall-in-syracuse-this-winter/
  8. That data is super sketchy in 20s/30s. Not valid imo
  9. Eries average is 104.5” per year, Cleveland is 63.8” That’s a 10 year average of 78” at Erie and 40” at Cleveland.
  10. They’re 303” below normal last 5 winters. (This year isn’t over yet) I believe Erie Pa and Cleveland are just as bad. I’ve been extremely lucky here with 3 massive lake effect events.
  11. The string for Cleveland, Erie and Syracuse is unlike anything since recording history began. Syracuse averages 127.8" of snow per year. Here are the snow totals the last 5 yrs. 2019-2020: 87.6" 2020-2021: 73.3" 2021-2022: 76" 2022-2023: 65.6" 2023-2024: 34.5" (so far) Syracuse has never gone more than 3 yrs without getting to 100" of snowfall, this year will be their 5th consecutive year.
  12. A few mentioned wanting a thread here to discuss Upstate NY weather. If you want to know where everyone went, most have migrated over to our discord, if you would like an invite PM me.
  13. It's there, link is below. But everyone left for our discord. If you'd like an invite to it PM me. We have 100 members from all over Upstate NY/Albany/Binghamton/Toronto
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