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  1. Don't think I've ever seen Buf NWS do this. Pretty awesome. Resulting (additional) snow accumulations through Wednesday will vary substantially from location to location due to transitory banding, but here are a few areas of interest: * Inland Chautauqua County: Highest amounts - over a foot. * Buffalo area Southtowns: around or below the 6inch range. * Other higher terrain...: 4-8 inches. * Niagara Frontier.......: 1-4 inches. * Allegany...............: T-4 inches. * Shorelines west of Rochester: 1-5 inches * Rochester Area..............: 4-10 - highest E, less W. * Wayne to Oswego.............: Possibly a foot overnight. * Tug Hill Plateau............: 6-12 highest south. * Watertown...................: Highly variable, but in general 3-5.
  2. Yeah much farther north in latest run. Also brings a period of LES for Metro Buffalo Fri into Sat.
  3. You should just move to Redfield if you're moving somewhere for snow. Would love to have a poster there.
  4. Can also lead to some big time ice events. I don't even remember the last ice event we got.
  5. Yeah Positive PNA and negative EPO look good. But positive AO and NAO means there will be a battle ground of sorts somewhere in the Eastern USA/Great Lakes. It's a great look for big synoptic storms somewhere.
  6. Steady light snow has started back up here. Upslope going to town in the hills.
  7. Your avatar has a savage in it.
  8. Arctic front will come through this afternoon, should be a nice burst for everyone before more purely LES sets up.
  9. 6.8" total here. Pretty surprised, a heavy wet snow as well. Think all of WNY picks up another couple inches today into tomorrow. Potential for quite a bit more in hills south and northeast of city. Almost 50" of snow before winter even starts. I'm content for awhile. Hope you guys get slammed.
  10. Really nice discussion from KBUF for todays event.
  11. Cocarahs will send you a free kit with how to do it, which I'm sure you already know how to lol. I had 2.52" in my pack yesterday, likely over 3" with the wet snow overnight.
  12. Picked up 5.5" here or wet snow. Still snowing pretty good.
  13. 1004 MB. Should get to about 990 tomorrow north of the Dacks.
  14. Can definitely see the radar filling in now as WAA expands and the Low intensifies.
  15. I need you on my sales team.