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  1. UK at 938 deaths. France, Italy and Spain are down.
  2. 10,480 new cases in NY today. Still pretty close to their highest daily tally. We are still a long ways away from normalcy.
  3. US already up to 1373 deaths, going to be another bad day. 779 deaths in New York.
  4. There was an interview with a NYC doctor that stated this is being treated incorrectly. That ventilators actually cause more harm then good and it's not the solution to opening up the lungs. He stated this virus exhibits similar effects to altitude sickness. He said when someone gets this virus its like being dropped on Mt Everest without acclimating. That is something I cannot imagine as when I was in Peru at 15k feet it felt like every step I could not breath. I had huge issues with elevation down there. I guess Doctors are learning as they go with this and don't necessarily know the best option to treat patients with COVID. They must figure since its a lung problem that ventilators are the solution.
  5. Interview with Marc Polancarz said WNY hits the Apex in early May. I'm thinking we're in lockdown until at least June 1st.
  6. We had 2 measurable snowstorms in April of 2017. It just seems every year it happens. I wish we could just get seasons in seasons. There is actually a few chances of lake effect snow even at lower elevations in the next 2 weeks.
  7. They're already canceling events in June around Buffalo. June 13th and 14th was the allentown art festival. https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/2020-allentown-art-festival-canceled/71-68c36a71-3f02-4878-8645-94c7ce624179
  8. The pattern coming up in Nov-March would given us multiple boughts of heavy lake effect snow
  9. 1970 deaths as the final tally for last 24 hours in US. Globally 7,380.
  10. Virus deaths may be undercounted as more people die at home. The official death figures, awful as they are, may not actually reflect the virus’s true toll Around the country, according to experts and officials, virus-related deaths are being undercounted because of inconsistent protocols and limited resources. In New York City, the leader of the City Council’s health committee, Mark Levine, wrote on Twitter that people were dying at home at about 10 times the normal rate, presumably in large part because of the virus, but that many deaths were not being counted as virus deaths. According to the news site Gothamist, the city medical examiner’s office has not been testing dead bodies for the virus and has instead referred what it considers “probable” virus deaths to the city’s health department. But the health department counts only confirmed virus cases in its official death tally, Gothamist reported, suggesting that many virus deaths were being missed. Asked on Tuesday about an increase in people dying at home, Mr. de Blasio said, “I’m assuming the vast majority of those deaths are coronavirus related.” He added: “It’s understandable in a crisis that being able to make the confirmation is harder to do, with all the resources stretched so thin.” City officials, he said, were focusing their resources on “saving the next life.” Still, he said, “We do want to know the truth about what happened in every death at home.”