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  1. Wow, I did not even realize that. Usually Michigan gets much better severe than WNY due to Lake Erie killing most convection.
  2. 4 Tornadoes confirmed in Western NY from July 20th. I would classify that as a tornadic outbreak for this region. http://www.weather.gov/buf/July20Tornadoes
  3. Weird, it's been one of the best severe weather seasons in WNY that I can recall. Including a 4 tornado outbreak in our region. The highlight being an EF2 that went over Hamburg/OP which has over 100k people total. Looks like tropical season is going to get fired up soon, cannot wait! http://www.weather.gov/buf/July20Tornadoes
  4. Thank You, 14 feet is just insane! What were the wind speeds like with that?!?
  5. Looking good.
  6. Nothing here yet. Interesting tidbit from KBUF discussion today. Typically weather patterns stay in place for 12-18 months at a time. Let's hope this pattern rolls with us through winter 17/18. .LONG TERM /THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY/... The summer without a Bermuda High will continue during this period...as the longwave pattern over the country will feature ridging over the far western states and broad troughiness over the east. This general pattern has been in place since May and has been quite effective at keeping temperatures from climbing very far above normal throughout the Lower Great Lakes this summer. The trough has also played a significant role in supporting a very active severe weather season...as the number of severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings are running well above normal.
  7. CPC is getting a little more detailed with their forecast.
  8. There's something about the first lake effect band of the year that gets me excited. Usually it's not until late September, this one is coming to soon! We should all be cheering for a Weak Nino though.
  9. That's some good data. Do you have a link to this? Any idea what the record is for Lake Erie?
  10. Those are some amazing pics! 1 Tornado that day in New York. Lots of Severe reports. One of the best severe weather periods that I can recall with those storms Friday and the 3 Tornado outbreak.
  12. WaterSpouts crazy shelf clouds, hail trees down all over the place
  13. Crazy storms in buffalo
  14. I'm not sure everyones elses thoughts, but personally I am in the camp that trends take months and months to change. Last years record breaking summer did not transition in winter and kept above normal temps going throughout the entire winter season. Seeing cooler weather now makes me think we are going to have a much better winter than the last two.