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  1. Bummer that could be fun. A few years ago both Brian and I got hit by what I thought was a squall but it sort of was a streamer. Very rare, he got 7 inches. I got about five. I don’t know if the air behind the front will be connected to any water source.
  2. They’re not playing up the idea of squalls too much up here but you have to take a situation like this. Bring some heavy ones
  3. I use revisions in New Hampshire and I can tell you it was one of the best investments we’ve made. Sorry to hear of others’ problems but everyone I know is very pleased with theirs’
  4. Is that the same EPS that showed us with like 3 to 5 feet of snow at the end of its runs month ago?
  5. I’d welcome it too. A couple of more snow events to bump up the pack, a mid month heatwave to melt out and then maybe one more nice period of winter, get the -nao done by april, and then summer!
  6. Yup and then after that warm shot it gets colder again last week feb. Signs here and there if a -nao and that will happen maybe end feb early March
  7. Wunderground persistent with rain or snow feb 8,9,10 up here. With a few inches possible. Not buying it yet but hopeful we get some opportunities starting after the 7th.
  8. Cut that range by 80% and take a look at the mid-Atlantic thread the past 24 hours
  9. Anything more than a travelers advisory for one to 3 inches would excite me to no end
  10. Who doesn’t like a high scooter? Oops I mean scooter high
  11. We've been hard on the truth tellers. Though Seymour isn't a troll, the trolls have won the season.
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