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  1. I e bump in qpf, I don’t care what form it’s in
  2. WPC has dropped the heavier qpf south from including us up here to having SNE in the bullseye.
  3. Very happy to see this from WPC for mid-late week. My problem in the garden in early-mid April is that isn't isn't fully thawed or is thick glop. It is June level dry now so bring the rain. Of course it is nice to see the spinach, lettuce, kale pac choi, etc all growing nicely so early.: "Farther north, guidance has noticeably trended upward with respect to rainfall across parts of the East Coast/Northeast Thursday-Friday. Some models suggest moderate to locally heavy rainfall to accompany the cold front/surface low as it traverses the region. Coastal low genesis may also present some maritime/coastal threats across New England late week/next weekend."
  4. Will was on my laptop as the models were coming in.
  5. precipitation in any form, with the exception of large hail stones, would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Oy. If it happens I'm sure I'd love it. But, I'm enjoying the melt out and the warm sunny days.
  7. I have been thinking storm around the ides.
  8. There must be a big storm over the Mediterranean that could get a hankerin for some Portuguese Kale Soup and then before you know it, its sucked out into the Atlantic into a ginormous negatively titled trough covering the entire North Atlantic. I know this sounds crazy, but what if it then feels the gulf stream? Then what? Does it get pulled even further west towards the benchmark? And it brings a quadruple phasing of Mediterranean, Adriatic, Gulf, and Atlantic moisture. I think there's a record of something similar happening on Pangea, before it all split apart, only there was less moisture involved so this would be a bigger record setting storm of multiple feet every day