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  1. after the last couple of years, I'd rather it look bad and then let it get better...psychologically at least.
  2. you and Kevin have a lot in common... you have been occassionally honking about parts of November and I refuse to give up.
  3. I'm just standing in for Zeus. I figure it is gonna be a great winter. front loaded with warmth to keep us outside and not going crazy, and backloaded with heavy snow as we follow the plows to the CVS to get our vaccines and emerge into the world again.
  4. i trust you to make it all work out for me...
  5. looks a little dicey but she is moving faster so if she comes ashore north of Tampa and heads south of Gainesville then Orlando is the right front quad so there will be squalls. But my flight lands early evening so I hope it'll have passed. Thats why I booked later in the day.
  6. safe outdoor gatherings really help the mental state right now. I might be flying to Orlando tomorrow if Eta lets me.
  7. but then there is that other part of you.... which lives in all of us. seems like 3" would be a win here.
  8. I dunno...this pullback is pretty common at this timeframe isn't it? Could come back at 12Z or 0Z. If not, no biggie! Snow is always fun but no snowpack to build now and it'd be gone soon anyhow.
  9. Jeebus that is you and me. kinda early to be in the jackpot at 84+
  10. I know for many of you men, that's what she said.
  11. As always, a very high quality discussion when a certain Met does the long range.
  12. I figured it was the drought up here that caused the early color and quick drop.
  13. I sorta feel the same but that probably curses it. FYI posted in banter thread about a house up here we are selling for any weeenies who wanna get up north.
  14. Any weenies looking for a house up here in Boscawen NH? We bought the house next door and it’s 2.5 acres. It abuts our 162 acres and is 2nd oldest house in town. Small quaint historical with beautiful landscaping and fantastic views. Nice walking trails just off the property. 1 hr 15 minutes north of Boston and less than an hour to white mountains. If you know anyone looking for a country house get them to us before we list with realtor this week. IM me and I can send pics. 290k. If you know anyone interested get to me quickly as we will list with a realtor this week.