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  1. It wouldn’t play out quite that way ginxy. I promise
  2. Stop while you’re behind
  3. I really didn’t understand a big part of the conversation. It all started with me commenting on a conversation I had with a client in singapore and my take on how they were dealing with coronavirus. Then it went in multiple directions some of which I didn’t understand frankly, although Steve I had a good exchange, part of which got deleted.
  4. I wonder why. If there is a way to handle it competently, Singapore likely will.
  5. Was just on the phone with a client in Singapore. Their cases are rising. Interesting given there equatorial climate. It certainly can spread in that weather, but perhaps not as easily given the sun and heat. The believe the clusters are developing due to Singaporeans coming home from abroad. They haven't closed the schools yet but are looking to do that apparently. I've been there a number of times. It is a fairly authoritarian society but in a benevolent way. They are run by technocrats, and the city/country is clean and extremely well run. It doesn't feel "totalitarian"' at all. They are a very pro-business country and many international companies have operations there so they can't create an oppressive tone. Very well-educated good workforce and not much poverty.
  6. and just think about all the people who couldn't register due to the volume. Next week could be even worse, but maybe not.
  7. dang cases and deaths really jumped this eve.
  8. I think CDC had a clue, and warned on Feb 25 "warned that it expects the novel coronavirus that has sparked outbreaks around the world to begin spreading at a community level in the United States, as a top official said that disruptions to daily life could be “severe.” Joe Biden wrote an editorial on Jan 27 warning about a possibly big problem with coronavirus Trump was getting warnings in January from intelligence agencies about a likely pandemic. So, yes people had a clue but didn't respond well...but this is ground we've covered many times in this thread.
  9. Here is another: And one where Gov Whitmer seems to be looking to complement the Feds when she can, like Cuomo does But it may be that ths is no nefarious
  10. I've read it in several places. Here is one: I will post other sources when I find them
  11. My best moments of connecting with the divine are at home when I am alone, reading, contemplating, writing, celebrating the Sabbath. I rarely feel the need to go to a synagogue to connect with God. You would think people could avoid church in a time like this. There is no way Jesus or God would want people to go to a church and risk passing illness to others. Why can't the preachers frame it that way? But the ultra-orthodox Haredim in Israel are creating a fookin mess by meeting in groups and passing Covid around.
  12. Well thanks God because we need to keep you around Steve.
  13. We still aren't there it seems in terms of federal actions. Lots of mistakes. Masks running out - and why is there no issued order for certain companies to produce these en masse right now, war footing? For some reason D states like NY and MI (which are ramping up fast and getting near the medical capacity) aren't getting anywhere close to what they ask for in terms of PPE from the Feds, while R states like FL and MS are getting their full ask or even more than they requested. How does that happen? And why don't the Feds jump in so that states and FEMA aren't bidding against each other? I stopped watching Trump's press conferences because I want to puke when he starts ranting about ratings and such. Yesterday it seems was more serious and somber, but today he's bragging about how he is #1 on FB? He actually spent time talking about that? Seems to me that that just undermines the seriousness. And then Pence and DeSantis are passing the monkey back and forth in terms of FL putting out a stay at home order. I thought this was getting onto a better track, but maybe no.
  14. actually mostly from the straights and the IV drug users. Actually better said, by human beings of all kinds.
  15. It is scary. We should watch the UWash modelled numbers and see if they keep going up. As the next states get ramped up this could get really bad over the next 3 weeks