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  1. mahk_webstah

    June 2019 Discussion

    pray for the tomatoes and the melons, as well as the sweet potatoes I'm trying this year.
  2. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    WPC map is tantalizing with a low coming into the lower Ohio Valley a big sprawling high and eastern Ontario western Quebec
  3. mahk_webstah

    2018/19 Winter Banter and General Discussion - We winter of YORE

    Pretty sure had an earthquake here about 40 minutes ago
  4. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    I’ve noticed you have a lot to say about these things lately. I think it’s time for you to start owning it.
  5. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    Cold and dry gives a more orderly melt
  6. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    My grandfather started and owned, and my dad worked there, mid del auto parts just north of Smyrna
  7. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    Caesar Rodney high school class of 1981 graduate here! I grew up outside of Dover. Rehoboth always took the edge off, and still does one week a year every year of my life
  8. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    I might start a thread in hopes of jinxing it. Maybe "Our final meridional expression of the winter of 2018-2019" Looks good from a distance... but smaller, softer and limper the closer we get. Then we can talk about tulips and DST in here.
  9. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    Thats the spirit! And in la saison d'amour many things can pop!
  10. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    Oh come on Jeff! We've had snow cover for 5 months. Spring is coming! Let your fingers caress your wife's nape. La saison d'amour. Feel the warmth, get excited...the trails in the County aren't going anywhere til May.
  11. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    We is far from patchy up here. A lot of vestigal cryo, but I think there will be a lot nape tanning on Thursday, and even Wednesday. After that the meridional excitement may occur but hopefully brief, followed by vaporization, cryo-destruction and peas sprouting.
  12. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    I guess we've totally lost it....March disco no longer about the pattern, but about DST vs. AST. Even the mods are too tired to do anything about it. Not that I have anything intelligent to add about the weather.
  13. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    There is such a thing as whining for the human right of moving the clock by an hour? You must have a very broad definition of either whining or human rights. I thought it had more to do with people whining to be able to vote, or get married, or get paid fairly.
  14. mahk_webstah

    March Disco

    melt it out and then freeze it up for a bit, then melt it out some more. that's how its done. should be a good week of some slow melting. 12" now in the fields an probably 14-18 in the woods.
  15. mahk_webstah

    March 10 2019 Snow to Mix Event

    I thinkthiis will be primarily snow, with a little mix and drizzle to end, swfe climo-like. It doesn seem that the echoes are moving more ssw-nne than earlier where they were more wsw - ene