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  1. perfectly screws over Ray and Anthony while Kevin sculpts piles and Dendrite breaks 100
  2. My zone has 100% chance of snow Saturday night. Very confident so far out. But no matter...I'll be on my way to Vegas.
  3. the norther the better we melt! (please)
  4. I think more is coming for up here, and probably 3 events. As someone said yesterday, they are lined up, and this kind of setup is ripe for this time of year. I bet one gets a good part of SNE.
  5. You are newly married. I'm certain you can think of something that is romantic, that speaks to new growth, sunshine, etc. Come on Ant!
  6. Patches opening up under the pines and near stone walls and boulders. But the pack is still mostly 6-18" in the fields and 18-24 in the woods. Everyday it softens and at night it refreezes but not as a glaze, instead as a sort of granular, freeze-dried surface that is awesome to walk on. I love walking on top of 1-2' of snow. I want it to melt out, but in the meantime....
  7. Pretty good setup Saturday Probs getting into interior SNE
  8. This is Saturday. Hmmmm. and then Sunday look what’s behind it
  9. Kind of an awesome morning. Cold enough last night so that the 6 to 18 formed a hard crust that we could walk on instead of constantly sinking into it and hurting my knee lol. Won’t be much melting for the next 36 hours, so want to enjoy the white snow fields and hope that it just melts out and there’s no more on top.
  10. For when and for where if you don’t mind
  11. CPC warm for the next 14 days! I am hopeful spinach planted 1st week April?
  12. Oh its good to know because I had assumed it was the caterpillars or the squirrel's nuts.
  13. So they’re starting to look like we don’t dip back into winter, at least, in terms of any more significant snows? That would be so awesome. I’m ready to melt out fast.
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