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  1. exactly, and that has been obvious for days. these situations rarely turn out well despite some model porn. that being said there's probably a 10-20% chance for a lucky timing thing but I doubt it. Looking forward to it getting colder next week, getting some confluence and blocking above, even if not perfect, and it will snow. But this weekend is sht for most except the maritimes as the basic seasonal pattern continues and winter won't quite set in.
  2. come on, this is going to be our usual fast flow shortwave abundant disaster. Congrats Nick. Nobody to the west of Eastport should be excited unless something shows up overnight Wednesday.
  3. That’s why I am very skeptical...lots of shortwavesa, fast flow = low chances for many. I am optimistic though feb7-21
  4. We have to get through today's trend and see if it stops and comes back a bit. tomorrow 12Z runs will give a good indication as we will then be at 72.
  5. thanks Steve. that got ugly fast, but this season we wait and see if it will come back a bit. Only needs to shift a bit to give us a blue bomb. I feel bad for you guys in most of SNE - this is a winter of a lot of frustrations.
  6. I don't know where to find EPS but does it offer any hope of an overcorrection as Steve posits?
  7. I thought it was in NW Ohio - what happened?
  8. Yeah I really do have nice legs...
  9. Joining the party or kicking it east?
  10. I’m from NH so I’ll be in my shorts by the pool after my work is done in the morning
  11. I’m on a plane headed there now lol
  12. The uncle is ridin Ray and headed for the Pope!
  13. Maybe you can pull Jeff back in
  14. I think we had 90% for 3 and similar for 6, but that was perhaps for a whole 10 or 15 day period. I feel optimistic about this storm, although that doesn't mean shite. Anything in the pipeline after this?/
  15. I think those probs have lowered up here since yesterday but I still like the odds.