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  1. I think there's a bitchy queen inside of you that just wants to come out...
  2. I haven't looked at it - that warm? We tend to hold onto cold air here in this part of NH. Sometimes it will warm up in the Whites and west of us, but we are in the upper part of the Merrimack Valley so we dam the cold air well.
  3. Interesting...elevation dependent. I guess we'll see how it trends. i figured some frozen on the front end due to very cold air over the weekend and snowcover, but then a change to pure rain before the next cold front....and then maybe that miller A, eh?
  4. I noticed a low chance of frozen for all of new england on that what you are referring to? Miller A, eh? for next weekend? Probably good I'll be in Philly-NYC.
  5. Delaware. I had the same problem with reception! Find the right spot and stay there all night before snowstorms
  6. I had a weather radio that broadcast nws forecasts. They would give a little discussion then the forecast. Then the marine forecast. I can hear the crackly voice...”from manasquan inlet to cape henelopen and 40 miles offshore...”
  7. KU’s focus on eastern seaboard storms, particularly mid Atlantic to New England
  8. Ray the gefs and eps seem to support you. Did you read mid Atlantic thread today? Sounds like your blog.
  9. Very heavy snow at exit 39 on 93. Wow. If you’re downwind of this one get dressed it’s tome for a jebwalk
  10. DC thread medium range is a good read