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  1. Meteorology not modelology
  2. I said it earlier in the thread but you might not have seen it. I think you guys did a great job of staying aggressive. Good meteorology when the models were confusing. Dendrite too. The gut call from many was colder, and it was a good call. Thanks!
  3. There is a band just west of CON moving north and east. That must be the heavy snow you are getting. I hope Brian goes back to snow.
  4. drove home from Boscawen yto Dover via 393 in Concord and then out rt.4 Went from heavy snow with great flakes in the center of Boscawen, to mixed precip 2 miles down the road at exit 17 on 93. Then mixed into CON and quickly to freezing rain all along rt 4. A pretty heavy glaze all the way. Temp was 24 in Boscawen, 28 in CON then 31 as I went down rt 4. It stayed at 31 for about 25 miles. All in all was a great event out in Boscawen. And we have a good pack to start the season.
  5. Just leaving to head back to Dover. Left withheavy snow with big fat dendrites and more than 6 inches on the ground. Was an awesome storm and congratulations to the GYX office for stayingaggressive despite yesterday's models
  6. Yes some sleet mixed in here but if you notice the radar returns are lightened. Let's see what happens with the next burst
  7. Also though they were on eastern edge of better returns so that might've contributed to mixing. We will likely mix but I think heavier returns should be snow for awhile. Then we get a little crust and we're set till spring
  8. And visibility dropped here and radar looks good. 7-10 for you!
  9. Nah, bow which is just south of concord had 2.75 a couple hours ago. You can see the observation earlier in the thread. Concord exceeds 3. And I'm at least at 5 here 10 miles north of con
  10. dunno if CON changed over, but they are already in that 3-5 range.
  11. zone amounts just increased here. 3-5 for CON 4-8 here in Boscawen 6-10 for Webster (1 mile away from me), and 7-11 for Salisbury (6 miles away from me). Right now moderate snow continues...hoping the heavier burst to come will be all snow. Probably approaching 5 inches.
  12. lighter echoes allowed the warming to come easier? would heavy s?now hold it off a bit
  13. Its a race, with the good echoes to our west. An area of weaker returns in sw nh but so far we keep redeveloping returns to our s and ssw that come over us. Would be nice to get into a steady period of heavy snow again. 7" on the ground here so I'm thinking I'm at 4 or a bit more now.
  14. For the models but a win for climo and local mets. Just looked at the radar and if that second heavy batch that's moving into Western New England comes through and hits all of us who are still snow that would be 6, 8 or even more for totals for many
  15. View is from house being built to the stone cabin we had built two years ago. House is in a hill at 600ft in boscawen. Bought the land 7 years ago