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  1. Just looked at the radar down towards you...you'll get something won't you?
  2. and looks like severe heading into CON in a few.
  3. did you see that little feature? went between henniker and warner. Really dumping here, man did we need this, along as we avoid the hail
  4. Good ones up here...dumping rain and windy, severe warned but othrs nearby getting it good. You know Pat's Peak...a very small very intense radar echo passed near there in the last few iminutes.
  5. We’ve seen these stretches before…I am now saving water while the shower heats up and saving water as I wash veggies
  6. Arghhh really nothing here. We are in one of those patterns where it looks good and then dries up
  7. Do not know the actual measurement but very windy here with gusts I think past 50 maybe even 60. An inch of rain or a little more in less than 30 minutes
  8. Snowing again. Probably light, maybe moderate, but the wind makes it seem fierce. Downsloping tho as Brian points out, so this will underperform the 1-2 more inches forecast
  9. I’m gonna be right here, no biggie. I hope phin gets it good, full on George thorogood and the Delaware destroyers. Full stone pony on Saturday night for phin.
  10. lets get it in, get it out, melt it, and plant the freakin spinach.
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