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  1. I have been thinking storm around the ides.
  2. There must be a big storm over the Mediterranean that could get a hankerin for some Portuguese Kale Soup and then before you know it, its sucked out into the Atlantic into a ginormous negatively titled trough covering the entire North Atlantic. I know this sounds crazy, but what if it then feels the gulf stream? Then what? Does it get pulled even further west towards the benchmark? And it brings a quadruple phasing of Mediterranean, Adriatic, Gulf, and Atlantic moisture. I think there's a record of something similar happening on Pangea, before it all split apart, only there was less moisture involved so this would be a bigger record setting storm of multiple feet every day
  3. Snowing very very heavily, at least 2 in./h rate but radar says it doesn’t last. Check out the High DBZ band up here
  4. I was surprised to see 2-4 of snow in my forecast for tomorrow. I hadn't been on here much very good Maybe it'll be 1 of those things that they say it's gonna change to rain but it doesn't really do that till the end and we end up with a nice snw. Ends up being a pretty snowy February.
  5. I love when they meditate like that. They're just soaking it in. When I take my girl out at night sometimes when there's a bright moon reflecting off the snow she just sits and stares at the moon.
  6. Go big or go gardenGo big or go garden
  7. A in this form we call those scooter highs, just saying
  8. Its a thick water-logged mushy snow. 10-14 in the fields and 12-16 or so in the woods (maybe 18)
  9. Does this mean that you have abandoned your forecast for multiple storms in March with multiple feet in each storm and 80-90 inches in Boston for the month of March?
  10. Don’t you do that to Mama Cass