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  1. 61-64 and partly sunny in May is fine, to me at least. In June, it gets a bit old.
  2. Severe is already hard to do around SNE. Now throw in some smoke, and *poof*. It really does have that orangey glow of a mid-summer late evening.
  3. the next 18 hours will be brutal in ENE, and the rain should pick up over night. can already see it starting to fill in off the coast. I've only had about .24 so far...so hoping we can double up at a min
  4. A couple decent breaks passing by with solid sun, but fools gold. we'll take what we can get though
  5. Coolest area in the lower 48 tomorrow
  6. Don't think there's any luck. models have you dropping to the low 50s through the afternoon, and in the 40s by late evening
  7. Steins a fighter - doesn't look so wet with the latest runs. I was kinda hoping for a decent soaking
  8. it's basically the MDW disaster delayed by a week
  9. The EPS says f-u Stein Saturday through early week
  10. MVY is a sneaky radiator..middle of the island near sea level surrounded by hilly terrain
  11. Crabgrass isn't really noticeable until July, if you have it.
  12. Might look similar around 2-3pm Monday, maybe slightly cooler out east.
  13. meh, 70s RI west until mid afternoon..thats good enough.
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