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  1. ocean effect clouds spoiling the day here. had to send the kid to preschool in a winter hat and mittens today
  2. there's a high pressure settling into GL and Northeast.basically zero chance in that setup for anything riding up the coast as a strong storm. only shot is the storm is slower and the trough digs in faster after the HP moves out
  3. I was too high From a coastal risk perspective, U.S. emergency officials should consider a plan involving a major hurricane – at Category 3 or higher intensity – every 30 to 40 years instead of every 100 or 200 years as currently believed.
  4. 1815 was close. so its a once every 100-150 year type storm based on the small 400 year sample size. Carol in 1954 was pretty bad too (Cat 3).
  5. My ambient seems ok with the rain gauge - and my temps/dews run about 3-5 degrees too high.but thats due to the proximity to the roof. My winds are also junk (way too low) for the same reasons. I need to buy a 6ft pole to get it higher and on the opposite end of the chimney. Once I move and raise it, I may put it online.
  6. I'm not 100% convinced of that. It was 80+ years ago
  7. Heading up to Ashburnham around Columbus day weekend. Should be pretty decent by then
  8. <DIT, TT, Whineminster> </DIT, TT, Whineminster>
  9. I'm punting days like today to the moon, though. I can do without the gray backdrop of late-April onshore puke flow
  10. Have barely followed this storm..and nothing suggests its coming close. Save your energy for Winter!
  11. I haven't used my hoodie yet. Maybe tomorrow morning will be the first time, if I happen to be outside at 5am - but mostly to protect against mosquitos.
  12. I have an insect identifier app, and this is what I got. maybe if you can get a clearer picture of it, I can run it again. make sure to get real close
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