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  1. Was in Sandwich earlier. Def between 1/2" to an inch
  2. I'm at the buzzards bay rotary. Big flakes, just a dusting so far
  3. I don't stop at 2 so my best golf is played between holes 4 through 8. Then it all goes downhill from there. Yes, I'm a lightweight
  4. 2 beers is the sweet spot when playing a round of golf. No idea if there is one for meteorology.
  5. Yup..a couple days ago I posted about the Day 14-15 GEFS/GEPS showing signs of a shakeup..but it got a few snowflakes riled up. Lets see if we can get a reasonable March pattern in place for the last few weeks of winter.
  6. 19" here YTD, somehow. But I've learned to easily detach from investing too much time, espcially now that I'm married and have a toddler. This winter sucks, but winters like 06/07, 10/11, and 11/12 were worse for me because I was younger and more emotional. Being on the wrong side of a rain/snow line back then was rage inducing. I listed 10/11 because...well look where I lived. And if by SE you meant like the mid atlantic, then yeah me neither.
  7. Never said I believed it or anyone else needs to. But that's what they show. Jesus this place sucks
  8. The death vortex loses it's grip at the end of the GEFS and GEPS..but We'll see how it looks by the end of month. We can easily punt the rest of Feb down here
  9. Id actually take 2012 over this year. Slightly more total snow this year but all of that came in Nov and early December. That season produced a storm with 11" in late that's the winnah. Not everyone got that yeah I don't expect anyone to share that sentiment
  10. Tblizz in this thread, amidst mass hysteria
  11. It could look entirely different in a few weeks. Sure it looks like crap now, but I choose to keep an eye out for something favorable. Sue me. And it's not torture. I'll be fine without turning into an insufferable eeyore if nothing pans out.
  12. That's accurate for me. Upper teens to near 20"...but more notable was the tree damage
  13. I thought it had peaked around 2pm..but the past 45 min or so was definitely more intense.