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  1. It is mainly but there are some up here.
  2. What's worse, a garden snob or a lawn snob - it's a tough call
  3. Ice pellets coating the ground..coming down fairly heavily. Few flakes mixed in
  4. Maybe pull off an inch or two given the radar.
  5. Full on mix now with sleet/snow/rain
  6. Any chance we flash back to snow down here if rates are heavy enough?
  7. Yeah that whole sleet argument isn't entirely correct. I'm pretty sure I'm raining when the NAM is counting it as sleet. So the algorithms must be off.
  8. NAM clown map fail.. geez those are bad. Just when you think they can't get any clownier, they go ahead and take it to another level
  9. Snow map?
  10. I'm pretty sure 35 degree SSTs would greatly benefit the coastal areas vs 40 or 50. There's a reason the Cape averages more snow later in the Winter...lower SSTs
  11. There will be some sleet up towards you..just a question of how long it lasts before the flip to heavy heavy urban flood inducing/monsoon like downpours.
  12. Could use another tick or two colder further south
  13. 925's are cold to the coast. Inland will not be plain rain.
  14. I'll take sleet given the alternative
  15. So are we tossing the RGEM? Still brings plowable snow down here and on the Cape