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  1. Yep I agree. I usually start looking ahead in early December to see if there's any hopes for mid/late December for my own sanity. Obviously if I see chatter of a favorable pattern I'll check in and invest a bit. But I also live down here, where peak climo favors mid to late Feb.
  2. You guys do this every year - Do yourselves a favor and stop worrying about the models til early December. It will save you a lot of frustration. (not directed toward the mets, but the winter weenies)
  3. Ditch the surgical masks and go with some KN95's on ebay (I like the Powecom ones). Can get them for abou $1.50 or $2.00 a pop at most...and you can re-use. Surgical or cloth masks might work somewhat on droplets, but near useless for airbone covid. I've always thought this though, and not just saying it because of the Danish study.
  4. I had inguinal hernia surgery 3 years ago. They said I would feel a lot better in 6 weeks - more like 6 months til I felt 100%
  5. Maybe this was already brought up, but apparently the Pfizer vaccine needs to be chilled at -70 degrees and goes bad after 5 days out of those temperatures. Seems like that could pose a lot of distribution issues in worse off countries that don't have the required storage. I don't know if that temp is any different than what other vaccines require either, so it might not be that big a deal.
  6. Nbd. I just like ribbing the Disney peeps
  7. I'm more convinced than ever that the Disney cult is real. Almost all of the Disney people I know have already been back since the pandemic my God
  8. Vermont is spiking a bit, case wise. But so isn't almost every state
  9. There was plenty of lying and gaslighting from both the media and the President. Both can be true. Biden will lie - but he will do so in a presidential manner and in an ideologically aligned manner that's acceptable to many activists disguised as journalists in the MSM. I just avoid all network/cable news stations for the most part.
  10. Same. I can understand population mgmt in certain animal species but this seems medieval and excessive.
  11. What's with Baker mandating that we wear masks outside regardless of proximity to others. What a balloon head
  12. Biden will probably win, by a hair. Senate will stay R and the dems lost seats in the House. So 4 years of an ineffective Biden/Harris ahead.
  13. Unfortunately, just having Thanksgiving at my house with my wife and kid. But plan on dropping by with quick visits to see our parents, possibly for dessert..but not for long. It sucks, and hopefully this is the last year we have to do anything like this again.
  14. Stein got wrecked here..its been a while