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  1. If only there was a Karen on the name list this year would sure to be a cat 5 up in everyones business..but still pretty hideous looking
  2. It's like last winter, where the Euro fooled us many times with less tucked in lows closer to the benchmark, only to be schooled by the other guidance 24-48 hours in.
  3. It has been downpouring here for the past 2 hours or so. Definitely playing catchup the last two days
  4. Sun is breaking out the last few minutes
  5. Didn't get a drop yesterday until early this AM with a few boomers/downpours. Glad we got something
  6. Rain? You're a sicko
  7. Noticed a layer of pollen on the cars today for the first time. Buckle up. Already got that slight sore throat
  8. Yesterday was supposed to be meh but ended up partly sunny, mid to upper 60s and a bit humid.
  9. Looks like it's hitting a wall just to the west of here. Hope that continues
  10. 4:1 or 5:1 ratios for Fall River would be a coating, verbatim. Do I think it's likely? Hell no