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  1. SouthCoastMA

    June 29-30 2019 Thunderstorms

    Not one drop here Saturday or Sunday. great weekend
  2. SouthCoastMA

    June 2019 Discussion

    The bait keeps flowin', and the fish keep bitin'
  3. SouthCoastMA

    May 23/24 SNE/NNE Thunder Thread

    Hail. Nice storm
  4. SouthCoastMA

    May 2019 Discussion

    Could be an AI Bot that was fed all of Kevin's responses over the years - it finally had enough material to go LIVE this year
  5. SouthCoastMA

    April 2019 Discussion II

    May 2009
  6. SouthCoastMA

    SNE "Tropical" Season Discussion 2019

    If lucky we'll get in a cone of uncertainty 5 days out or grazed by the spaghetti models...but ultimately blue balled, aka Eduardo'd
  7. SouthCoastMA

    April Discussion

    He has to get alert notifications of DIT posts. Sorta like a bluecheckmark on twitter after a Trump tweet
  8. SouthCoastMA

    April Discussion

    the money is always with more boring. seems like 12z yesterday was the western goalpost and everything has subtly shifted east since then.
  9. SouthCoastMA

    April Discussion

    Dont torture yourself by hoping for a nice April. It's new England. Punt punt punt until may 1st at least
  10. SouthCoastMA

    April Discussion

    The HRRR looks pretty nice but it's still out of range
  11. SouthCoastMA

    April Discussion

    I feel dirty.
  12. SouthCoastMA

    April Discussion

    Just checked the plumes out of morbid curiosity. EWB with a robust snow mean of 0.13"
  13. SouthCoastMA

    April Discussion

    Honestly haven't looked at SREFS since its brain broke a few years back
  14. SouthCoastMA

    March Disco

    What's with CT's NY fetish.
  15. SouthCoastMA

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    Rain with some flakes here in Acushnet. doubt anything accumulates though