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  1. I thought you can only open a traditional Roth if you're current employer doesn't already offer something similar (401k, profit sharing plan, etc) but I could be wrong
  2. Plus it's post tax. Any contributions to it are already considered as taxed. After 59 you can deduct any earnings tax free.
  3. I have Roth IRA (plus a separate one for my wife, which you can do), whole life policy, then dabble in some stocks.
  4. We have septic too.. I'd be willing to bet there's covid taint floating around in it. Wife is a long hauler, and no it's not anxiety driven, based on her abnormal EEG results
  5. Probably will be 1-2 more chances mid month and beyond. Snoozefest on models depicted last week has come to fruition for beginning of March. Until then, enjoy days like today.
  6. I found it: though I failed to mention the near fatal shat Blizzard 2018 Take II: The Firehose SouthCoastMA replied to 40/70 Benchmark's topic in New England Power out..large pine ripped down onto my house..2 week old times. Starting to snow now. Gusts must have been near 80mph March 2, 2018
  7. Remember the March 1st 2018 storm? That had some impressive damage, and if i recall on WNW/NW winds? Almost had a 50ft tree fall on me while I was sitting on the toilet..missed me by about 5ft. Edit: I see that it was a Nor' maybe not NW winds.
  8. Yeah..I think if there was any inkling of this starting to come'd have a few ensemble outliers trying to make it happen. Ah well, an easy system to never get too invested in anyway as it never made it past day 8 on models
  9. It's already 47° here. Sweet
  10. My 1/5 chance from two days ago is now like 1/20. You need the ridge/trough placements to be off by several hundreds of miles 5/6 days out. Pulling for a miracle but you probably need to see a lot more improvement by 12z today or it's ova
  11. Because I'm bored, the 18z GFS ensembles for day 8 - a few hits, most notably a 956mb near Nantucket. Long shots obviously but fun to look at
  12. Cape sunrise this AM, before it all went to crap
  13. It's closer to the CMC than the GFS, I'll give ya that