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  1. 77/67 nothing crazy. and very breezy
  2. Euro is mid to upper 70's here both Saturday and Sunday. We take
  3. Take's 95-100 for you to wear shorts?
  4. That's pretty idiotic though. if you aren't going to take any action (plenty of lesser toxic options available anyway)..then you need to be vigilant about checking for them daily.
  5. I was thinking of getting a half dozen Mantis' and putting in my yard..but I'm not sure if they would actually stay put or just fly off
  6. I use the garlic stuff but not sure how great it works. It has done pretty well with mosquitos from my anecdotal experience.
  7. Ticks have been terrible so far - the mild winter really didn't help this cause.
  8. we spiked up to 65° just now with some breaks..but storms moving back in
  9. Today was mostly fine here. mostly cloudy but occasional sunny streaks with temps in the low 70s, and dews in mid 60s
  10. 1.31" - models were mostly dry here. they were terrible at pinpointing the convection
  11. Frequent lightning/thunder - dog is shook .70 so should end up over 1" easily
  12. Today we hit 79.2. I just don't know how I can continue to exist in this terrible climate. /s It can have its fair share of shitty days but the good far outweighs the bad. I don't need 90s anymore. Maybe I'm just getting older but 70s and 80s will do.
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