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  1. Free the clockwork elves. Also, I wish I bought Ethereum back in March. Still waiting for my funds to transfer..and it just keeps going up.
  2. I was considering buying some but it isn't on Coinbase, so forget it
  3. I've been considering playing it, but not really investing in it. I think it probably goes on at least one more run, and potentially to a dollar but who really knows. Also, Cardano is on my watchlist
  4. I'm allocating like 15% of my stock money for crypto..and waiting for the next big drop to start investing. I only have about $100 in LiteCoin currently. Everything is just so damn inflated vs a few months ago.
  5. PDS - PhineasC Derangement Syndrome. A variant of TDS
  6. I don't think I've worn a mask outside since the pandemic started. Also, I felt like shit for 12-36 hours after my 2nd Pfizer shot..but no fever.
  7. Yea I believe its 24 hours - but not 100% sure. I just opened up a coinbase account the other day. Just be careful with the fees on each transaction if you start doing recurring buys.
  8. just waiting for Elon's cumrocket tweet to send it 'to da moon' :rocketships and are you serious about Doge longterm, or just think it has more room to run in the near term.
  9. I'm starting to dabble. Bought some LiteCoin yesterday, but very small amount. Ethereum and Bitcoin are obviously the top 2, but LiteCoin is probably in the top 3 - and I may just stick with that going forward. XLM is another alt-coin crypto play that might be interesting..or it could also disappear completely. lol
  10. Great place..friendly people
  11. Maybe some did. We can quote this if I'm wrong, but I highly doubt we see anything this cold again until next Fall or Winter.
  12. It won't be anything like today. This is it
  13. Good riddance to this garbage after Friday.