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  2. ORH 69 BOS 44 PVD 34 BDL 42 BDR 27 PSF 95 ALB 60 BVT 125 CON 77 PORTLAND 80 CAR 122 KGNX 48 TAN 40 KJAMES: 29 EWB: 36
  3. Schlitz Bull Ice is where it's at.
  4. Yea..i mean ~40" is about the norm here and prob 50" nearer to you. Does Tolland avg over 60?
  5. I mean, if tracking the potential for a Novie inch 7-10 days out floats your boat be my guest.
  6. Feels good to not expect snow prior to December 1st, and therefore not model watch. I'm nice and rested..some of you already seem a bit burnt out chasing ghosts.
  7. Feb 13 was definitely the worst tree damage I've ever seen from any storm
  8. There's no guarantee it happens while we are all alive..but I'm sure something akin to '38 will occur by the end of the 21st century. 100 year type storm? Seems like we've had a few "Once in a hundred Year" type storms recently - hope we didn't blow our load..but I doubt it.
  9. For mby there was a memorable 2-3 hour period which the winds were better than Sandy..but other than that..CoastalWx is right that it wasn't anything that a very strong winter storm can't match (along the coast). If Philippe had matured to a hurricane before transitioning and slung up further west..it could be have been a lot worse
  10. It's not a historical storm in the sense that it will be remembered 20 years later, in the annals of weather lore, but to say it will be forgettable in a couple weeks is selling it short.
  11. Winds starting to ramp up now..im thinking I lose power shortly
  12. Surge issues up the bays if the EURO verified
  13. Settle down there sparky. Deep breaths
  14. 2010/2011 was prob my most frustrating Winter, just based on how close the rain/snow line was to mby. I vaguely remember 3/2001 - but I do recall solid OES during the 2nd half of the storm.
  15. https://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/915289256150622208