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  1. SouthCoastMA

    Winter 2019-2020 Discussion

    "113 in 05' and 96" in '15. For my area..that's crazy in a 10 year period.
  2. SouthCoastMA

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    I just want a frost to kill the EEE skeeters. Then we can go back to 80's afterwards.
  3. SouthCoastMA

    Top 5(ish) New England Weather events

    1991 - Hurricane Bob (storm surge @ swifts beach) Dec 9th 2005 - Nuke CCB preceded by Sun/Rainbow Jan 22 2005 - Blizzard Date Unknown (early to mid 2000's?) - Microburst1 TS Irene - Microburst2 March 13 1993 - Blizzard conditions (1st whiteout i can remember) for several hours followed by pounding sleet Honorable Mentions: Feb 2013 - Tree damage from Blizzard Blizzard 96 April Fools 97 Feb 14/15 2015 Blizzard TS Floyd/Hurricane Sandy
  4. SouthCoastMA

    Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Convective Thread

    Not a drop here. My lawn loves how these storms always dissipate just to my west.
  5. SouthCoastMA

    SNE "Tropical" Season Discussion 2019

    He'll do what Gronk will do this year. Not play
  6. SouthCoastMA

    August 2019 Discussion

    Over 1.5" here. looks like the taunton area was in the 7/10 split
  7. SouthCoastMA

    August 2019 Discussion

    Maybe some heavy rains if there's a PRE, which is looking more likely as of late
  8. SouthCoastMA

    Winter 2019-2020 Discussion

    Speaking of which. We miss those maps.
  9. SouthCoastMA

    New England Convective Discussion

    Didn't receive a drop yesteday. Hopefully we can get something tonight.
  10. SouthCoastMA

    Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Severe Potential

    Like how every noreaster is a potential 1/22/05 or 1/15 due to the gulf stream
  11. SouthCoastMA

    SNE "Tropical" Season Discussion 2019

    Bob was historic for my local region..(the top part of Buzzards bay). We had a 12ft-20ft surge and many houses in the Swift Beach area were destroyed or swept completely out to sea. I can't imagine if it hit during peak high tide.
  12. Just take your blog post and make it a chapter within your book
  13. SouthCoastMA

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    It's somewhat burnt here, but I have a lack of shade / trees to assist.
  14. It's neither. Try weenieology
  15. SouthCoastMA

    June 29-30 2019 Thunderstorms

    Not one drop here Saturday or Sunday. great weekend