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  1. approaching 70°, corner turned we survived but what a gross 5 week period that was
  2. "Yikes" he's semi fishing for reassurance that everything will be ok during this historic dry pattern
  3. Still overcast, but noticeably more mild. It's all relative here though. By mild I mean upper 50's.
  4. The main crypto players will recover at some point - but maybe it takes out a bunch of the shit coins. In 1-2 years, BTC/ETH/ADA will reach new highs again. Though I can't understand why anyone would ever risk being leveraged in the crypto market. Absolute nuts!
  5. we start turning a corner tomorrow at least. not sure I could take another 3 days of this
  6. Our most reliable model is retiring. Seriously though, Harv is the best.
  7. .46" so far - the lawn needed it this would be a nice band in the winter
  8. I just checked the latest runs - I'm not seeing anything muting good warmth inland from Thursday on. Not sold on 60's or 70's here Thursday, but that's a different story
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