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  1. 59F and Mostly Sunny. it's a beaut clark Also, just looking for any glimpses within a crap pattern - outside shot of something on models between 12/13 - 12/14 before the inferno reestablishes. If you can get that northern stream dig enough (only the GFS really shows it doing so)..then might have something notable if it can link up with that souther stream system that the EURO and CMC cut off. Afterwards, that ridge is going to blast in here either way
  2. yea i guess not a black hole - really low heights / -PNA which takes its time getting disrupted
  3. the black hole over Alaska starts to dissipate on the ensembles by 12/20 but it will probably take a while to get something more favorable in place. No sign of any Atlantic blocking either.
  4. any snow in December is good snow. enjoy before we shut the shades
  5. not thinking any drastic shift - just room for improvement given the lead time especially for CNE/NNE. next week is pretty bad At the end of the ensembles, to me it looks like the cold starts spilling back to Hudson Bay, Central Canada. so its available..just need a shakeup in the pacific
  6. Aside from next Wednesday..looks puntable on both GEFS and EPS through the 17th. That leaves some room for improvement during the holidays though
  7. around 60° - getting some nice gusts bringing down some stubborn oak leaves prior to my final weekend cleanup.
  8. until modeling stops showing a train of lows traversing the UP of Michigan into Southern Quebec..I'm out. I'll check back in a week and maybe things shake out a bit
  9. Last three seasons, albeit in slight different locales - all below average. 26",22",24" I'm feeling a closer to average type season.
  10. The last notable one I can remember is March 2013
  11. yeah further up from 108 past smugglers notch, Jeffersonville area
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