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  1. so it's either wanting 59 in August vs the ones hawking extreme dews/AHATT. I'll just take normal summer weather thanks
  2. Hopefully this trends back a bit, but I'm not convinced yet this will be a complete whiff glad I got the .3 today though
  3. The GFS total accum map thru 384 is Stein nightmare fuel
  4. clips eastern SNE too. I doubt it's right
  5. wet with onshore flow. quite different from the warm, moist, southerly deluge that was being hinted at 24-48 hours ago.
  6. stein has been smoked out of many areas, but is still on life support here. one more good storm and he's a goner
  7. yeah that has gone to sh*t. maybe a couple showers if lucky
  8. .07 with this last round. Looked impressive to my west but was kinda meh. .46 total Thurs morning is still on the table in my opinion.
  9. hope so. I was relatively shafted again, but I guess better than nothing
  10. .39 with some sun poking through. a few more storms firing to the west, hoping to get clipped
  11. .34 - struggling to get much with this 2nd batch. Southern parts of the Cape will do well, along with the south coast area.
  12. looks my locale is pulling a 7/10 split with the heaviest storms but I'll take .5 at this point.
  13. my old stomping grounds getting crushed. some nice training cells along 195
  14. .27 in first batch. should be able to double-up over the next hour
  15. congrats Duxbury, PTown. looks like a bust here unless we get some better development to the west, and soon
  16. are you reclined back in your seat with an outtie, gazing at the windshield being obscured by the downpours?
  17. I'll take Tippy's Tropical Bahamian blue 83/75 pattern with potential for damage over what we have now, which is this excessively dry and oppressive 95/75 type pattern.
  18. chances look good for some scattered heavy downpours later on in CT/RI/E Mass. Meanwhile, tomorrow doesn't look like much at all.
  19. Tomorrow night into overnight Wednesday looks decent for some downpours.
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