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  1. which is pretty respectable. ended up not being much of a bust from a wind perspective here. perhaps for those who thought the LLJ would be further west
  2. looks like max gusts were between 40-60mph right along the the coast/Essex/Cape. Most of these occurred in the past few hours. It was mildly interesting for a bit this morning, but definitely not memorable. Just another storm https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=BOX&product=PNS
  3. 1.26" - will like end up around 1.3"
  4. yeah it was a solid 15 min period of that. Now starting to gust again as the final band pushes through
  5. Not gonna lie..it got semi-wild over the past few minutes. downpours with weak TS like gusts
  6. I thought for sure it would get slightly interesting with Popes mesolow..but that looks east now?
  7. .89 so far with a light breeze. wild times
  8. Now that would be wild. I wonder if models are starting to pick up on this at 12z
  9. Never seen so much wild talk. hope it pans out. I guess that meso low/TS changes things, because I thought it looked meh before that development.
  10. 40-50kt winds at 850mb doesn't really get me excited I looked at a few others like Euro and RGEM that showed winds a bit stronger..but this is October. we can do better
  11. almost near peak in Ashburnham. this is the only pic I have, so it's actually better in other areas..but I'd say this is a good representation of the average And cool to see Jupiter tonight above the full moon.
  12. heading up to Ashburnham for the weekend. should be some decent color? .17 this morning
  13. 90 % of my yard is black locusts. those are some hardy trees..
  14. Well, I mean if you can make the pattern result in 40's up there, while it's 70 here I'd be fine with it.
  15. let's keep the 60 and 70s through late November. Couldn't care less if it's not going to snow
  16. wow. I just checked the company i use. It was 3.99 two days ago, now $4.69. Absurd
  17. Concert crowds suck nowadays. Standing still, holding phones up..blah - even at a Rammstein concert
  18. Station closest to me was 3.36". I finished around 3.23". a CoCorahs station around there had a 2 day total of 6.66"
  19. crazy..it seems like that area has cleaned up on several storms in the past couple months
  20. 1.98 yesterday 1.11 today 3.09" Event total barring any additional, but looks about done here
  21. crazy lightning about to hit Chatham. almost looks like a mesolow
  22. Round 3 begins. dog is shaking from the thunder, yikes
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