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  1. The GFS strengthens the primary around OV more than CMC and Euro, which are about 10mb weaker.
  2. Yeah latest trend on GFS is to prop up that Rockies ridge a bit more. Will it stick
  3. this shit be flowing beneath the streets of Taunton, only explanation
  4. I'm sorry but everything is still in the cards. Doesn't mean we get the right card though.
  5. Taking a closer look, yeah the air mass is good enough especially if we get a benchmark or just inside benchmark track, just off the coast. I'm more speaking to my area, I'd prefer the BM as the furthest west position, but that is no honestly no different than most coastals here . let's go
  6. And I think it's just normal tracking going on..I don't see any spiking.
  7. well we basically need BM or southeast of there to get snow in these air masses. Otherwise, the more tucked solutions may be great for interior
  8. The 973mb SE of the benchmark or the 958 east of Nantucket would be the best here. Fun to look at, and wish we were within 4 days. The GFS/GEFS still nothing like the Euro/EPS, but GEPS is actually pretty close to the EPS.
  9. In Plymouth now..sheet rain and 39°
  10. That's like the mid Jan storm here that theoretically dumped 10-12" but never reached a depth higher than 1.8". Not really, but still pissed about that
  11. doubt you get any rain at this point..backside already close to you
  12. Means: 6z GEFS: OV/NY State 0z GEPS: Delmarva to Benchmark 0z EPS: Off NJ Lots of spread in the ensembles as expected 8 days out
  13. Maybe weathafella can post a StormVista snow map of the 6z Euro for a quick fix. It's better than the real thing
  14. 944mb SE of benchmark. what I would give
  15. The GFS op starting get to get interested in 3/8 and 3/10-11.
  16. GFS looks a tad colder thru 24h..hard to believe. Let's see what happens afterwards Edit: The primary is stronger and slightly more NW at 36h, so I'm assuming that will offset the colder start
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