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  1. http://The fungus has arrived. Death en masse. Every Oak is covered in hundreds of dead gypsies frozen in tracks http://
  2. Shut the coc and windows and get em on tonight
  3. Get those AC's fired up tonight thru Saturday
  4. I'm in that other heavy core to his left. About 1 mile WSW
  5. Why wouldn't you wear Carhartts?
  6. Nope. Stem hit low 80's and we dews 60's and a storm . Glad we live here . Not there
  7. Tear em down?
  8. Glad we don't live there
  9. We Friday
  10. Today is a congrats far south coast day with seabreeze storms. Everyone else nada
  11. I was alive for both outbreaks. I would say this year is way more widespread in Tolland to Union into Central Mass than last year. Last year I saw pockets like those pics. But I'm not kidding . You can drive 10-20 miles and pretty much that's what you see. Again though it's 90% Oaks around here and that's their favorite . They've also eaten the Birch and Crabapple. Barely touched anything else. Look at the maples in that pic. Fully leafed The 80's outbreak.. as I recall being 10-11 yrs old they hit everything. But the Oak population this year around here has been ripped
  12. Dropped off daughter at friends tonight in town. I mean you just tip your cap to the gypsies. Miles upon miles of this. Jaw dropping good stuff.http://http://http://
  13. Gonna be wild statewide shortly
  14. Let's try and tear down as many trees as we can today
  15. Why would anyone be wearing jeans in June?