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  1. Just brings snows further SE on the sting
  2. Ray’s weeklies delay winter now until after the New Year . Tossed
  3. I want all the inflatables in CT blown up up into Maine
  4. I don’t care what direction the 60 mph + come from.. just bring them !
  5. There’s a bunch of posters like me, you, Will, Ray, Wolf , Dryslot etc that are on the edge. Folks just deal with it in different ways. For now patience.. if we are having this conversation Dec 23.. pain
  6. You can basically summarize like this… if the much anticipated and widely forecast in many circles pattern change to more favorable with snow chances and sufficient cold beginning Xmas week and for Jan and Feb is delayed or pushed back or doesn’t happen or whatever , this place is going to lose it. That includes snowless SNE all the way up to NNE where much of area outside the Mtns sees the giant snow eraser Sunday night. There are a ton of posters( myself included) that are hoping and counting on it . Folks are already posting on eggshells. It had better happen or all hell will break loose.
  7. At 4,000 feet in far NW mountains it’s not hard to snow
  8. It’s either that , or no cold air on our side of globe talk and then waiting for the next run of the weeklies to shit up the forum .
  9. Agreed. I don’t think it’ll be a top 5 event , but you can envision this one rivaling the ones we had in Nov and Dec back in the 90’s. Those gusted 65-70 even inland . My thinking is 50-58 inland and maybe exposed areas rip a 60 or two . At least it’s something fun to track and look forward to .
  10. Nope. We gust 50+ out of SSE ahead
  11. That’s all we’ve got , so let’s maximize and look forward to it. Very similar look to the Dec screamer we had last year south of pike
  12. Rips and roars Sunday night into Monday
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