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  1. They were just talking about the general look. Not saying no rain , just kind of a slow backing off and shifting west
  2. Noyes and Maxon both were talking on air this morning about how modeling backed off on the heavy rains next week. Now more of a showery look and not soaking . Not good
  3. It’s because OKX wouldn’t issue one so BOX left out CT even though it’s drier and more dangerous than most of central and western Mass
  4. Torch! Mild and dry enroute
  5. Stein knows what he’s doing. He’s a beast
  6. No wonder you radiate so well. Can just tell from that pic you’re in a low lying area relative to your surroundings, with a field on either side . I’d bet there’s higher hills on either side . It almost looks like an old pumpkin patch by that straw grass . You’ll radiate extremely well , but will be upset when the hills around you are snowing and you’re not
  7. You had a great call. The whole reason so many have seen frost and freezes is the drought . If the ground had moisture this would have been 5-10 degrees Warmer at night and no one would have noticed other than a normal cool down. Stein wants everything dead . What he doesn’t kill with drought , he got with early frost
  8. Euro will do same . I hate to admit this but the FV3 has crushed the Euro this summer after day 5
  9. If next week shoots the bed , I’m going to have the meltdown of all meltdowns . Just getting that out there.
  10. The smoke is back today. Looks like it gets thicker and peaks Wednesday
  11. How’s the cold shot they mentioned yesterday on the EPS?