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  1. Right far SW CT had showers earlier this morning . You didn’t get .19 of drizzle .
  2. What would you call it? What season?
  3. Drizzle? Hit the bong earlier than usual today?
  4. I thought about typing that post lol
  5. If today’s not summer, I’m not sure what is . I mean mid 60’s dews doesn’t scream any other season does it?
  6. You going for 50’s and drizzle?
  7. It’s summer the way we know it.
  8. Dews up to 64 now. Mid week delivery right on schedule. A week plus from today thru end of next week. Feels so awesome out there today . Already noticing extra wiping needed and TP usage up. Love it !
  9. It’s an absolute furnace Kenny Rogers roaster from Saturday thru next Friday. Couple days look like solid middle 90’s with dews
  10. Doesn’t look much cooler. Might be more of dew down from 70+ to 60. 850’s aren’t that much cooler on the ens
  11. Neither has most of the population v or nv
  12. Yup. They do not cool at all. You’re just blowing recycled hot air. They act like a dehumidifier. They are cheap and a waste. Why not invest in actual AC units with BTU’s that cool? To each their own I suppose . There’s a reason why they aren’t sold in most places