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  1. DCA +0.5 100 NYC 0.0 99 BOS -1.1 98 ORD -1.8 100 ATL +2.5 98 IAH +2.5 102 DEN +3.0 99 PHX +3.0 118 SEA +1.9 92
  2. Should have been shut down weeks ago. No one is in ski/snow mode now
  3. Dude loves his Euro products. As bad as they are.
  4. Heady is no longer good. SoS is better than that . Any Trillium is far better than both and Treehouse is at the top. You're still in the entry level of IPA's. We all follow the same progressuon. You'll see.
  5. Torch month has brought on an early mow. Wow. http://
  6. Freaks days of 40's and rain looking less and less likely . I think that's all most folks care about
  7. Was everyone staying safe?
  8. 12z Gfs and Euro both have cut off in SE vs over northeast. Big changes today. Hope they hold.. despite what Freak wants
  9. Wet, cold pattern cancel on 12z suite as a few of us surmised may happen. Would be dry, warm NW flow afternoons , and cool nights
  10. 2 HH days in a row. I feel for the ones without AC. Tough couple of days
  11. A game for the ages. I love this team
  12. Lover not a fighter. I sex, you break necks
  13. No need for all that lifting. Your're not a construction worker
  14. Man what a torch. Low was only 64.3 Did a 10 mile run and it was mid and deep summer. Just awesome. For those that were w/o AC last night..jump in the shower and cool off.