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  1. Just bags and bags full of them tossing them off the sleigh into S Wey, Brooklyn and Metheun
  2. Man. Will went nuts on deleting solid posts. This Dec reminds me of one a couple years ago when everyone got excited about a + PNA , but Canada never cooled . And then the pig came back and never allowed the cold into Canada. I forget the year, but this looks eerily similar
  3. Snowless Dec certainly a possibility this year unfortunately
  4. Just think of all the germ spreading over the holiday weekend in all the warmth. Both inside and out. .
  5. Turkeys just cooking on counters? No need for ovens
  6. Nothing like a rainy , warm, humid Tgiving with temps and dews near or over 60 to get folks into holiday spirit. Looking out at green grass, rain coming down. Really warms the cockles. Homes will be like incubators.
  7. Most of the heaviest rain missed east so my run this morning just had in and off light rain. Warm too
  8. Yeah it’s an inside holiday no matter what .. families gathered around large tables eating, drinking , being merry.. huddling around TVs watching the Cowboys lose each year etc . Plenty of time for outside gatherings in war parts of year