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  1. Probably the first thing we’ve ever agreed on. It sucks , but it’s a different regime than we had growing up. The first noticeable /tangible aspects of our climate moving towards DC/Philly
  2. Combo of wet cold spring and summer and then drought , top 3 warmest falls on record just threw the trees into WTF mode. A lost year for wx and trees
  3. Lol.. yup. Dendrite FTL
  4. It is going to roar Tues afternoon and night. Seems like most places inland away from water gust over 60 When Ryan bangs and hypes NWS folks take notice. n
  5. Careful. He gets angry at the smallest things. Proceed with caution
  6. Because It sucks. We want chill in late Oct and Nov. A warm Nov almost always potebfs a mild un snowy winter. Have it saying this wx is great and let’s keep it going as long as possible. The longer this last.. the higher the chances of a **** winter. So I guess enjoy 60’s and 70’s in Nov .
  7. Let’s tear as many down as we possibly can
  8. Everything is peak and changed color in NE hills except the Oaks.. many of which have tiny or no leaves from gypsies.
  9. Next few weeks one of those maddening patterns where all the cold stays west of the apps and we continue to rot with above normal
  10. I think BDL hits 80
  11. Looks like here with warmth and drought
  12. What song was it a spoof on?
  13. Only older folks remember that SNL skit. Hilarious
  14. More cowbell