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  1. I’ll be 65-68.. with enough breaks nearing 70. And dry. That’s the key
  2. It will be better here than Dendyland. Won’t be sunny , but breaks and no rain here vs washout and cold up there.
  3. He goes -2 tomorrow with rains and 50’s while we 70+ sun here
  4. ORH west is dry with at least some sun this weekend. E and NE if there not good tomorrow . If hi res correct
  5. NAM a soaker for Dendy to EMA Saturday with 50’s. HRRR not as wet there, but wet
  6. HHH summer.. starting next week. She coming https://x.com/ryanhanrahan/status/1791222374525747290?s=46&t=dhcbvkjmRcyBVQtDxJ3lRg
  7. All those years of open windows and exposing kids to pollen every spring with refusing to install. We mentioned this would happen
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