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  1. The cold dump that was supposed to be east ended up in the plains. Do the math
  2. DXR to Milford. See radar . Not upslope
  3. Yeah.. DXR always gets upslope. My bad
  4. Already in W CT
  5. Plus squalls
  6. Eps has it too. Break out another shade of lipstick for the pig
  7. 37.5 was the high. I had a feeling this morning cold May over perform even Pike south
  8. Pack survives by a mile! At least 4+ left. Temp 33. Maybe an flip to snow with last batch
  9. It’s a pattern with cutters more likely than not. I don’t like it at all. Just my opinion . Don’t feel confident in snow
  10. Jerry can put lipstick on it...it’s still a pig
  11. If you like this pattern then kudos. It looks like azz
  12. I didn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t with a cold pattern. It may make it past today
  13. Nah. Epicosity remember?
  14. Crazy I know, but I’d like snow on the ground for the holidays
  15. I’m just looking for 1-3” events. Who cares about big storms. I want snow OTG