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  1. Wonder if Nov will end up colder than Jan? It might be close lol
  2. Ginx seems to get so upset when it rains to Maines or when anyone posts that which is odd. At any rate. Snows to Maines
  3. I don’t mean to come across crass. You know what I mean. You don’t care what happens in CT. Most of us don’t care about other areas unless you have a vested interest like ski trip, vacation etc
  4. Because its a reality . This and others rains to Maines . It happens. This may rains to Montreal’s at some point
  5. I don’t care at all what happens in Maine. If it snows great if it rains great. I don’t live there. I care about where I live. I’m still watching as I was told yesterday
  6. Take those up in SNE. Especially Saturday. I was being facetious about 55-60 but 45-50 is probable unless things trend back south
  7. It’s 55-60 SNE this weekend. Meaning 40’s up to the border
  8. More 70 degree days than snowstorms in Jan. Makes sense
  9. All you can really do is drink IPA’s and try and get thru it
  10. So Jan will end with one snowfall of3-6” in SNE. That’s as bad it could ever get.
  11. May as well wipe out the pack all the way into Quebec while we’re at it
  12. Rains to Maine’s lol. What a joke.
  13. Will stopped posting . That’s always a bad sign