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  1. There was one modeled the last 15 days or so of the month, but it vanished
  2. Sneaky cold morning at 16 with wind. Widespread 70’s will feel great this week. The snowy pattern disappeared
  3. Do you ever light their wicks with your matchstick?
  4. Yup they and they posters can say no thanks all they want.. that they don’t want a huge TOR or massive cane hit.. Internally they all really do want
  5. The vast majority of posters here feel our way. We are just more vocal about it.
  6. Wednesday thru Friday all have those classic overperforming temps look .Full sun, strong west winds, no snowcover , no vegetation and dry ground. Two of those days will hit 70 and Thursday might hit 73-76 BDL, MHT, TAN, BOS Friday prob stays in 60’s if cloudy
  7. Lay the bottle down friend. There’s other ways