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  1. Man look at soundings for Monday. Screaming at 850 out of SW. well mixed atmosphere. Damage is going to happen . Wild one
  2. Damage is coming. Yes!!! Strong to perhaps damaging winds Mon & becoming very mild with highs into the 60s with a low risk for a few spots to approach 70
  3. Yes. I drove up thru Union Sturbridge 2 days later and Ashford the same day . Sturbridge usually is a pit for snow and they easily had 2”. It was very similar to that Morch event several years ago where the heavy snow was falling over the edge of the valley but the TOL hills got it all. I had 7” from that. The winds were not strong in that one. This one they were gusting over 40, and took the snow east
  4. That didn’t help me the other night . That Stafford to Ashford zone all had 2-3”. And most of that area is lower in elevation. So it totally was those strong winds blowing what was falling overhead blowing and depositing it to the E and NE
  5. It never does. I’ve always thought that’s the direction they faced
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