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  1. They’ll usually hit in in their early 40’s. Fir seniors like KDX and Ginx.. it took them until 65.. but they finally gave in . It really just depends
  2. It’s been a full on deep summer humid last 3 days with one more tomorrow. You read some of these posts with Coc k s tapping each other and it leaves you wondering . There wasn’t a poster here who posted or said these high dews were here to stay . The AN regime sure is though
  3. Despite nothing on radar it’s been raining here for 2 hours with embedded heavier elements. Up to .11
  4. They really weaken the showers as they move inland and we lose heating. Forcing is weak too. My guess is scattered areas of .10 and maybe a few lucky towns tickle .25
  5. For mid Mayorch it most definitely is . 64-68 all day
  6. Fog disappeared as fast as it blew in. Clear sunny and dewy
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