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  1. It’s at its lowest now.Gas in town $1.99. Crazy
  2. Because of the oil deal with Russia . Glad I filled up oil at $1.59 yesterday.
  3. More than half that amount haven’t
  4. It’s warm season now with dry air. This would produce more precip much farther west in a typical cold winter airmass with East inflow. This time of year , dry air just chews it up. Sunny windy day today
  5. Didn’t see Baker, but Cuomo just said you can expect numbers to exponentially increase for many more weeks. Late month, early next
  6. Cuomo says late Napril/early Mayorch for apex
  7. You’ve got the corona. No sense of smell and taste is the telltale symptom
  8. Fauci coming on Today show in a minute or two. Has had death threats against him
  9. Models backed off on rain amounts and western fringe rain. CT may not see much at thankfully