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  1. Ok cool . Thanks! I’ll call URI library on Monday . Dewy decimal system will find it!
  2. Hey.. that paper you mentioned yesterday that you wrote that was published.. can you post a copy here or maybe a link?
  3. I’m all about high dews. You know that . You keep your 90 , I’ll keep my 72-76
  4. SNE has crushed NNE in dews. We’ve had weeks of dews. NNE has had the hotter temps more consistently though BDL has certainly caught up in terms of days over 90.
  5. Not sure what you’re doing there, but where I live has not. Sorry you haven’t seen a Coc k in a month
  6. They already have. Haven’t been below 61-62 in many many weeks
  7. Why do you keep posting that trying to get a met to verify ?