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  1. No one would. But it hasn't been a cool or chilly summer
  2. It's the all cold all the time crew.. there's a few select members
  3. I can make a post, come back an hour or whatever time later and predict exactly who will have commented. Lol .. too easy
  4. Careful about a "not as cool as it looks" pull back from models as we close in. Like instead of 68-73..more like 77-80. No heat, but classic models over bias cooling trough
  5. Body floating somewhere in the Gulf Stream?
  6. First week of Sept looks well above
  7. .13 here. Think we are finally seeing things go back the other way. No more wet pattern. Looks like zero rain next 10 days. Who knows.. maybe all of SNE back in low end drought by Mid Sept?
  8. That sounds absolutely awful
  9. Flip for a day or two of temps in the 70's? lol
  10. Glad we don't live there
  11. Trickles on the pickle?
  12. Might have a TOR threat in Western SNE this evening
  13. You're late to the party