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  1. If you live in NNE and/ or like rain in SNE sure. Looks like 2 weeks ago
  2. Decided to run today which is usually a day off instead of tomorrow. Was fairly windy but not what I was expecting. Maybe that comes after sunrise? Temp fell from 27 to 23 in the time I was out
  3. It’s not far from where Shea hunts . Right beyond that point. See it?
  4. I am supremely confident on my stance and bet. This is the winter of absolute extremes. Both temperature anomalies and snowfall. How can there be any arguments with that?
  5. That’s colder than I recalled . I thought was -13. There’s that snowpack helping that we mentioned. If we had that , we’d have that
  6. Another marginal thread the needle storm . Sell
  7. Still hard to believe this is the entire regions greatest winter event. Sad but true
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