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  1. Any interest in a forum Golf GTG in July? Thinking a course where we can eat/drink after? CT National/Thompson Raceway course?
  2. looking at some returns in NE CT and only 0.06 so far with 0.07 for the month
  3. Looks better down in CT, wonder if Kev sees some Hail to start?
  4. Is the going to fall apart before it gets east of the River?
  5. Seeing it looks like a decent threat, anyone got some good spots with elevation to chase? Example Rt 31 Charlton Ma at Dresser Hill Farm Stand, great view west. Town Farm Rd Palmer I also believe has great views west
  6. Didn’t we have a real hot stretch May/June 2008?
  7. 90 here in S FL, not sure I could handle 50 with windchill in the 40’s
  8. How can I find last 3 week rainfall in SNE?
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