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  1. Down to 12F here, melt refreeze rinse and repeat until we melt completely next week
  2. 13F for a low, decent cold considering I was sitting at 71F this time yesterday in FL. Nice to see the snow on the ground, will be even nice to watch it melt this week and have Fridays rain wash the salt off the roads
  3. Shocked you only got that much, me being in the valley wondering if I was the same? Won’t know until Sat to see what is left
  4. I’m in some bright banding here lol! In all seriousness I have the chance to double my season total of 8” and not there to see it.
  5. Not knowing how models are scripted to run, is it a problem with the model, data input? I mean it’s 2024 and these products are awful!
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