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  1. Does the line hold together as it pushes East?
  2. Won’t lie, it’s pretty cool.
  3. Caught the SpaceX Falcon launch from the driveway.
  4. Box tosses, enjoy your 40mph gust. The only thing coming down is the size of your leaf piles.
  5. I am fine with my sources; were the dates and data on those charts not accurate?
  6. Nope, site of numbers collecting people; one is editor of news paper in Gainesville FL whose has done some really digging into the Numbers here in FL.
  7. Regarding the last part, it issourced on the bottom
  8. Hospitalizations for respiratory viruses are ticking up everywhere, as they do in flu season every year. This year there's no flu, just COVID? The same thing is happening in states that are locked down with mask mandates. Masks have not prevented these increases anywhere; not telling anyone not to mask but mandating it has not proven any great success. I believe (obviously could be wrong) but mask wearing for the healthy delays building any immunity to the virus it also weakens are immune systems to no germs or bacteria that we would normally be exposed to on a daily basis.
  9. Crazy wet, closest to me is the 19.11” just west of I 95 in the top image. Wetter now than during Irma. Thanks for posting!
  10. How do I look at rainfall amounts since October for a specific area? It has rained so much since October I have fish walking in my driveway
  11. Eta appears to be tracking more nw than west; decent banding about to hit Ft Lauderdale
  12. Looks like a bit of lightning on the East side
  13. Cross Earthquake off your 2020 Bingo Card! Lol