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  1. Is soil dry up there? Oxford Ma had a large brush fire on I 395 yesterday and Uxbridge Ma has one now on Rt 146
  2. Saw this from earlier, is it that dry under the snow pack?
  3. Better to have snow pack thank no snow pack at all!
  4. I play occasionally and in need of new LH clubs; any suggestions? I am not looking break the bank as I do not play enough to justify. Almost time for a forum golf tournament!
  5. I can remember squalls in October of years passed that dropped a quick inch or two. Playing soccer on the Hill at David Prouty in Spencer late season was always brutal
  6. Back in my day we got 3-6” of snow and we liked it! Lol. How can you be up set with a 4-7” pack refresher
  7. Nice pack refresher for most
  8. I was wrong, thought it might hold on longer; on to Thursday. Watch your step!
  9. Yeah, that’s not happening
  10. I think the ZR area will be from Kevin NE to you
  11. Temps in NE CT dropping from 31 down to 28 now.
  12. I think this line comes further southeast into CT and NW RI; could be wrong but think warmth on model is overdone.
  13. Not seeing a big temp difference between you and Central Ma; 29-31
  14. What are these bands of precip falling as in SNE? Rain, ZR, Sleet?