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  1. Correct, codes changed in 2006 and you can buy “Dade Rated” (Dade County) windows, Doors, and Garage doors
  2. After the Hurricanes in 2005 I believe FL mandated that all new gas stations must have fixed generators and after Irma all long term facilities and nursing homes must have Generators. The state of FL promotes having a Hurricane/Disaster plan and kit ready and does a tax free week just before Hurricane season to buy Hurricane related supplies tax free. Many people bust on FL for different things and rightly slow but the have their shite together regarding storm prep and response
  3. Below are examples of some of the improvements Florida Power and Light has done down here in S FL; changing out many wooden poles for cement to help harden the grid.
  4. Lack of rain and tree damage bring on an increased summer brush fire threat
  5. After this you may have an appetite for that
  6. Here is were I will disagree a little; first New England and the Northeast are extremely susceptible to extensive tree damage from events like this and will be going forward. You can trim around power lines all you will always of trees further away that can hit the lines. The storm winds ended at dark and the surveying of the damage really only took place in Yesterday. Today out of state crews will start to come in today (Florida Power & Light sending crews to Jersey yesterday) and set up staging and work. With the amount of damage a downtime of 3-4 days is not unreasonable. I believe pre staging crews in this situation would be difficult due to damage up the NE Coast. What Eversource should be doing and FP& L has been doing for the past five years is swapping out a lot of the wooden poles for Cement poles, including high tension. I have been involved in many restorations from IRene, Sandy, Matthew,Irma, and Michael and they all present different challenges.
  7. Your area got pretty hard, listening to Webster/Dudley now on the scanner and they are busy
  8. And again, only a Tropical storm. Imagine when New England gets hit again from a Cat 1 or Greater
  9. Co worker in CT driving in Tolland says Old Post Rd littered with branches
  10. Lots of FD calls coming around you
  11. Tree and wire calls coming in for SE CT
  12. Does much really get East if the CT River? I see some cells near 84/Union but nothing really SE from there.
  13. A lot of convection with that trailing band south of LI; Does that band hit W RI E CT?
  14. Could be wrong but radar trend appear more NE than North; any chance this slides East over Western LI into CT?