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  1. Here’s my scientific take on winter with some observations from nature
  2. Rainfall totals out of the NOAA Melbourne office. https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/wx/afos/p.php?pil=PNSMLB&e=202210022213&fbclid=IwAR1mobS9xiS8nwayIhwO4rEsBRprzkKA2CMjMfIXj7GS0TWOHdJQy_z-KI8
  3. Just like with Hurricane Michael, house with Metal Roofs can withstand a beating unlike shingle roofs
  4. Florida Power and Light outages;
  5. We are still getting decent TS gust here in Stuart after 6+ inches of rain and a few Tornado warnings Tuesday night into Wednesday; nothing compared to SW FL.
  6. Nice, Kev needs to wear this shirt for the next G2G
  7. Had a few tornado warnings to deal with overnight here in SE FL, heavy rain band now; nothing compared to what SW FL is going to deal with.
  8. Looking on radar like it’s heading to Venice/Bradenton area
  9. Looks like it’s heading N; when is the right turn projected?
  10. I would agree with you, just the west edge seems to be eroding which is concerning
  11. That’s what I was thinking earlier, radar out of Key West appeared to show dry air working in from west side
  12. Question, watching the Melbourne radar, echoes pushing S to N seem to be dying out just north of West Palm; is there drier air coming from N?
  13. Could be just the radar, but does it look like dry air is getting wrapped into the back side?
  14. I think this will end up between Venice and Sarasota
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