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  1. Looking for some travel suggestions, I am coming up to visit in Sept with wife and daughter and another couple and their daughter who have never been to New England. We are staying in ORH area and I am looking for a driving route where we can visit S VT, NH, and Maine in a day if possible? We are staying Thursday through Monday so time is limited. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Make sure you hydrate before getting it
  3. I have had the BEEM for almost two years and finally has done well; they are placing solar panels on light poles in Parking lots
  4. If you hydrate you should have no issues
  5. Hopefully you hydrated
  6. Brush fire all around!
  7. Radar off this am? The rain appears to be struggling to make into north into Central MA
  8. Hope those who have installed have a mini split
  9. Heard Sterling out with a one earlier.
  10. Yeah, weird they hoisted advisories for CT or RI zones during the event
  11. Just sick banding in CT
  12. Power Issues are starting to creep in NE Connecticut
  13. Has BOX put up any additional warnings Or Advisories? Got to the roads in NW RI E CT are getting covered
  14. Was just gonna say, that band from Newport NW is just unrelenting; someone getting soaked or buried