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  1. So, went camping this past weekend NW of Gainesville and it was packed like Spring break, albeit no one really on top of each other. Tubing down the river into springs it was packed at times but not cramped in. Stopped and head breakfast on the way home and ate inside a Cracker Barrel which had eliminated some tables to provide spacing. Different worlds down here.
  2. Some major flooding down here, almost 22” of rain since Memorial Day with more forecasted until Sunday
  3. You might not up there, but I am willing to bet we go back here
  4. So while most things are going well down here there are some uptick in cases in migrant worker communities like Imokalee, Indiantown, and Lake Worth and this again goes leans towards a density issue
  5. I’m telling you it’s a different world here vs up there and not just people being lax, but I would say people are living. My daughter is scheduled to go to sleep away camp in July and we are still on.
  6. Here are somerainfall totals here since Sunday with the early parts of Bertha; almost 15”
  7. Ac here in FL is Set to 77 during the day and 75 at night, plenty cool
  8. My former co worker from CT came to his house in FL and was surprised once he got to GA and FL not seeing everyone masked. People are living down here enjoying life
  9. I found the Op Ed a fair critique of what is going on there.
  10. Interesting Op Ed regarding LA County
  11. Umm, these law makers can’t be serious
  12. Outer band passing over head as I type
  13. Race tracks should be treated no different than the beach; your can spread out fans through the bleachers in proper distances. And race tracks in FL are open with fans
  14. Other than figuring port o potty/ restrooms, no reason that these cannot open
  15. Wow, of the 5592 deaths in Ma only 70 are under the age of 50.