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  1. Might be something to this. I barely have a memory of hurricane bob until about 24 hours out
  2. The slowness and the track remind me a little bit of another threat from my kid hood. Hurricane Belle in '76 I believe.
  3. I just want a PRE. Everything else is gravy
  4. Please please please make this happen
  5. I'll be in New Orleans two weeks from today. Hmmmm..
  6. Wow Irma up to 100 mph sustained already. Weird that a storm that strong and that far out and at that latitude doesn't go way out to sea before even sniffing the east coast
  7. Ahh. I stand corrected. Thanks
  8. Just an interesting side note. I distinctly remember a tropical storm Harvey in the Atlantic north of Bermuda the same year Gloria made it up here.
  9. Amazing when you consider that despite the seasonal long odds, we managed to have THREE impacts up here in a single season in 1954. Never mind '38, what are the odds of seeing something like THAT again in our lifetimes?
  10. I met him at my school when I was 12 back in 1979. Nice man and he really made me interested in meteorology
  11. What model is best for tracking this sort of feature inside 24 hrs?
  12. I'm just hoping to have something to track. Doesn't even need to impact my area.
  13. BOX forecast discussion sounds interesting for Thursday night for a number of us?
  14. Definitely the storm of the summer for my area. Love the booming rumble sound of the thunder. Almost forgot what it sounded like