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  1. It doesn’t have to be Bob or even Gloria in ‘85. I just don’t want it to be like Belle in ‘76
  2. Just been browsing the web trying to get insight from the Boston local Mets or their Twitter and I’m kinda surprised I’m not finding very much?
  3. I agree in principle that it definitely won’t ever be a major impact for this region if/and/or it moves slowly or has prolonged land interaction. We’d “want” this screaming up the coast at least as a cat 3 way before our latitude to include this with the biggies here
  4. I just hope we get a PRE that would make our mommas proud
  5. Would this be the smallest tropical cyclone up in these parts? It seems most of our historical hits have been larger storms?
  6. Probably only a matter of time until Lucy pulls the football away but it’s great to have something to follow
  7. Can anyone speculate what the astronomical tidal situation would be at midweek if this makes a close approach?
  8. Ok I’ll say it, I’ll buy two copies of your book John if you can push this up here somehow lol
  9. I believe this is it?
  10. Someone already left a very complimentary review of the book
  11. Congrats to whomever called this for southeastern MA earlier today
  12. Looks like a small t storm developing right between Bellingham and Franklin
  13. A little t storm just popped up 20 miles to my west