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  1. My idea would be more hurricane and tornado oriented. Lol
  2. I want someone to write a book about time traveling storm chasers. Then we can revisit great storms of the past first hand
  3. Does wind chill even matter at that temperature?
  4. Uggh that’d doom the whole severe season with my luck Edit: won’t clutter up this thread any more about this lol
  5. Tornadoes are like football season, you can discuss it year round
  6. May i also suggest Tornado by Polk Laffoon (yes that’s a real name) and Tornado Watch 211 for some more good reading
  7. Perfect! I just wish I could find my Significant Tornadoes” book in my house somewhere. That’s an awesome way to kill a few hours or when the climate is boring
  8. When the weather pattern is boring I like to read about past tornado outbreaks. And in summer about hurricanes. Helps keep the spirit up
  9. Are we going to avoid any overly frigid stretches this winter? That would be great if it’s not going to snow
  10. A Christmas EF2 would be the perfect end to 2020
  11. Watch out Tom Brady
  12. With the wife and I at home both suffering from COVID I’m really looking forward to watching this dump without having to be anywhere
  13. I remember this storm very well. Elliot Abrams was on WHDH radio insisting the storm would still miss Boston even at its height. Woke up in the morning to 14/15 inches in Dedham. Initial forecast was a trace to an inch or too. Outside of my college days, biggest bust I ever saw