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  1. Is that disturbance in the southern Caribbean worth keeping an eye on? Some models had something popping there about this time of the month? edit: Mr Drag nicely outlines the possibilities in the tropics forum
  2. True. Nana might have knocked down a tree or three but it would be worth it during presents at Christmas time
  3. Didn’t one of the ‘54 storms take a similar track?
  4. Now Zeta is a quality hurricane name. That would make me spend the night in an underground fall out shelter with a name like that
  5. I’m just satisfied there’s been a storm in that area modeled for several cycles. I hope it’s mostly tropically derived but a big “generic”storm would be nice too
  6. Sign me up for that. We’d only need a fancy cool storm name to remember it by? Maybe the “Great October Gale” or perhaps “Armageddon 2020: This time it’s personal”
  7. Earlier this year I said my personal goal was a derecho and a hurricane this summer/fall Well I got the derecho.....
  8. As depicted is that a tropical system or more hybrid?
  9. That was just spectacular yesterday. I’m sorry for anyone inconvenienced or has suffered damage but yesterday was the kind of event I live for. And once again the best severe occurring on a day sans even a low risk
  10. And once again our best severe occurs out of season
  11. Man pea sized hail and winds had to be at least 60 mph gusts and lightning and thunder. That was awesome
  12. “DANGEROUS SITUATION” per the Severe t storm warning in VT/western MA
  13. Fair amount of lightning with that line in central NY