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  1. As Wiz might say get an EML in here while we are roasting
  2. Looks like fun. Just wish I didn’t have to drive to Natick to catch a lightning flash
  3. Yup some good ones north and west of 495 and le nada inside of 128. Lather rinse repeat
  4. Looks like fun here https://www.weau.com/weather/cams/
  5. Wiz do you share my hobby of checking out webcams for different parts of the country when severe weather is approaching? Since we can’t get it here “weather voyeurism” is the next best thing: https://www.windomnet.com/live-webcam/ time sensitive Under a tornado warning
  6. God Almighty I hope this climate changes soon..I feel like I’m in an Edgar Allen Poe story
  7. A “two Cane summer” would put these spring blues away
  8. A bit windy but the sun is out. I’ll take that in April most days
  9. A little thunder and lightning here. That’s a bit of a surprise
  10. Certainly qualifies but at least she got 99 years on the planet
  11. They’ve taken Bob Saget, Norm MacDonald and today Gilbert Gottfried.. How utterly awful and silenced of any humor the world is in only the last 8 months edit: forgot Louis Anderson
  12. It’ll get to about a quarter mile from my house then I’ll see a cloud in the shape of a middle finger as it retreats 10 miles back to the west
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