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  1. Wonder if we get some thunder shortly from that line moving north over the Cape?
  2. Nantucket harbor cam is pretty cool currently. Time sensitive https://nantucket.net/webcams/
  3. Pretty good amount of lightning just off the cape
  4. Would this storm get a name I’m wondering?
  5. It was from an old bit he did. I can link you up. As expected NSFW
  6. As the late George Carlin said, “Dover Delaware the city that means well”
  7. With respect to the Perfect Storm thread I could really go for even an imperfect storm right now
  8. I just remember being underwhelmed at the guy who played Todd Gross in the movie
  9. The economy is bad, the tropics are quiet, a seven state derecho would cure the blues
  10. This winter milk disappearing on the store shelves might actually become a thing again
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