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  1. I could have sworn Thanksgiving of ‘88 or ‘89 Boston’s southern suburbs got a good dumping. I remember my car sliding into a snow bank on the way to dinner?
  2. Dr Dews might be right. Sounds like this could be more interesting than the last wind event regionally
  3. It seems to me back in the early 90’s we had something similar to this that DID affect further north and may have even caused a strong November tornado in eastern NY state somewhere?
  4. Am I wrong or does it seem like the mid Atlantic gets a setup like this about once every year in the fall?
  5. Imagine their reaction after the 1635 hurricane?
  6. Always cool to see the barometer slip under 29 inches. You know you’re in for something good whenever that happens . Any consensus yet on where it should bottom out regionally?
  7. Could we be looking at some thunder from this Wiz?
  8. Is this setup what old timers used to call a screaming sou’easter?
  9. I would imagine the NWS would be issuing High Wind Watches/Advisories for some of the area soon?
  10. All I want is something interesting to track for a couple of days before the proverbial rug probably gets pulled from underneath most of us
  11. Weird if this ends up as the storm the last one wasn’t
  12. Pretty looking storm but for me so far it’s “the vigorous drizzle of ‘19” in terms of notoriety
  13. Mea Culpa..Scott was right. I should have listened. Wish casting this into a big deal wasn’t going to make it happen.
  14. I just found it interesting how there’s seemingly no analog for this storm
  15. Good lord that discussion by NWS Boston should come with an “M for Mature” rating