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  1. Something interesting needs to happen like another severe outbreak somewhere or an early season tropical cyclone. This pattern is boring me to death. I’ve been reading the book “Five Hundred Years of North American Hurricanes” just to pass the time and get ready for tropical season
  2. Wow it seems metro Atlanta has dodged some big bullets the last ten years. Hopefully that continues.
  3. Was it in ‘36 an F4 took out Tupelo, Miss and next day another F4 demolished Gainesville GA? Weird
  4. Some big league booms and crashes here. Wasn’t anticipating that
  5. impressive squall line in W MA. Not expecting even a misty dew drop here but interesting nonetheless
  6. You’re probably kidding but the two best thunderstorms I’ve had in the last three years here were in February and October respectively
  7. Interesting just to see thunderstorms in the region before noon in late April
  8. You are observant I didn’t actually say where lol
  9. I’ll be disappointed with anything less than a TORCON 7 this summer
  10. Just starting to mix in Braintree
  11. I hope if we get another one (derecho) it lasts more than 4.5 seconds like the one we got last October.
  12. I needed one for about two months after COVID. Strangely enough I had no breathing trouble while I had COVID
  13. Weird how last year was the “winter that wouldn’t die” and this year it’s like someone flipped a switch on March 1st. and I’m ok with that too