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  1. What’s with all that lightning around Long Island?
  2. I fire up the ol’ Vic 20 when I need a forecast
  3. At this point I’d be surprised if they didn’t
  4. Pardon that interruption but is this rain all from the Ian remnants? I only ask because a few days ago it didn’t look like it would get within a thousand miles of SNE
  5. I was headed there next weekend. I guess not. Yikes
  6. I hope it’s not one of those lubricated ones. She might get electrocuted
  7. I think I’m going to pull the plug on my Tampa trip late next week. Those poor folks are gonna have their hands full
  8. How can the pressure STILL be dropping in this now that it’s made landfall?
  9. My wife and I stayed at the Sanibel Harbor and Beach resort a few years ago. Too lovely a place to have to go through this
  10. I can’t recall ever seeing a land falling hurricane with this incredible amount of lightning
  11. I’m headed to Clearwater in 10 days should be interesting how this evolves
  12. Looks like Marco Island could be the bullseye
  13. I thought potential Hermine was the one to watch or am I missing something?
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