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  1. Hopefully tonight will be so fun that NOVA will have a special about it in a few years
  2. Maybe some interesting reading: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_England's_Dark_Day
  3. Wow that looks almost apocalyptic
  4. Surprised no one has posted this:
  5. Are you a bit surprised none of the area is outlooked for severe tomorrow?
  6. Oh I meant more in regards to a north to south moving storm. Though these seem more southeast which Is like the other night
  7. Internet forums world have been fun in during the Bubonic Plague
  8. It would be cool since these are moving south to get Boston and then my loc which never happens
  9. It really is poisonous. I dumped Facebook in January and don’t miss it at all
  10. If I ever find the guy who ate that bat and started this I’m going to give him a very strongly worded letter
  11. Rainy days and derecho Monday’s never get me down
  12. I’m like you in that we’re almost there so let’s just break a record
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