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  1. I just hope nobody loses power. That’s a scary prospect with temps like that
  2. I’m sure it’s happened before but off the top of my head I can’t remember the first week in February ever not having at least one snow threat in the long range
  3. Since I like to see records broken any possibility this winter ends up in the top 5 for snow futility anywhere in the region?
  4. Seems like an eternity ago (last summer) when some of us were wondering if it would even rain again. Nature is a fickle beast.
  5. Just starting to flake here or someone very tall with bad dandruff is walking under my window
  6. Can’t remember the last time I was this far into January without at least an advisory event for around here..
  7. Ahh.. As the late Gilda Radner would say, “Never Mind” lol
  8. When is the record date in the season for Boston to receive at least one inch of snow?
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