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  1. As long as I can continue to work from home it can snow twelve feet this winter. My major problem with winter and cold is driving in it.
  2. We really need a big storm or at least something down the line to look forward to..I feel we’re in some sort of seasonal dead zone currently
  3. The September warmth would be even more appreciated if it didn’t start to get noticeably dark so much earlier now
  4. Scott earlier mentioned a 7-10 split for eastern areas and that looks pretty good with the new watch
  5. Is anyone surprised at the lack of any tornado warnings with this system yet?
  6. Really That’s all I want. Doesn’t have to be spectacular.
  7. You can borrow our sun down here. We’re not going to be needing it for anything today anyway
  8. If the last few seasons is any indicator you should simply rent out a beach house on the mid cape. Seems that’s where all the action is going
  9. Oh well.. I’ll guess I’ll print out copies of the ten day 0Z GFS and use it as new wall paper
  10. FWIW the storm prediction center on their latest update has the slight risk almost into Boston?
  11. Let’s hope this next one turns out to be Henri’s evil cousin
  12. Forecast discussion by BOX really zapped the excitement out of this except for NH and Essex county
  13. I usually tip for everything but I’ve never tipped for car repair
  14. I’m an American and I want my excitement NOW lol (after my MTV of course)
  15. Whatever comes out of the Caribbean it seems to be pointing a phallus right at SNE
  16. That is uncanny. I was just thinking how when I was a youth the timing for squall lines was late afternoon and early evening every summer but it seems to get later with each decade. Just my unprofessional observation here
  17. That’s the same one every season since ‘91
  18. Hurricane “ruin” would be a cool name. I know I’d move inland/evacuate for that
  19. If we can get a tropical cyclone up here I hope at least it has a menacing sounding name. Henri never quite did it for me
  20. Raining steadily here but without frequent lightning and cantaloupe sized hail, why bother?
  21. I don’t live there but this seems the type of day someone will present hodographs of Albany NY at some point
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