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  1. Hi everyone. Just having a discussion with a friend about tornadoes and he asked why Louisiana seems to not get tornadoes past EF3?. Can anyone speculate why that is? Thx
  2. Just darkened up and I had a brief sleet shower. Sun already out again
  3. Mildly surprised no dedicated storm thread for Friday into Saturday yet?
  4. Yep. Last three FL October vacations I got nada
  5. The Patriots should hire the squirrels as their new coordinators. That would take care of two problems
  6. A fair amount of lightning out over the water just south of Long Island
  7. I could be wrong but I think Murray is from Detroit I believe?
  8. Will this quality as our “big October storm” for this year?
  9. Ha. Not a fan of theirs but hell of a game the other night. My wife wanted to see Tom Brady play
  10. I’m coming home Thursday morning so this would be a nice welcome home present
  11. 82 sunny and glorious here in Tampa
  12. What’s with all that lightning around Long Island?
  13. I fire up the ol’ Vic 20 when I need a forecast
  14. At this point I’d be surprised if they didn’t
  15. Pardon that interruption but is this rain all from the Ian remnants? I only ask because a few days ago it didn’t look like it would get within a thousand miles of SNE
  16. I was headed there next weekend. I guess not. Yikes
  17. I hope it’s not one of those lubricated ones. She might get electrocuted
  18. I think I’m going to pull the plug on my Tampa trip late next week. Those poor folks are gonna have their hands full
  19. How can the pressure STILL be dropping in this now that it’s made landfall?
  20. My wife and I stayed at the Sanibel Harbor and Beach resort a few years ago. Too lovely a place to have to go through this
  21. I can’t recall ever seeing a land falling hurricane with this incredible amount of lightning
  22. I’m headed to Clearwater in 10 days should be interesting how this evolves
  23. Looks like Marco Island could be the bullseye
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