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  1. The rain is needed but at least the occasional cracks and booms are nice
  2. Development just south of me. Wasn’t anticipating that.
  3. I can hear thunder at least. I should take my participation trophy and go home
  4. Since that line seems to be drifting SE I wonder if Scott and I can get in on the goods?
  5. Another popping up west of Worcester and maybe another just NW of Boston
  6. Strong little cell popping up just west of Nashua
  7. I’m starting to get a bit spooked about the drought myself and I don’t usually
  8. And a storm cellar with the latest in stereo technology? That’s my wish
  9. Looks pretty thundery in update NY currently
  10. It’s too bad Jackie wasn’t injured and out of baseball for two years. Chaim would probably offer him a new contract
  11. The heavens owe us a raging tempest
  12. Rain is that stuff that falls from the sky and makes things wet right? Just checking
  13. Just got a lightning alert. I wonder which is more likely: getting a T-storm or the Sox making a meaningful trade today edit: the answer was neither
  14. His goal is a 40 man roster with 40 medical reclamation projects lol
  15. The tropics being dead hasn’t helped either
  16. I hope something happens soon. I’m getting bored of watching lightning on webcams from other cities
  17. Beautiful day here outside at Patriots practice in Foxboro
  18. Yup that’s legit life threatening for them for sure
  19. I stayed up for an hour last night watching Vegas web cams of lightning.. It was incredible
  20. And it still went to crud with a finger snap..Sigh,…
  21. Easily the most lightning I’ve seen on the SNE map this year
  22. Montreal about to get its 50th t-storm this season it looks like edit: and a tornado warning just to its NW
  23. Looks like a severe T storm watch just posted for western MA and VT until 8pm
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