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  1. I agree if something doesn’t happen soon, toaster futures will go through the roof
  2. Since apparently we’re back in the 1980’s in terms of snow I’m going to find my “four more years” Reagan campaign posters while I wait patiently for John Hughes to finish his latest masterpiece starring that new screen siren Molly Ringwald
  3. March 30 1984 for me. That had everything. Reminds me a bit of Dec 1992 which was only a few years later with heavy rain and hurricane force wind gusts to heavy snow
  4. I can’t imagine this unusual set up would have any implications for us come tropical season?
  5. First rule of “snow fight club” is no one mentions snow fight club
  6. I’m just going to close my eyes and pretend this is a land falling tropical system..
  7. With climate change the new rant will end up; “the Carolinas are stealing our snow”
  8. That’s the part that irks me the most. We finally get the rare almost perfect set up and it’s “wasted” on a rain event. It’s more than simply missing a snowstorm (to me)
  9. I would have been more disappointed in missing out on a long duration/historical event. Since it seems like that is no longer on the table I’m fine missing out on this one.
  10. Maybe it’ll go so far west that it’ll end up east again
  11. Something tells me this isn’t the late great comedian he refers to?
  12. I just want a big storm and snow would be a bonus. Strong gales and a barometer under 29.00. That’s the stuff
  13. is it logical to assume that Monday system will hang around a bit regardless of precip type?
  14. I just want a biblical “storm o’ the ages” precip type and NESIS rating TBD
  15. This is my favorite McFerrin video
  16. You can definitely see on the radar how the snow is trying desperately to hang back in E MA for a while
  17. With a high around 13 next Tuesday it’s definitely going to look/feel like winter now
  18. Appears to be slowly winding down here but no complaints
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